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An unknown person sent Ava a photo of Austin's body and a note. Chase proposed marriage to Brook Lynn. Molly secretly met with a surrogate-matching agency, despite T.J.'s objections. Maxie revealed that she was deep in debt. Felicia became suspicious when she realized that Cody had never shown Mac the results of the paternity test. Carly waited on a mysterious customer with ties to Pikeman.
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Ava received a photo of Austin's body. Chase proposed to Brook Lynn. Molly secretly met with a surrogate-matching agency.
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Port Charles residents celebrate Thanksgiving

Port Charles residents celebrate Thanksgiving

Monday, November 27, 2023

Outside the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Nina dropped off a gift basket for Wiley and Amelia after making sure that no one was home. "Okay, my little ones. We couldn't share dinner together, but at least I can leave you a bit of my love," Nina whispered as she placed the basket at the doorstep of the home.

Nina closed her eyes, pressed her fingers to her lips, and touched a handwritten card that she had included inside the basket. With tears in her eyes, Nina stood up to leave. "I love you," Nina whispered before she walked away.

After Michael, Willow, and Wiley returned home, Wiley was thrilled when he opened the gift basket. Michael groused when he learned that the gift basket had been a present from Nina. Off to a corner, Willow asked Michael to pretend to be nice to Nina for Wiley's sake. Michael accused Nina of being "manipulative." Willow reasoned that Nina was only trying to make inroads.

At the Quartermaine mansion, everyone recoiled as fire alarms blared throughout the home. A soaking-wet Yuri appeared, and he announced that the kitchen sprinklers had gone off and that the Thanksgiving turkey had been ruined.

Lois vowed to get turkey for the Quartermaines, and she phoned Nina to order turkey from Metro Court. After the call ended, Lois announced that Nina had agreed to deliver turkey to the mansion. Gloria tried to compliment Lois for her fast thinking, but Lois surmised that Gloria was hiding something.

Michael, Willow, and Wiley entered the mansion a short while later. Michael continued to make snide remarks about Nina, who appeared shortly afterwards with plates of food for the whole family.

Ned promised not to cause a scene with Nina after having greeted her at the front door. Once inside the mansion, Nina announced that Metro Court had run out of turkey and that she had brought pizza. "Did you hear that, Grandfather? The curse continues!" Ned exclaimed as he looked upward.

Wiley ran to Nina, and he thanked her for a toy that had been included in the basket she had dropped off. Olivia thanked Nina for having delivered food, and she and Wiley asked Nina to stay for dinner. Nina, observing Michael's scowl, said that she had plans to meet Sonny at Metro Court.

Nearby, Gloria told Lois that, weeks earlier, she had been in an argument with an angry Russian lady at a church bingo event. Lois learned that the Russian woman was connected to a man named Pete Petrov. Lois hinted that Petrov was heavily involved with a Russian-based organized crime syndicate.

Yuri had been eavesdropping, and he said that he could help Gloria and Lois. Lois warned that Petrov and his associates were dangerous, but Yuri was undeterred. Yuri firmly stated that he could handle the people that were giving Gloria trouble.

Moments later, as everyone in the mansion gathered together, Ned sang and played the hymn, We Gather Together on his guitar. Everyone smiled and sang along.

At Metro Court, Diane was surprised that Robert had invited Anna and Emma to Thanksgiving dinner. Anna and Emma were equally surprised. As the four sat down to dinner, Anna stared icily at Nina after spotting her behind the bar.

Anna cornered Nina, and she accused Nina of having enabled Charlotte by keeping quiet about Charlotte's behavior. Nina said that she had only been doing a favor for a friend -- Valentin. "A friend? Do you think Sonny will see it that way?" Anna asked.

At Carly's mansion, Carly opened the door to Sonny and Avery. Carly was thrilled when Avery hugged her. Dex appeared shortly afterwards. Sonny surmised that Dex had gone to see Josslyn. Dex smiled sheepishly, and he wished Carly a happy Thanksgiving. "Don't say I never do anything for you," Sonny called out to Dex.

In the living quarters of the mansion, Josslyn was thrilled to see Dex. They kissed. Carly heard a knock, and she opened the door to Ava. Ava presented Carly with a bottle inside a gift bag, and she wished Carly a happy Thanksgiving.

Ava lifted Avery into a hug. Nearby, Sonny asked if Carly was okay with Ava being at the mansion. Carly surprised Sonny when she said that it had been Josslyn's idea to invite Ava to Thanksgiving dinner. Sonny announced that he had to leave, and he asked Dex for his keys. Sonny and Dex wished one another a happy Thanksgiving.

