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Ava was certain that Nikolas had killed Austin and was trying to frame her. Brennan continued to seek out Carly. Monica and Tracy decided to back Finn in the malpractice lawsuit. Dante retrieved Forsyth's file from a train station locker. Ned asked for Nina's help in exchange for his silence. Kristina told her parents and Blaze about her decision to be Molly's surrogate. Brook Lynn had a bold plan to help Maxie.
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Monica and Tracy decided to back Finn. Ava was certain that Nikolas killed Austin. Kristina announced her decision to be Molly's surrogate.
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Dante decides to investigate on his own

Dante decides to investigate on his own

Monday, December 11, 2023

Marshall found Curtis intensely focused on his computer, and he wondered what his son was looking at. Curtis told Marshall about the experimental procedure that could help him walk again. Marshall was concerned about the risks, but he promised to be completely behind his son. Curtis continued that the procedure could happen within the next couple months, and he admitted to being overwhelmed and scared. Marshall advised that one couldn't be brave if there was nothing to be afraid of.

Nina arrived home with several bags, and a guard helped her carry them in. She explained to Sonny that it was their first Christmas as a married couple, so she wanted to go all out. She showed him all her purchases, and he wondered what she was going to get for Wiley and Amelia. Nina talked about a Yankees jersey and a snowsuit, but Sonny thought those ideas were "modest." Nina admitted that she didn't want to provoke Michael. Sonny wanted to talk to Michael on her behalf, but she refused, as she didn't want to be a point of contention between them. She offered to give Sonny a hint about what she'd gotten him, but he replied that her as his wife was the only thing he needed. She laughed and kissed him.

In their bedroom, Sam tried to talk to Dante about figuring out how they wanted to split Christmas between their family members. She noticed that he was distracted, and she saw him holding the evidence bag with the key. She was surprised that he hadn't yet logged the key into evidence, but he replied that if he had, it would have been long gone. He told her about the arson report and the WSB confiscating and classifying everything relating to Jameson Forsyth, including the arson report. She thought he was smart not to log it in, and he figured that the WSB didn't know the locker existed.

Dante continued that he wanted to look into the locker himself before telling Anna about it. Sam feared him doing it alone, but he thought it was safer. She was concerned about him being pulled in any deeper with the WSB after the brief time he'd been with them before had almost destroyed his life. Dante explained that his time with the WSB made him feel like he had to hold them accountable, as they were grossly abusing their power. "It all starts with that report," he concluded.

Josslyn and Dex ate takeout in his apartment, and he promised to cook for her the next weekend. She suggested that they could also get him a Christmas tree, but he refused. Josslyn thought it would help give him the feeling of childhood magic, but Dex replied darkly, "If you had that kind of childhood." He told her that his family did all the holiday traditions, but it was all for show, as Christmas hadn't been a happy time in his house. He explained that his dad was a "selfish SOB" who constantly cheated on his mom without even trying to hide it.

Dex continued that his mom hadn't been strong enough to stand on her own, which he resented her for, and his brothers were just like his dad and beat him up. He explained that that was why he'd enlisted on the day he'd graduated high school. He was grateful for the life he'd made for himself, especially because of her. She expressed her sympathy for his childhood, but she wanted to show him how special Christmas could be.

Gregory, Finn, Elizabeth, and Brook Lynn applauded Chase and Violet's song. Violet offered to sing at Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding, which they happily accepted. Violet pestered the couple about when the wedding would be, and Brook Lynn figured that it would be within a year. Just then, Brook Lynn saw on her phone that Lois wanted them to stop by. She and Chase hugged everyone and left. Finn realized that it was past Violet's bedtime, and she wanted Gregory to tuck her in. Finn and Elizabeth took the opportunity to admire the tree. Finn feared that it would be Gregory's last Christmas, and Elizabeth promised to be there for Finn.

Gregory finished reading The Night Before Christmas to Violet. They talked about how beautiful the tree was and how much they loved Christmas. Violet wanted Gregory to help her pick out a song to sing at Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding, and he promised to help her the next day. He got up slowly from the bed, and she wondered why he used a cane. He replied that he'd realized he needed help to walk. "That's okay, we all need help sometimes," she replied.

Gregory emerged from Violet's room as Elizabeth was putting on her coat. She insisted on taking Gregory home, and he put on his coat, as well. The two said goodnight, and Finn closed the door behind them. He sat looking at the tree with tears in his eyes. A few minutes later, he went into Violet's room and gave her a kiss goodnight.

