General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 18, 2024 on GH

Heather underwent surgery. Jason enlisted Diane's help to surrender to the police. Molly had concerns about Alexis' plans to get her license reinstated. Josslyn broke up with Dex. Anna's eyes were opened to the truth about Sonny. Drew had an unexpected business proposal for Nina. Sasha decided to quit her job at Deception.
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Jason surrendered to the police. Heather underwent surgery. Josslyn broke up with Dex. Drew had an unexpected business proposal for Nina.
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Josslyn breaks up with Dex

Josslyn breaks up with Dex

Monday, March 18, 2024

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lois comfort Olivia, who recalled that Dante had always stood up to bullies when he had been a teenager. Olivia added that Dante was the type of police officer that truly knew what it meant "to protect and serve." Lois said that she was worried that Brook Lynn was set to marry a cop.

At the hospital, Sonny fought back tears when he told an unconscious Dante not to give up. Tracy joined Sonny to check on Dante. "I hope you won't ruin my reputation as being cold and unfeeling," Tracy quipped. "Your secret's safe with me," Sonny mused. Tracy said that hospital beds reminded her of Luke.

At Dex's apartment, Josslyn and Dex argued after the revelation that Dex had intended to kill Cyrus on Sonny's orders. An appalled Josslyn said she "(couldn't) do this anymore," and she left. Afterwards, Dex told someone by phone that he needed the police's non-emergency number.

At the Jerome Gallery, Trina spoke fondly of Paris. Ava deduced that Trina was throwing herself into work in her grief over Spencer. Trina and Ava were interrupted when Nina entered. After Trina stepped away, a worried Nina said that she was running out of time to save her marriage to Sonny. Nina pleaded with Ava to help.

Nina's voice broke when she imagined telling Sonny that she wanted to be there for him in the aftermath of Dante's shooting. Nina reasoned that Sonny would listen to Ava if Ava advocated for Nina. When Trina returned, Ava asked Trina to tend to things at the gallery. Ava left with Nina. Later, Josslyn appeared. She sobbed and said she hoped Dex left town and never returned. Trina listened as Josslyn talked about Dex. They hugged.

Back in Dante's room at the hospital, Ava tenderly placed a hand on Sonny's shoulder. When Ava mentioned Nina, Sonny huffed for Ava not to say Nina's name in his presence. Ava apologized, and she offered to wait with Sonny.

At the Invader, Diane told Alexis to focus on getting her law license back. Alexis wondered why she had "thrown away" her license. Diane said she would expedite the process of Alexis' appeal. On her way out, Diane insulted Nina.

In Kevin's office at the hospital, Kevin told Marshall, Curtis, and Stella that Marshall had been discriminated against largely because he was Black. Kevin said that the medication Marshall had been prescribed would have caused some of the unexplained behaviors that Marshall had experienced years earlier.

Stella grew irate and spirited when she noted that she had witnessed inequities within the medical system firsthand during her years as a patient advocate. Stella added that Marshall's misdiagnosis had been a clear case of malpractice.

"I'm sure you've seen the stories of how Blacks, minorities, and women experience medical bias. It's all over the news lately, but it's nothing new. It's been going on since the Jim Crow Era. And women still aren't taken seriously by medical professionals. I know because I have patients I have to fight for in this very hospital. Not to mention the ongoing maternal health crisis for women of color. And what burns me up is that we have great, talented medical professionals in this country. There's no excuse for any of this!" Stella denounced.

Stella added that everyone was human and that people's backgrounds shouldn't matter. Kevin said that Stella was a true advocate, and he hoped she never stopped being one. Kevin turned to Marshall, and he expressed sympathy for what Marshall had experienced. Marshall expressed his gratitude to Kevin, who offered to listen if Marshall ever wanted to talk. Kevin and Marshall warmly shook hands.

A short while later, Marshall and Curtis stood alone in Kevin's office. Marshall recalled Stella having said that everyone was human. "Then why -- why in blazes can't we act like it? It's so wrong. Everybody is -- is wrong about most everything they think about. I lost decades because of how people wanted to see me or not see me. That doctor, he lost a lifelong career because of his misbeliefs. It's so senseless, man," Marshall opined with heavy emotion.

Marshall paused, and he noted that the psychiatrist who had misdiagnosed him was dead. "But I'm here. I'm here with my family. My beautiful, accomplished, talented family -- a family any man would be proud of," Marshall said.

