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Spinelli and Maxie shared a kiss. Selina gave Sonny some useful information. Cyrus agreed to help Anna. Sonny served Nina with divorce papers. Carly quit Crimson because of Drew's refusal to leave Nina alone. Kristina had her first ultrasound. Josslyn was determined to track down Dex. Blaze and Kristina made love.
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Spinelli and Maxie kissed. Sonny served Nina with divorce papers. Cyrus agreed to help Anna. Carly quit Crimson. Blaze and Kristina made love.
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Valentin announces that Nina is Alexis' new boss

Valentin announces that Nina is Alexis' new boss

Monday, February 19, 2024

At Curtis and Portia's house, Trina was sad as she clutched the turtle dove that Spencer had given her. When Curtis entered, Trina smiled and pretended to be upbeat. Trina mentioned throwing a party for Curtis once he was able to walk again. Curtis told Trina that she didn't have to hide her feelings in front of him.

Trina denied that she was hiding anything, but she soon opened up to Curtis. "Sometimes people ask you if you're okay, and you can see that they're desperately hoping that you'll say, 'I'm okay.' That way, they can say that they checked in and saw how you were doing. But God forbid you tell them the truth or give them a hint that things are not so great. And, boy, do they get uncomfortable," Trina lamented.

Trina added that she was afraid to let all her feelings out. "I feel like if I do, I'll fall apart. And I'll never be able to put myself back together again," she said. Curtis said that he understood, but he cautioned that Trina's fears couldn't be contained forever. Curtis encouraged Trina to share her grief and to "let it out."

Trina lowered her head into Curtis' arms, and he comforted her. Trina said that she worried her sadness would never go away. "It's like, without Spencer... all the color in the world is gone. It's just gray. And I feel like I'm a zombie barely going through the motions. And everything that I thought was important, like art or good grades or the Sorbonne, I look at that now, and it's like... none of that is important. And it's not even that I don't care. It's like I don't care that I don't care," Trina said.

Trina added that she was unsure whether she could return to PCU for the fall semester. Curtis encouraged Trina not to return to school until she was ready. Trina said that she needed to find a way to keep Spencer present in her life, and she added that she felt she was losing a part of him each day. "And what if one day, the only thing left I have of him... is this?" Trina said as she reached for the turtle dove.

Curtis said that the way to keep Spencer present was for Trina to share her memories of him with everyone. Curtis asked Trina to tell him the story of the turtle dove and why it was so special. Trina flashed back to her and Spencer's time in Paris when he'd told her that he took the turtle dove with him everywhere. "Spencer originally wanted to give this to me for Christmas, but so much happened, and... he gave it to me months later. But I didn't care about the delay. I loved them. Like I loved him," Trina said as she stared at the turtle dove.

At Dex's apartment, Josslyn told Carly that Dex had written in a letter that he'd left town because it was best for everyone. Carly said that Dex had been right, and she added that she didn't believe that Sonny had had Dex killed. Josslyn complained that everyone still believed in Sonny, despite him being "so awful."

Carly said that she and Sonny had a long history and that they had both hurt and disappointed one another through the years. "Let me tell you something. There have been people in my life who wouldn't quit on me, no matter how bad I messed up. So, I don't quit on Sonny -- even when I don't agree with him, and even when he's wrong," Carly said. Carly added that she had known what she'd been getting into every time she had gotten involved with Sonny over the years.

Carly said that Dex was lucky that he'd been dealing with Sonny, and she added that Dex wouldn't have been given the option to leave town if Sonny didn't love Josslyn. Josslyn pleaded with Carly to help her find Dex. Carly noted that Dex was no longer a part of Sonny's world and that it was what Josslyn had always wanted. "Let Dex start a new life," Carly offered. Josslyn grabbed Dex's dog tags, and she said that she was leaving to find him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lois gushed over the invitations for Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding. Tracy noted that her invitation hadn't included the words "and a guest." Brook Lynn said that it had been a misprint, but Tracy was convinced it had been a way of implying that Tracy couldn't find a date to the wedding. Tracy said that she didn't have anyone in mind to accompany her to the wedding, and she added that she was content with being single. After Tracy left the room, Brook Lynn told Lois that there had been a loneliness inside Tracy since Luke's death.

At the hospital, as Marshall stepped off the elevator, Stella observed that something was wrong with him. Marshall shared that his psychiatrist had been slowly weaning Marshall off medication, and he added that it had confirmed his suspicion that he had been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia many years earlier. Stella encouraged Marshall to let go of the past and to express relief that he was "free."

