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Danny enlisted Michael and Willow's help when he found Jason in the boathouse. Jason revealed what had happened to him when he'd disappeared. Dante survived surgery but remained in critical condition. Drew ended things with Carly. Blaze and Natalia continued to clash. Heather was diagnosed with cobalt poisoning. Diane offered to help Alexis get her law license reinstated.
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 Jason revealed what had happened to him when he'd disappeared. Drew ended things with Carly. Heather was diagnosed with cobalt poisoning.
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Anna and John search for Jason

Anna and John search for Jason

Monday, March 11, 2024

In a car on the road at night, Maxie and Spinelli quibbled when Maxie's car ran out of gas. Spinelli worried where Jason was. Maxie told Spinelli that whatever happened to Jason wouldn't be Spinelli's fault. Spinelli professed his love to Maxie, and they kissed. Maxie surprised Spinelli by asking when he could move out.

At the hospital, T.J. and Jordan caught up. T.J. referenced Dante's shooting to note that T.J. and Molly's child would always be related to Sonny -- and the violence in Sonny's world. T.J. said he wanted a better world for his child. Jordan tried to calm T.J.'s worries.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Sasha asked how Cody was handling Dante's shooting. Cody said he was worried. Sasha promised to be there for Cody, and she asked him to call her the next time he needed a friend. Cody thanked Sasha for checking on him. Sasha assured Cody that she cared about him and that he wasn't alone.

Also at the hospital, Danny told Elizabeth that he'd sneaked out of the Quartermaine mansion to check on Dante. Elizabeth convinced Danny to accompany her to find Sam. Elizabeth assured Danny that Sam wouldn't be upset.

Upstairs, on the tenth floor, Elizabeth escorted Danny to Sam. Sam thanked Elizabeth, who said that Dante was in her prayers. Elizabeth left. Alexis asked if she could walk with Danny, and they stepped away.

Afterwards, Sam and Sonny rested on a couch outside Dante's room. Sam worried that Dante might never recover, and she asked Sonny to ensure that Dante's shooter would face "payback." Sonny received a frantic text from Carly, who asked him to meet her on the hospital roof. Nearby, Alexis and Danny bonded before she convinced Danny to return home.

At Elizabeth's house, Jake told Finn that the vaping device Finn had spotted belonged to a friend. Finn suggested that Jake tell Elizabeth about the device. When Elizabeth returned home, Jake explained that the vaping device belonged to a friend. Elizabeth said that she trusted Jake, and she added that Jake's friend was lucky to have Jake.

Jake said that Finn had given him good advice. Elizabeth said they were all "lucky" to have Finn. After Jake headed to bed, Finn asked if he had "overstepped" with Jake. Elizabeth reassured Finn that he hadn't overstepped. When Finn said that Aidan had confided his sexuality to Finn, Elizabeth claimed that her "heart just exploded." They kissed. She asked him to stay the night before saying that parenting was "a lot easier" because she had Finn.

At Carly's mansion, Anna and John found no sign of Jason, and they wondered where Jason could be. When John told Carly that he and Anna believed Jason had been responsible for Dante's shooting and the attempt on Sonny's life, Carly yelled that Anna knew that Jason would never shoot Dante. Anna said she had an idea of where Jason might be. Anna and John left together.

Later, after receiving the frantic text from Carly, Sonny met Carly on the hospital roof. Sonny told Carly that he'd seen footage of Jason on the roof of Selina's warehouse. Sonny added that Jason and another man had tried to kill Sonny. Carly refused to believe it. Sonny and Carly argued over Jason. Sonny reminded Carly that Dante was fighting for his life and that Jason was an "expert shot who never misses."

At the same time, Jason had started to walk on the footbridge when Anna and John approached from opposite ends. John ordered Jason to freeze. Cornered by Anna and John, Jason leaped into the waters below. Anna told officers to search the lake. Anna recalled to John that Jason and Robin had grown close on the bridge after Stone had died many years earlier. John surmised that Jason would drown.

Back at the hospital, Sonny told Sam that he had identified Dante's shooter. "It's Jason. He's alive," Sonny said.

At the same time, Jason appeared in the boathouse on the Quartermaine estate. Jason collapsed to the floor from the gunshot wound.