By the nurses' station, Stella noted that Tracy was the only member of the hospital board that hadn't made an appointment for an annual wellness exam. When Tracy was cavalier about getting the exam, Stella said that Tracy looked foolish. "I just came down off a soapbox, talking about the inequities in the medical system and how people are literally dying for proper care. And here you stand, the very picture of privilege, refusing to get a free annual exam!" Stella told a wide-eyed Tracy.

Tracy and Stella sniped at one another. When Stella turned to walk away, Tracy apologized for having been rude. Stella noted that she had been "worked up" when she'd met Tracy, and she quipped that it hadn't been the first time that Tracy had been rude to Stella. Tracy and Stella both started to chuckle.

Anna hears a confession from Dex about Sonny

Anna hears a confession from Dex about Sonny

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

In Anna's office at the Port Charles Police Station, Anna was surprised to receive a visit from Dex, who revealed that he had planned to murder Cyrus on Sonny's orders weeks earlier. Dex recalled that Sonny had ultimately reconsidered at the last moment. Anna asked if there was any proof that Sonny had arranged for Dex to kill Cyrus. Dex mentioned that Nina had spotted him entering Cyrus' room. Anna reasoned that Nina would remain quiet in order to protect Sonny.

Anna noted that Sonny would have Dex killed if Sonny learned about her and Dex's conversation. Anna said that she wasn't willing to risk Dex's life, and she vowed that her conversation with Dex had never happened. On his way out, Dex told Anna to keep him in mind if she ever needed help in taking down Sonny.

At Carly's mansion, Josslyn sobbed when she told Carly about having broken up with Dex. Carly tried to console Josslyn. She reminded Josslyn that Dex had worked for a mob boss and that Dex hadn't had a choice in following Sonny's orders. Josslyn said that she had "never even considered" that Dex could kill someone.

Josslyn asked if Jason had ever killed people on Sonny's orders. Josslyn said that Carly would always defend Jason, and she added that she didn't feel the same way about Dex. Carly said that, unless it involved parents' children, there were always conditions to love -- and that Josslyn had found hers.

At Charlie's Pub, Kristina and Sonny reminisced over stories about Dante. Sonny and Kristina were adamant that Dante would wake up. Sonny said that he wished he could be the man Dante was. Kristina tried to cheer Sonny up when she lovingly said that he was "the best dad there is." Kristina said there was nothing Sonny could do that would make her feel disappointed in him.

Natalia approached Sonny and Kristina. Kristina introduced Natalia to Sonny. After they exchanged a warm greeting, Natalia told Sonny that she had gone to ask for his help. Natalia recalled her shock at having found Kristina and Blaze in bed together weeks earlier. Natalia added that she had only made things worse when she'd spoken to Blaze the following morning.

Natalia admitted that she was having a difficult time accepting that her daughter was gay, and she asked if Sonny had always been "okay" with having a daughter that Natalia said was gay. Sonny recalled that Kristina had always been her own person, and he said that parents couldn't force children to be what parents wanted.

Natalia nodded in agreement, and she said that Kristina was fortunate to have Sonny for a father. Kristina said that she had always known that Sonny loved her unconditionally. "It's always made me feel really safe, like I could do anything. And I really wish that Allie had that with you," Kristina told Natalia, who lowered her head.

At the nurses' station at the hospital, Jagger overheard Elizabeth and Willow discussing Dante. Jagger approached, and he struck up a conversation with Elizabeth before introducing himself. Jagger asked if he and Elizabeth could speak in private. "(About) Jason Morgan," Jagger said as Willow eavesdropped nearby.

Jagger shared that the police believed Jason had shot Dante. Elizabeth said that she had "seen the news" about Jason being alive. Jagger noted that Elizabeth and Jason shared a child, and he asked if Jason had contacted Elizabeth. Elizabeth said firmly that she hadn't heard from Jason. Elizabeth added that if Jason had shot Dante, the only thing that mattered was the law -- not her loyalties.

Jagger noted that Elizabeth had used the word "if" regarding Jason's possible involvement. "Well, I haven't heard that anything else has been proven yet. And until it is, I think everyone should be saying 'if.' Better yet, 'allegedly,'" Elizabeth sternly quipped. Jagger retorted that Elizabeth could face federal charges if she was harboring Jason. Nearby, a panicked Willow left the hospital.

