General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 5, 2024 on GH

Cameron returned for Spencer's funeral. Anna was sworn in as police commissioner. Gregory asked to move in with Finn. Brick warned Sonny that Dex might be the mole. Lucy slept with Scott. Tracy confessed to Martin. Michael and Willow took a step toward reconciliation. Nina asked Martin to help her start her own fashion magazine.
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A funeral was held for Spencer. Brick warned Sonny that Dex might be the mole. Lucy slept with Scott.
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Nikolas agrees to turn himself in to the police

Nikolas agrees to turn himself in to the police

Monday, February 5, 2024

At Sonny's penthouse, Dante and Sam visited Sonny to share in their grief over Spencer. Sam soon left to visit Alexis. When Sonny and Dante were alone, Dante deduced that Sonny was keeping something quiet. Sonny revealed that someone had tried to have him eliminated while he'd been on his private island in Puerto Rico. Dante asked Sonny for more answers about the attempted shooting.

When Dante asked if Sonny believed the shooting had been an inside job, Sonny admitted that he suspected it had been from someone within his organization. Dante proposed questioning everyone close to Sonny. "No matter how much it hurts. Everyone is guilty... until proven otherwise," Dante said.

Sonny thanked Dante for his offer, and he added that he knew he could trust Dante. Just then, Dante received a call from Laura. After Dante left, Sonny phoned someone to say that he needed to see them as soon as possible.

At the Invader, Sam joined Alexis, who was sad that she had to write Spencer's obituary. Sam warmly recalled that Spencer had had "a lot of flair." Alexis shuddered at the thought of talking about Spencer in the past tense. She and Sam proceeded to share their favorite memories of Spencer, including the time he had donned a Phantom of the Opera mask at the Nurses Ball years earlier.

Alexis asked for Sam's help in writing Spencer's obituary. Sam encouraged Alexis to focus on Spencer's love for drama, quips, and schemes. "You know, Spencer acting all shallow and spoiled when he was little... he was pretending. It wasn't real. He was just guarded. And he was fearful, and he had every right to be. But then he grew up, and he really opened up and allowed us to see who he was really was. And he was... a gift," Alexis said warmly as Sam smiled softly.

Sam listened as Alexis read Spencer's obituary out loud. "His legacy will be the Spencer Cassadine Drama Fund, devoted to teaching theater, particularly the works of Shakespeare, to prison inmates, underserved communities, and children. To quote his favorite work of the Bard, 'Now cracks a noble heart,'" Alexis said as her voice broke. Alexis continued. "'Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest,'" Alexis said as she began sobbing uncontrollably. Sam gently placed her arms around Alexis' shoulders.

At the Home & Heart studios, Scott recalled having comforted Lucy a few nights earlier at Metro Court. Scott asked if Martin was truly worthy of Lucy's love, and he added that he only wanted Lucy to be happy. Lucy asked Scott to stay put while she searched for Martin.

At Metro Court, Tracy tried to goad Martin into believing that Lucy was having an affair with Scott. Tracy said that Scott and Lucy had never been able to stay away from one another. When Lucy found Martin at the bar, Martin noted that Lucy had wanted Scott to comfort her when she'd learned that Bobbie had died. Lucy explained that she, Scott, and Bobbie had had a sordid history together.

Martin was unmoved, and he said that Lucy's instinct to turn to Scott had revealed something about Lucy and Martin's relationship. Lucy said that Bobbie's death had affected her in ways she hadn't expected. Martin said that he had realized he and Lucy were no longer working as a couple. Martin added that whatever Scott and Lucy had for each other eclipsed anything she had with Martin. Martin stood up, and he said goodbye to Lucy, who soon ran out of the room in tears.

At a table nearby, Gregory joined Tracy to share the news of Spencer's death. Tracy was quiet and seemed plaintive, and she said only that it was a tragedy. Gregory received a call from his doctor, and he stood up to leave. Afterwards, Tracy approached Martin to say that she owed him the truth about something.

Back at Home & Heart, Lucy told Scott through tears that Martin had broken up with her. Scott placed his arms around Lucy as she sobbed. Lucy said that she had sabotaged every relationship she had been in. Scott said that he wouldn't allow Lucy to beat herself up. "If Martin is too stupid to not know how great you are, then the hell with him. You're Lucy Coe. Lucy Coe... the best that there is," Scott said as he and Lucy stood face to face. Scott and Lucy kissed.

At a hotel room, Anna introduced Jordan to Jagger Cates. Anna explained to Jordan how she knew Jagger, who said that he was the special agent in charge of the investigation into who was peddling stolen WSB weapons in Port Charles. Jagger said that Anna and Jordan were interfering in his investigation, and he ordered them to stop pursuing the case.

