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Nina's appeal to Sonny fell on deaf ears. Ava helped Sonny set a trap for his enemy. Spinelli and Maxie admitted they had fallen back in love with each other, but Spinelli's confession put everything in jeopardy. Josslyn tracked down Dex. Blaze's mother arrived early for a visit. Tracy offered to let Brook Lynn wear Lila's wedding dress. John and Scott ran into each other.
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Nina's appeal to Sonny fell on deaf ears. Spinelli and Maxie's kiss was followed by uncertainty. Josslyn tracked down Dex. Blaze's mother arrived early for a visit.
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Blaze's mom shows up early and finds Kristina in Blaze's bed

Blaze's mom shows up early and finds Kristina in Blaze's bed

Monday, February 26, 2024

At Blaze's room at the Metro Court, Blaze watched Kristina sleep as the couple lay in bed together. Kristina and Blaze said that they were lucky to have one another, and they kissed. Blaze offered to prepare breakfast in bed for Kristina, and she stepped away. As Kristina waited, a woman entered with her luggage. "Alison! Mami's here!" the woman said before she caught sight of Kristina in Blaze's bed.

When Blaze returned from the shower, her mother asked what Kristina had been doing in Blaze's bed. Kristina stammered that she and Blaze had had a girls' night and that Blaze had allowed her to stay over. As Blaze and her mother hugged, Kristina thought of an excuse to leave. Kristina told Blaze's mother to enjoy her stay in Port Charles. Blaze's mother said that she went by Natalia.

Natalia and Blaze soon argued over a dessert dish that Natalia had brought from Puerto Rico. Blaze said that she had lied to Natalia earlier and that it hadn't been the first time she had kept something from Natalia. Natalia asked what Blaze had lied about. As Kristina prepared to leave, Blaze called for her to stay.

Kristina agreed, and she stood next to Blaze. "You don't know me as well as you think, Mami, and it's partially my fault... When Kristina said that I let her crash here, it wasn't the truth. She was covering for me," Blaze said. Natalia was confused and asked what Blaze had meant. "I lied to you, Mami. Kristina and I are more than just friends," Blaze told Natalia.

At Maxie's house, Maxie was cagey as she tried to avoid eye contact and conversation with Spinelli. They flashed back to their kiss the previous night at Charlie's Pub, then they heard a knock at the door. When Spinelli opened the door, Sonny appeared. Maxie used Sonny's arrival as an excuse to rush out of the house. Afterwards, Sonny said that he had an unspecified job for Spinelli.

Eventually, Spinelli agreed to help Sonny with the undisclosed matter. Sonny learned that Spinelli had lied about having a water leak at home in an effort to move in with Maxie. Sonny encouraged Spinelli to share his true feelings for Maxie. On his way out, Sonny said that he would be in touch with Spinelli. Later, Maxie returned. She mentioned her and Spinelli's kiss. "So, what happens next?" Spinelli nervously asked.

At Bobbie's Diner, John told Carly that he was an FBI agent. Carly realized that John was Stone's brother, and she deduced that John had only gone to the diner to try to glean information about Sonny. John noted that he wasn't building a case against Sonny, but he said that Sonny would be behind bars if John had his way. Carly told John to call Diane if he wanted to continue their conversation.

John continued to insist that he wasn't in Port Charles to investigate Sonny. When Carly asked why John had gone to Port Charles, he said that he was only in town to help Sonny. John mentioned the recent attempts on Sonny's life, and he soon deduced that Sonny hadn't told Carly about the string of murders that had been orchestrated against organized crime figures across the country.

Carly asked John how much danger her family was in. When John mentioned the names of the crime families involved, Carly surmised that Olivia Jerome had been one of the targets. John refused to confirm or deny Carly's suspicion. John vowed to find out who had been responsible for the string of murders. Carly quipped that John prided himself on his integrity, and she reminded him that he was drinking Corinthos Coffee. John appeared to contemplate what Carly had said.

At Volonino's Gym, Curtis found Drew unloading on a punching bag. Drew vented about his relationship issues with Carly. Curtis blamed Nina for Drew having gone to Pentonville for committing insider trading. Drew blamed Nina for the beating he had received in prison. When the conversation shifted to Curtis' life, Curtis shared that he and Portia had reconnected. Drew said that he was happy for Curtis. Curtis encouraged Drew to work past his anger. Soon afterwards, Drew left.

Back at Bobbie's Diner a short while later, Carly found a note that John had left. "Sorry for upsetting you," the note read. Carly flashed back to having resigned from Crimson following her fight with Drew. Carly said under her breath that John wasn't the only reason she was upset. Carly huffed that she was "sick of not being considered." Just then, Drew entered.