A short while later, Elizabeth was delighted to receive a surprise visit from Aiden, who presented her with fresh cookies that he had baked. Aiden shared that Jake was fully convinced that Jason had shot Dante, and he added that Jake didn't plan to say anything to Elizabeth. Aiden said that Jake had said he didn't want to hear Elizabeth defend Jason. Elizabeth assured Aiden that Jake wasn't mad at either her or Aiden, and she said that she would speak to Jake when she returned home.

Chase appeared, and he asked to speak to Elizabeth. Before Elizabeth and Chase could head to a private corner, Aiden asked if Chase believed that Jason had shot Dante. Chase said that Jason was a suspect but that he was innocent until proven guilty. When Aiden persisted, Chase said the evidence suggested that Jason had shot Dante but that Jason had also called 9-1-1 and tried to help Dante.

After Chase left, Aiden wondered what Elizabeth would say to Jake. "If Jason did this, he's going to have to face the consequences... This situation, it's -- it's terrible, and I think feeling sad is the right way to feel about it. And I know that Jake feels awful about what happened to Dante. But it's not his fault just because he's Jason's son. If Jason did, in fact, shoot Dante, then (Jason) alone is gonna have to carry that guilt. I am not gonna let the weight of Jason's sins crush Jake," Elizabeth vowed.

In the boathouse at the Quartermaine estate, Danny told Jason about things that were happening in Danny's life. Willow entered, and she tried to rush Danny out of the boathouse. After Danny left, Willow fussed at Jason for having involved Danny. Willow said that Jagger had tried to "intimidate" Elizabeth at the hospital earlier.

Jason was unfazed, and he said he would make sure that no one helping him would be implicated. Willow asked where Jason planned to go once he left the Quartermaine estate. Jason mumbled that he would cause the least amount of harm to everyone. "Especially Danny," he added.

In the kitchen at the Quartermaine mansion, Jagger introduced himself to Danny before asking if he could talk to Danny about Jason. Danny denied having seen or heard from Jason. Just then, Brook Lynn burst in to say that Jagger was a "disgrace to (his) badge." Brook Lynn berated Jagger as Danny eavesdropped nearby. Jagger admitted that he had gone too far. Brook Lynn ordered Jagger to leave. Jagger asked Brook Lynn to apologize to Danny on his behalf, and he left. Afterwards, Danny was impressed by how Brook Lynn had confronted Jagger.

Later, in a suite at Metro Court, Jagger was alone in his room when he heard a knock at the door. When Jagger opened the door, Anna stood outside the room with a bottle of alcohol in her hand. "I owe you a drink," Anna admitted to Jagger.

Anna tells John that she's had an epiphany about Sonny

Anna tells John that she's had an epiphany about Sonny

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

At the Quartermaine stables, Tracy found Cody teaching James how to lasso. Tracy sternly asked Cody about her thoroughbred, who was suffering from laminitis, but Cody didn't have a recent update. Annoyed, she started to berate him, but James spoke up and told her to be nice to Cody because Cody's friend was in the hospital. Taken aback, Tracy listened as James explained that he was there to cheer Cody up and spoke of Dante in glowing terms. Tracy praised James for showing up for Cody because it meant that James was a good friend. Tracy's tone softened as she told Cody that she had visited Dante earlier.

Later, Cody put James to work sweeping. Tracy conceded that it was clear that James -- and Leo -- liked Cody, but she was curious why. She suggested that the boys saw Cody as a peer, but Cody hoped they saw him as a role model. Her good humor vanished when he mentioned giving James riding lessons because she objected to him letting James ride her horse. Cody assured Tracy that he had Monica's permission, and Tracy's thoroughbred had never been ridden by James. Just then, James cried out for help.

A short time later, James apologized for spilling a bucket of oats. Cody assured James that the horses wouldn't mind. While Cody grabbed a broom and dustpan, Tracy asked why James had tried to carry the heavy bucket. James explained that he had wanted to help. When Cody handed James the dustpan, Tracy decided that it was her cue to leave. However, James questioned why Tracy was not helping. Tracy informed James that she was the boss, which meant that she had others do the work. James argued that a good boss should do everything that their employees did. Surprised, Tracy asked if Cody had taught James that.

"No, my Grandpa Mac," James answered. Tracy couldn't disagree with the man of the people, so she went to work helping Cody and James. After everything was swept up, James gave Tracy a high-five and announced that she was a good boss. Tracy smiled and asked if he had any other pearls of wisdom from Mac. "To have a friend, you've got to be a friend," James said. Tracy agreed that it was a good one, and she invited James and Cody to the main house for hot chocolate. Cody smiled as he followed James and Tracy out of the stables.