Eventually, Marshall's mood began to lighten, and he said that it was time to focus "on the present." Marshall told Stella that he appreciated her more than she knew. Stella seemed touched when Marshall kissed her gently on the cheek. After Marshall walked away, Stella took out her phone to call Felicia. Stella asked if she could trouble Felicia for Felicia's help with something.

At the Invader, Valentin surprised Alexis when he said that Shawn Butler had agreed to sell the paper to Valentin. Alexis threatened to quit if Valentin chose to take editorial control from her. Valentin said that he saw no reason to change Alexis' approach to the paper. Valentin noted that, with Shawn gone, Alexis would need a new publisher. "Someone with vision, someone with prior experience," Valentin said.

When Alexis asked if Valentin had someone in mind, Nina entered. "I hope I'm not late," Nina said, unaware that Valentin hadn't told Alexis of his plans to name Nina the publisher of the newspaper. Alexis was irate, and she asked if Nina had stopped by to take Alexis' job. Alexis asked why Nina had been fired from Crimson. Nina noted that Drew had fired her solely to get back at her.

Nina vowed to Alexis and Gregory that she wanted to make the paper a success. Alexis and Nina briefly shook hands. Valentin and Nina were pleased as they headed out. Afterwards, Gregory shared that he thought Alexis was taking a risk. Alexis said that she wanted to see what Valentin and Nina planned to do with the paper.

Out in the hallway, Nina thanked Valentin for having her back. Valentin said that he was expecting big things from both Alexis and Nina at the Invader. Nina said that the paper could use some "sexing up." "How do you intend to do that?" Valentin asked. "Oh, that's simple. You just focus on the stories that the readers are hungry for... such as -- Carly and Drew," Nina said. Valentin seemed intrigued by Nina's words.

Sonny makes a vow to Dante

Sonny makes a vow to Dante

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

At Sonny's penthouse, Sonny told Diane that he needed her to handle something for him. Diane readily accepted, and she left. Dante appeared, and he shared that the authorities believed that whoever had killed Olivia Jerome had been the same person that had targeted Sonny the previous summer at Metro Court, as well as weeks earlier in Puerto Rico. "We also think they're responsible for the deaths of various other organized crime figures across the country," Dante added.

As Dante stressed the seriousness of the situation, he stated that Sonny had to find the mole in Sonny's organization. When Dante offered to help Sonny, Sonny grew incensed. He accused Dante of saying that Sonny didn't know how to run the organization. Dante asked Sonny to open up to him. Sonny confided that he had learned about Dex and Michael's plan to send Sonny to prison.

Dante was floored by Sonny's admission. Sonny said that he would never trust Michael again. "My son tried to take me down from the inside. He didn't just say he was gonna do it. He was actually trying to do it! So, just because Michael changes his mind, I'm supposed to forgive and forget?" Sonny scoffed.

Sonny said there was no room in his life for anyone he couldn't trust. Dante asked where Dex was. Sonny replied vaguely that Dex was "no longer a problem." Sonny insisted that Dex was alive and that he had left town. When Dante said that Sonny had more allies than Sonny thought, Sonny quipped that lies and loyalty didn't mix.

Dante said that Sonny was living in dangerous times and that help could appear from unexpected places. As Dante prepared to leave, Sonny said that he would handle things himself. Dante quipped that he was certain Sonny was planning something. "Here's the thing... there's a special place in hell for those people who have put my family in danger. And I'm gonna send them there," Sonny vowed.

At Metro Court, Robert told Valentin and Laura that the district attorney's office wouldn't pursue charges against Charlotte, provided that Charlotte agreed to 1,000 hours of community service, three years probation, and court-ordered therapy. Valentin grew irate at Robert's offer. Laura stood up to leave when things grew tense between Robert and Valentin. Robert told Valentin that Charlotte didn't deserve to be behind bars. "You, on the other hand... should," Robert told Valentin.

Nearby, Diane smirked as she served Nina with divorce papers from Sonny. Nina noted that Diane had never liked her. Diane confirmed that she had never liked Nina. "You know, it's really sad, Diane, that when you consider your accomplishments, it's only in the context of your career. A profession is not a life," Nina said. Diane weaponized Nina's past against her when she referred to Nina's stay at Ferncliff in 2015 after Nina had suffered a mental breakdown as "a soft landing." Diane crowed that Sonny had "finally come to his senses" about Nina.

Moments later, Valentin approached Nina as he stared at Robert and Diane leaving together. "Diane and Robert are infuriating, aren't they? Reveling in the misery of others. It's bad karma. May they have a lot of it," Valentin said. "I'll toast to that," Nina replied. Valentin told Nina about Robert wanting Charlotte to serve 1,000 hours of community service for having terrorized Anna months earlier. Nina and Valentin both agreed that Robert's proposal was "absurd."