At the Jerome Gallery, Nina told Ava about having been served with divorce papers. Nina asked Ava for help in drawing Sonny to the gallery so that Nina and Sonny could have a conversation. Ava said that she didn't think it was a good idea. A messenger appeared, and he presented Ava with a registered delivery.

Ava leafed through the contents an envelope, and she revealed that she had received escrow papers from the estate sale of Wyndemere. Ava and Nina wondered who had bought Wyndemere and Spoon Island. Ava said she hoped the new developers would tear down Wyndemere because, she claimed, no one needed the home. Nina asked where Ava and Avery planned to live full-time.

Ava said that it would depend on Sonny's plans and his "next move." The conversation turned back to Nina's marriage to Sonny. Nina pleaded for Ava to help arrange for a conversation with Sonny. "If he wants to end our marriage, the least he can do is have the decency to say it to my face," Nina said. Unbeknownst to Nina, Sonny had entered. "Here I am," Sonny said.

Nina asked Sonny for a word in private. Sonny ignored Nina, and he asked if Ava was ready to leave. When Ava stepped away to grab her belongings, Nina continued pleading with Sonny for a chance to talk. "Not now, Nina," Sonny said sharply. Nina grew frustrated. "Then when, Sonny? After I've given you a divorce? We made vows. You swore that you would love me until death, and now, you can't even spare me an hour?" Nina told Sonny.

When Ava returned, Sonny told her to go ahead without him. Ava wished Nina good luck. After Ava left, Sonny looked at Nina. "The floor is yours. What do you got to say?" Sonny asked.

Nina tries to convince Sonny to give them a second chance

Nina tries to convince Sonny to give them a second chance

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

In Blaze's suite, Kristina stood silently as Blaze told Natalia that Kristina was more than a friend. "She's my girlfriend," Blaze clarified. When Natalia remained silent, Blaze asked if her mother had heard her. Natalia immediately tried to change the subject by complaining about Blaze's messy suite and chastising Blaze for letting success go to her head by expecting others to clean up after her. Natalia began to tidy up, but Blaze told her mother that she didn't need Natalia to clean up after her; she needed her mother to hear her.

Natalia accused Kristina of filling Blaze's head with fantasies and "ridiculous ideas." She also reminded Blaze that she'd always been there for Blaze. Blaze pointed out that she wasn't a child and that she'd been working in a tough industry for years. Blaze assured her mother that she was grateful for Natalia supporting her music career, but she was determined that Natalia see who Blaze really was. Kristina decided to give Blaze and Natalia some privacy, but Blaze asked Kristina to stay.

Blaze made it clear that Kristina was important to her, and their relationship was her top priority. Natalia reminded Blaze that she had financially invested in Blaze's career, and she admitted that she had concerns about both Blaze and Brook Lynn's focus. Blaze turned defensive, but Natalia pointed out that Blaze hadn't produced the song that she had promised to write. Natalia suggested that Kristina had been a distraction, but Blaze insisted that Kristina was an inspiration. Natalia was skeptical because Blaze hadn't written the song.

Blaze cried out with frustration because Natalia refused to hear her, so Natalia decided that it was her cue to leave because she wasn't comfortable talking in front of Kristina. Natalia grabbed her bag and walked to the door. Blaze begged her mother not to shut her out, but Natalia left. Afterwards, Kristina comforted Blaze, but Blaze admitted that she hadn't been surprised by her mother's reaction because it had happened before. Kristina conceded that Natalia's denial had seemed "practiced." Blaze pointed out that even finding a woman in her bed hadn't opened her mother's eyes, which Blaze found odd because Natalia had no issues with any of Natalia's gay friends and co-workers.

Kristina suggested that Natalia might be more worried about Blaze because Blaze was her daughter. Blaze wished that she and her mother could talk openly, but it was difficult because Natalia put up walls. Blaze explained that her family meant everything to her, and she had tried to make her mother proud. Kristina empathized, especially since there were actual problems in the world. "I guess for my mom, I'm one of them," Blaze said.

Kristina was certain that Blaze and Natalia would get to a better place in time, but Blaze had her doubts. Blaze offered Kristina an opportunity to walk away, since Kristina had already dealt with coming out, so Kristina asked if Blaze had any regrets about referring to Kristina as her girlfriend. Blaze assured Kristina that she would never regret that because she had felt free for the first time in a long time, so Kristina warned Blaze that Natalia might never change. Blaze agreed, but she wanted Natalia to understand how important her relationship with Kristina was. Kristina reminded Blaze that there were no guarantees -- even for them -- but she encouraged Blaze to keep trying with Natalia.

Kristina shifted gears because she had to get to a meeting for the foundation. Blaze smiled and admitted that she felt happy because she was with Kristina. After they shared a kiss and Kristina left, Blaze's smile vanished.