Olivia and Lois toasted the tree and decorations until they heard the front door slam shut. Tracy was vocally unhappy with the décor and was thankful to have arrived home "just in the nick of time." Leo descended the stairs and observed that Christmas was ruined, as it was usually fun, but Tracy hated fun. Leo thought the house looked pretty, and he ran back upstairs. Tracy grumbled that Ned would never have given the women free rein to decorate if he was in his right mind. Olivia told Tracy that since Eddie was gone, Olivia assumed Ned would have wanted to tell her himself that he'd regained all his memories and was Ned again.

Olivia wondered why Tracy was home. Tracy replied that, while Bobbie was doing a great job untangling Luke's mess, it was a two-person job, and Tracy needed to prove her standing with her POA papers. Lois replied that they could have mailed them, and Olivia guessed that Tracy wanted to be home with her family for the holidays. Tracy observed that there weren't even any gifts under the tree, and she took some wrapped gifts for Leo out of one of her bags.

Chase and Brook Lynn arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, and they loved the decorations. Tracy observed that Brook Lynn looked "unusually happy," and Brook Lynn happily told her grandmother about her engagement to Chase. "What took so long?" a happy Tracy demanded. Chase said he had wanted to make sure that Brook Lynn knew that he loved her for her and not her money. "Then sign a prenup," Tracy said to the protests of Olivia and Lois. Chase stated that the future was never promised, and he wanted to face it with Brook Lynn. Tracy wished them a lifetime of happiness and hugged her granddaughter.

Ned blackmails Nina

Ned blackmails Nina

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

At Kelly's Diner, Scott asked Liesl to join him for coffee. Liesl reminded Scott that they had broken up because of Liesl's claim that Elizabeth had somehow contributed to Britt's death earlier that year. Scott said he believed that his and Liesl's relationship had ended too soon.

Liesl said that she was enjoying her time traveling the world and attending medical conferences. Scott said that he believed Liesl had only been traveling to hide from her grief. Liesl yelled at Scott in German, and she told him to have a good life.

Scott followed Liesl outside, and he said that he understood her anger and grief over Britt's death. Scott said that he wanted him and Liesl to be able to open up to one another about their grief. Scott added that he didn't understand why Liesl didn't want him to comfort her. Liesl grew emotional when she said that she might never make peace with being alive while Britt and Nathan were gone.

Scott sympathized with Liesl. Scott said that he wanted love and that he believed Liesl did, as well. Liesl surmised that reentering a relationship with Scott would be akin to them "settling." Liesl kissed Scott on the cheek, and she said that she hoped he would find happiness, even if it wouldn't be with her. Liesl walked away.

At the Deception office, Brook Lynn overheard Maxie on the phone, discussing her financial woes with Felicia. Brook Lynn entered after Maxie's call ended, and she admitted that she had eavesdropped. Brook Lynn denied that she had been spying, and she said that she had gone to share the news of her and Chase's engagement.

Maxie screamed in excitement, and she hugged Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn said that she and Chase wanted to marry in early 2024 because "Violet doesn't believe in long engagements." Maxie and Brook Lynn admitted that they had missed one another. Brook Lynn asked Maxie to confide in her.

Maxie told Brook Lynn about her financial problems. Brook Lynn offered to loan Maxie money, and she pleaded for Maxie to accept. Maxie said that it wasn't Brook Lynn's problem to solve. Maxie and Brook Lynn hugged before Brook Lynn left.

Afterwards, Lucy approached Maxie. Lucy said that she had made a mistake, and she recalled having recently joined Scott for drinks. Lucy said that it had been clear that Scott was lonely. Lucy added that she sympathized with Scott, and she said that her sympathy always led to her and Scott going down a familiar path.

Lucy recalled her breakup with Kevin after she had slept with Scott in 2014, and she said that she didn't want to lose Martin the same way. Lucy added that Scott was both a wonderful person and a catalyst to some of the worst decisions she had ever made. Just then, Scott appeared. "Am I interrupting?" Scott asked.

Scott said that he had stopped by to speak to Lucy about a personal matter. Maxie left to give Scott and Lucy time alone. Scott then revealed that he planned to fly to Florida to spend Christmas with Serena. Lucy told Scott to give Serena her love. "Why don't you tell her yourself? Wanna tag along?" Scott asked Lucy.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy ordered Ned to stop Michael from taking control of ELQ. Tracy said that she didn't want to see either "Alan's surprise offspring or his grandson" running ELQ. "You need to get your head in the game," Tracy added.