Jagger added that Curtis' shooting months earlier was part of something much larger, and he shared that the rifle used in the shooting was part of a cache of weapons that had been used in various shootings across the US. Anna said that Jagger was withholding information, and she asked him to bring her and Jordan into his investigation. "We can work together," Anna offered.

Jagger learned in a phone call that O'Neil, the gunrunner that Anna and Jordan had been set to interrogate, was refusing to cooperate with the FBI. Jagger soon deduced that Anna had learned something useful from O'Neil. Anna proposed that she and Jordan pool their information with Jagger's. Anna added that she and Jordan believed that Sonny had been the original target of the Metro Court shooting the previous summer. Jagger grew irate at the mention of Sonny's name.

Jagger said that Sonny should have been sent to prison years earlier, and he added that Sonny only cared about himself. Anna said that Sonny had changed, and she continued encouraging Jagger to work with her and Jordan. Jagger surprised Anna and Jordan when he said that he would place them under arrest for obstructing a federal investigation.

At Laura and Kevin's penthouse, Laura was overwhelmed with joy when she opened the door to Nikolas and Ace. Nikolas' eyes filled with tears when Laura confirmed that Spencer had died. When Nikolas learned that Esme had followed Spencer and Trina to Paris, he blamed himself for Spencer's death. "My son is dead because of me," Nikolas said through tears.

After Laura put Ace down for a nap, she asked Nikolas to join her on the couch. Laura proceeded to tell Nikolas that he wasn't responsible for Spencer's death. Nikolas continued blaming himself, and he said that he had put Spencer in Esme's path. Laura passionately vowed that she would always love Nikolas. Laura added that Nikolas had done the right thing by returning to Port Charles, but she quickly surmised that he didn't plan to stay in town. When Nikolas confirmed Laura's suspicion, she yelled that Ace would be better off without Nikolas.

Stung by Laura's words, Nikolas admitted his culpability in Spencer's death. "My taking Ace wasn't the only thing that led to Spencer's death. The loneliness that led him to being vulnerable to Esme in the first place, allowing him and all of you to believe that I was dead... what kind of father does that to his little boy?" Nikolas asked before adding that Ace was better off without him.

Nikolas grew animated when he said that he wanted to leave Ace with Laura and Kevin. Nikolas reasoned that Laura and Kevin could provide a better life for Ace than Nikolas could. Laura pleaded with Nikolas to face the mistakes he'd made and to take responsibility. Laura held Nikolas, who sobbed softly in her arms.

A short while later, after Laura called Dante, Nikolas agreed to accompany Dante to the police station. Before he left, Nikolas told Ace that he loved Ace. Laura said that she would meet Nikolas at the police station. "Thank you, Mother, for everything. I want you to know that I'm doing this for you -- and for Ace, and for Spencer. I want to become someone you can all be proud of," Nikolas said before Dante slowly led him out of the penthouse in handcuffs.

Scott and Lucy have a literal roll in the hay

Scott and Lucy have a literal roll in the hay

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

At Metro Court, Tracy told Martin that she was responsible for Martin and Lucy's breakup. Tracy said that she'd led Martin to believe that Scott and Lucy were having an affair in an effort to seek revenge on Lucy. An outraged Martin left to find Lucy.

At the Home & Heart studios, Scott told Lucy that the kiss between them was what they had always wanted. Moments later, Scott and Lucy had sex behind a large bale of hay in the studio. With hay still in her hair long after getting dressed, Lucy questioned how she and Scott had ended up "horizontal behind a haystack."

Scott told Lucy to be honest with herself, and he said that they had always had a spark for one another. "Me being with you... is like me just breathing," Scott said. Lucy bemoaned that she and Scott had cheated on others numerous times in an effort to make their relationship work before adding that her and Scott's attempts at a relationship had always ended in failure. "Maybe that's because all of that didn't matter... until now. Now. This is our time," Scott offered.

Lucy admitted that she was more of her true self with Scott than with anyone else. Just then, Martin entered. Martin said that he had gone to tell Lucy that he'd made a mistake by breaking up with her. Lucy learned about Tracy's involvement in her and Martin's breakup, and she tried to downplay what Martin had walked in on.

Martin said that he never wanted to see Lucy again, and he left. Afterwards, Scott told Lucy that she deserved better than Martin. Lucy disagreed, and she claimed that she was a "horrible, horrible person." Scott pleaded with Lucy to listen to him, but Lucy ordered Scott to leave.