At Maxie's house, Maxie acknowledged the kiss that she and Spinelli had shared, but she suggested that they pretend it had never happened. Spinelli worried that she hadn't liked the kiss, but she assured him that she definitely had. Relieved, Spinelli admitted that it would be impossible for him to go back to how things were. "I think I'm falling back in love with you Maxie," Spinelli confessed. He quickly clarified that it was more than that; he was in love with her.

Spinelli admitted that he'd always been in love with Maxie, but she told him not to rewrite history. Spinelli conceded that there had been a time when he had "sublimated" his feelings for her, but everything had changed at Christmas. He said his love for her had returned stronger than ever. Spinelli asked if Maxie felt the same. She admitted that she had feelings for him, too, but she wondered if love was enough, because it hadn't kept them together in the past. Spinelli assured her that they were meant to be together, so she conceded that fate had brought them together when Spinelli's pipes had burst and he had moved in.

Spinelli's smile faded as he was forced to tell Maxie that fate had had nothing to do with it. He admitted that he had lied in order to help her with her bills without arousing suspicion. Maxie was furious when she realized that Felicia had told Spinelli about her money woes, and she resented Spinelli for thinking that she couldn't take care of herself and her children. "True love had nothing to do with this," Maxie angrily said. Spinelli rushed to assure Maxie that he had acted out of love, but Maxie reminded him that she had heard the same excuses from Peter August and Austin Gatlin-Holt.

Spinelli argued that he was not like Peter and Austin, but Maxie disagreed because he had lied to her and moved in under false pretenses. She was disappointed that Spinelli -- of all people -- didn't understand that there were no degrees of trust, and she explained that she had to fully trust the person that she gave her heart to. Spinelli assured Maxie that he had only intended to help. He apologized, but he reminded her that everything had worked out in the end because they had experienced the "old familiar feelings." Maxie pointed out that she was no longer the wild and crazy Maxie that he had always bailed out in the past.

Maxie reminded Spinelli that she'd grown up, and she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself and her children. Spinelli agreed, and he assured her that she was still as exciting and unpredictable as ever, but living with her had afforded him the opportunity to see the new and improved "Maximista." Maxie wasn't interested in his flattery, but Spinelli promised that he didn't see her as a helpless person. He explained that he had just wanted to make her life a little bit better.

Spinelli asked Maxie to give them a chance, but Maxie ordered him to pack his things and leave. Spinelli was taken aback, but Maxie stood firm in her decision. Spinelli assured Maxie that his intentions had been pure, but he had wanted to help without her feeling indebted to him. "Well, I'm feeling furious and played, but not indebted, so job well done," Maxie said. She decided to send his things to him, and she walked him to the door with an assurance that he could see Georgie whenever he liked.

After Spinelli left, Maxie appeared to have a change of heart. However, when she opened the door and called out to Spinelli, he was gone.

At Bobbie's, Carly asked Drew about his day. He told her that he'd spent time with a heavy bag. Carly admitted that her day hadn't been great, either. Drew confessed that he had hated how things had been left between them, but he was at a loss as to how to fix it. He wondered if they could find a way forward. "Or is this the end for us?" he asked.

Carly acknowledged that she'd said things to him that she hadn't meant, but she pointed out that Drew hadn't been the same since he had returned from Pentonville. Drew warned Carly that the man he'd been was gone for good, and he didn't have a good grasp on the man he was. Carly insisted that the Drew Cain that she'd fallen for was a good, kind, funny, and sweet man. "Sounds interesting," Drew replied. Carly shifted gears by reminding Drew that a lot of people cared about him, including Scout and Willow. She praised Drew for being a hero and a good man, but she implored him to put Pentonville behind him.

Drew assured Carly that he would love to, but he couldn't let go of what Nina had done to him. Carly admitted that she hated Nina, too, but she worried that their relationship would not work if he couldn't let go of his anger toward Nina. Drew pointed out that Carly had taken the job at Crimson to get back at Nina, but Carly explained that she had done it for Drew. She conceded that she had enjoyed getting one over on Nina, but she had no desire to continue going after Nina. Carly reminded him that Bobbie's had been named in honor of a woman who had given as good as she had gotten, but her mother had known not to chase revenge or to give in to her worst impulses. Instead, Bobbie had risen above them, and Carly was trying her best to do the same.

Carly gently placed her hand over Drew's heart and told him that she was certain the Drew Cain she knew was still in there, and she urged him to see it -- otherwise, Nina would win. She reminded him that he was free, and the "animals" who had attacked him were locked up behind bars. Drew knew that Carly was right, but he admitted that he sometimes felt like he was still back in Pentonville. He confessed that he would do anything to rid himself of the rage that he felt for Nina, but it was hard when Nina continued to land on her feet like she had by being hired as the publisher for the Invader. Carly assured Drew that it wasn't easy for her to move on, either, because just hearing Nina's name made the hair rise on the back of her neck, but she was done letting Nina ruin her life.