Ava thanked Josslyn and Dex for their help in finding her on the night that Mason had tried to kill her. Ava spotted Carly and Drew, and she thanked Carly for having made room for her. Drew mentioned Ava's plans to sell Wyndemere, and he said he hoped the buyer would be someone who didn't bring "bad karma" to Wyndemere. Ava quipped that Wyndemere had nothing except bad karma.

Carly announced that dinner was ready. As others left for the kitchen, Drew pulled Carly aside. Drew said everyone should savor moments like Thanksgiving dinner because the future held no guarantees. Nearby, Ava accidentally stumbled onto Drew and Carly's conversation. Ava seemed saddened by something.

Back at Metro Court, Sonny joined Anna, Robert, Diane, and Emma for a toast. Sonny then spoke to Anna in private at the bar. Anna told Sonny that Forsyth had been found dead in Port Charles. "What are the odds?" Anna asked. "Looks like someone stacked the deck," Sonny said mysteriously.

Nina returned in time to see Sonny and Anna chatting. Anna and Nina exchanged terse greetings before Anna rejoined Robert and Emma. Sonny noted that things had seemed tense between Anna and Nina. Nina downplayed it, and she asked Sonny to focus on their first Thanksgiving as husband and wife. Sonny told Nina that they had a lot to be thankful for, including that Nina and Willow were getting along.

By the nurses' station at the hospital, Portia phoned Trina to offer an insincere apology that things weren't working out between Trina and Spencer. "Hopefully, that'll be the last of Spencer Cassadine," Portia said after hanging up the phone.

At the same time, in the dorm room, Spencer and Trina lay in bed after having made love. Spencer caressed Trina, and he kissed her on the lips before pulling her close to his chest. Spencer told Trina that he was thankful for her.

Trina teased Spencer by reeling off family members that she was thankful for. "Not even an honorable mention?" Spencer asked. "Oh, yeah. I'm thankful for you, too... when you're not being a jerk," Trina quipped before she and Spencer kissed.

As Spencer and Trina dressed, Spencer told Trina that he was glad that she had forgiven him and that she had made him see reason regarding Ace and Esme. Spencer said that things still wouldn't be easy to figure out as they pertained to Ace and Esme. "Good things never come easy, Spencer. You have to work for them," Trina said earnestly.

A short while later, at Curtis and Portia's home, Spencer and Trina joined Curtis and Marshall for Thanksgiving dinner. Spencer and Trina brought wine and dessert. When Spencer and Marshall left for the kitchen, Curtis said that Trina's visit was a nice surprise. Trina said that she didn't want to miss her first Thanksgiving with Curtis since learning that he was her biological father. Curtis smiled at Trina.

Portia entered after leaving her hospital shift early. Portia's face froze when she spotted Spencer, who politely wished Portia a happy Thanksgiving. Portia extended the same greeting to Spencer. Everyone began to smile after Marshall grew giddy with excitement that his family was together at Thanksgiving.

Spencer, Trina, Curtis, Portia, and Marshall sat down to enjoy dinner. Curtis said that he wanted to lead the family in prayer. As everyone held hands, Curtis thanked God for his family's blessings. As Curtis prayed, the rest of the residents of Port Charles were seen celebrating Thanksgiving with their respective families across town.

A short while later, Curtis sat outside on the patio as Portia wrapped her arms around him. Inside the house, Spencer and Trina shared a kiss before the rest of the family joined together for dessert.

As the episode closed, a photo of former General Hospital star Tyler Christopher appeared on-screen, accompanied by a message. "IN LOVING MEMORY OF TYLER CHRISTOPHER," the message read.

Dante learns of Austin's murder

Dante learns of Austin's murder

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

At the hospital, Portia noted that Austin was late for work. Finn appeared, and Elizabeth griped to Portia that it was "ridiculous" and "frustrating" that Finn needed Portia's approval on his diagnoses because of the malpractice suit.

Also at the hospital, T.J. was upset that Molly hadn't consulted with him before scheduling an appointment to find a new surrogate. T.J. said he wasn't prepared to make the emotional investment required to think about being a parent.

Dr. Navarro approached Molly after T.J. left to return to work. Navarro apologized to Molly for Andrea's miscarriage. Molly said she wasn't sure that she and T.J. could go through another surrogacy.

In Finn's office at the hospital, Elizabeth held Finn's hand again and used a breathing exercise in her latest attempt to continue to reassure Finn that he'd done nothing wrong. Finn smiled at Elizabeth's endless praise. Elizabeth vowed to continue reminding Finn that he'd done nothing wrong.

A lady named Dede Clark entered, and she introduced herself as the lawyer representing the hospital in the malpractice suit. Elizabeth left after Dede said that she had gone to interview Finn about the deceased patient involved in the suit.