Back at Metro Court, Tracy told Gregory that she no longer felt like joining him for dinner. Gregory surmised that something was wrong, and he offered to listen if Tracy wanted to talk. Tracy claimed that Gregory's friendship had caused her to grow soft. Tracy felt embarrassed after saying that she would have to "live with the consequences" of being nicer to others. To Tracy's surprise, Gregory began laughing. Gregory explained that people had been tiptoeing around him since his ALS diagnosis, and he thanked Tracy for talking to him as though he weren't sick. Gregory added that it was nice to have someone treat him like he was "normal."

At the Port Charles Police Station, Robert was pleasantly surprised to see Jagger for the first time in many years. Robert and Jagger shook hands before Jagger noted that he had arrested Anna and Jordan for interfering in a federal investigation. Robert was confident that he could convince Anna to share her information with him.

In a jail cell, Dante visited Anna and Jordan to ask why the two had been arrested. Dante learned that Anna and Jordan had been arrested for obstructing a federal investigation, and he asked for more information. Anna said that the arrest tied into her and Jordan's investigation into the Metro Court shooting months earlier.

Anna noted that the FBI was investigating a string of shootings that had been tied back to the stolen cache of weapons from the WSB's possession. She added that the FBI believed there was a connection to Sonny. Dante shared that another attempt had been made on Sonny's life in Puerto Rico, and he said that someone wanted to eliminate Sonny "for good." After some initial hesitation, Dante agreed to ask Robert to release Anna and Jordan.

Moments later, in the lobby of the police station, Dante learned from Robert that Jagger had agreed to drop the charges against Anna and Jordan.Dante introduced himself to Jagger, who noted that Dante was Sonny's son. Dante picked up on Jagger's name, and he said that he had heard stories from Sonny about Jagger's brother, Stone Cates.

At the same time, Robert visited Anna and Jordan in a jail cell to share that Jagger had only agreed to drop the charges in exchange for Anna and Jordan backing off their investigation. Anna was struck by an idea, and she recalled that Laura had recently offered Anna a position in the mayor's office. Anna said that she had changed her mind about Laura's offer.

A short while later, Anna and Jordan appeared in the lobby of the police station. Anna stunned Jagger when she introduced herself as the new police commissioner. Jagger accused Anna of trying to continue undermining his investigation. "No, so I can hunt down the threat to Port Charles in my new capacity as law enforcement, and no one can stand in my way. So, if you want the PCPD's help, Special Agent Cates, you're gonna have to give us the FBI's help in return," Anna said authoritatively.

At the Aurora office, Dex told Michael about the attempt on Sonny's life in Puerto Rico. Dex shared Sonny's theory that someone on the inside was responsible for the attempt. Michael asked Dex to search within Sonny's organization to locate the threat. Dex worried that Sonny would discover what Dex was up to.

At Sonny and Nina's penthouse, Sonny told Brick about the attempt on his life in Puerto Rico. Brick grew angry when Sonny implied that he had to question Brick's loyalty, given that Brick had vetted Sonny's security detail. Sonny tried to calm Brick, who insisted that he would never think of making a move against Sonny. Sonny clarified that he hadn't truly believed that Brick had been involved in the attack, and he said that he had to question everyone close to him.

As Sonny wondered who "the rat" was in his organization, Brick mentioned Dex. An unsuspecting Sonny said that Dex had always been loyal to him. Brick wondered if Dex had set up the shooting in Puerto Rico in an effort to position himself as a "hero" to Sonny and Ava. Brick added that Dex had coordinated with security and that Dex had also found the shooter's hideout. "I'm just saying, it fits," Brick insisted.

When Sonny continued to defend Dex, Brick wondered if it was possible that Sonny's feelings of empathy and warmth toward Dex were precisely the feelings that Dex had wanted Sonny to develop all along. Sonny agreed when Brick said that no one could be ruled out as a suspect.

Sonny asked Brick to look into everyone in his organization, including Dex. "I'll get right on it. I know you're fond of Dex. So, for your sake, I'm hoping I jumped to the wrong conclusion. But Sonny... this is me. You know I'm rarely wrong about stuff like this. I'll find out if Dex is hiding something," Brick swore.

As Brick opened the door to leave, he posed a question for Sonny. "So, what will you do to Dex if you find out he hasn't been loyal, after all?" Brick asked. "I'll make him beg for death," Sonny said without hesitation. Brick nodded his head in approval.

Loved ones gather to say goodbye to Spencer

Loved ones gather to say goodbye to Spencer

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

A voiceover of Alexis' moving tribute to Spencer played as mourners were shown arriving at the cemetery to pay their final respects. Laura and Kevin led the procession as each person laid a single white rose on Spencer's grave. A heartbroken Trina was overcome with grief and began to cry as she stopped at Spencer's grave, so Portia stepped up to comfort her daughter. Moments later, Cameron approached Spencer's grave. Finally, Alexis entered the cemetery and placed a rose on Spencer's grave.