Valentin said he was grateful that Charlotte still had Nina in her life. When the conversation shifted to Nina's marriage to Sonny, Nina offered that Sonny had a lot on his plate. Valentin told Nina not to make excuses for Sonny. Nina said that she had to get Sonny to change his mind about the divorce.

Valentin had a proposal for Nina. "You want to stay married? This is how you stay married... Sometimes the best way to get what you want is by not giving someone what they want," he said. Nina noted that Sonny wanted a quick divorce. "So, don't give it to him. That'll get his attention," Valentin said confidently.

Later, at Diane's house, Diane ranted about Nina. Robert and Diane showered one another with praise before preparing to have sex.

At the Port Charles Grill, Cyrus was surprised when Anna said that he had an opportunity to save lives, including his own. Anna proposed that Cyrus use his influence with prisoners at Pentonville, specifically O'Neil. Anna complimented Cyrus on his abilities to communicate with his followers. Cyrus politely declined to help Anna. Laura entered and pressed Cyrus to change his mind.

When Anna stepped out of the room. Laura huffed that she was "disappointed" in Cyrus. Laura continued lecturing Cyrus, and Anna reappeared. Eventually, Cyrus relented, and he asked what Anna needed him to do.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Jordan shared with Curtis and Portia that the authorities had determined that the shooting at the Metro Court pool had been part of a series of targets against organized crime figures throughout the country. Jordan suggested making Curtis a more active part of her and Anna's investigation. To Portia's delight, Curtis told Jordan that he would "sit this one out."

Jordan surprised Curtis and Portia when she said that she and Anna were working on a plan that involved Cyrus' help. After Jordan left, Curtis told Portia that he wanted to warn someone who he thought might be the shooter's next target. Portia scoffed, and she asked who Curtis intended to warn. "Selina Wu," Curtis said. Curtis disclosed the nature of his business dealings with Selina at the Savoy.

Portia grew irate, and she said that she was "terrified." Curtis swore that his business with Selina was finished. Portia said that Curtis owed nothing to Selina, and she worried that perhaps the shooter might target Curtis next. Curtis said that Portia didn't have to worry. Portia worried that Curtis would be "collateral damage."

Selina Wu pays Sonny a visit and shares some news

Selina Wu pays Sonny a visit and shares some news

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

At Deception, Brook Lynn and Maxie were excited about the new ad campaign featured in Crimson. Brook Lynn checked her tablet and confirmed that both the website traffic and social media mentions had spiked, and it was good news for their quarterly numbers. Maxie credited Brook Lynn's work with Carly for their success, but she wondered if Brook Lynn might have had a change of heart about their arrangement. Brook Lynn assured Maxie that she fully intended to turn Deception over to Maxie at the first opportunity.

Moments later, Lucy and Sasha arrived. Lucy was immediately suspicious of Brook Lynn and Maxie, but they explained that they'd been celebrating the new spread in Crimson. Sasha opened the magazine and admitted that the new ad was fantastic. Lucy was forced to concede that she was pleased, too. Just then, Tracy entered the office and promptly accused Carly of deceiving them because she hadn't held up her end of the agreement for an interview and full-page spread within the first 20 pages. Maxie revealed that Carly had called to explain that there had been a spacing issue, so Brook Lynn had approved the changes and negotiated an additional half page ad space as compensation.

Tracy was not satisfied because she could have squeezed more out of Carly. Sasha urged Tracy to take a second look at the spread and to keep an open mind because Maxie's guidance with the issue had paid off. Tracy snidely suggested that Maxie sell her shares of Deception and return to Crimson. Shocked, Brook Lynn defended Maxie's work, and she pointed out that traffic on social media had increased. "Clicks and likes do not translate to sales," Tracy argued. "They literally do," Brook Lynn replied.

As Brook Lynn explained to Tracy how social media worked, Maxie noticed Lucy start to slip out the door. Lucy explained that she had more important things to do than to listen to Tracy complain. After Lucy left, Brook Lynn asked for a private word with Tracy. Sasha and Maxie grabbed their things and headed to the coffee shop. Alone with Tracy, Brook Lynn demanded to know what was really going on, because Tracy had been lashing out at everyone.

Eventually, Brook Lynn got Tracy to admit that Tracy was romantically interested in someone. Brook Lynn was delighted because Tracy had been lonely and "rudderless" since Luke had died. With a little more prodding, Brook Lynn realized that Tracy had feelings for Gregory, so she encouraged Tracy to ask him to be Tracy's "plus one" to the wedding.

At the coffee shop, Maxie ranted about Tracy until Sasha was forced to tell Maxie to stop. Maxie immediately apologized, but she admitted that Tracy drove her crazy. Sasha assured Maxie that Brook Lynn could handle Tracy, but she sensed that something else was troubling Maxie. Maxie confessed that she had gotten used to seeing Spinelli every day and talking to him about work, but he would soon be moving back to his apartment.