As the interview wound down, Dede asked if Finn had ever thought the patient's initial symptoms might have been a sign of cancer. Finn said he would like his lawyer to be present before answering.

Back at the nurses' station, Elizabeth said that she still hadn't heard from Austin. A visibly frustrated Elizabeth volunteered to go to Austin's apartment to check on him. T.J. agreed when Portia asked if he would cover Austin's patients.

Later, Elizabeth returned to inform Portia that there had been no sign of Austin since before Thanksgiving. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Should we call the police?" Elizabeth asked.

At Sam and Dante's penthouse, Sonny told Dante that he knew Cyrus had been responsible for Ava's kidnapping. Dante reached for his phone, and he dialed the number that had been printed on Austin's business card.

A detective with the Pautuck Police Department named Paul Briscoe answered. Dante learned from Briscoe that Austin had been shot to death at Austin's home in Pautuck. Dante wondered if Sonny had arranged for Austin's shooting.

Sonny said that Dante should know that Sonny wouldn't have left a body to be found if Sonny had been responsible. Sonny added that he knew who had killed Austin, and he surmised that it had to have been Cyrus. Sonny left.

In his car moments later, Sonny instructed someone by phone to meet him at Metro Court. At the same time, Dante met with Briscoe in person at the Port Charles Police Station. Briscoe asked for the PCPD's cooperation in investigating Austin's murder.

At Metro Court, Scout interviewed Drew for a school project. Drew gloated that he had secured access to a private school for Scout after having closed a business deal with a venture capitalist. Sam seemed skeptical. Scout agreed to attend the school at Drew's request. A short while later, back at Sam and Dante's penthouse, Scout admitted she didn't want to attend the school. Sam placed her arms around Scout.

At the Port Charles Grill, Laura and Alexis met for lunch as Cyrus bussed tables nearby. Laura said that she had asked Alexis to lunch to discuss how Esme was doing at the Invader. Laura and Alexis rambled with praise about Esme.

Nearby, Cyrus dropped some glasses from a table he had been bussing. A maître d' scolded Cyrus, and he said that the cost of the glassware would be taken from Cyrus' paycheck. Alexis asked Laura if she felt that Cyrus could be reformed. Laura said that until Cyrus proved he was still a threat to society, she believed he deserved a second chance. Alexis and Laura left the restaurant together.

A short while later, Molly entered the restaurant. Molly told a maître d' that she was meeting someone named Claire -- a surrogate-matching professional that she had mentioned to T.J. at the hospital earlier.

Ava becomes the prime suspect in Austin's murder

Ava becomes the prime suspect in Austin's murder

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

At the police station, Brook Lynn told Chase that she had enjoyed driving his truck, but he admitted that he'd been able to tell by how fast she had driven it. Brook Lynn assured him that she would take good care of the truck, so he handed her a parking sticker and reminded her not to put it on the truck until after it had been detailed. Brook Lynn promised to take care of it, but she reminded him of their deal for him to drop by the Quartermaine mansion after work to say goodbye to Gloria.

Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, Dante greeted Detective Briscoe from Pautuck. Briscoe explained that he was investigating Austin Gatlin-Holt's murder and that he had requested interdepartmental cooperation between their police departments. However, Briscoe had concerns that Dante might have a conflict of interest because Dante had shot the victim's cousin in Briscoe's jurisdiction. Briscoe wanted to know why Dante hadn't reported the kidnapping, but Dante explained that he'd been following up on a tip and hadn't known about the kidnapping until he'd found Mason about to shove a man off a cliff. Briscoe acknowledged that Dante had been cleared by the Port Charles police, but Mason's defense attorney had threatened to have any evidence that Dante uncovered suppressed.

Dante offered to recuse himself from the investigation. Briscoe declined, but he advised Dante that things might change as they built a case against Austin's killer. With that settled, Briscoe revealed that he would need Dante to question all of Austin's known associates in Port Charles. Just then, Chase entered the interrogation room, so Dante introduced Briscoe to Chase. After the men sat down, Briscoe shared that Austin's body had been found by a neighbor when the neighbor had noticed that Austin's door had been wide open. According to Briscoe, Austin had been shot twice in the chest at close range, and the preliminary report placed Austin's death 24 to 48 hours before Thanksgiving.

Dante reported that Mason had been under guard at General Hospital, but Briscoe wanted that verified and for someone to question Mason. Briscoe promised to forward a copy of the coroner's report, but he was curious about Austin's other family members in Port Charles. Chase told the detective that Austin hadn't associated much with any of the Quartermaines, so Briscoe asked who Austin had associated with. "The kidnapping victim, Ava Jerome," Dante answered.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lois and Gloria talked about Gloria's trouble with the Russian-based crime syndicate, trouble that began over a heated argument between Gloria and the mob boss's wife during a Bingo game. Gloria was hopeful that Yuri would be able to help because Peter Petrov had threatened to kill "Ziti." "No one kills Ziti," Yuri said as he entered the living room. As Lois and Gloria watched, Yuri pulled out his phone and made a phone call.