A few minutes later, the service ended, and everyone began to mingle. Cameron walked over to Trina, and the two friends exchanged a hug. He offered Trina his condolences, but she knew that both he and Josslyn also grieved because they had been friends with Spencer since childhood. Josslyn greeted Cameron and asked if she could get a hug, too. He didn't hesitate. After they pulled apart, Cameron asked if Trina and Josslyn planned to go to Wyndemere.

Trina admitted that she didn't think she could handle going. Cameron understood Trina's reluctance, so he told her to take care of herself and to reach out if she needed anything.

Nearby, Laura thanked Alexis for the beautiful eulogy. Afterwards, she let Sonny know that the launch to Spoon Island was ready. Next, Laura turned to Ava and thanked her for hosting everyone at Wyndemere. Laura admitted that the castle had been special to Spencer because it had been her grandson's childhood home.

As people began to leave, Ava walked over to give Trina a warm hug and ask how Trina had been holding up. Trina admitted that she'd been grateful that Ava had always been supportive, even when Ava had had doubts about Spencer. Ava conceded that Spencer had proven her wrong, and she was sorry that he was gone. Ava promised to always be there for Trina. After they exchanged another affectionate hug, Portia walked up.

Ava asked if everyone would be heading to Wyndemere, but Portia explained that she planned to take Trina home. Ava looked at Trina and smiled at her reassuringly. After Ava walked away, Portia offered Trina an opportunity to change her mind, but Trina told her mother that she was tired and wanted to go home. Portia led Trina away as Marshall and Curtis followed.

Meanwhile, Cameron joined his mother, Finn, and Gregory. Elizabeth imagined that it had been surreal for Cameron to lose his oldest friend. "Oldest friend and adversary," Cameron said in a bittersweet tone. Elizabeth explained to Finn and Gregory that the competition between Cameron and Spencer had been legendary, going back to the two boys fighting over Emma Drake when they'd been young. Cameron admitted that he would miss giving Spencer a hard time.

Gregory offered his condolences, and he assured Cameron that he and Finn were there for Cameron. When Cameron mentioned going to the reception at Wyndemere, Elizabeth warned her son to get ready because Aiden had been baking all morning. After Cameron walked away, Finn asked if Elizabeth was ready to leave. She reminded him that she had something to take care of first, so he assured her that he and Gregory would wait.

Cameron joined his grandmother. Laura told Cameron how happy she was to see him, and that she had missed him. When she asked if he was okay, he admitted that he would be -- eventually. Laura knew the feeling. Kevin told Laura that he would meet her at Wyndemere because he had something to take care. After Kevin stepped away, Laura and Cameron walked to the car together. Nearby, Sonny, Dante, and Sam left for Wyndemere.

After everyone was gone, Finn called out to his father, but Gregory was distracted. When Finn managed to get his father's attention, Gregory apologized. Gregory admitted that Spencer's funeral had made him reconsider his decision to be cremated. Gregory realized that it might help the family to have a place to visit him when he was gone, but Finn insisted that it wasn't the time to discuss it. Finn immediately regretted his choice of words and clarified that he'd been referring to Gregory's funeral arrangements. Finn explained that there was plenty of time for making funeral arrangements later.

Gregory decided to drop it because he had a sudden chill and wanted to wait in the car. However, he suddenly began to gasp for breath. Alarmed, Finn helped his father to a bench and decided to call an ambulance. Gregory objected, and he asked his son to help distract him. Finn hesitated for a moment, but Gregory was adamant. After Finn began to talk about having to take brownies to Violet's class and inadvertently passing Aiden's brownies off as his, Gregory began to relax, and his breathing returned to normal.

Finn asked about the attack, which Gregory described as a "twinge" in his chest and shortness of breath. Gregory revealed that Tracy had accidently stumbled on a way to manage the attacks by making him furious and distracting him from the symptoms, which had quickly abated. Finn was upset that Gregory hadn't mentioned the new symptoms sooner because Finn was a doctor and wanted to help his father. Gregory clarified that Finn wanted to save him.

"God, I love you for it, but you can't save me, son. No one can," Gregory said. Gregory suggested the best way to move forward was to have an honest and loving relationship where they didn't walk on eggshells with each other. He asked Finn if they could give that to each other. "Yeah. Yeah, we can," Finn said. Pleased, Gregory hugged his son.

Elsewhere in the cemetery, Elizabeth approached Esme's gave. A small black stand with a simple plaque bearing Esme's name marked the grave. Moments later, Kevin walked up and placed a white rose on Esme's grave. Kevin was surprised to see Elizabeth, but she admitted that she had hurt Esme by helping Nikolas. Elizabeth realized that Kevin had made the arrangements for the grave marker, so he explained that he'd never seen anyone as alone as Esme had been.