A short while later, after Ned had left, Tracy was surprised when Brook Lynn said that she had reconsidered Tracy's offer to join Deception. Tracy said that she would be delighted to have Brook Lynn join her at Deception. "And someday, in the future, the company will be yours. But until then, you have a lot to learn, and I cannot wait to start teaching you," Tracy said as Brook Lynn smiled.

At the Crimson office, Nina was thrilled to receive a visit from Willow, who wondered if Nina had been pulling away from her. Nina denied that she had been withdrawing from Willow, and she soon asked for Willow's opinion on what she should get Wiley and Amelia for Christmas.

Willow and Nina sat down over coffee to form a list of gift ideas. Nina and Willow complimented one another and said that they appreciated each other. Nina was touched when Willow said that she wanted Wiley and Amelia to open Christmas presents in front of Nina and Sonny so that Nina could see the children's reactions.

Ned appeared, and he shared that Drew would be spending Christmas in Australia. Willow said that she had to head out, and she left. Afterwards, Ned said that he had been tempted to tell Willow that Nina had turned Drew and Carly in to the SEC for committing insider trading. "So, why didn't you, Ned?" Nina asked.

Nina pointed out that everyone seemed to conveniently forget that Drew and Carly had, in fact, committed a federal crime. Nina deduced that Ned wanted something from her, or he wouldn't be talking to her. "So, tell me. What do you want?" Nina asked. "What I want... is to make a deal with you," Ned replied.

Ned ordered Nina to provide him with insider information on Michael and Drew. When Nina laughed at the irony of Ned's request, Ned said that Michael and Drew had been "double-teaming" him at ELQ. Ned added that he wanted information on Aurora, and he surmised that Nina would have access, since Aurora owned Crimson.

Nina reminded Ned that Michael hated her and that Drew was hardly a friend. Ned threw Nixon Falls in Nina's face to remind her of how "resourceful" she could be with her back to a wall. When Nina reminded Ned that everyone had still found out about her secret in Nixon Falls, Ned threatened Nina.

"Get me the intel. Otherwise, I'll just make that short, little, three-minute walk from the mansion down to the gatehouse and share some insider information of my own with Willow about just how low you can stoop," Ned said.

Also at Kelly's, Kristina told Sam that she had agreed to be Molly and T.J.'s surrogate. Sam was happy for everyone involved. Later, as Kristina stood up to leave, Sam seemed worried that she hadn't heard back from Dante.

Nearby, at the counter, Hume was concerned that someone might recognize Brennan. Brennan said that the only person in Port Charles that might recognize him was Anna, and he added that it had been over 30 years since Anna had seen him.

Brennan ordered Hume to find the file that Forsyth had stolen from Anna's belongings. Brennan added that someone had "jumped the gun" by eliminating Forsyth prematurely. Hume agreed that the report he and Brennan were looking for couldn't fall into the wrong hands.

At the train depot, Dante waited until he was alone before accessing the locker with the key that had been found on Forsyth's body when Forsyth had been murdered. When he opened the locker, Dante spotted an item.

In a private room nearby, Dante opened a package that included a yellowed, classified WSB report from the 80s that detailed the mission Anna had been on with Forsyth. The report described the mission as a "critical failure" that had resulted in missing secret files and uncovered operational funds.

After putting the classified report away, Dante spotted a set of miniature black-and-white photographs of Anna and Forsyth from the 80s, as well as one of Brennan. "Who are you?" Dante asked himself when he saw the photograph of Brennan. Before he left, Dante placed a battered leather wallet that he had found on the inside of his jacket pocket.

Back at Kelly's a short while later, Sam threw her arms around Dante when he entered. Nearby, Brennan whispered to Hume in serious tones. "Worst-case scenario, Forsyth passed the report on to someone else," he said. "And if that is the case?" Hume asked. "Whoever has it now will have to be dealt with," Brennan said as Dante stood nearby.

Ava receives ominous messages from Austin's killer

Ava receives ominous messages from Austin's killer

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Alexis arrived home and found Kristina and Molly waiting. She immediately sensed that her daughters had news to share. Worried, Alexis asked what was wrong, but Molly and Kristina rushed to assure their mother that it was great news. After they all sat down, Molly told Alexis about their decision for Kristina to be Molly's new surrogate. Alexis chose her words carefully as she acknowledged that things had changed since Kristina had first made the offer to carry a baby for Molly and T.J., but she admitted that she couldn't help but see some potential pitfalls.