Jason asks for Danny's help

Jason asks for Danny's help

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

In Dante's room at the hospital, Sam whispered soft words to an unconscious Dante. Laura visited Sam, who shared that she felt torn between relief over Jason being alive and hurt that Jason could be a fugitive. Sam wondered where Jason had been the past two and a half years and why he hadn't contacted her.

Laura said that Sam was in shock. Sam worried over how she would help Danny process things when she noted that she couldn't process them herself. After Laura left, Michael visited Sam. Michael expressed disbelief that Jason might have shot Dante, and he praised Sam and Dante's relationship. A short while later, Sam told Dante through tears that she needed him to wake up.

At the hospital, Finn told Heather that she had cardiomyopathy, a weak heart muscle. Heather was single-mindedly focused on Ace, and she asked for Finn's help in seeing Ace. Finn offered to see what he could do for Heather, if she told him about her symptoms. Heather said that she had experienced ringing in the ears and brittle nails, among other things. Finn said that he needed to run more tests.

Finn left after Laura entered. Laura revealed that she and Robert planned to send Heather to a women's federal penitentiary in San Quentin, California. Heather pleaded with Laura to reconsider, and she said that they had once been friends. Laura said that she had to protect her family from Heather.

Heather loudly protested that she was also a part of Laura's family because of Ace. Laura refused Heather's protests, and she noted that she and Kevin planned to adopt Ace. Heather seethed that she would die before allowing Laura and "Ryan Chamberlain's brother" to raise Ace. Laura said that Ace would always be safe with her, and she added that Heather could never see him again.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Blaze comforted Kristina in the aftermath of Dante's shooting. Blaze said that she planned to meet Natalia for breakfast, and she expressed nervousness over how the meeting would go. Kristina offered to accompany Blaze, who insisted that she could deal with Natalia. Kristina vowed to wait until Blaze returned, and they kissed.

After Blaze left, Molly joined Kristina, who recalled that Natalia had found Kristina and Blaze in bed, as well as Blaze having told Natalia that Blaze was gay. When Kristina finished recounting the story, she surmised that Molly was judging her. Molly asked Kristina not to assume that she was always judgmental. They said they loved and trusted one another. Molly added that her trust extended to Blaze.

At Bobbie's Diner, Natalia apologized for how she had reacted when she'd found Blaze with Kristina. Blaze was touched by Natalia's words until Natalia said that Blaze only felt "more comfortable" with women because of Blaze's experiences with Linc Brown. Natalia claimed that Blaze only wanted to "experiment." Blaze said adamantly that Linc had nothing to do with who Blaze was as a person. An upset and wounded Blaze stood up, and she walked out of the diner.

At Carly's mansion, Carly told Drew about having seen Jason the previous night. They argued over Jason's innocence. Carly repeatedly and adamantly insisted that Jason was innocent. Drew said that Carly and Jason would always "come first" to one another. He said that no one would ever take Jason's place in Carly's life.

In the boathouse at the Quartermaine estate, Jason awoke after having spent the previous night on the floor. Jason tried to get to his feet when someone opened the door. "Dad?" Danny called out. Danny momentarily lashed out when Jason asked for help. Jason swore on Danny's life that Jason hadn't shot Dante. Afterwards, Danny agreed to help Jason, and he left for the Quartermaine mansion.

When Danny returned with a first aid kit, Jason asked why Danny hadn't phoned the police. Danny said that he believed Jason. Danny spotted a gun that Jason had placed nearby. He demonstrated how to use a gun. Jason said that Danny couldn't tell Sam he had seen Jason. Danny agreed to trust Jason.

Michael reunites with Jason

Michael reunites with Jason

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

At the Savoy, Marshall was surprised to see Curtis, since Marshall had been tasked with opening the nightclub. Curtis claimed to be there on the pretext of keeping a watchful eye on things, but it soon became clear that Curtis had sought his father out because Curtis had tracked down Dr. Paul Braddock -- the doctor who had diagnosed Marshall with schizophrenia. Marshall was shocked to learn that Braddock had retired to Westminster, Maryland, where he lived in an upscale retirement community. Marshall confessed that he'd never expected to have an opportunity to confront the doctor who had torn his life apart by convincing him that he was a danger to his family. Marshall admitted that it was a lot to take in.