Kevin recalled how frightened Esme had been when she'd woken up in the hospital with amnesia, and he admitted that he had felt for his niece. "It showed," Elizabeth assured him. Kevin acknowledged that his efforts to help Esme had fallen short, but Elizabeth insisted that Kevin had done his best to remind Esme that she had family. The conversation turned to Ryan and Heather, but it was cut short when a wailing and shackled Heather was escorted to the grave by a police officer.

Heather threw herself on her daughter's grave and rambled about trying to warn Esme to stay away from Spencer because he hadn't been worthy of Esme. "They told me that Spencer threw himself into the river and took you with him," Heather said as she sobbed. Elizabeth leaned down and gently offered her condolences to Heather. Heather looked up with confusion and asked if she knew Elizabeth. Elizabeth acknowledged that Heather had good reason to feel that way, since Elizabeth had helped Nikolas.

To Elizabeth's surprise, Heather revealed that she was grateful to Elizabeth for keeping Nikolas from killing Esme and for stepping forward with the truth. "I admire you, Elizabeth," Heather said. Heather added that she understood why Franco had loved Elizabeth, and she credited Elizabeth with giving Esme a fighting chance in the world. Heather had a far different reaction when she saw Kevin because Heather believed that Esme would have been alive if Kevin hadn't interfered. Elizabeth quickly defended Kevin, but Heather argued that Kevin had a "God complex" for believing that he could save Ryan.

Heather shouted that she had done everything in her power to keep Esme away from "that maniac," but Kevin had unleased Ryan on the world. "It's 'good people' like you that destroy lives," Heather told Kevin. Elizabeth assured Kevin that Heather was lashing out in grief, but Heather insisted that people like Elizabeth, Franco, and Elizabeth's sweet boys were always determined to see the best in everyone. "But you know better, don't-cha Dr. Collins?" Heather asked in a menacing tone.

The police officer decided it was time for Heather to return to Pentonville. Heather asked what would happen to Ace, so Kevin assured her that he would be well taken care of. Heather wasn't satisfied and turned to Elizabeth, imploring her to keep an eye on Ace. Heather also advised Kevin to do better by Ace than he had Esme, or there would be hell to pay. After Heather tossed the rose off of Esme's grave and kissed the plaque, the police officer led Heather away.

A short time later, Elizabeth returned to Spencer's grave, where Finn was waiting. He asked about going to Esme's grave, but she told him that she would fill him in later. She was curious where Gregory was, so Finn told her that his father was waiting in the car. Elizabeth realized that Finn was troubled. He admitted that his father valued his independence, but it was time to accept that Gregory would not be able to look after himself for much longer.

At Wyndemere, Laura looked through a photo album filled with photos of Spencer. Ava explained that she had found a cabinet full of photographs when she had moved out. Laura smiled sadly as she acknowledged that -- despite Nikolas' flaws -- he had loved Spencer. Just then, Dante and Sam walked over. Dante admitted that he hadn't taken pleasure in arresting Nikolas, but Laura assured him that she already knew that. Sam pointed out that at least Ace was being well cared for. After Ava went to answer the door, Sam shared that she was still in shock about Spencer. Laura admitted that it was a nightmare that she couldn't wake up from.

"That's why they call it the circle of life," Sonny told Alexis as he looked at Kristina. Alexis conceded that when one life ended, another life began.

In the hallway, Ava was not pleased to see Cyrus standing on her doorstep, but he explained that he was there for his sister. Laura appeared in the doorway of the living room and let Ava know that it was okay to let Cyrus in. After Ava returned to the living room -- pointedly closing the door behind her -- Cyrus remarked about the hostility from Ava. Laura was surprised that he had expected anything else, since he had committed a lot of crimes. Cyrus assured his sister that he was aware that people saw him as a monster, but he was curious if Laura did, too.

When Laura didn't reply, Cyrus offered to take Laura home, but she told him that she had a driver waiting. Cyrus agreed to leave in the spirit of a fresh start with Laura. At the door, he told her that he believed Spencer would want them to have a new beginning. He promised that he was not the enemy. Cyrus insisted that he was simply a brother who wanted to do right by his sister. He was confident that Laura would see that one day.

In the living room, Sam noticed Dante watching his father, so she reminded him that he was not on duty. Dante explained that he couldn't stop worrying about Sonny because of the recent attempt on Sonny's life. When Sam asked if it had been an inside job, Dante pointed out that it was what Sonny believed. However, Dante revealed that Sonny was unaware that it was also a part of a bigger investigation centering around the missing shipment of illegal weapons. He told Sam that the FBI was involved, and he revealed that John Cates -- Stone's older brother -- was heading the investigation.