Molly assured her mother that she and Kristina saw them, too. She reminded Alexis of their conversation when Molly had met with the surrogacy-matching agency and Alexis' advice to make the decision with T.J. Molly also opened up about her breakdown in the park and Kristina's second offer to carry Molly and T.J.'s baby. Molly explained that she and T.J. had talked things over, and the three of them -- T.J., Molly, and Kristina -- had made the decision to move forward. Molly wanted Alexis to be happy for them, so Alexis promised that she was because she loved her daughters and being a grandmother.

Alexis conceded that Kristina and Molly had a beautiful bond, but she was worried that things might get complicated. Alexis reminded her daughters that there wasn't just a physical risk to consider; there was an emotional risk, too, because there were no guarantees about the outcome of the pregnancy. Molly recognized the risks, but she refused to let the fear deprive her and T.J. of what they wanted. Kristina added that she'd seen a doctor, and she'd been told that she was a great candidate. Resigned, Alexis acknowledged that Molly and Kristina didn't need her blessing, but she assured them that they had it.

Moments later, Molly's phone rang. After a brief exchange with the caller, Molly ended the call and announced that she had to go to work. Everyone exchanged hugs, but soon after Molly left, Alexis asked if Kristina had really thought things through. Kristina immediately became defensive and accused Alexis of constantly thinking that she was impulsive. Alexis denied it, but Kristina didn't believe her. She assured her mother that she had done her due diligence, and she knew what she was in for. "No, you don't," Alexis argued.

Alexis pointed out that Kristina couldn't understand what she would be facing because Kristina had never been pregnant. Alexis explained that no amount of research could prepare Kristina for what it was like to carry a child and bring it into the world. She promised Kristina that it would change her. Alexis appreciated that Kristina wanted to help Molly, but she wondered if Kristina had truly considered what Kristina wanted and if she was prepared for all the physical changes that she would face. Kristina was adamant that she could handle what was ahead because she believed in what she was doing. Kristina promised that she was confident in her decision, and she wanted her mother to have a little faith in her.

Alexis assured her daughter that she had faith in Kristina, her courage, and her generous heart. Alexis admitted that she needed to remind herself that Kristina was a grown woman and perfectly capable of making her own decision, and she vowed to take a step back and support her. Relieved, Kristina hugged her mother.

At Port Charles University, Adam was seated in the hallway, strumming a guitar and lost in a ballad, as Josslyn and Trina walked up to their dorm room. When he looked up and saw them, he stopped singing and apologized. He admitted that he hadn't realized that anyone had been listening, but Josslyn pointed out that he'd been sitting in the hallway. Adam explained that the dorms were usually empty at that time of day, and the hallway had good acoustics. According to Adam, he played the guitar to give himself a break from everything.

Trina invited Adam to join her and Josslyn because she was eager to hear more of his music. Adam followed Josslyn and Trina into their dorm room, but he assured Trina that she didn't have to pretend to like his music. Trina explained that she was majoring in art, so she was always honest about an artist's work. "What artist?" Adam asked. Josslyn smiled as she clarified that Trina had been referring to him. With a little more prodding from Josslyn and Trina, Adam agreed to play another song. Afterwards, they both praised his musical talent.

Embarrassed, Adam decided to get back to studying, but Trina invited him to join her and Josslyn for lunch. A short time later, Josslyn, Trina, and Adam arrived at Kelly's. After Josslyn took their orders and walked away, Trina asked Adam about his music. Adam revealed that he had started playing the piano when he'd been four, but he hadn't been interested in music until his music teacher had introduced him to the guitar at the age of ten. However, his parents had refused to pay for lessons unless he had stuck with the piano because his father considered guitars "lowbrow."

Trina was surprised to learn that Adam had been completely self-taught. When Josslyn returned to the table, Trina asked if Adam had ever considered playing professionally. Adam was impressed when Trina mentioned that her grandfather was a professional clarinet player, but he confessed that he couldn't imagine what his life would be like if he could spend it just making music. Josslyn suggested that Adam change his major to music, while Trina pointed out that he could join a band or consider a solo career. Adam insisted that his future was to become a doctor. Trina assured him that it was fine as long it was his decision.

At Sam and Dante's penthouse, Sam was curious if Dante had found anything in the locker at the train station, so he filled her in about the unmarked package that he had had put in a safe deposit box at the bank. Dante admitted that he had skimmed the report, and both Forsyth and Anna's names had jumped out. Sam asked why he hadn't taken a photograph of the report, so he admitted that he'd been paranoid because the WSB had access to advanced technology that could easily lift the evidence from his phone.