Concerned, Curtis asked if Marshall needed time to process things, but Marshall assured Curtis that he was ready to pay the doctor a visit, and he thanked his son for finding Dr. Braddock. Pleased, Curtis suggested that they not postpone the trip, but before Marshall and Curtis could head out, Selina arrived with a bodyguard in tow. Marshall coldly informed Selina that the nightclub was closed, but she explained that she was there to talk to Curtis. Curtis reminded Selina that their business arrangement was over, and nothing she could say would interest him. "Even if it's information leading to the identity of the person who shot you?" Selina asked.

Curtis accused Selina of playing games by tying to trade information for setting up shop in his back room. Selina assured Curtis that there were plenty of penthouses in Port Charles that would jump at the kind of money she was offering. She explained that she was there to offer Curtis a warning, not a bargain. "It appears that the man who shot you is Jason Morgan," Selina said. Marshall and Curtis were stunned. "And we both know that he only acts under Sonny's orders," she added.

Marshall asked if Selina were suggesting that Sonny had wanted Curtis dead. Curtis refused it believe it. He argued that Sonny would never put a hit on Dante nor would Jason ever target Dante. Undaunted, Selina reminded Curtis that there had been three separate attempts on Sonny's life, and each time, Sonny had emerged unscathed, which she insisted was "statistically unlikely." "Not for someone who's been on top as long as Sonny," Curtis said.

Selina confessed that she suspected the shooting at the warehouse and at Metro Court's pool had been staged, and she questioned if there had actually been a third attempt on Sonny's life in Puerto Rico. Curtis turned Selina's words against her by arguing that Selina's theory sounded statistically unlikely. "Not if you factor what I believe to be Sonny's long-term plan," Selina said. She accused Sonny of wanting to annex new territory and using the element of surprise by having his trusted enforcer -- who was thought to be dead -- carry out the deed.

Curtis accused Selina of sounding paranoid, but she thought there were worse things to be. Selina was certain that Sonny was done compromising, and anyone who stood in his way wouldn't be there for long. "Just a few things to think about," Selina said. After Selina left, Marshall looked at his son with concern. "This changes everything," Marshall said. Curtis told his father that he hadn't bought into Selina's assessment of things because Selina only helped herself. Marshall wasn't as quick to dismiss Selina's warning, and he suggested that Curtis owed it to himself to chase down any lead on who might have shot him, even if the source of the lead was less than ideal.

Marshall didn't think it was a good time to go to Maryland because Curtis needed to get answers about Jason, but Curtis argued that a few more days wouldn't matter. Curtis doubted that Marshall would find a moment's peace until they knew what had led to the misdiagnosis. When Marshall was unable to look Curtis in the face and deny it, Curtis had his answer. Curtis insisted that they pay Dr. Braddock a visit.

At the police station, Sonny entered the interrogation room and thanked Anna for seeing him. Anna asked about Dante, but Sonny didn't have anything new to report. He quickly turned the conversation to the search for Jason. Anna reminded Sonny that Spinelli's surveillance footage had shown Jason with another man on the rooftop, and she revealed that Dante had been in pursuit of both men at the time of the shooting. She also filled Sonny in about Jason's attempt to help Dante and the 9-1-1 call that Jason had made, which had been confirmed with voice identification. However, she was careful to remind him that they didn't know if Jason had shot Dante.

"But you don't know that he didn't," Sonny said. Anna was curious if there was a reason that Sonny believed Jason might shoot Dante, so Sonny reminded Anna that she was looking for Jason. Anna clarified that she was looking for both Jason and the man that Jason had been with, and she acknowledged that the assumption was that Jason was alive, since his body hadn't washed up after jumping from the bridge. She explained that they knew Jason had been shot because they had found a bullet hole in the sweatshirt that had been used as a compression bandage on Dante, and both Dante and Jason's DNA had been found on it. Anna's voice was filled with compassion as she urged Sonny to focus on Dante while she searched for Jason.

Anna explained that Sonny didn't have all the information, so he would end up doing more harm than good if he got involved. She promised that she wanted justice for Dante. Sonny admitted that their exchange was surreal to him because he was usually the one protecting Jason. However, Sonny acknowledged that he no longer knew Jason. "Especially the last two-and-a-half years -- or more," Sonny said.

In the squad room, John asked to see Anna, but he was told to wait because she was busy. John approached the interrogation room window and saw Anna talking to Sonny. His expression turned to annoyance as he shook his head. Just then, Chase passed by. John asked how long Anna had been talking to Sonny, but Chase shrugged and suggested that John ask Anna when she was done. John wondered if it bothered Chase that Anna was in a close conversation with a known racketeer. "No," Chase answered. Chase explained that Anna was his superior, and he had no reason to question her or her motives.