Maxie listed all the qualities that she liked about Spinelli, including that he was a great listener, helped her put things into perspective, and reminded her what mattered most. Sasha suggested that Maxie talk to Spinelli about staying, but Maxie explained that she couldn't because she had already asked too much of Spinelli.

At Charlie's Pub, Trina shared that she felt as if she'd been walking around in a fog ever since she'd seen Spencer disappear into the water. "It's like the world doesn't have meaning anymore," Trina explained. "I hear you," Josslyn assured her heartbroken friend. She reminded Trina that Trina still had art, family, and friends; Trina admitted that she loved them, but it felt more like something that she remembered feeling. "You know?" Trina asked.

Josslyn revealed that she had felt a similar way when Oscar had died, which was why she was certain that Trina would get through it. Trina wondered what made Josslyn so certain. "Because you're you -- and because I say so," Josslyn said. Trina smiled, but she shifted gears because she was curious what was going on with Dex. Josslyn explained that she couldn't tell Trina why Dex had left town, but she assured Trina that it had nothing to do with their friendship. Trina didn't take offense, but she asked what Josslyn could share about Dex's sudden departure.

A short time later, Trina asked if Sonny had trusted Dex to leave town or if Sonny had sent guards to make certain that Dex stayed away. Josslyn praised Trina for being a genius because Josslyn realized that she had the phone numbers of most of Sonny's guards. Trina asked if Josslyn would be able to trace the numbers. Josslyn admitted that she couldn't, but she knew someone who might. Trina followed Josslyn's gaze to where Spinelli was seated at the bar. Trina advised Josslyn -- if she tracked down Dex -- not to let go of him. After the two friends exchanged a hug, Trina left.

At the bar, Felicia told Spinelli that Maxie was almost back on her feet financially, and it might be time for him to end their little deception. When Spinelli was less than enthusiastic about the prospect, Felicia asked why he didn't want to move out. Spinelli admitted that he had gotten used to spending time with the children. Just then, Cody walked up and greeted Felicia and Spinelli. Cody asked about Mac, so Felicia revealed that she spoke to her husband daily and that Mac as doing well and had sent his regards.

Cody confessed that he had overheard Spinelli and Felicia talking, and he advised Spinelli to be honest with Felicia. However, Spinelli remained silent, so Cody kept Spinelli's confidence and reminded Felicia that the children had grown attached to Spinelli and might find Spinelli's sudden absence jarring. Felicia conceded that Cody had a point, and she advised Spinelli to talk to Maxie to see if they could work something out to help with the transition. Moments later, Lucy arrived and asked to speak to Felicia privately.

After Felicia walked out with Lucy, Spinelli confessed that his feelings for Maxie had gone from platonic to romantic. "Again," he added. Cody was happy that Spinelli had finally been honest, but Spinelli insisted that it wouldn't change things because Maxie would soon ask Spinelli to move out, and everything would go back to normal. Cody advised Spinelli to talk to Maxie, but Spinelli refused to risk his friendship with Maxie on a "fleeting infatuation."

Moments later, Josslyn approached Spinelli and asked to speak to him. After they walked away, Cody picked up a flyer advertising karaoke night at Charlie's. He pulled out his phone and called Sasha. After a quick exchange, Sasha agreed that she and Maxie would join Cody and Spinelli at the pub.

Nearby, Josslyn asked if Spinelli could find the location of a cell phone from the phone number. Spinelli acknowledged that it was possible -- under the right circumstance -- but it would help if he knew who Josslyn wanted to find. Josslyn insisted that the less Spinelli knew, the better.

Outside, Lucy questioned Felicia about Maxie and Brook Lynn. Lucy accused Brook Lynn of being a "viper" who had helped Tracy steal Deception, and Lucy was eager to figure out why Maxie had tried to make Brook Lynn look good in front of Tracy. Felicia explained that she didn't know what was going on between Maxie and Brook Lynn, except that they had a deep bond. Lucy was not satisfied because friendship was one thing, but business was quite another. Felicia had no idea why Maxie had been generous with Brook Lynn or why Brook Lynn was suddenly interested in Deception, but she suggested that Maxie and Brook Lynn were likely working out their differences. Lucy suddenly smiled and left.

A short time later, Lucy returned to Deception and approached Brook Lynn, who was working alone in the office. Lucy asked what Brook Lynn and Maxie were up to, but Brook Lynn played innocent and told her that they were simply running Deception. Lucy was certain that Brook Lynn and Maxie were conspiring, and she threatened to go to Tracy with her suspicions. Annoyed, Brook Lynn demanded to know what Lucy wanted. "Easy. I want in," Lucy said.