Dante explained that his low-tech approach had seemed like his best course of action. The conversation turned to the documents that Anna had kept hidden in the trunk and what had motivated her to keep the incriminating files as leverage. Dante suggested that the sheer volume of evidence suggested that Anna had intended to blackmail powerful people, but Sam was confused because the documents had dated back to the 1980s. Sam conceded that Anna had made mistakes in the past, but she had done a lot to redeem herself. "Well, that's what she keeps saying. Maybe that's what she's trying to convince herself of," Dante said.

Dante wondered if a person could ever truly be redeemed. Surprised by the question, Sam asked if Dante had been referring to Anna or himself. Dante was curious how accurately Sam could recall something that had happened a decade earlier. "A failure, a screwup, a lie you told?" he asked. Dante suggested that Anna had rewritten the 1980s to make it easier for her to feel as if she had redeemed herself. Sam asked if Dante trusted Anna, and he admitted that he did.

Sam advised Dante to talk to Anna. He assured her that he would, but he wanted to take a closer look at the report before he did. Dante revealed that the mission had been to get an eastern bloc general to defect and for the general to exchange top-secret files for $10,000,000 in US currency. Dante explained that the mission had gone bad when the general had been killed and the top-secret files had vanished. According to the report, Anna had been tasked with posing as the general's girlfriend because it would appear less suspicious than a man traveling alone to cross the border.

Dante told Sam about the additional evidence in the box, including the photographs of Forsyth, Anna, and an unknown man. He also showed Sam the wallet that he'd taken with him. Sam closely inspected the wallet and found a series of numbers written under the lining. She suggested that the 21 numbers might be an account number or a phone number hidden in the series of digits. Dante wondered how the numbers related to the WSB report and whoever was after Anna.

Meanwhile, Carly walked through the park with Donna after a soccer practice. Donna was eager to show her mother her curve kick, but Donna's attempt sent the soccer ball in a straight line and out of sight. Moments later, Mr. Brennan walked up holding the ball and returned it to Donna. Carly smiled as she introduced her daughter to Brennan. Brennan turned on the charm as he chatted with Donna. When Donna asked her mother if they could get hot chocolate, Brennan invited himself along by offering to pay. Carly initially declined, but Brennan insisted on making up for his rudeness the other day when he had suddenly left.

A short time later, Carly, Donna, and Brennan returned to the clearing. After Donna ran off to practice, Carly and Brennan continued to chat. He told her that Donna bore a strong resemblance to her mother, but Carly laughed because everyone said that Donna looked exactly like her father. Brennan clarified that Carly and Donna shared the same "lightness of spirit." He continued to shower Carly with praise as he asked leading questions to get her to open up about herself. Carly admitted that she was not afraid to push when she believed that something was important, so he asked what was important to her.

Carly told Brennan that her family was most important to her, but she was not shy about speaking up when she saw an injustice. However, she was clear that she had no desire to manage other people's lives. Carly turned the question around and asked what was important to Brennan. Just then, Donna returned to get her hot chocolate. Donna was disappointed that her drink had grown cold, so Carly suggested that it was time to go home.

At the hospital, Stella was giving Felicia instructions about patient referrals when Sonny walked up. He apologized for interrupting and explained that he needed to talk to Stella. Felicia and Stella were surprised when Sonny revealed that he wanted to pay for the hospital's Christmas decorations and celebrations. Impressed with Sonny's generosity, Felicia admitted that Sonny was like their very own Santa Claus. A young patient who had been sitting on a bench and overheard the exchange spoke up.

"He's not Santa Claus," the girl said as she looked Sonny up and down with a critical eye. Felicia smiled and introduced Lindsey to Sonny. After Sonny greeted the child, Felicia explained that she had meant that Sonny was like Santa Claus because both were generous. Felicia assured Lindsey that there was only one Santa Claus, and he would bring Lindsey presents at Christmas. Stella added that Sonny had offered to help the people in the hospital have a happy Christmas, prompting Lindsey to wonder why.

Sonny admitted that he was a big fan of Santa Claus, and he always followed Santa's example. Sonny shifted gears and asked what Lindsey wanted for Christmas. When she admitted that she wanted a light-up tracing pad, Sonny confessed that his daughter wanted one, too. Moments later, Lindsey's mother walked over to ask for Felicia's help with some forms. After Felicia led Lindsey's mom to a bench, Stella told Sonny that his offer had gone above and beyond.