After Chase walked away, John barged into the interrogation room. "Can I help you?" Anna asked. John claimed that he had wanted to walk through the evidence with her, so Sonny decided that it was his cue to leave. Sonny thanked Anna and started to walk out, but John called out to him. John admitted that he'd been sorry to hear about Dante. Sonny told John to prove it by using his badge to find "the bastard" who had shot his son.

At Carly's house, Drew admitted that Jason was the one who Carly turned to when she was afraid and in trouble because Jason kept her secrets, and he was the one she counted on. Carly agreed because Jason had never failed her. "What about the last two-and-a-half years when he let you think he was dead?" Drew asked. Carly didn't have an answer, but she was certain that Jason had returned as soon as he had been able. Frustrated, Drew asked if Carly had heard herself because she had basically said that it didn't matter if Jason had spent the past couple of years hanging out on a hammock on a tropical island, sipping rum. Carly admitted that she hoped it was the case, but she suspected that the truth was far worse.

Drew conceded that it didn't matter because both he and Carly knew that Carly would be at Jason's side and would help him through it. Carly was stunned when Drew informed her that he had no intention of sticking around to watch. He started to leave, but Carly implored him to wait. "Are you saying that we're done?" she asked. Drew questioned why Carly was surprised, since all of her relationships ended up trashed because of Jason. Taken aback, Carly denied the accusation and asked if he was ending things with her because she hadn't called him as soon as Jason had turned up.

Drew explained that Carly had made her choice because it hadn't even occurred to her to call him. "Jason is it for you," Drew said. He admitted that he couldn't pretend everything was okay between them when her heart, mind, and trust were with Jason. Drew went to the door, but Carly followed. She tearfully admitted that she couldn't deny that Jason was first, but she promised that she had never meant to hurt Drew. Drew believed Carly, and he assured her that he had loved every second with her; however, he refused to compete with what she had with Jason. Drew promised to find a replacement for her at Crimson, but he was ready to cut his losses.

After Drew left, Carly went to the hospital to talk to Sam. When she asked about Dante, Sam shared that Dante was in critical but stable condition. Sam turned the conversation to Jason because she was curious if Carly had heard from him. Carly filled Sam in about Jason showing up and needing help with a gunshot wound, but she admitted that Jason hadn't mentioned Dante. Sam was not satisfied because she wanted answers. Carly was surprised by Sam's hostility, but Sam pointed out that she had just learned that her ex-husband was alive and might have shot the man she loved.

Carly was adamant that Jason would never shoot Dante. She conceded that she didn't have any proof, but she knew Jason well enough to be certain. Carly reminded Sam that Sam did, too, but Sam disagreed. Sam explained that she hoped and prayed that Jason hadn't shot Dante, but while Jason had been gone, it had been Dante who had helped Sam raise Jason's son. Sam warned Carly that she would never forgive Jason if he was the reason that Dante was hooked up to machines.

Sam's eyes filled with fresh tears as she looked through the window of Dante's hospital room. She explained that the doctors had advised her to be patient because Dante had been gravely injured, and it would take time for him to heal. She said they were unable to tell her how long it would take or if Dante would even wake up. Carly's expression filled with sadness as she admitted that she wished there was something that she could do to help. Sam told Carly to call the police the next time that Jason contacted her.

At Volonino's gym, Drew was hitting the punching bag as Jordan walked in. She asked if he was working out or beating someone up. "A little of both," Drew admitted. Jordan knew the feeling because she'd been having second thoughts about her career. Jordan reminded Drew that she'd been Dante's superior for several years, so she was frustrated that she couldn't help with the search for Jason. She immediately apologized because she realized that Jason was Drew's brother, but he assured her it was fine because he hoped the police tracked Jason down. Jordan was surprised, but Drew explained that the best way for Jason to clear his name -- if he was innocent -- would be to turn himself in.

Jordan confessed that she had expected Drew to defend his brother, but Drew argued that he hadn't witnessed the shooting and didn't know Jason well enough anymore to know what Jason would or wouldn't do. Drew acknowledged that he and Jason were biologically twins, but that was where their connection ended. When Drew mentioned not wanting to matter to someone simply because he was Jason's brother, Jordan realized Drew had been referring to Carly. Drew revealed that he had ended things with Carly earlier that evening. Jordan felt bad for Drew, but he explained that he had no desire to hold on to something that would never work.