At the Invader, Alexis gave Gregory an update on the increased online engagement to their news coverage, and she revealed that the traffic had been on the rise. Alexis hoped that the numbers would impress new management. She feigned sticking her finger in her mouth and gagging to express her displeasure. Just then, Nina appeared in the doorway. "Me? Satisfied? Never," Nina said as she entered the office carrying two small vases of red roses. She set one vase on a table and the other on the edge of Alexis' desk.

Alexis asked what Nina was doing at the office, so Nina claimed that she hadn't been able to stay away after reading the article about Olivia Jerome. She praised Alexis' coverage of the story, and she explained that she wanted to promote Alexis' work in the hopes of Alexis winning a Peabody or Pulitzer Award. Alexis suggested that Nina's plans were too ambitious and added that running a glamor magazine was different than a daily newspaper. Nina assured Alexis that she trusted Alexis' instincts and journalistic integrity, but Nina pointed out that she'd been hired for her expertise in increasing circulation.

The conversation took an unpleasant turn when Nina announced that she intended to add a gossip column to the newspaper. Alexis objected, and she informed Nina that she had warned Valentin that she would not allow the Invader to revert back to a "seedy tabloid." "Not on my watch," Alexis said. Nina promised that Alexis would be able to provide quality journalism for the readers, but they had to increase revenue. Nina explained that she had learned from her days at Crimson that it paid to give the readers what they wanted. Alexis realized that Nina had already hired someone, but Nina left without sharing any details about the columnist.

Alexis suggested that she and Gregory stand their ground against a gossip column or walk out with their integrity intact. She was stunned when Gregory admitted that he actually agreed with Nina. Gregory explained that people would be interested in reading about what went on behind the closed doors of influential people. Alexis disagreed, but Gregory pointed out that she wasn't the newspaper's only subscriber. Gregory appreciated Alexis' reluctance, but he suggested that sometimes it was easier to entice people to "eat their vegetables" by offering a little dessert. Gregory shifted gears because he admitted that he had a favor to ask of Alexis.

A short time later, Tracy entered the office and explained that she had wanted to talk to Gregory about something. However, before Tracy could get Gregory alone, Alexis let Gregory know that she was free to be his "plus one" to Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding. Tracy managed to explain her visit by claiming that Lois had been pushing Tracy to get the confirmed guest list together, so she assured Gregory and Alexis that she would add Alexis. After Tracy left, she stopped in the hallway, and her expression turned troubled.

At Crimson, Drew entered Carly's office, eager to celebrate Crimson's success, but Carly was subdued. She told Drew that she had seen the article about Olivia Jerome's death, and it had dredged up painful memories of Morgan. Drew listened and offered words of comfort as Carly confessed that the news of Olivia's death had opened a tightly closed door, and she couldn't stop thinking about the son that she had lost because of Olivia. Carly admitted that it was hard to take joy in her accomplishment when her thoughts were on how sudden Morgan's death had been.

Drew assured Carly that it was understandable, and he suggested that she take the day off to process everything. Carly appreciated the offer, but she refused to leave, because she wanted to be there for her staff, since they had worked hard and been a tremendous help to her. Drew hugged Carly, but they pulled apart when Nina appeared in the doorway. Nina smirked as she entered on the pretext of checking in with Carly to see if the changes to the office had met with Carly's high standards. However, Nina quickly steered the conversation to her new job at the Invader.

Nina credited Drew with helping her to broaden her horizons, and she assured both Drew and Carly that everything had worked out in the end because she was on to far bigger and better things. Nina revealed that she intended to work on stories about how those at the top were willing to do anything to stay there. "So, don't you dare cancel your subscription. You won't want to miss a beat," Nina said. After Nina left, Carly closed the door. "My God, can you believe that woman?" Drew asked.

Carly pointed out that Nina was a hateful person. "We knew that, so why go out of your way to antagonize her?" Carly asked.

At Sonny's penthouse, Sonny sat on the sofa, reading an online article about Olivia Jerome's death. He looked up when Ava entered. She immediately apologized for disturbing him and promised to be out his hair once she grabbed something for the gallery. Sonny warned her that she couldn't keep avoiding him. "I can try," she replied with a nervous chuckle. Sonny told Ava that it was time for them to discuss her sister. Ava agreed, and she offered to move out because she couldn't imagine that he would want her to continue to stay there.