"And guess what? He and Sonny, of course they have a long-standing beef with each other," Dante said. Sam realized that Dante hadn't told Sonny about the FBI. Moments later, Sonny walked up and realized that Dante and Sam had been talking about him. Dante told his father that Jordan and Anna were looking into who had been targeting Sonny. When Sonny began to ask questions, Dante reminded Sonny that he couldn't discuss an ongoing investigation with Sonny. Sonny let it drop because he had to get back to the office. After Sonny walked away, Sam admitted that Dante had done the right thing by not telling Sonny about the FBI, but Dante doubted that Sonny would agree.

Nearby, Sonny stopped to let Ava know that he was leaving, but the guards would be nearby. Ava assured him that she would go straight back to his place when she left Wyndemere. "All right, I'll see you at home," Sonny said.

Elsewhere in the living room, Cameron and Josslyn reminisced about Spencer when they had all been children. Cameron was surprised when Josslyn told him that Spencer had looked up to him. After Ava walked Cameron and Josslyn to the door, Josslyn stopped to talk to Cameron before they headed to the launch. She admitted that she wished they had seen each other under different circumstances. Cameron agreed, and he asked how things were between Josslyn and Dex.

Josslyn assured Cameron that Dex made her happy. Cameron was pleased because he wanted all those he cared about -- including Josslyn -- to be happy.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny sat in his office as he spoke on the phone with Brick. Sonny was eager for the name of the traitor because he intended to deal with the person "permanently."

At Curtis and Portia's house, Portia handed Trina a letter from Sorbonne University. Trina skimmed the letter and revealed that the university had offered to hold a place open for her the following semester. Portia and Curtis were pleased until Trina made it clear that she had no intention of ever returning to Paris. Portia was certain that Port Charles University could find another place for Trina to study, but Trina announced that she intended to drop out of school. Trina didn't see the point of going to school.

Curtis carefully suggested that it wasn't the time to be making life-altering decisions. Portia acknowledged Trina's pain over losing Spencer, but she was certain that Spencer would want Trina to live her life. "What about his future, his purpose?" Trina tearfully asked. "It's all gone," Trina said. Portia pulled her daughter into her arms as Trina began to weep.

Later, Trina grabbed her coat to go for a walk around the lake. Portia offered to accompany Trina, but Trina wanted to be alone. Outside, Trina stopped and pulled the small turtle dove figurine from her coat pocket. She recalled Spencer giving her the special keepsake. As she pushed the memory away, tears filled her eyes.

At the gatehouse, Michael wiped his shirt with a dishtowel as he spotted Wiley's workbook on the table. Frustrated, he wondered how Willow managed to make things look so easy. Moments later, Willow arrived home from work. Michael greeted her and filled her in on his hectic morning, feeding Amelia and getting Wiley off to school. However, Michael had forgotten to pack Wiley's math workbook. Willow chuckled when she noticed that Michael had some of Amelia's food on his face, so she picked up the dishtowel and wiped Michael's face.

Things turned awkward as Michael and Willow stood close, but Michael quickly steered them to safe ground by asking what Willow's secret was with the kids. Willow smiled as she confessed that she didn't have one.

After Willow changed clothes and checked on Amelia, who was in the nursery with the nanny, she returned to the living room. Michael had been looking over Wiley's math problems and admitted that he wouldn't have been able to answer half the questions at Wiley's age. Willow beamed as she pointed out that their son was a genius. The conversation took a turn when Willow asked about Sonny. Michael became uncomfortable and announced that he had to get to work, but Willow called him out on it. Michael decided to be honest and told Willow that he and Drew had patched things up, but Drew had tried to enlist Michael to get back at Nina. Willow was not happy, but Michael assured her that he had turned Drew down.

"This family is more important than anything to me, Willow," Michael said. Willow was pleased, but she encouraged Michael to work things out with Sonny. Michael explained that he hadn't talked to his father since Bobbie's funeral and that he had no idea what to say to Sonny. Willow pointed out that it wasn't Michael and Sonny's first conflict, and they had always found a way to work things out. She reminded Michael that he hadn't given up on his family, so he shouldn't give up on Sonny.

After Michael left, Willow sat down and looked at family pictures of Michael and her with their children.