Jordan admitted that she had learned a similar lesson. Drew apologized for dumping his problems on her, and he insisted that she share what had been troubling her. Jordan confessed that she questioned if she had made the right decision to leave the police department, because working for the mayor's office was a lot different than police work. Jordan explained that government work was like a puzzle where all the pieces kept changing. Drew suggested that Jordan quit, but Jordan pointed out that Anna was the new police commissioner. Drew was certain that Jordan would be welcomed back as a detective or the chief of detectives, but Jordan conceded that she wasn't a quitter.

Jordan shared that between all the meetings, she saw glimpses of the bigger picture. She explained that solving cases helped one person and family at a time, while a good city government could help an entire city. Drew admired Jordan for sticking it out, and he was grateful that his business headquarters was in Port Charles. When Jordan suggested that they discuss ways for Aurora Media to help Port Charles, Drew invited her to set up a meeting.

At the gatehouse, Michael arrived home and apologized for running late. Willow assured him that it was fine and said that the kids were in bed. She asked about Dante, and he told her that there hadn't been a change or sign that he was waking up. As they talked, a knock sounded at the door. It was Danny. Danny asked to speak to Michael privately, so Willow took some things upstairs. After Willow left the room, Danny revealed that he needed Michael to follow him. "It's important," Danny said.

At the boathouse, Jason pulled off his shirt and cleaned up his gunshot wound. Afterwards, he took some pain medication that he found in the first aid kit and pulled his shirt back on. Moments later, Michael and Danny entered. Michael was shocked to see Jason, and he went in for a hug until he saw Jason wince. Danny explained that Jason had been shot. Michael had questions, but Jason kept them at bay by explaining that he needed help because he didn't want Danny involved. Danny was hurt, but Jason was adamant because the police were involved.

Jason assured Danny that he had missed Danny and that he had thought about Danny every day. Reluctantly, Danny agreed to respect Jason's wishes, so Jason asked Michael to take Danny to the main house. Michael promised to return shortly and followed Danny out the door.

A short time later, Michael and Danny returned to the gatehouse. Willow was shocked when Michael told her that Jason was in the boathouse and needed her help. He assured her that Danny would keep an eye on the kids, so Willow grabbed her medical bag. After Michael handed his cell phone to Danny, Michael took Willow to the boathouse. Jason was not happy when he saw Willow, but Willow ignored his protests and went to work examining his wound. Jason was surprised when Willow mentioned the children, so Michael told him about Amelia.

Later, Michael asked Jason about Dante's shooting. Jason kept things vague as he revealed that his partner -- Hamish -- had shot Dante. Jason explained that he had ended up exchanging gunfire with Hamish when Jason had tried to help Dante. Michael credited Jason with saving Dante's life, but Jason disagreed. "I'm the reason he got shot in the first place," Jason said.

Later, Michael returned to the gatehouse to let Danny know that Willow had treated Jason's wound and that she would watch over him through the night. Relieved, Danny shared that Jason had denied shooting Dante. Michael assured Danny that Jason could be trusted because he was the best man that Michael knew. Michael promised that Jason would explain everything when he was free to do so. Moments later, Ned called Michael, looking for Danny, so Michael covered by saying that he and Danny had gotten caught up in a video game.

Michael promised to update Danny in the morning, but he warned Danny not to tell anyone about Jason. "I know," Danny said.

In the boathouse, Willow handed Jason a bottle of water with instructions to drink and rest. She promised to return with more fluids and a blanket, but Jason assured her that it wasn't necessary. Willow refused to turn her back on her patient. She returned to the gatehouse and let Michael know that Jason had been patched up and given fluids. Michael thanked Willow for her help, so she admitted that she wished she knew what kind of trouble Jason was in.

After gathering what she needed, Willow returned to the boathouse. Jason was asleep, but his hand was wrapped around his gun, which rested beside him. Willow quietly set her things down and covered Jason with a blanket. "Welcome home, Jason," she softly said.