Stella wondered what had inspired Sonny. "A friend of yours," Sonny said. Stella realized that he'd been referring to his father. Sonny and Stella reminisced about Mike and his brave battle with Alzheimer's. Sonny talked about his father's love for Christmas, while Stella recalled Mike's flirtatious side and how much he had loved Sonny. Touched, Sonny thanked Stella for always treating Mike like a person rather than a patient. Stella smiled as she and Sonny exchanged a hug.

Nearby, Lindsey's mother thanked Felicia. Lindsey worried that Santa Claus wouldn't find her if she was stuck in the hospital. Felicia assured the young patient that General Hospital had been working with Santa Claus for years, and they would make certain that he found everyone, including Lindsey.

Ava entered her old apartment as the last of the movers left. After she closed the door, she walked over to the coffee table and reached inside her purse, only to freeze. Seconds later, she withdrew an envelope. Inside was a photograph of Austin's dead body and a note. "Don't tell anyone," Ava read aloud. Just then, Nina walked in. Shaken, Ava managed to shove the envelope into her purse, but Nina stopped short when she saw Ava's expression.

"What happened?" Nina asked in an alarmed tone. Ava tried to brush it off, but Nina wasn't fooled and demanded to know what had terrified Ava. Ava showed Nina the note and explained that she had found it in her purse after the movers had left. Shocked, Nina asked if Austin's killer had been in the apartment. Ava conceded that it was a strong possibility because there had been a lot of activity in the apartment throughout the day. Nina urged Ava to go to the police, but Ava refused because she'd had ample motive to kill Austin -- and she had no alibi.

Nina argued that Cyrus had more reason to want Austin dead, but to Nina's surprise, Ava admitted that she didn't think Cyrus had been behind the ominous notes. Ava pointed out that Cyrus had nothing to gain by threatening her because he knew she would turn to Sonny for help if he pushed her too far. Ava added that the killer was someone who had a talent for mind games, who had the money to play them, and who loved watching her squirm. "Someone who hates me and wants revenge. Nikolas," Ava said.

Nina was skeptical because Nikolas had been living in Europe, but Ava suggested that Austin had double-crossed Nikolas by trying to blackmail him. Ava speculated that Austin had given Nikolas medical help for the head injury, and Austin had tried to use that information to his benefit. "Or maybe Nikolas just killed him just to torment me," Ava said. Nina remained unconvinced, but Ava insisted that Nikolas wanted revenge for what she had done to him. "What better way to get it than to frame me for Austin's murder?" Ava asked.

Ava's temper flared as she insisted that Nikolas had done her a favor by getting Esme pregnant because it had forced Ava to see how miserable her relationship with Nikolas had become. Ava blamed Nikolas' inability to let her go for the situation that she was in. Ava was adamant that Nikolas was the only person who would go to great lengths to torment her, but she vowed to beat him at his own game. Concerned, Nina invited Ava to stay with her, but Ava assured Nina that it wouldn't be necessary because Nikolas had likely left town already.

Ava was certain that Nikolas had hired someone to plant the note in her purse because he wouldn't risk being spotted by Laura or Spencer. After Nina left, Ava locked and bolted the door. She started to go to the bedroom, but she grew still when she noticed that the desk drawer was ajar. Ava slowly walked over and opened the drawer. Inside was a gun and a note that read, "You never know when you'll need it."

Finn learns the hospital's position in his lawsuit

Finn learns the hospital's position in his lawsuit

Thursday, December 14, 2023

At Café Chérie, Gregory told Alexis about Chase and Brook Lynn's engagement. Alexis was happy for Chase and Brook Lynn. Alexis shared the news of Kristina having agreed to be Molly and T.J.'s surrogate. Gregory noted that Alexis seemed to have mixed feelings. Alexis admitted that she was worried that Kristina and Molly were only acting off their emotions in the moment.

In the break room at the hospital, T.J. told Stella about Kristina's offer to be a surrogate. Stella was thrilled. T.J. said that his biggest worry was "having to count on Kristina." T.J. fretted that Kristina would change her mind, and he said that not having a baby would break his and Molly's hearts.

Stella encouraged T.J. to think positively and to trust the bond that Kristina and Molly shared. T.J. thanked Stella, and he said he appreciated having Stella for an aunt. As T.J. and Stella hugged, Stella said that things would be okay.

At Metro Court, Robert joined Diane for dinner. Robert asked about the malpractice suit against Finn. Robert called Finn a "hell of a doctor." Diane said that she intended to prove that a man had died as a result of Finn's treatment protocols.

As Diane spoke about the case, Robert quickly grew distracted. Robert said that he hadn't been paying attention and that he wasn't thinking about the case. Robert and Diane complimented one another before Diane asked Robert to spend the night with her. A short while later, Robert and Diane kissed as they entered Diane's house.