Cary shared that losing Bobbie had made her see how short life was, so she refused to spend any more time settling scores. Drew promised that he would never take a second of their time together for granted, so Carly assured him that he was not alone in despising Nina because she would never forgive Nina for what Nina had done to Carly's family. Carly admitted that she would never believe a word out of Nina's mouth. "If she walked in and said, 'Good morning,' I'd be looking for the meteor to hit," Carly said. Drew was relieved because he thought he'd been alone in seeing how dangerous Nina was. Carly reminded Drew that Nina was her own worst enemy.

Carly insisted that the only thing that mattered was her and Drew. Drew smiled because he liked the sound of that. He flirtatiously asked if she had any ideas how they could make up, so Carly told him that she did. After she locked up, Carly and Drew returned to her place and made love.

At the Jerome Gallery, Sonny advised Nina not to waste their time, and he invited her to speak her mind. Nina was hurt by his tone, but Sonny told her to stop stalling and get to the point. "I miss you -- and I'm done missing you," Nina said. She confessed that she had tried to enlist Ava's help to arrange a meeting with him because she'd been horrified when she had heard about the shooting in Puerto Rico. Sonny seemed unconcerned because he pointed out that -- if she had heard about the shooting -- she knew that everyone had been fine. Nina asked where Dex had been, but Sonny told her that it didn't concern her.

Nina disagreed because her feelings for Sonny hadn't changed just because he had served her with divorce papers. Nina's eyes landed on his hand, and she noticed that he had removed his wedding ring. Upset, Nina asked him about it, but he wondered why she was surprised, since it had been a symbol of fidelity and trust, which was gone between them. Hurt, Nina argued that it was gone when they could say it with the same conviction and passion that they had felt when they had put their wedding rings on each other. Unmoved, Sonny told her to sign the divorce papers.

Nina insisted that she still loved Sonny, and she was certain that he loved her, too. She was confident that Sonny understood the real reason that she had reported Carly and Drew to the SEC, because she and Sonny lived by the rule "do unto others before they could do unto you." Sonny argued that in his case, it was business, but in Nina's case, it had been out of jealousy. He reminded her that her actions had nearly put Donna's mother in prison and that Wiley loved Carly as much as he did Nina. Sonny accused Nina of not wanting Carly to be happy, no matter who went to prison. "As long as Carly was miserable, it's a win-win situation for you," Sonny said.

Nina understood that Sonny blamed her for separating Drew from Carly, but she wondered if Sonny had ever blamed Carly for separating Nelle and Willow from Nina. Nina admitted that it seemed like she was the only one outraged by that, but Sonny argued that Nina could have a million excuses, but in the end, she had been reckless and petty. "And that's unforgiveable," Sonny said. Nina reminded him that she had never claimed to be a saint, and she acknowledged that she could have made an effort to tell Carly that Sonny had been in Nixon Falls, even though Carly hadn't wanted to hear from her.

Sonny accused Nina of not telling Carly because she had hated Carly. Nina didn't deny it, but she assured him that she'd fallen in love with him. She admitted that it had been unexpected, but not motivated by envy. Sonny seemed unconvinced, so Nina explained that the love they had found in Nixon Falls had been stronger than jealousy and hate. She was certain that he had never felt that kind of love before, even with Carly. "I've never had that kind of love," Nina admitted.

Sonny conceded that he hadn't stopped loving Nina, which was why it had felt like a stab in the back when she had lied to him after he had forgiven her for Nixon Falls. Nina admitted that she shouldn't have kept him from his family, but if not for that horrible decision, she and Sonny would not have found love and built a life together. She suggested that it could happen again because she knew that it had been wrong of her to report Carly and Drew and to lie to Sonny. However, she believed that she could make those things right as long as she and Sonny were together. Nina assured him that she would do anything for a second chance.

Sonny admitted that he almost believed Nina. She asked him not to let the magic of their love in Nixon Falls become a distant memory, and she suggested that they renew their vows and put Sonny's ring back on his finger. "We can be Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Corinthos," Nina said. "Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Corinthos," Sonny repeated. Nina's expression filled with hope as she asked if he had forgiven her. Sonny admitted that he could forgive her, but he could never forget.

Sonny explained that it had been hard for him to accept that Nina had kept the truth from his family about Nixon Falls, but he had told himself that she hadn't done it to get back at Carly. Nina assured him that it was true because she had fallen in love with him. "But this is different," Sonny said. He accused Nina of deliberately setting out to punish Carly, and Drew had simply been collateral damage. Sonny insisted that Nina had lashed out without caring about the consequences. "Well, now you're going to have to deal with the consequences, Nina," Sonny said.