At Chase and Brook Lynn's apartment, Chase was deep in thought as he looked at his badge. He remained distracted as Brook Lynn arrived home, complaining about her encounter with John. Concerned, she asked what was troubling him. Chase admitted that he had visited Dante several times throughout the day, but there hadn't been a change in his partner's condition. Brook Lynn hugged Chase. Afterwards, they sat down on the sofa as Chase opened up about his regrets that he had followed procedure and left Dante without backup.

Brook Lynn insisted that Chase had done everything by the book and that he could have been shot or possibly killed if he'd been with Dante. She reminded Chase that he had done his duty by following procedure, but Chase questioned if he should remain a police officer. To his surprise, Brook Lynn told him to quit because she was confident that he could easily revive his singing career. As she talked about all the ways she could help him, Chase realized what she was doing. Pleased, Brook Lynn asked if it had worked. Chase smiled and told her that he was meant to be a cop.

Brook Lynn insisted that Chase was a "damned good cop" -- unlike John. She quickly filled Chase in about her encounter with John at the Quartermaine mansion, but Chase admitted that it didn't sound like John, who was known to do things by the book. Brook Lynn insisted that John was a snake, and she was tempted to follow through on her threat to take his badge and sue him for questioning a child without a parent or lawyer present. Chase warned Brook Lynn that threatening a federal agent was a crime, but she didn't have any regrets because John had tried to intimidate Danny.

Chase smiled and promised that Brook Lynn had his full support, but he suggested that next time, she "kindly" remind the overeager law enforcement officer that it was illegal to question a minor without a parent present. Reluctantly, Brook Lynn agreed to show mercy. Chase grinned as he admitted that he would have loved to have seen the confrontation because he loved it when she was "hot and flared up." She smiled and kissed him.

At Café Cherie, Alexis told Molly about the plans for Diane to get Alexis' law license reinstated. "It's a Hail Mary, at best," Alexis conceded. She was surprised when Molly advised her mother not to do it. Molly explained that she was worried the stress of waiting and the possible disappointment of not getting her law license reinstated might send Alexis spiraling and drinking again. Alexis acknowledged that she should prepare herself for the worst-case scenario, but Molly wondered why Alexis would put herself in front of an oncoming train when she could simply step off the tracks.

Alexis admitted that hearing Diane's proposal had reawakened a part of her that Alexis had left for dead. She explained that her heart had begun to beat, and she was filled with hope at the thought of getting an essential part of herself back. Alexis conceded that she would be disappointed if her efforts failed, but she felt compelled to take the chance and try. Molly realized how much it meant to Alexis, so she assured her mother that Alexis had her full support, and Molly would have Alexis' back every step of the way. However, she asked Alexis to promise to monitor herself and not to skip her A.A. meetings. Alexis assured Molly that she would stay the course.

Molly became emotional as she implored Alexis to promise not to drink if the worst should happen, but Alexis explained that it was a promise that she couldn't make. Instead, Alexis vowed to do everything in her power to prevent a relapse. Molly wiped away her tears and admitted that she felt selfish. Alexis tried to lighten the mood by assuring Molly that it was fine to be selfish because everyone was tired of Molly's altruism. Molly chuckled, but she admitted that she needed her mother more than ever while Kristina was pregnant with the baby.

Meanwhile, Valentin found Nina waiting for him in Alexis' office at the Invader. When he asked where Alexis was, Nina complained that Alexis had blown off the meeting. Valentin pointed out that it was late, but Nina continued to grumble and accused Alexis to trying to force her gossip columnist to quit. Nina insisted that it had been an impressive feat to land Adrian DeWitt. She defended the column's impact, but she was certain that Alexis was determined to sabotage things. Nina picked up her tablet and pulled up the "extremely biased" article that Alexis had published, slamming Sonny after the shooting.

"Were there two articles?" Valentin asked. He admitted that he thought Alexis and the Invader had been too easy on Sonny. Nina disagreed, and she worried that Sonny might think she was using the newspaper to lash out at him. Valentin suggested the marriage was not worth fighting for if Sonny would let an article keep him from reconciling with Nina. Dejected, Nina sat down and explained that she couldn't control what was going on with the divorce, but she had hoped that she could control things with the newspaper. Valentin asked why Nina -- whom he described as magnificent, brilliant, and resilient -- continued to torture herself with Sonny.