A short time later, Lois and Gloria assured Yuri that they understood the plan. Brook Lynn entered the living room in time to hear the exchange, prompting her to ask what was going on. Lois reluctantly explained that Gloria was in trouble. "It's a misunderstanding," Gloria insisted. When Lois admitted that Gloria had run afoul of the Russian mob, a horrified Brook Lynn suggested that they call Sonny, but Yuri assured Brook Lynn that it wouldn't be necessary.

Just then, the doorbell rang, announcing Peter Petrov's arrival. After Yuri answered the door, greeted the Russian mobster, and ushered him into the living room, Yuri introduced Petrov to Brook Lynn, Lois, and Gloria. Everyone was welcoming, except Gloria, who glared at Petrov. Petrov glared right back, and he accused her of badmouthing his Petra. Gloria made an aggressive move toward Petrov, but Lois quickly interceded and pulled her mother back.

Yuri tried to deescalate things by thanking Petrov for stopping by, but Petrov explained that he'd only done it because Yuri had taught Petrov's nephew to play the trombone. Brook Lynn and Lois exchanged a surprised look. However, the conversation turned to the argument between Gloria and Petra. Lois assured Petrov that her mother was sorry, but Gloria argued that she had only asked Petra to lower her voice. "Why should I apologize? I've done nothing wrong," Gloria said.

Furious, Petrov decided to leave, but Brook Lynn asked him to wait. She held up her business card as she explained that she managed musical talent, and she was working to put together a brass section for one of her artists who was about to go on tour. Brook Lynn claimed that she still needed a trombonist, and she would be interested in talking to Petrov's nephew. Leery, Petrov asked the name of the artist. "Luke West and Stack Seven," Brook Lynn answered. To everyone's surprise, Petrov smiled because he loved Luke West's music.

Petrov took Brook Lynn's business card as he assured her that his nephew's talent would impress her. He also agreed to let the matter drop as long as Gloria stayed away from Bingo night at his wife's church. Gloria reluctantly agreed. Satisfied, Petrov left. Lois praised Brook Lynn's ingenuity, and Gloria was equally proud of her granddaughter.

Moments later, Chase arrived to see Gloria off. Gloria started to lecture Chase about appreciating what he had in Brook Lynn, but Lois and Brook Lynn cut her off and reminded Gloria that she had to get to the train station. When Yuri returned from walking Petrov out, Lois asked him to drive Gloria to the train station and to stay with her mother until Gloria had boarded the train. Gloria was hustled out the door, but she stopped and turned to Brook Lynn because she wanted to know when to schedule her next visit. "When are you and Chase getting married?" Gloria asked.

At Maxie's house, Felicia arrived to take James to the Quartermaine mansion, but Maxie revealed that Cody had stopped by earlier and saved Felicia the trip. While Maxie worked at her desk on a laptop, Felicia took off her coat and entered the living room, where she saw a stack of wooden furniture pieces on the floor. She asked her daughter about the new furniture, but Maxie grumbled that it was just another example of her "stupid financial decisions." Maxie explained that she had bought Georgie the desk with the intention of putting it together, only to realize that she would need to hire someone to do it.

With a little prodding from Felicia, Maxie opened up about her financial difficulties, which had started when the lawsuit against Deception had been filed. Maxie revealed that she was no longer able to pay down her credit cards, and she'd ended up stuck making minimum payments and charging more out of necessity. She assured her mother that she didn't regret moving because her children were happy in the house, but her expenses were higher, especially with after-school clubs, sports, tutors, and eventual braces. Felicia asked if things had gotten better since the lawsuit had been dropped, but Maxie explained that it would be months, if not years, before Deception wasn't operating at a deficit. Maxie conceded that she had never been the best at budgeting or being frugal, which had compounded the problem.

Felicia pulled out her checkbook, but Maxie firmly refused to accept money from her mother. Felicia argued that Maxie would never get out of credit card debt by making minimum payments with a 25 percent interest rate. Felicia explained that she and Mac would look at their retirement portfolio and see what they could liquidate to get Maxie out of debt, but Maxie insisted that it was her problem to solve. Felicia assured her daughter that there was nothing to be ashamed of because credit card debt was insidious, but she offered to discuss a repayment plan once Deception was doing well. Maxie asked for time to think things over to make certain that it was the best solution, because Maxie didn't want to bail herself out at the expense of Mac and Felicia.