Sonny picked up his jacket and walked out. Nina ran behind him and tearfully told him that it wasn't the end of their story, but Sonny didn't stop. After the door closed, Nina admitted that Sonny might be willing to walk out on their marriage, but she never would.

John and Scott reminisce about Karen

John and Scott reminisce about Karen

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

At Finn's apartment, Finn agreed to be the best man at Chase's wedding. A short while later, Chase expressed disbelief when he received a text stating that the Quartermaines' lawyers wanted him to sign a prenup. Chase said that Brook Lynn was "planning a way out." Finn and Gregory encouraged Chase to visit Brook Lynn to sort things out. Chase and Gregory soon left for the Quartermaine mansion.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Maxie promised to find the perfect wedding dress for Brook Lynn. Lois was sentimental as she rambled about Brook Lynn's childhood. When Tracy appeared, the conversation shifted to how Lois had worn Lila's wedding dress at Lois' wedding to Ned many years earlier.

Lois flashed back to Lila giving Lois permission to wear the dress. "Inside that box is the dress that I wore when I married Edward. I'd hoped that Tracy would wear it, but it wasn't, um... outré enough for her. So, it became my desire to pass it on to my granddaughter. And that's you, my darling," Lila had told Lois.

After the flashback ended, Lois asked Tracy where Lila's dress was. Tracy stuttered that the dress was likely in storage, and she encouraged everyone to focus on Brook Lynn's dress. Moments later, Brook Lynn returned in a white dress that covered everything except her face. Brook Lynn liked the dress. Maxie pressured Brook Lynn to choose the perfect dress. Brook Lynn soon grew irate, and she stormed out.

When Brook Lynn returned, she told everyone that she was tired from stressing over the dress and other wedding details. Tracy received a text, and she said that there had been an "error." Tracy shared that the Quartermaines' lawyers had mistakenly sent a prenup to Chase. Brook Lynn and Lois yelled at Tracy. Lois yelled that Tracy's "only job (was) to smile and sign the checks."

Tracy said that safeguarding Brook Lynn's future was her business, but she admitted that the text from the lawyers had been sent prematurely. Brook Lynn said that she needed to find Chase. Just then, Chase and Gregory appeared.

At the cemetery, Scott placed flowers on Karen Wexler's grave. John appeared with flowers, and he asked if he could join Scott. John shared that he worked for the FBI. Scott said that John should have reached out, and he added that he'd been disappointed when he'd learned that John and Karen had broken up years earlier. John grew sentimental, and he said that he often wondered what would have happened if he and Karen had met at a different time in their lives.

Scott said that people grew up and then grew apart. John grew emotional when he recalled the love he'd shared with Karen. Scott asked if John had seen "Corinthos." When John replied that he had visited Sonny, Scott grew spirited. "Well, tell me that's why you're here -- to take that criminal down," Scott said sharply.

Scott lamented Sonny's rise to power since John had left Port Charles many years earlier. John said it had always bothered him that Sonny had been able to persuade Karen. "He made her believe that she needed him. Like without him, she'd cease to exist. And he... putting her to work as a stripper, convincing her that it was something that she chose? Sonny figured out where Karen was vulnerable, and he exploited her," John said as his voice and face filled with emotion.

Scott agreed that Sonny had exploited Karen. "So, you know what? Make him pay! Take him out!" an angry Scott yelled. John said that no one wanted to bring down Sonny more than John did, and he noted the irony of being in Port Charles to save Sonny's life. Scott worried that John would forgive Sonny for what Sonny had done to Karen.

John vowed that he would never forgive Sonny, but he noted that he had a duty to uphold. "Ah! Come on. Just look the other way. Let nature run its course. Sonny is gonna go bye-bye. It's inevitable. So, why not let this be the time now?" Scott said. "Because I am not that kind of agent -- or man," John replied.

Scott continued to argue that Sonny deserved whatever cruel fate awaited him. John said that he would do his job, and he told Scott not to lose hope that Sonny would pay for Sonny's crimes. "I learned a thing or two since I left Port Charles... for people like Sonny, it only ends one way," John told Scott.

In Rockland, New York, Josslyn showed a middle-aged man a photo of Dex. The man said that he hadn't seen Dex, and he walked away. Unbeknownst to Josslyn, Dex hid out of sight nearby, and he waited until the man had walked away. Afterwards, Dex called out to Josslyn. Josslyn ran to Dex, and they hugged and kissed.

Dex escorted Josslyn to a one-room home. Dex said that Josslyn should have stayed away. After the couple admitted that they had missed one another, Josslyn asked Dex for sex. He agreed. They undressed one another and had sex. Afterwards, Josslyn exclaimed that she had "finally" found Dex. She said that Sonny would "have to accept" that no one could keep her and Dex apart. Dex surprised Josslyn when he said that he wouldn't return to Port Charles. "This is the last time we can be together. This is goodbye... for good," he said.