Nina enlists Martin's help to launch a new fashion magazine

Nina enlists Martin's help to launch a new fashion magazine

Thursday, February 8, 2024

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Anna explained to Jagger that the crime had been committed in her jurisdiction, so the FBI could either partner with the PCPD or get out of the way. Jagger admitted that his superiors saw the benefit of working with the PCPD, but he wasn't sold. Jordan and Dante arrived, and Jagger warned that their "circle of trust" would go no further than the four of them. Anna shared with him the information she'd learned about a single person, who was based in Port Charles, buying all the stolen WSB weapons, among which had been the rifle that had shot Curtis.

Taking his turn to share, Jagger disclosed that four individuals had been targeted for assassination since the unmarked weapons had been stolen, and all four of them were high-level organized crime figures. Dante asked about protection for the targets, but Jagger answered that his only focus was to catch the culprits. Jagger warned Dante that what he'd said was classified, and Dante and Jordan left the room. Anna thought it was important to warn Sonny, but Jagger believed it would give Sonny an excuse for vigilante justice. Anna urged Jagger to think about what Stone would want him to do.

Later, Anna, Jordan, and Dante met in the interrogation room, and Dante vented about Jagger's information being the difference between Sonny living and dying. Anna believed she'd pressured Jagger into doing the right thing. Dante added that Sonny thought the shooter was known to him or getting information from inside his organization.

Michael arrived at Sonny's office to apologize for keeping quiet about Nina. He told Sonny everything about how he'd blackmailed Nina and about Ned's part in the subsequent deals. He insisted that he'd just wanted to protect his family and keep the peace. Sonny wondered what would happen if he forgave Nina. Michael answered that he couldn't promise to like or trust Nina, but he wouldn't do anything to try to drive her away. Sonny talked about his internal struggle over Nina, and Michael assured his father that whether or not Sonny forgave Nina wouldn't affect their relationship.

Drew arrived at the gatehouse with some paperwork for Michael, and he stopped in to talk to Willow. They talked about Nina, who Drew had nothing but contempt for, but Willow believed that Nina had set the whole thing in motion. She didn't like the new, hateful Drew, and she begged him not to let his vendetta change him. She mentioned how at peace Michael was since he'd dropped it, and she wanted the same for Drew. "He's a better man than me right now," Drew said.

When Drew was gone, Willow called Michael. She informed him that Drew had dropped off some paperwork for him, and he said that he would pick it up that night when he was there to see the kids. Willow offered for him to stay the night, as there was plenty of room, and the kids would like to see him in the morning. She added that she would like it, too, if he stayed, and he happily agreed.

Later, Sonny was alone in his office when there was a knock on the door. Frank entered and revealed that there was a federal agent there to see Sonny for a word. Jagger entered and asked Sonny for a minute.

At Charlie's, Lois talked Gregory's ear off about the wedding and rehearsal dinner. She went on that she was happy Brook Lynn had found her independence, as that wasn't how she'd grown up. Gregory was very curious about it, so she told him about how much family was around all the time. She had to go, but she promised to keep him updated about the rehearsal dinner. She kissed him on the cheek and left.

Across the bar, Finn told Chase about Gregory's breathing episode at the cemetery. He suggested that Gregory should no longer live on his own, just in case, but Chase thought they just needed to keep an eye on their father and let him be independent for as long as possible. Gregory sat down with his sons, and he told them about Lois' family growing up in multigenerational homes. He thought that, with his recent health scares, he and Finn could figure something out. Finn thought it would be nice to have Gregory in the apartment, but he warned that Violet would probably start asking questions. Gregory replied that they would talk to her together.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Nina met with Martin and asked him for legal help. He wondered if he'd won back her trust, which he hadn't, but she figured that he owed her. She revealed that Valentin had suggested that she start her own magazine, and she was considering it. Brook Lynn arrived at the restaurant, and she growled at Nina that she was doing Olivia a favor by not yelling at Nina at the hotel Olivia co-owned. When she was gone, Nina blamed the incident on Martin not being able to keep his mouth shut, but Martin admitted that Nina had a way of alienating people.

At a table across the restaurant, Carly met with a man named Bryson from Prinzer & Golden to talk about continuing advertising in Crimson. Bryson wasn't sure about it, considering the bad press Crimson had been getting about the sudden firing of Nina and the controversial article about it. Carly promised that Crimson would remain of the highest quality, with the same mission as always. He had doubts, as Carly was "untested," but she assured him that there would be a "seamless transition." Just then, his phone rang, and he walked away to take the call. Brook Lynn approached and remarked that Carly didn't seem to be enjoying her dinner.

A few minutes later, Bryson bumped into Nina and gave her a warm greeting and a friendly hug. He confided that his meeting with Carly was a complete waste of time, as Crimson without Nina was "unthinkable."