At the Port Charles Grill, Alexis returned, looking for her cell phone, but she spotted Molly talking to a woman at a corner table. After Alexis retrieved her phone from the bartender, she sat down.

Meanwhile, Claire -- the representative with the surrogate-matching agency -- handed Molly a folder filled with possible surrogate candidates. Molly admitted that she was grateful that there were more options, but she explained that she would need to discuss it with her husband first. Claire encouraged Molly to take all the time she needed because it was a big decision. After Claire left, Alexis walked over to the table.

Molly was surprised to see her mother. Alexis explained that she'd returned for her phone, but she had stayed because she had noticed that things had looked intense between Molly and the woman. Alexis had also noticed how quickly Molly had closed the folder when she had seen her mother, but she assured Molly that Molly didn't have to talk about it. Alexis wanted Molly to know that Alexis loved and supported her, and Alexis was there if Molly wanted to talk. Molly quickly opened up and told Alexis about the agency.

Molly also revealed that T.J. had no idea that she'd had the meeting with Claire. She explained that the miscarriage had hit them both hard, but T.J. was worried that going through it again would set them up for more heartbreak. Molly had feared the same until she had run into Dr. Navarro. She told Alexis about her talk with the doctor and how Dr. Navarro had given Molly hope, which had led to Molly taking the meeting with Claire. "Without telling T.J.," Alexis said.

Molly explained that she had only wanted to see if there were any good candidates available, but she had never expected there to be so many. "Now I can see a path forward," Molly admitted. However, Molly worried that she might not be able to convince T.J. Alexis advised Molly to talk to him.

In Finn's office, Finn thanked Martin for stopping by on short notice. Finn explained that he had talked to Gregory and Alexis, so he wanted Martin to represent him. Martin assumed that had been the reason for the call, but he wanted to be fully transparent because it would be a tough case to win. Finn confessed that he might have made things worse. Finn couldn't hide his frustration as he insisted that the lawsuit was ridiculous because Muldoon had had a tapeworm, and he had refused follow-up tests. Martin empathized with Finn's situation, but he advised Finn not to tell a grieving family that their need for redress was absurd.

Finn promised that he was not trying to downplay the Muldoon family's pain because he had grieved, too. Finn filled Martin in about Dede Clark's visit, and her implication that he should have immediately known that Muldoon had cancer in addition to the tapeworm. Just then, someone knocked on the door. Dede entered the office without waiting for an invitation, so Finn introduced her to his attorney. After Dede and Martin shook hands, Dede explained that she had a few more questions for Finn. Martin informed her that Finn would not be answering any questions until the deposition.

Dede conceded that it was Finn's right, but she explained that they had to be crystal clear about what had led to Muldoon's death. "I tell you what, why don't we save the obfuscation for the courtroom?" Martin asked. Martin told the attorney that he was aware that the hospital would try to shield itself from accusations by putting all the blame on Finn. "That's a bold accusation," Dede said. Martin didn't back down, but he advised Dede to consider changing her tactics because he could and would shift all the blame onto the hospital.

Martin proposed that Dede's best course of action would be for the hospital to back up Finn, admitting that he had treated Muldoon in good faith and in accordance with all correct medical standards. Martin told Dede that Muldoon's death had been unforeseen and couldn't have been prevented by Finn or the hospital. Dede smiled, but reminded Martin that she couldn't share the hospital's position on the matter and she looked forward to getting all of her questions answered at the deposition. After Dede left, Finn thanked Martin and admitted that he understood why Alexis had recommended Martin.

Martin advised Finn not to thank him yet because Martin would need to prep Finn for the deposition. Martin explained that Finn needed to stick to answering questions and not expanding on anything in an effort to explain things or defend himself. Finn promised to follow Martin's instructions. Martin warned Finn that the hospital might offer the family a separate settlement, and they wouldn't hesitate to throw Finn under the bus.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava met with Sonny. Sonny cut to the chase and revealed that Austin had been murdered. Stunned, Ava asked how Austin had been killed. "Maybe you should tell me," Sonny said. Ava was shocked by the accusation, and she denied killing Austin. Sonny didn't believe her, but she argued that she had no reason to kill Austin. Sonny pointed out that she had been played by Austin, and Austin had strung her along while taking orders from Cyrus.

Ava suggested that Sonny question Cyrus about the murder. Sonny explained that he didn't want the mother of his daughter going to jail, because it would hurt Avery. Sonny demanded the truth from Ava, but she was adamant that she'd had nothing to do with Austin's murder. Sonny explained that he was running out of time to cover Ava's tracks, so he needed to know the truth. When Sonny mentioned that Austin had been killed in Pautuck, Ava frowned because Austin had been glad to get away from Pautuck.