Sonny made it clear that moving out was not an option. "Doesn't my being here bring up an awful lot of memories, Sonny?" Ava asked. Sonny realized that she was referring to Olivia. Ava quickly clarified that she and Olivia had never been close because they had barely known each other, and her sister had kidnapped her. "I remember," Sonny said. When Ava assured him that she was grateful to the person who had killed her sister, he told her that had been the same person who had tried to kill him at Metro Court's pool and again in Puerto Rico.

Moments later, the guard knocked on the door. Ava went to check on Avery while Sonny went to the door. The guard announced that Sonny had a visitor, but he told the guard to turn the person away. Selina Wu stepped forward. "Sonny Corinthos, you never write, you never call," she said by way of greeting.

Selina followed Sonny inside and asked why she'd had to hear from Curtis that she might be a target of a shooter. Selina tensed when Ava returned, but Sonny assured Selina that Ava knew what was going on and could be trusted. To Selina and Ava's surprise, Sonny insisted that Ava stay. Selina wasn't pleased, but Sonny reminded her that Ava had once been in the mob and might be able to offer some insight. Selina admitted that she was not happy about Sonny's secrecy and questioned if they should dissolve their partnership.

Sonny decided to be honest with Selina, but he warned her not to share what he told her. After Selina gave him her solemn promise, Sonny revealed that he had delayed telling Selina about the threat until he could find the leak in his organization. Selina saw the wisdom in Sonny's decision. "As it turns out, you're not the only one with a traitor in their midst," Selina said. However, Selina refused to elaborate with Ava present. After Ava tactfully excused herself, Selina and Sonny sat down.

Selina and Sonny talked about a recent attack on her and her men. Sonny had been aware of the incident, so Selina revealed that afterwards, she had discovered that one of her trusted guards had been accepting bribes, and he had been the one to tip off Selina's location. Sonny was eager to talk to the man, but Selina wanted something in exchange. She asked Sonny to let her resume running card games because it had been a lucrative endeavor for her. Nearby, Ava eavesdropped on the conversation.

Spinelli kisses Maxie

Spinelli kisses Maxie

Thursday, February 22, 2024

At Crimson, Carly wondered why Drew constantly took Nina's bait, as they already had everything they wanted. She urged him to let Nina play her games, as she was almost disconnected from everyone in their lives. Drew replied that he wanted her out of their lives as soon as possible, and he wanted to humiliate her, too. He refused to apologize for wanting justice, and he talked about the rage he'd returned from Pentonville with.

Carly admitted that Drew's anger scared her. She didn't want to make him feel the way she felt, but she wanted Nina out of her life. Carly said she didn't think Drew could do that. She reminded him that a condition of her running Crimson was for Drew to end the war with Nina, and he'd agreed. She instructed him to consider her first issue of the magazine her last, and she left.

At Charlie's, Maxie and Sasha invited Cody and Spinelli to join them on their night out. Sasha and Cody went to the bar for drinks, and Sasha asked him what tricks he had up his sleeve. Cody explained that Spinelli had sung to Maxie when they'd been dating, so karaoke night would be a good way to remind the couple of their history. Sasha hoped it worked.

At the table, Maxie vented to Spinelli about Tracy. The karaoke night emcee handed them two papers to write their song choices on. Spinelli fondly remembered their "non-wedding." Cody and Sasha returned with drinks, but Cody walked away moments later. The emcee opened the night and announced that Cody and Sasha were up first. A shocked Sasha finally joined Cody onstage after Maxie's encouragement. The two sang a song about being able to count on someone, and they ended the song to cheers from the crowd.

A few minutes later at the bar, Sasha told Maxie that she couldn't believe she'd done karaoke, and Maxie remarked that Sasha and Cody made a good team. At the table, Cody assumed that Spinelli was glad that he'd stayed. Spinelli knew what Cody was doing, and he asked Cody to let it go. Cody wanted Spinelli and Maxie to be happy, but Spinelli thought Cody was just trying to spend as much time as possible with Sasha. Spinelli told Cody to butt out of his love life, and Cody agreed.

A short while later, Spinelli got up to sing a song about finding love with someone, and he ended it to cheers. When he returned to the table, Sasha and Cody excused themselves for some fresh air. Maxie thought the song had been beautiful, and it reminded her of how he sang to Bailey every night. She admitted that she and the kids loved having him at the house, and she didn't want him to leave. He thought that living there felt right, and he reminded her that he would do anything for her. He kissed her, and after a few moments, she pulled away in shock. She grabbed her things and left.

Outside, Sasha told Cody how much fun she was having, especially seeing him scheme for a good cause. He thought she was a good accomplice. Just then, Maxie emerged from Charlie's and sped by them, telling Sasha that they had to go. A confused Sasha followed Maxie.