At the playground in Rice Plaza, Sonny unexpectedly encountered Carly with Donna. When Donna left to play nearby, Carly asked why Sonny had truly stopped by. Sonny reminded Carly that she and Michael had paid Dex to "spy" on Sonny, and he said that he felt betrayed. Sonny expressed disappointment in Carly, who huffed that he would believe whatever he wanted.

Carly noted that Olivia Jerome was dead and that she didn't want to think of who might be next. Carly shared that she knew the attempts on Sonny's life had been part of a series of murders targeted against organized crime figures. When Carly admitted that John had become a regular at Bobbie's Diner, Sonny asked if John had told Carly that the two men had a personal history with one another.

Carly shared that John had told her that he believed Sonny belonged in prison. Sonny referred to John as a "punk with a badge with an axe to grind." Carly agreed to let Sonny know when John stopped by Bobbie's again. Sonny told Carly to tell Donna that he loved her, and he left.

At Volonino's Gym, Michael told Dante that he needed a favor. Dante said that he wanted no part of intervening on Michael's behalf for Sonny. Michael claimed that he hadn't gone through with his desire to send Sonny to prison, and he weakly argued that Sonny was "vulnerable" and needed protection. Dante said that Sonny could count on him. Michael said that Dante couldn't fully protect Sonny, given that Dante was a member of the PCPD. Dante told Michael to trust him.

When Michael learned about Olivia Jerome's death, he said he had failed to see how her death had been connected to the attempts on Sonny's life. Dante vowed to catch the person responsible. Michael scoffed, and he doubted that the PCPD would be urgent to catch a "known gangster" like Sonny. Michael claimed that he was worried that Sonny's anger would case Sonny to lash out at the wrong person. Just then, Michael and Dante turned and saw that Sonny had entered the gym.

John takes a swing at Sonny

John takes a swing at Sonny

Thursday, February 29, 2024

At Volonino's Gym, Sonny reiterated his anger at Michael for having hired Dex to help send Sonny to prison. Dante tried to deescalate things, but Sonny insisted that he could no longer trust Michael. When Dante said that Michael wanted to know that Sonny was okay, Sonny snapped. "Judas does not have the right to know anything about me or my life!" Sonny said before asking whose side Dante was on.

Sonny disagreed when Dante said that Sonny would eventually have to be civil toward Michael. Michael prepared to leave, and he told Sonny to take care. "You do not get to say that to me!" Sonny said pointedly. Michael said that he didn't want Sonny to do something that Sonny might regret. Just as Michael turned to leave, John entered. John and Sonny locked eyes.

Sonny confronted John for having gone to Bobbie's Diner to glean information from Carly earlier. John said matter-of-factly that he would continue talking to people in Sonny's life if it meant protecting Sonny from the person gunning for Sonny. "I will talk to whomever I want, whenever I want. And until you get jurisdiction over the FBI or simply die of shame, there is nothing you can do to stop me," John said.

Sonny taunted John by referring to Karen as "Carrie," and he noted that it was her birthday. Sonny inched closer to John, and he accused John of leaving town when Stone had needed his brother the most. "You didn't take care of him! You didn't take care of your brother! And you hate the air I breathe! And it didn't matter to you that I sat by him, holding his hand, listening to his fears, while you took off with Karen, living your best life. Then you cheated on her! She divorced you! You're not only a bad husband... you're a bad brother!" an animated Sonny yelled loudly.

John took a swing at Sonny, who stepped back to avoid the punch. Dante and Michael stepped between Sonny and John to separate them. Afterwards, Sonny told Dante that he had been trying to bait John into hitting Sonny in an effort to have John removed from the FBI's case. Sonny disagreed when Dante said that John and the FBI only wanted to help Sonny.

Sonny said that he didn't trust John and that Dante shouldn't, either. As Sonny and Dante sparred in the boxing ring with one another, Dante said that he wasn't going to apologize for preventing Sonny from fighting John. "You know what? What's gonna happen is gonna happen. Sooner or later, you're gonna know the truth about Jagger Cates," Sonny told Dante.

In Rockland, New York, Dex insisted that he had no choice but to stay away from Port Charles. Josslyn claimed that Carly and Michael wouldn't allow Sonny to have Dex eliminated. Dex argued that Sonny looking weak to his enemies would put Josslyn and her family at risk. Dex that he was choosing to stay away from Port Charles because he loved and cared for Josslyn.