Sonny suggested that the killer had lured Austin to Pautuck, and he resumed questioning Ava about the last time that she'd seen Austin. Ava admitted that she and Austin had had a heated argument at the art gallery, but Austin had been alive when she had last seen him. Ava realized that Austin had known all along that Nikolas was alive. Sonny suggested that it was a motive for murder, and she might be a prime suspect, regardless of whether she was guilty of the crime or not.

At the hospital, Dante entered Mason's room, but Mason immediately objected to Dante being there and yelled out for help. When Mason accused Dante of police brutality, Dante called for the guard and a nurse to enter the room and stand as witnesses. Dante informed Mason of Austin's murder. Mason showed little reaction, but he did ask how Austin had been killed and if there were any suspects. Dante shared the details of Austin's death, and he explained that he was there to question Mason about any possible suspects. Dante suggested that Mason might be able to help himself if he cooperated with the investigation.

Dante asked if Mason knew of anyone who would want to kill Austin. "Ava Jerome," Mason said. Mason claimed that Ava and Austin had been involved in illegal activities, and they had been lovers. According to Mason, Austin couldn't keep secrets, so Ava might have killed Austin to shut him up. Dante appeared skeptical and cut the visit short. Dante stopped in the doorway and informed Mason that Mason would be transferred to Pentonville later that night.

Ava receives a mysterious piece of mail

Ava receives a mysterious piece of mail

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Portia entered a break room at the hospital and found T.J. deep in thought. She assured him that he could talk to her, as she could tell something was wrong. T.J. told her about his and Molly's surrogate disagreement, and he wondered if it was a mistake to ask Molly to hold off for the moment. Portia replied that she'd learned life was short, so no one should postpone their happiness. "Time waits for no one," she advised. She offered to take over his patients for the day, but he thought that working helped. He thanked her for the advice, and she wished that she could take her own. She wished him luck, and he left the room.

Michael arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and coldly asked Nina if she'd seen Sonny, as Michael was supposed to meet his father there. Just then, Sonny arrived, and he asked Michael about his plans for the holidays. Michael replied that his family was fully booked, but Sonny wanted some time with the family, as well. He invited them over for Christmas Eve, and he would cook for everyone. Sonny spotted Dex across the restaurant and excused himself. In private, Dex advised Sonny that Hume from Pikeman had paid them a visit. He needed to see Sonny, and he'd offered to meet wherever Sonny wanted to.

"What are you trying to pull?" Michael angrily asked Nina, accusing her of "using Sonny to get around" him. She reminded him that Sonny wasn't easily manipulated, and he just wanted to see his family for the holiday. Nina demanded to know what he wanted from her, as she'd done everything he'd asked. Michael said he wanted to expose her as the liar he believed her to be, but he kept silent for Sonny and Willow. He spat that she benefitted from that, so it would cost her. "What if I'm not willing to pay?" she shot back.

Sonny returned and wondered what he'd missed. Nina claimed that she'd just been quizzing Michael on what he was getting Wiley for Christmas. Sonny related that he wanted to get Yankees tickets for them so they could make some family memories. "I hope to see you at Christmas," Michael said directly to Sonny, and he left. Sonny apologized that things were still tense between Nina and Michael, but she insisted that Sonny was giving her the family she'd always wanted. Sonny appreciated her patience with Michael.

Molly was walking through the park with the folder full of information on surrogates when she happened upon Willow and Amelia. Willow invited her over to sit and explained that she was using her day off for some much-needed mother-daughter bonding time. She offered for Molly to hold Amelia, and Molly accepted. Willow expressed sympathy for the miscarriage, and she advised that there were support groups at the hospital, or Molly could talk to Willow. Molly wondered how Willow had found the courage to try again after finding out that her son had died. Willow replied that she'd known that she'd wanted more kids.

Molly wondered how things were going with Nina, and Willow replied that they were better than she'd ever thought would be possible. While she respected Michael's right to his feelings, she lamented that he just couldn't let go of his anger toward Nina. She wished that Michael could see Nina for who she was and not what she'd done in the past.

A short while later, Molly was gone when Michael found Willow and Amelia. Willow told him about Molly's visit. She asked where he had been, as she'd been trying to get ahold of him. He replied that he'd had a meeting outside of work with "someone who needed to be straightened out."

At Maxie's, she turned down Felicia's generous offer to bail her out of credit card debt. Just then, James burst into the house, babbling on about his riding lesson with Cody. Cody entered behind James and talked about how good James had gotten. James informed Maxie that he'd told Cody about the desk Maxie had been having trouble putting together, so Cody was there to help. James led Cody to where the desk was, and Maxie and Felicia talked about how great Cody was.