Sonny followed Selina, intending to question the guard who'd betrayed her. She opened the door to the shed on her estate and found Li tied to a chair. She explained that Li had just bought an expensive new luxury vehicle, and after some digging, she'd found that he'd received a large sum of unexplained money. She'd also found a gun in his possession that had clearly been part of the stolen WSB weapons cache. She added that Li hadn't yet provided any names. She uncovered a table with sharp gardening tools on it, and she informed Li that Sonny could be very persuasive.

Sonny said that Li would suffer unless he gave Sonny a compelling reason to spare him. Sonny demanded a description and name of the man who'd hired him. Li revealed that he hadn't been given a name, but the man he'd dealt with was just a go-between. He did say that he'd overheard a phone call, and his boss's boss went by the name Stone.

Sonny and Selina left the shed, and Sonny told Selina about Stone and Jagger. They agreed that it couldn't be a coincidence. They returned to Li, and he swore that they knew everything he knew. He promised to do anything to be spared. "Anything?" Sonny asked.

In the warden's office at Pentonville, an officer got Cyrus wired up as Anna explained his job. She told him that he was the volunteer chaplain at the prison for the day, and O'Neil, who was in protective custody, was going to attend after a deal with the guards. Cyrus understood that he was to start talking to O'Neil to convince him to confess the names of people he'd sold the stolen WSB weapons to. Cyrus claimed to feel uneasy betraying his values as "a man of the cloth," but Dante flatly reminded Cyrus that he wasn't ordained. Anna said that Cyrus would be saving a lot of innocent people. He hoped that the "Lord and the police commissioner remember my sacrifice," and he left.

A short while later, Anna, Dante, and the officer were listening in to Cyrus' sermon until Jagger burst into the room with two agents. He accused Anna of keeping him out of the loop and demanded that the operation be shut down. She reminded him that it was her jurisdiction, but he countered that he answered to a higher authority. She thought the operation was the best way to get the information they needed, and if he forced it to shut down, she would go to his supervisor and say that Jagger wasn't fit to head the investigation.

After the sermon, Cyrus sat down with O'Neil in the Pentonville library. Cyrus talked about his own incarceration and how he was paying his chance at redemption forward by "helping other lost souls." He could tell something was troubling O'Neil, and Cyrus urged O'Neil to share. O'Neil admitted that he was worried for his safety, as there were a lot of people there who were out to get him. Cyrus suggested that O'Neil move forward in life by telling the truth and telling Cyrus "everything."

Sam opens up to Elizabeth and asks for advice

Sam opens up to Elizabeth and asks for advice

Friday, February 23, 2024

At the hospital, Elizabeth warmly greeted Sam, who thanked Elizabeth for having arranged a volunteer position at the hospital for Danny. Sam expressed her dismay over Danny having sneaked out to get drunk on Valentine's Day. "If it makes you feel any better, we tend to grow out of it," Elizabeth noted. "We?" Sam asked. "Former wild child at your service," Elizabeth said with a chuckle as she raised her hand.

Elizabeth surmised that Sam was worried there was something deeper at issue with Danny, and she asked if Danny had been acting out in other ways. Sam said she wasn't sure. When Danny stepped off the elevator, Elizabeth praised him for his help volunteering. Danny grew impatient, and he asked if he and Sam could leave. Sam ordered Danny to find his coat before she would agree to leave.

After Danny stepped away, Sam opened up to Elizabeth about Danny. When Elizabeth noted that Jason had been a man of few words, Sam said that Danny reminded Sam more of Jason each day. Sam mentioned that Elizabeth had three boys, and she asked for advice.

Elizabeth shared that she had a different approach with each of her children and that parenting Cameron had been different from parenting Jake or Aiden. Elizabeth encouraged Sam to use a shared experience to help Danny open up. Sam thanked Elizabeth for her help and advice. When Danny returned, he said that he would be at the hospital the following day to continue volunteering. Danny agreed to accompany Sam when she asked if he wanted to go somewhere with her.

Later, Sam and Danny stood side by side on the footbridge. Sam told Danny that the bridge was where Jason had always gone to contemplate. Danny shared that he had been missing Jason more than usual. Sam vowed that there was no burden she wouldn't carry for Danny, and she insisted that he could open up to her about Jason whenever he wanted. Danny nodded that he understood, and he and Sam left together.

At the Port Charles Grill, Tracy joined Gregory, Chase, and Finn for dinner. The men all talked about Violet. Eventually, Gregory shared that Alexis had agreed to be his date to Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding. Chase and Finn said that it was great news. Finn asked who Tracy intended to take to the wedding. Tracy left to use the restroom.