Dex told Josslyn that she would finish school, "become an amazing doctor, and save lives!" Dex said that Josslyn had to let him go. Moments later, Josslyn received a call from Michael at Volonino's Gym. Michael asked Josslyn to find Dex and to bring Dex back to Port Charles. When the call ended, Josslyn told Dex that she believed Sonny was in danger and that Sonny "needed" Dex.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase confronted Brook Lynn over the prenup. Brook Lynn said that Tracy was trying to protect Brook Lynn's interests. Chase admitted that a part of him knew there was a chance he and Brook Lynn might not be together forever, and he recalled that his brief marriage to Willow in 2021 had ended badly.

Brook Lynn said that there was no comparison between the two. She added that she had never loved anyone the way she loved Chase. Chase insisted that he felt the same way, and he said that he couldn't wait to marry Brook Lynn. Chase and Brook Lynn declared their love before he signed the prenup.

Brook Lynn playfully scolded Chase for signing the agreement without having read it first. The conversation turned to wedding gowns. Brook Lynn admitted that she wished Tracy would allow her to wear Lila's dress. Brook Lynn added that she believed Tracy still missed Lila, and she debated whether to ask Tracy for the dress.

Also at the Quartermaine mansion, Lois berated Tracy for having the family's lawyers present a prenup to "poor Chase." Lois yelled for Tracy to stop interfering in Brook Lynn's life. Lois said that Lila had done everything in Lila's power to help Lois in her wedding to Ned many years earlier. Tracy said that marriage was a contract and that an "interloper" could do a lot of damage to the Quartermaines.

Gregory appeared, and he objected to Tracy's use of the word "interloper." Tracy apologized profusely for her choice of words. Tracy added that she had seen too much in her life to not be a realist, and she added that not all marriages lasted. Gregory surprised Tracy when he said that he agreed with her.

Nearby, Maxie shared with Lois that Brook Lynn wanted to wear Lila's dress. Lois and Maxie debated whether to ask Tracy about the dress. Soon afterwards, Lois found Tracy and Gregory together. Lois escorted Gregory into the living quarters. When Gregory said that he was taking Alexis as his date to the wedding, Lois surprised Tracy when she said that Tracy was still considering her options and "fighting them all off."

Moments later, Chase and Brook Lynn returned. Chase thanked Tracy, and he said that the prenup had been her way of trying to protect her family. Chase hugged Tracy, who said that she couldn't wait to welcome Chase to the Quartermaine family. Gregory asked Tracy to save a dance for him at the wedding. Chase and Gregory left.

Tracy admitted that she had been evasive when she and Brook Lynn had spoken of Lila earlier. Tracy's voice filled with emotion when she spoke of Lila. "I miss my mother every single day. And I regret -- I so regret not wearing that dress when she offered it to me. So, I have come to understand that that dress was never meant for me to wear. It was meant for me to share," Tracy said as she fought back tears.

Tracy retrieved the box that contained Lila's dress, and she presented the dress to Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn was overjoyed, and she and Tracy hugged. Brook Lynn and Tracy shed tears as they hugged.

At Finn's apartment, Elizabeth reassured Finn that Violet planning a wedding for herself was a normal thing for children at Violet's age. Elizabeth held Finn's hands, and she reassured him that he would be a good best man at Chase's wedding. She asked about her and Finn's future together.

Finn asked if marriage had been on Elizabeth's mind. Elizabeth said that she liked her relationship with Finn "just the way it is." "Why rush it?" she said. He said he felt the same way. Chase and Gregory entered. Chase apologized for pressuring Finn to be his best man earlier. Finn said he would be honored to be Chase's best man. Finn and Chase shared a warm embrace. Elizabeth smiled and sat quietly nearby.

Sonny sets a dangerous plan into motion

Sonny sets a dangerous plan into motion

Friday, March 1, 2024

At Maxie's house, Maxie told Felicia that she'd ordered Spinelli to move out. Felicia admitted that it had been her idea for Spinelli to move in and to help with Maxie's financial woes. Maxie said that Felicia should have respected her boundaries. Felicia said that she hadn't been able to watch Maxie struggle without helping Maxie. Maxie forgave Felicia, who wondered why Maxie wasn't as quick to forgive Spinelli.

Maxie admitted that she had fallen back in love with Spinelli, and she said that Spinelli had always been the person she had been able to count on the most. Maxie wondered if acting on her feelings for Spinelli would be a mistake. Felicia said that Maxie and Spinelli had always been in love with one another -- even when they had been with other people. Felicia encouraged Maxie to follow her heart. Later, after Felicia had left, Maxie left a voice message for Spinelli, asking him to call her.

In the kitchen at the Quartermaine mansion, Drew and Carly prepared to throw a birthday party for Scout. Carly told Drew to keep his focus on Scout instead of Nina. Scout entered with Sam, Danny, and Jake. Alexis appeared moments later with presents. Nearby, Sam whispered to Carly that Drew had seemed more "relaxed."