Also at Metro Court, Donna told Sonny and Kristina that she was tired of being a little sister, and she asked when Sonny and Nina would have a baby. Sonny said that having a baby was out of the question. Donna left with Trish the waitress. Sonny asked about Kristina's personal life. Kristina flashed back to having kissed Blaze.

Sonny surmised that Kristina wasn't telling him something. Kristina told Sonny about the surrogacy. Sonny asked if Kristina intended to put her social life on hold for nine months, and he asked how Blaze would feel about it.

Kristina said that she and Blaze were only beginning to get to know one another. Sonny noted that Kristina had "lit up" around Blaze in Puerto Rico, and he said that he hadn't seen the same look in her eyes since Kristina had been with Parker.

At Ava's penthouse, Ava thanked Carly for having dropped Avery off. Carly surmised that Ava was worried about something. As Ava rambled, Carly noted that Ava hadn't mentioned anything about Austin's murder.

When Carly asked if Ava had been questioned by the police, Ava said that she didn't intend to open up to Carly about the matter. Carly aggressively asked if Ava had something to hide. Ava reminded Carly that she didn't answer to Carly, who claimed that she was only thinking of Avery's best interests. Carly added that Ava needed to tell Sonny if she was hiding something.

As Carly prepared to leave, she told Ava that it was better to tell Sonny sooner than later. Afterwards, Ava pulled out a small box safe and stared at the note she believed Nikolas had left. "Damn it, Nikolas. Are you back?" Ava asked.

By the nurses' station at the hospital, Portia cheerfully reassured Finn that he was a "brilliant physician." Portia added that Monica wanted to see Finn in Monica's office. Moments later, Amy tried to glean information from Portia about the malpractice suit. Portia again scolded Amy for gossiping, and she asked Amy to use discretion. Nearby, Finn left for Monica's office after receiving reassurance from Elizabeth.

Afterwards, Portia asked Elizabeth to submit a list of candidates for a nursing scholarship that Sonny had arranged for and named after Epiphany. Elizabeth noted that Sonny had always been generous toward the hospital. The conversation soon turned back to Finn when Portia told Elizabeth that Amy had approached her while snooping for gossip about the lawsuit.

Elizabeth asked if Portia knew why Monica had asked to see Finn. Portia said she didn't know, but she added that everyone knew that Finn was "one of the most gifted doctors there is." After Portia left, Elizabeth scolded Amy for having spoken to Portia about the lawsuit. Amy said that she had been one of the nurses that had assisted in the dead patient's treatment. Elizabeth said vaguely that Amy had to tell the truth.

In Monica's office at the hospital, Finn met with Monica and Tracy. Finn proclaimed his innocence, and he said that he had done nothing wrong. Monica and Tracy listened as Finn said that he stood by his treatment.

Back at the nurses' station a short while later, Elizabeth continued reassuring Finn. Tracy approached, and she asked to speak to Finn in private. Elizabeth stared at Finn and Tracy.

Tracy told Finn that she and Monica had decided that Finn had done nothing wrong. Finn thanked Tracy. Tracy said that Finn was an "excellent doctor," as well as "an asset to this hospital." Tracy added that the hospital was "very lucky" to have Finn.

Back in Monica's office, Dede, the hospital's chief counsel, visited Monica. Monica repeatedly told Dede that Finn had done nothing wrong. Dede asked Monica to rethink her decision. Dede implied that the case could somehow threaten the future of General Hospital.

Sonny receives a special Christmas gift from Donna

Sonny receives a special Christmas gift from Donna

Friday, December 15, 2023

At Kristina's apartment, Kristina told Blaze about her decision to be a surrogate for Molly and T.J. When Kristina rambled about Molly's wants, Blaze asked what Kristina wanted. Kristina said that she wanted to have a baby for Molly and T.J.

Kristina asked where things stood with Blaze, given the announcement. Blaze admitted that she liked Kristina, and she reached for Kristina's hand. Blaze said that she was interested in seeing where things led. Kristina and Blaze kissed. They agreed to touch base soon and to celebrate Kristina's decision.

At the Invader, Alexis and Jordan talked about Kristina's decision. Both expressed reservations. Alexis noted that she and Jordan didn't have a say in the matter. They agreed that T.J. and Molly would be good parents.

At the Deception office, Brook Lynn proclaimed that she was returning to work at the company. When Maxie expressed reservations, Brook Lynn said that she planned to gain control of Deception and to hand the company over to Maxie. Brook Lynn was pressing Maxie for an answer when Lucy appeared.