"That explains it," Carly said when she saw Bryson with Nina, after wondering why he was so unwilling to work with her. Brook Lynn promised to help Carly make Bryson forget that Nina ever existed. As Bryson made his way back to the table, Brook Lynn loudly talked about how impressed Deception was with Carly. Carly introduced Brook Lynn and Bryson, and Brook Lynn talked about everything Crimson was doing for Deception. Carly invited him to join them and talk about ideas, and he excitedly sat down with them.

Nina talked to Martin about how she had such a good relationship with Bryson that Prinzer & Golden could be her first advertiser for her new venture. She wanted Martin to look into getting her staff's non-compete clauses waived, but he thought that would take a magician. She reminded him that she could have had him disbarred for breaking attorney-client privilege, and he promised to look for a loophole, acknowledging that he'd played a part in her situation. She wanted to focus on getting her staff back, and she wanted Crimson to "eat my dust."

A short while later, Carly mentioned to Bryson how much she was looking forward to working with him, and he and Brook Lynn got into the elevator. Carly approached Nina and haughtily told her that the magazine industry was tough, but she was tougher. She got into the elevator with Bryson and Brook Lynn. Martin had to go catch a flight and promised he would be in touch. Nina answered that she'd just realized what she wanted to do.

Brick has urgent news for Sonny

Brick has urgent news for Sonny

Friday, February 9, 2024

At the axe-throwing range, Spinelli and Maxie joined Sasha and Cody for a competition. Spinelli told Cody that he wasn't interested in dating Maxie. Cody said he didn't believe Spinelli. Nearby, Maxie pressured Sasha to admit that Sasha had feelings for Cody. Sasha said that she and Cody were just friends. Spinelli and Cody returned. Everyone threw axes. Maxie told Spinelli that it had been great having him as a houseguest. Sasha threw a bull's-eye. Spinelli then threw a bull's-eye, as well. Spinelli and Maxie hugged to celebrate winning the competition.

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Michael hoped Willow was ready for him to return home permanently. She said she needed more time. Michael lied when he said that he had been "completely honest" with Sonny earlier. Willow shared that she had noticed a "cruel streak" in Drew when Drew had spoken about Nina.

Michael and Willow said that Drew shouldn't be blamed for being cruel to Nina. They claimed that Nina was trying to "destroy" their marriage. Wiley ran downstairs. He was excited that Michael was spending the night. After Michael put Wiley to bed, he found Willow asleep on the couch. Michael smiled.

At Carly's mansion, Josslyn debated whether to make a social media post expressing her grief over Spencer's death. Josslyn claimed she didn't want to make Spencer's death about herself, then uploaded the post, anyway. She was happy when Trina "liked" it. Josslyn left to meet with Dex at the Savoy.

Afterwards, Drew and Carly talked about Crimson. The conversation turned to Nina. Drew vowed that he would "stop" Nina, and he said that he wanted to make Nina pay. Carly said that Nina was proof that revenge could backfire. Drew said that Nina had more to lose. Carly asked that Drew promise to leave Nina alone if he wanted Carly to stay at Crimson. Drew claimed that he would "put a pause on Nina."

At the Savoy, Brick flirted with Jordan over drinks. Dex sat at the bar by himself nearby. When Brick approached Dex, Brick spotted an expensive credit card in Dex's name. Dex used the card to purchase drinks for Brick and Jordan. Brick returned to his table with Jordan. He continued flirting before receiving a text.

Nearby, Josslyn joined Dex, who figured out that she didn't want to be there. Josslyn and Dex left left. Brick watched Dex leave, and he soon stood up to say goodnight to Jordan. Later, at Dex's apartment, Dex held Josslyn in bed.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Jagger and Sonny met for the first time in many years. Jagger said that he was in Port Charles to save Sonny's life. Jagger added that it was his duty to notify Sonny that Sonny's life was in danger, and he said the FBI had confirmation that Sonny had been the target of the Metro Court shooting.

Jagger asked Sonny to share what Sonny knew about the shooting. When Sonny noted that Jagger had hated Sonny for years, Jagger said that he was willing to put the past aside. Jagger pressed Sonny to set their differences aside for the benefit of others. Jagger mentioned Curtis, and he noted that Curtis considered Sonny a personal friend. Sonny said that Jagger was trying to provoke Sonny.

Jagger warned that whoever had shot at Sonny was someone who knew Sonny. He added that the shooter was already "in (Sonny's) house." Sonny said that he wouldn't speak to Jagger again without Diane present. As Jagger was on his way out, Sonny welcomed Jagger back to Port Charles.

Moments later, Brick burst in with urgent news for Sonny. "I found something. Someone in your organization has an offshore bank account. The kind with too many zeroes. Three guesses as to who it belongs to," Brick said. "I just need one," Sonny said before hesitating briefly. "Dex?" Sonny asked.

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