Michael and Willow entered, followed by Kristina and Blaze. Danny was overjoyed when Blaze said that she had remembered his name. Kristina introduced Blaze as her girlfriend. Sam spoke for everyone when she said warmly that it was good to see Blaze. Blaze smiled, and she said that it was nice to see everyone. Jake was starstruck when he saw Blaze, and he soon headed outside in search of Danny.

Outside on the patio, Jake found Danny alone. Jake noted that there was a smell in the air, and he soon spotted a vaping device. "You're vaping?" an alarmed Jake asked Danny. Danny and Jake began to argue, and the two started to scuffle when Jake refused to allow Danny to continue vaping. Willow appeared, and she asked what was going on. "We were just messing around," Jake said as he covered for Danny. Willow asked Jake and Danny to join the rest of the family for a family photo.

Back inside the kitchen, Michael and Carly expressed their worries about Sonny. Michael told Carly that he would help Sonny, regardless of whether Sonny liked it. Kristina appeared, and she asked why Sonny needed help. Michael assured Kristina that Sonny would be fine. After Kristina and Carly had left the kitchen, Michael told himself that he would make sure Sonny would be okay.

In a separate wing of the mansion. Drew admitted to Alexis that he had fired Nina from Crimson. Drew complained that Nina had turned him in to the SEC for committing insider trading. He claimed that Nina was "capable of anything." After Alexis left, Sam asked Drew for a favor. Sam noted that Danny had been having a difficult time recently, and she asked if Drew could talk to Danny. Drew agreed to spend time with Danny. Sam thanked Drew, and they hugged.

At the hospital, Dante met Chase, who shared that a patient had been admitted after being found on the docks. Chase added that the man had suffered a beating. Dante stared in at the patient, and he noted that the patient was Li, Selina's bodyguard. Chase learned that Li's attacker had been identified as another member of Selina's organization. Dante and Chase entered Li's room to question him. Li was standoffish, and he scoffed when Chase said that he and Dante could offer protection.

At Sonny's penthouse, Sonny and Ava heard a knock before Sonny opened the door to Spinelli. "All systems are go for tonight," Spinelli said. Ava asked what Spinelli had meant. "Tonight, I am bringing my enemy down to his knees," Sonny said.

Sonny explained that someone would be sent to eliminate him and Selina at a meeting that night. Sonny added that his and Selina's plan was to grab the shooter and force him to take Sonny and Selina to the shooter's boss. Ava expressed skepticism after Spinelli explained his role in helping Sonny and Selina.

Sonny objected when Ava said that she wanted to accompany Sonny to the meeting. When Ava grabbed her coat, Sonny told Spinelli to wait for him outside. Afterwards, Sonny told Ava that she wasn't part of his plans. "On the contrary. If this plan of yours is going to work, you need me," Ava posited.

Ava reasoned that Sonny would need a representative from a third crime family to make the meeting seem more legitimate, and she reminded him that she was a former member of the Jerome crime family. Ava added that Sonny's circle of trust had dwindled. "It's so small that I'm in the center of it. You don't have to do this alone. Don't do this alone. Let me help you," Ava whispered.

In Anna's office at the Port Charles Police Station, an animated John told Anna that he wanted Sonny out of his life. Anna scolded John for bursting in unannounced. John apologized, and he said that he'd had a bad day. Anna surprised John when she apologized, and she noted that there was no reason for the two of them to be at odds. John thanked Anna for talking him down.

Anna said that, despite their differences of opinion, she understood John's quarrel with Sonny. Anna said that Sonny was neither a saint nor a sadist, and she wondered if John had an issue with the man Sonny had once been instead of who Sonny had become. Anna added that Sonny had been a good friend to Robin and Stone, and she said that Sonny had done a lot of good things for the community. John noted that crime lords often used philanthropy to launder money and for other selfish reasons. Anna said that she wouldn't resist arresting Sonny if she had evidence of a crime.

A short while later, Dante and Chase entered. Dante said that Sonny and Selina were "making moves." "Sonny and Selina coerced her bodyguard, Li, to leak to his source that they were meeting up tonight," Dante said. "Presenting a prime opportunity for Li's boss to take Wu and Corinthos out," Chase added. John bemoaned that Sonny had decided to take action without involving the authorities. Anna, John, Dante, and Chase left in search of Sonny and Selina.

At an undisclosed warehouse, Selina and a bodyguard waited for Sonny to appear. Moments later, Sonny entered with Frank, followed by Ava. Selina was displeased by Ava's presence, and she voiced her objections. Sonny said that Ava's presence added legitimacy to their meeting.

Selina argued that Ava's presence "(destabilized) an already volatile situation." Sonny asked Selina to let the risk play out. "At the risk of all of our lives?" Selina asked. "We're all targets at this point. Here's what we're going to do. We're going to let our enemies come get us," Sonny said as he and Selina locked eyes.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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