A short while later, James returned and beckoned Maxie to see the finished desk. Felicia told Cody how impressed she was with him, as James really liked him. She told him about the horseback riding in her past and commented that it ran in the family. Maxie and James returned, and James began to list off the household jobs that Cody could help with. Maxie exclaimed that Cody would be there all night with all those jobs, and James liked the sound of that. Cody went to work on the broken kitchen cabinet, which had been first on James's list. James wished Cody was his brother, but Maxie told him they'd have to settle for Cody being their friend.

A few minutes later, Cody was done with the cabinet, so James gave him a few more jobs to do. Cody broke it to James that he had to go take care of the horses, so James offered to walk him out. When Cody, Maxie, and James were gone, Felicia thought back to Cody telling Mac that they were not father and son, and she suddenly became suspicious.

Giles welcomed Ava home to Wyndemere, and she went into the living room to pour herself a drink. As she thought back to her conversation with Sonny about Austin, the doorbell rang. Giles answered the door to Dante, who had some questions for Ava. Dante appeared in the living room, and he informed her about Austin's death. He noticed that she didn't seem sorry, surprised, or curious, and he believed that she already knew all about Austin's death.

Ava told Dante that the last time she'd seen Austin had been two days before Thanksgiving at her gallery. She continued that the security footage would back up when he had left out the front, but the cameras in the back, which was where she had left, were in the process of being upgraded. Dante told her that the Pautuck PD would have more questions for her, and she figured that she would have a lawyer with her when they did. When Dante was gone, she drank as she looked through her mail. She found a hand-addressed envelope and opened it. Inside was a note that read, "you're welcome." She unfolded the note and found a Polaroid picture of a dead Austin.

Sam and Kristina arrived back at Sam's after grocery shopping. Kristina spotted a pamphlet for the Westwood Academy on the table, and Sam told her that Drew was pushing for Scout to go there. A short while later, Sam returned from the kitchen with protein shakes for them both. Kristina remarked that Westwood had really good smoothies, and she talked about how much she'd enjoyed her time there. Sam replied that Scout was thriving where she was, and school was a bright spot for her -- and had been especially so while Drew had been in prison. She also had reservations about switching Scout's school mid-year.

Kristina advised Sam to do what Sam thought was best for her daughter, but Sam wasn't sure what that was. She knew that Scout didn't want to switch school, but she wondered if she should fight Drew on the issue. Sam remarked that she'd noticed something different about Drew, but she couldn't put her finger on what.

A short while later, Kristina was gone when Dante arrived home. He commented on how much he hated going out to Wyndemere. He noticed that something was wrong and asked if Sam was all right. She revealed that she'd hit her first "co-parenting snag" with Drew, and she didn't know what to do.

An upset Molly sat down on a bench at the park and looked through the folder full of surrogate options. She thought back to holding Amelia and began to sob. Just then, Kristina was passing by and immediately sat down with her crying sister. "I'm never going to be a mom!" Molly wailed as Kristina hugged her.

Chase asks Brook Lynn to marry him

Chase asks Brook Lynn to marry him

Friday, December 1, 2023

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn complained to Lois that Gloria had gone on a "tirade" about marriage while she'd been in front of Chase. Lois seemed to imply that marriage was the next natural step for Brook Lynn and Chase. Brook Lynn said that she and Chase were happy with the way their lives were.

Chase appeared, and he presented a bottle of wine ahead of dinner. As Lois worked to prepare dinner, she admitted that Gloria could be a bit much. Brook Lynn spat out her drink when Lois mentioned that Gloria was old-fashioned and held strong beliefs about marriage. Lois received a call, and she stepped away.

Embarrassed, Brook Lynn apologized to Chase as she recalled her family's belief in marriage and big weddings. Chase said that Brook Lynn was being dramatic. Brook Lynn and Chase agreed that they were both lucky to have one another.

Chase surprised Brook Lynn when he asked her to name the three most important moments in her life. Brook Lynn grew serious as she recalled the last time she had seen Edward, as well as when she had gained Leo as a brother.

"I want this moment, right now, to be on that list," Chase said. Brook Lynn asked what Chase was talking about. Chase dropped to his knees. "Brook Lynn Quartermaine... will you marry me?" Chase asked a stunned Brook Lynn.

At Kelly's Diner, Carly met a gray-haired man with an Australian accent who said that he was in Port Charles on business. The man struck up a friendly rapport with Carly, who soon noticed a homeless person lurking outside the diner. Carly invited the homeless person inside. The Australian man stared at Carly.