Lucy and Brook Lynn began to argue. Lucy yelled that she had created Deception and that her vision had made the company a success. Brook Lynn said that Lucy should be grateful to Tracy for stepping in to save Deception. Lucy stormed out after saying that she would never work with someone who had spied on her.

Afterwards, Brook Lynn told Maxie that Tracy would "flatten" Lucy if Lucy tried to challenge Tracy. Maxie was confused, and she noted that Brook Lynn had previously agreed to help Maxie and Lucy regain control of Deception.

Brook Lynn clarified that she was only trying to gain control of Deception for Maxie -- "without Lucy's crazy shenanigans." Brook Lynn asked for Maxie's help. She said that she and Maxie were "unstoppable" when they joined forces.

In the stables at the Quartermaine estate, Sasha surprised Cody with a photo album as a Christmas gift. Sasha tried to compliment Cody, who pushed back. Cody said that Sasha hadn't moved on from Brando, and he said that he didn't want her to sacrifice herself to give Cody something she thought he might want.

Sasha told Cody to stop being so hard on himself. Cody said that he had purchased a gift for Sasha weeks earlier and that he hoped it would arrive before Christmas. As Sasha began to put her jacket on, she and Cody momentarily stood face to face.

Sasha said that she should head home, and she left. Afterwards, Cody found an inscription that Sasha had made in the photo album. "To my friend Cody, thanks for coming to my rescue. Sasha," the inscription read.

At Perks Coffee, Robert and Diane talked about spending their first night together the previous evening. Diane asked that Robert make her a priority over Anna and Holly. Robert reminded Diane that he and Anna were forever connected because of Robin. Still, Robert agreed to point out that Diane was his "priority" the next time Anna or Holly needed something.

At Sonny and Nina's penthouse, Donna promised to find a special Christmas present for Sonny. Sonny was touched when Donna asked to see a picture of Mike. Sonny used his phone to show Donna a photo of Mike. Donna asked if Sonny missed Mike. "Yeah, every day. Every single day," Sonny said with a tremor in his voice.

Donna admired the cap that Mike had been wearing in the photo, and she asked if Sonny knew where the cap was. Sonny said that the cap seemed to have been lost. Just then, Michael entered with plans to go Christmas shopping with Donna. When Sonny left, Donna closed her eyes and made a wish that she would find Mike's cap to give to Sonny as a Christmas present. Michael was touched by Donna's wish.

In the mayor's office, Laura told Martin that Cyrus was a suspect in Austin's murder. Laura added that Cyrus would have to be prosecuted if he had killed Austin. Martin said that Cyrus valued nothing more than Laura's approval.

A short while later, Sonny entered for a meeting with Laura. Sonny worried that a public invitation to Laura's office could open her up to allegations of corruption. Laura dismissed Sonny's concerns, and she said that she had asked Sonny to visit because of the police investigation into Austin's murder. Sonny noted that he and Dante had a longstanding agreement to not discuss one another's line of work.

Laura asked if Sonny believed that Cyrus had killed Austin. Sonny shared that he didn't believe that Cyrus was responsible, and he reasoned that Cyrus had no motive. "Murder is too risky. With all due respect, I despise your brother.... but he's not stupid. He just got out of prison, and he's gonna do everything he can not to go back there," Sonny said. Laura thanked Sonny for his perspective.

A short while later, Martin returned after Sonny had left. Laura shared Sonny's perspective on Cyrus with Martin. Laura admitted that she felt relieved by Sonny's line of thinking. Laura added that she hadn't realized how much she wanted Cyrus to turn his life around.

In Rice Plaza, Donna found a cap that looked exactly like the one that Mike had been wearing in the photo Sonny had shown her. Sonny joined Michael and Donna, and he was taken aback when Donna handed Sonny the cap. "This is Mike's," Sonny said.

Michael said that Donna had found the cap on a park bench nearby. "It was sitting right there like someone left it," Michael said with astonishment. Michael added that he had looked inside the cap and discovered that it had belonged to Mike. "I wonder where it came from," Sonny said.

Donna told Sonny that she had wished for the cap upon a star, and she said that finding the cap had been magic. Sonny grew emotional as he told Donna about Mike. "He believed in magic and wishes. He'd be very proud of you," Sonny told Donna.

Donna wished Sonny a merry Christmas, and she rushed to hug him. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart," Sonny said as he hugged Donna. Sonny then looked toward the sky. "Merry Christmas, Dad," Sonny said.

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