Jason recounts where he's been

Jason recounts where he's been

Thursday, March 14, 2024

At Sonny's, Lois observed that Sonny had barely eaten anything at dinner, so she wanted to check in with him. She advised him that he could tell her anything, and she wouldn't judge him. Sonny admitted that he was terrified Dante wouldn't make it. He added that if Jason had shot Dante, he would never forgive Jason or himself. He thought that Jason could have forgotten what it was like to be loyal to Sonny, and that Jason's relationship with Carly while Sonny was in Nixon Falls could have broken some trust. He regretted that the last thing he'd said to Dante was, "Stop being in my way," but Lois insisted that Dante knew that Sonny loved him.

At the hospital, Kristina tapped on the window of Dante's room, and Sam emerged. Kristina checked in with Sam, who admitted that she was scared, confused, and still trying to process things. They talked about Jason, and Sam was afraid that Jason really had been the one to shoot Dante. Just then, Sam spotted Danny rounding the corner, and he admitted that Yuri had driven him there. Sam realized that she hadn't really talked to Danny about everything, and she figured that he had questions. She confessed that she didn't have any answers for him, but only Jason could give the answers.

Kristina chimed in that Jason was innocent until proven guilty, no matter what the evidence said. Sam hoped that Dante would tell them what had happened once he woke up, but she didn't know when that would be. She made Danny promise to go back to the Quartermaines' and stay out of trouble. She hugged him and went back into Dante's room. Kristina offered to give Danny a ride back, and they decided to stop for doughnuts on the way.

Anna was listening to Jason's 9-1-1 call in the interrogation room when Molly entered. Molly revealed that her office wanted an update on Dante's shooting and how it related to the shot taken at Sonny earlier that night. There were multiple working theories, but neither woman was convinced that Jason had shot Dante, regardless of what the evidence said. Both women admitted some conflict of interest regarding Jason but also that neither was in the right job if they let it influence them. They speculated on what had been going through Jason's mind, but Anna said that it could all be moot if Jason was no longer in the area, which was a possibility. She thought there could be something going on that she wasn't yet seeing.

There was a knock on Carly's door, and she was annoyed to see that it was Jagger. He asked for her help proving that Jason was innocent, so she let him in. He wondered why she was so sure that he hadn't shot Dante, and she replied that it was because she knew him. He asked why Jason would run if he was innocent, and Carly figured that Jason didn't want to be arrested for something he hadn't done. She was done with the conversation, so she ordered Jagger out of her house until he got a warrant. He observed that his mention of Jason seemed to get under her skin every time, and he left.

Jason woke up in the boathouse as Michael entered, and Michael advised Jason to let him and Willow take care of Jason. He had clean clothes for Jason, so Jason changed. When he removed his shirt, Michael noticed a sleeve of tattoos, and he wondered what had happened to Jason. Jason mentioned to Michael that he would need his old clothes back, as he wanted no link between himself and Michael when he was gone. Michael asked where Jason would go, but Jason hadn't figured that out yet.

Michael wondered where Jason had been. Jason revealed that he hadn't died in the tunnel collapse on Cassadine Island, but it had been blocked, so he hadn't been able to get back to Britt and the others. He'd followed the tunnel out another way to a beach, and he'd made his way toward the main house. Two men with guns had been waiting for him, and he'd been flown out of Greece, ending up in a room with no windows. A man had needed Jason to do a job, and he'd had the leverage to force Jason to agree. He revealed that he'd been working as a mercenary ever since.

Jason continued that he'd been working with a sniper named Hamish. When Jason had found out that Sonny had been the target, he'd made sure that Hamish had missed. He went on that Dante had caught up to them as they'd headed to the waterfront, and Michael knew the rest. He assured Michael that he'd thought about returning to Port Charles every day, but he'd had to finish -- or something he couldn't live with would happen.

Drew arrived at Willow's and informed her that he and Carly had broken up. Willow poured some wine for them as he talked about how Carly's first loyalty would always be to Jason, and he hadn't wanted her to stay with him out of obligation. Willow thought that he was underestimating himself, but he hadn't wanted to drag things out. She thought that he deserved better, and he intended to find it.

Michael returned, and he figured that Willow could update him. Drew hugged the two of them and left. Willow informed Michael about the breakup. She grabbed the duffel bag with Jason's dirty clothes so she could wash them. Michael made sure that she was all right with the situation, and she replied that, while she wouldn't have chosen it, they had to see things through.