Moments later, the Australian man gave Carly a large bill, and he told her to hand it to the homeless person. When Carly returned with the man's check, she noted that his last name was Brennan. As Brennan prepared to leave, Carly said that she hoped to see him again. "I can practically guarantee it," Brennan said confidently.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny and Dex prepared to meet with a Pikeman representative. Sonny told Dex about Austin's murder, and he asked if Dex had ever had physical contact with Austin. Dex recalled having placed Austin in a chokehold at the hospital weeks earlier when Sonny and Dex had suspected Austin of Ava's kidnapping. Sonny said that Dex could be in trouble if anyone had witnessed the attack on Austin.

Sonny instructed Dex to say nothing to the police, including Dante. Moments later, a slender man with finely combed, salt-and-pepper hair entered. Sonny reminded the man, a Pikeman representative, that Sonny wouldn't do business with Pikeman until he learned the identify of the Metro Court shooter from months earlier.

The representative ignored Sonny's request, and he opened a briefcase filled with cash. The man said that Pikeman was willing to pay double their previous arrangement with Sonny. Sonny slammed the briefcase shut, and he told the representative to tell his bosses at Pikeman to find another avenue for the company's business.

After the man left, Sonny noted that Dex had something on his mind. Dex admitted that he believed Sonny should have accepted Pikeman's offer. Dex reasoned that it was better for Sonny to play along than to make himself an obstacle that needed to be removed. Sonny said that he appreciated Dex's insight. Sonny added that his best move was to disassociate himself from Pikeman altogether. "I'm betting that they think I'm more trouble than I'm worth... and move on," Sonny said.

Back at Kelly's, as Carly turned to head back to the kitchen, the man who had just met with Sonny and Dex moments earlier entered and approached Brennan. "We have a problem. Corinthos refuses to move any more of our shipments," the representative said. Brennan nodded his head in acknowledgment.

At Wyndemere, Ava showed Nina the anonymous photo she had received of Austin's dead body, as well as the note that included the words, "You're welcome." Nina encouraged Ava to take the photo and the note to the police, but Ava vowed that going to the police was the last thing she would do.

Nina asked Ava to fill her in on what had happened. Ava confided that Mason had blackmailed her, and she disclosed her belief that she'd killed Nikolas months earlier. Ava recalled having tried to hide Nikolas' body in the stables at Wyndemere when Austin had found her, and she noted that Mason had eventually taken Nikolas.

Nina was taken aback when she learned that Nikolas was alive. Ava noted that Austin had been working with Mason. Ava added that she believed Austin had known all along that Nikolas was alive. Nina asked what the "endgame" was. "Per usual, in this underworld at least, all roads lead back to Sonny," Ava said.

Ava revealed Austin and Mason's connection to Cyrus. Nina was in disbelief that Cyrus had been responsible for Ava's kidnapping. Nina tried to assure Ava that Ava had meant something to Austin. Ava recalled her fight with Austin at the Jerome Gallery, and she added that it was the last time she had seen him. Ava fretted that she had no alibi for the night of Austin's murder.

A short while later, after Nina had left, Ava placed the letter and the photograph of Austin into the fireplace as she watched them burn. Ava's face bore a worried look.

Back at Pozzulo's, Dex stepped outside when Nina appeared. Nina told Sonny that she had learned from Ava that Cyrus might be after Sonny. Sonny groused that Ava had had no business telling Nina the news about Cyrus. "No, she doesn't, really. The person I should hear it from... is you," Nina told Sonny.

At Kristina's apartment, Kristina welcomed Molly, who realized that she had never been inside Kristina's home. Kristina poured wine for her and Molly, and she said that Molly had an open invitation to visit anytime.

Molly showed Kristina a file that contained a list of potential surrogate candidates. Molly said that T.J. didn't know she was looking at the list because he wasn't sure that he was ready to explore the possibility of being a father again. Molly broke down in tears again over the possibility that she would never be a mother.

Kristina sympathized with Molly, and Kristina held Molly's hand as she led Molly to the couch.

Kristina grew serious. "T.J. will come around, okay? I know he will. And when he does, let me help you, Molly. Let me carry a baby for you and T.J.," Kristina said.

Kristina said that bringing Molly's child into the world was something Kristina wanted. Molly said that she would talk to T.J., and she thanked Kristina for her offer. The two sisters said that they loved one another, and they hugged each other closely.

At Café Chérie, Finn claimed that General Hospital intended to "sacrifice" him because of the malpractice suit. Elizabeth did her best to reassure Finn, and she again said that nothing about the suit was his fault. Finn said he needed people to like him. Elizabeth said that she liked Finn. He grinned from ear to ear.

Elizabeth showered Finn with praise. She claimed he had "saved hundreds of lives." Finn complained that a jury just wouldn't understand him. Elizabeth held Finn's hand again as she assured him once more that he had done his best. Elizabeth agreed to help Finn become more likable. They kissed.

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