When Tracy returned, Finn and Chase had stepped away. Gregory noted that Tracy had avoided Finn's question. Gregory surmised that Tracy had stopped by the Invader earlier that day to ask him something. Tracy claimed that anything she'd gone to ask had slipped her mind. When Chase and Finn returned, Chase offered to drive Tracy home. Tracy agreed, and she said softly that the evening had been fun. Gregory agreed, and he and Tracy locked eyes.

At the hospital, Molly, T.J., and Kristina were thrilled to learn that Kristina had made it past the first trimester of pregnancy without complications. Molly and T.J. overruled Kristina on whether to learn the sex of the baby. Later, Molly and T.J. observed that Kristina was noticeably quiet when she left the hospital.

Later, at Kristina's apartment, Kristina mentioned the awkward encounter with Molly and T.J. to Blaze. "In that moment, I felt like the baby was mine," Kristina said before quickly adding that she knew the baby was Molly and T.J.'s. Blaze said that everything Kristina felt was normal and healthy, and they hugged. Kristina thanked Blaze for allowing her to express her feelings without judgment.

Blaze praised Kristina for being a surrogate. Kristina said that Blaze always knew what to say. "For some reason, it always comes easy with you," Blaze quipped before staring into Kristina's eyes. "I see you, Kristina... and what I see takes my breath away," Blaze added before she and Kristina kissed.

Blaze asked Kristina to stay with her for the night. As they continued to kiss, Kristina and Blaze began to slowly undress one another. Kristina and Blaze fell onto the bed together, and they made love for the first time.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth appeared long enough to bid Molly and T.J. goodnight. T.J. and Molly gushed with excitement over having a baby.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Anna, Dante, and Jagger listened in on Cyrus' conversation with O'Neil at Pentonville. Cyrus asked O'Neil to share the name of O'Neil's boss. Just then, Anna, Dante, and Jagger overheard Cyrus and O'Neil being interrupted. Anna groaned when she heard the familiar voice of the inmate that had interrupted Cyrus and O'Neil.

At the same time, Heather approached Cyrus and O'Neil. Heather screamed that Cyrus was responsible for Esme's death, and she rushed toward him. Afterwards, the audio from the wire that Cyrus had been wearing cut out. Anna, Dante, and Jagger rushed out of the police station to head to Pentonville.

When Anna, Jagger, and Dante arrived at the prison, Heather was being restrained by guards. Anna ordered the guards to escort Heather and O'Neil out. Once the room was cleared, Dante asked Cyrus what had happened. Cyrus said that he and O'Neil had continued their conversation after Heather had rushed toward him.

Jagger pressed Cyrus to admit whether O'Neil had confided anything useful. Cyrus admitted that, while O'Neil had been terrified to give up anyone's name directly, O'Neil had still said something provocative. "He said that this man is untouchable because he's a ghost -- literally," Cyrus said. Anna asked Cyrus to explain. "According to O'Neil, the person you're so desperate to find does not exist because... he's dead," Cyrus told a confused Dante, Anna, and Jagger.

At Sonny's penthouse, an angry Sonny threw barware at the wall as Ava stood nearby. Ava asked if Sonny had learned anything from his meeting with Selina and Li. "He claims the guy coming after me calls himself Stone," Sonny said of Li. Ava expressed outrage that someone would try to weaponize Stone's memory against Sonny. Sonny was surprised by Ava's reaction, and he quipped that he hadn't known Ava cared so much.

Ava recalled that Esme and Ryan had used Kiki's death to torment her. Sonny said that he was glad Ryan was dead. Ava agreed, but she said that she still didn't have closure. Ava added that, in the wake of Spencer's death, she had been thinking a lot about Kiki's death and how Esme and Ryan had terrorized Ava.

Sonny and Ava began to grow closer when Sonny said that Stone represented all the people Sonny hadn't been able to save. Sonny mentioned his mother, Lily, Courtney, and Morgan. "I couldn't do anything for any of them," Sonny rued. Ava said that it was impossible to be responsible for everyone.

Sonny vowed that he and Selina would find the leak in his organization and use it to go after the person calling themself Stone. Sonny added that Carly, Michael, and Nina had all betrayed him. Ava made excuses for Carly and Michael when she said that they'd been trying to "help" Sonny.

Sonny scoffed and said that he couldn't trust anyone. "Well, what you can't do is go through life alone. So, if you really think that you don't have anybody else, then... you have me," Ava offered. "You? Who would've guessed?" Sonny said as he and Ava chuckled.

As Sonny stared at his wedding ring, Ava said that he was the definition of "brooding." Sonny said that everything eventually changed, and he added that the only person one could really trust was oneself. "Not Avery. She has us. Always," Ava said. Sonny agreed with Ava, who bade him goodnight as she headed to bed.

After Ava left the room, Sonny continued to stare at his wedding ring before he slipped it off his finger and placed it alone atop the fireplace.

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