Valentin admitted that it broke his heart that Nina allowed Sonny to make her bend over backwards to prove her worth, especially when Sonny was a hypocrite. Valentin pointed out that Sonny immediately wrote people off when they wronged him, and he wasn't worthy of Nina. To Nina's surprise, Valentin revealed that he'd been relieved when he had heard that Sonny had filed for divorce. Nina asked if Valentin had hoped she would go back to him, but Valentin admitted that he wasn't worthy of Nina, either. Valentin explained that he had hoped she would forget that she'd been Sonny's wife and remember who she really was. Nina was curious who Valentin thought she was.

"You're Nina Reeves, and Nina Reeves is a marvel, a survivor, a rule breaker," Valentin said. He insisted that she had spun everything in her life -- including Crimson -- into gold, and his greatest hope was that she would remember that.

At Charlie's Pub, Kristina returned to work while Natalia sat at the table with Sonny. Natalia apologized for oversharing, but Sonny assured her that it hadn't been a problem. Relieved, she confessed that she'd been nervous when she had walked in and that she hadn't expected Kristina's father to witness her exchange with Kristina. Sonny assured Natalia that it had been brave of her to show up, so she opened up about her love for her daughter. When Sonny praised Blaze's talent, Natalia revealed that she had taken over the books because "Alison" had needed the help.

However, Natalia shared that she had regrets because she'd been blind to what Linc had been doing to her daughter. Sonny reminded her that Brook Lynn had stepped in. Natalia conceded that she was grateful for Brook Lynn, but she felt that it had been her job as a mother to safeguard her daughter. Sonny wondered if that was the reason that Natalia tried to control Blaze's life. Sonny admitted that there had been a time when he hadn't been close to Kristina because Kristina had gone through some very bad times, and both he and Kristina's mother had been overprotective. He shared that the harder he'd tried to rein Kristina in, the worse things had gotten until he'd eventually realized that he had to stop making decisions for his daughter.

Sonny explained that his job as a parent was to help Kristina stand on her own by letting her make her own decisions. Natalia admitted that every piece of her wanted to protect and guide "Alison," but she was the one who was hurting her daughter. Sonny reminded Natalia that the most important thing they could do for their children was to let them know that they loved them no matter who they were and what choices they made. Moments later, Kristina returned to the table during a break and asked if there was anything that Natalia had left to say. Natalia explained that she had hoped to enlist Kristina's help to mend fences between Natalia and her daughter, but Natalia realized that it had been unfair to ask of Kristina because Natalia and "Alison" had to work things out for themselves.

After Natalia left, Kristina admitted that she felt torn because she wanted to let "Ali" know about Natalia's visit, but she also didn't want to get caught in the middle of things, even though it affected Kristina, too. Sonny was curious what Kristina's opinion was of Natalia, so she conceded that she gave Natalia credit for trying to reach out to her. Kristina recalled how supportive Sonny had been when Kristina had opened up to him about her sexuality. He confessed that -- looking back -- he was hurt that she'd been worried about his reaction. Kristina assured her father that he shouldn't be because he had always been the only person that she could turn to. When Sonny promised that he would always be there for her, she told him that she knew that and hugged him.

At Metro Court, John invited Anna into his suite as she handed him a bottle of liquor. He was curious why she wanted him to drink. "You were right," Anna said. She admitted that she had been taking it easy on Sonny and not seeing things clearly. "And now?" John asked. "Now, I do," Anna said.

After John poured drinks and handed a glass to Anna, they each took a generous swig. Anna apologized for calling him out on his attitude toward Sonny. John conceded that Sonny did get under his skin, and he hadn't always stayed professional during his encounters with Sonny. Anna confessed that she had always seen Sonny the way that she had wanted to, and she'd made excuses for him and rationalized his unacceptable behavior. "You mean the crimes?" John asked. "Besides murder, racketeering, and a lifetime of felonies, he's kind of a model citizen," Anna said. "And such a good father," John added in a sarcastic tone.

Anna explained that she was done trying to convince herself that Sonny was greater than the sum of his parts because she saw him clearly. John wondered what had prompted the change, but she would only tell him that something had opened her eyes to the truth about who Sonny was. "I guess who he's always been and the level of vile he's capable of," Anna added. As John and Anna continued to drink, Anna opened up about the past and how Sonny had been there for Robin when Stone had been dying and when Robin had learned that she was HIV positive, while Anna had been "in the wind."