Jason was relaxing in the boathouse and thinking about his situation. He thought back to being handcuffed in a windowless room and watching as a man entered. Jagger had welcomed Jason to Quantico, but Jason had refused to speak without his lawyer. Jagger replied that Jason only had to listen, as Jagger had "incontrovertible proof of RICO violations" that could carry a 20-year federal prison sentence.

Marshall learns why he was misdiagnosed

Marshall learns why he was misdiagnosed

Friday, March 15, 2024

At the hospital, Stella tried to locate Paul Braddock, the doctor that had misdiagnosed Marshall many years earlier. Stella encouraged Curtis to head to his physical therapy appointment while she searched for answers about Braddock's whereabouts. In a room nearby, Marshall told Curtis that Braddock had initially been compassionate and sympathetic. Marshall added that his medication had had strong side effects and that he'd confronted Braddock over it.

Moments later, Stella joined Curtis and Marshall to share that Braddock had died shortly before Christmas. Stella said that the answers Marshall had been looking for were upstairs -- in Kevin's office. A short while later, Kevin told Marshall, Curtis, and Stella that Braddock had become "infamous." Marshall asked why a doctor would have made Marshall feel schizophrenic. "I believe you were misdiagnosed because you were young, male, poor, angry... and black," Kevin told Marshall.

At the Invader, Nina and Alexis argued over an article that Nina perceived as a "smear job" against Sonny. When Gregory entered, Nina snatched an article that he had written from his hands. Nina berated Gregory for not submitting the story electronically, among other things. Alexis yelled for Nina to leave.

Afterwards, Alexis apologized to Gregory for Nina's behavior. Gregory said that, due to his illness accelerating, the story he'd written would be his last for the paper. Gregory left. Diane entered. She and Alexis complained about Nina. Alexis said that she wanted to return to practicing law. Diane proposed that Alexis join Diane as a partner. Diane added that she thought she could get Alexis' law license reinstated.

Also at the hospital, Laura, Kevin, Portia, and Finn all met outside Heather's room. Despite protests from Robert, Portia said that Heather wouldn't be transferred to a federal penitentiary in San Quentin, California until Portia learned the results of Heather's toxicology report.

Laura was stunned to learn that she was Heather's medical proxy. A specialist named Enoch appeared, and he said that Heather's test results indicated that she had cobalt poisoning stemming from Heather's hip replacement. Enoch asked if Heather had shown any changes in behavior in recent years.

Laura recalled Heather's past, including Heather having been injected with LSD many years earlier. Enoch said that Heather's hip replacement needed to be removed. Portia said that the hospital needed to treat Heather or risk a lawsuit. Laura leaned on Robert to back off his plans to transfer Heather to San Quentin. Robert reluctantly agreed.

In Heather's room, Laura, Portia, Finn, and Enoch gave Heather her diagnosis. Enoch said the hospital would remove the affected apparatus and replace it. As Enoch rambled, Heather interrupted to ask Laura to describe what Enoch had been talking about. Heather asked if Laura believed Heather should have her hip removed. After mulling it over, Laura encouraged Heather to have the surgery. Laura and Heather briefly bonded over photos of Ace. Heather wondered how her life had gone wrong and what had happened to her. Laura said that there was still time for Heather to turn her life around.

When Enoch returned moments later, Heather agreed to undergo the operation. After Enoch left, Heather asked what Kevin was like in bed -- and if he was similar to Ryan. Laura was appalled by Heather's question, and she told Heather to have a good day. "What'd I say?" Heather asked incredulously when Laura was out of sight.

Nearby, in Finn's office, Gregory asked for Finn's help in uploading the story Gregory had written for the Invader. Finn agreed. Gregory said that it would be his last article for the paper due to his condition worsening. After Gregory left, Finn phoned a neurologist friend to share that Gregory's ALS was accelerating. Finn seemed to ask if the friend knew of any medical breakthroughs that might help Gregory. Finn learned the answer was no.

At Dex's apartment, Josslyn and Dex had sex. Afterwards, they disagreed over whether Dex should leave town. Josslyn complained about Sonny. Dex said he only wanted what was best for Josslyn. Later, Nina appeared. Nina asked Dex to convey an apology to Sonny for the article that had appeared in the Invader. Josslyn and Nina argued and traded barbs. Nina taunted that Dex had "broken up" with Sonny and that Josslyn would be next. Nina surprised Josslyn by revealing that she'd seen Dex leaving Cyrus' hospital room while dressed as an orderly weeks earlier.

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