Anna explained that her gratitude and love for Robin had clouded her perception of Sonny, and she had convinced herself that Sonny was a better man than he was. She acknowledged that she had relied on Sonny at times, and she had given him the benefit of the doubt, but that was over. After she took another drink, John asked if she had been pacing herself, but she assured him that she was fine because she lived in a suite two floors above him. Satisfied, John admitted that as much as he disliked Sonny, his job was to keep Sonny alive because it was clear that someone was out to get Sonny. John explained that it was his job to find out why.

Anna thought John was a better cop than she was, but he disagreed. "Not today, Commissioner Devane. Not today," John said. He told her about his attempt to question Danny without a parent present. When he mentioned being confronted by a young woman with a Brooklyn accent, Anna realized that he had met Brook Lynn. John chuckled at the irony of Brook Lynn's name, but he was grateful for her intervention. He confessed that he was disappointed in himself for going to the Quartermaine mansion.

"Here's to being better tomorrow," Anna said as she held up her glass. After John and Anna clinked glasses, they finished their drinks.

Drew talks to Nina about Crimson

Drew talks to Nina about Crimson

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Nina was on the phone in Alexis' office at the Invader when there was a knock on the door. She hung up the phone, and Drew entered. She advised him that she was very busy, and she was having trouble logging on to Alexis' computer in order to submit an article. Drew spotted a sticky note with Alexis' password, so Nina logged in and submitted her article. Nina advised Drew that he could wait for Alexis outside, as Nina was going to lock the office, but he replied that he was there to see her. He wondered if she had missed Crimson.

A short while later, Nina returned with coffee and doughnuts for herself and Drew. She admitted that she missed Crimson, as the newspaper business was clearly not her calling. She wondered if Carly was failing at Crimson, and Drew divulged that he'd fired Carly, who'd never wanted the magazine, anyway. Nina gleefully realized that Carly had dumped Drew, and he called her ugly for expressing joy at someone else's misfortune. She reminded him that she had extensive experience as a target of that, so it was a nice change. He figured that Carly had already started the next issue, so both of their names could be on it. Nina was adamantly against that, so Drew figured it would be easier to let the magazine die. "Wait," Nina said, stopping him.

At a photoshoot, the photographer gave Sasha instructions, but the creative director wasn't happy. Lucy directed her to act like she didn't want to be there, and the shoot continued. The creative director still wasn't happy, so Sasha asked him to tell her exactly what he wanted. He said that she was doing a great job, and the reason he was unhappy was beyond her control, so he canceled the shoot.

In Heather's hospital room, Laura looked on as Willow checked Heather's vitals, and T.J. talked to Heather about her upcoming surgery. Just then, his phone went off, and he left the room, followed by Willow. Heather talked to Laura about how things had been when they'd been young and pretty. She appreciated Laura keeping her company, and Laura replied that the few Webbers left had to stick together. Heather commented that she had never really cared about dying, but she wondered what would have happened had she made better choices in life. She asked if she'd always been "this crazy," and Laura answered that it was more of a recent development.

Outside the room, T.J. talked to Elizabeth about Heather's surgery and ran off to attend to something. Deanna approached Elizabeth and told her about a shortage in the medical storage area. Willow overheard as they talked about missing drugs, and she texted Michael in a panic that she needed to see him as soon as possible. Willow advised Elizabeth that she was going to take her break a little early, and she left.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth was on the phone and learned that the drugs taken were expensive, but it was a small amount with no street value, and the drugs were only known to medical professionals. She offered to pull the records of everyone who had logged in and out of the pharmacy storage in the previous few days, and she hung up. Deanna asked Elizabeth if someone could lose their job over missing drugs, and Elizabeth replied that she would be the one to lose her job.

Willow arrived home and informed Michael that the drugs she'd gotten for Jason had been flagged as missing, and Elizabeth was looking into it. She panicked over Jagger potentially questioning them and her having to perjure herself, but she refused to let Elizabeth take the fall. Michael vowed to do whatever he could to help Jason, who'd saved his life several times, and he begged Willow to stand with him.

At Deception, Spinelli handed out sheets of paper to Maxie, Tracy, and Brook Lynn. Just then, Cody arrived, and Maxie figured that he could stay for the explanation of the new security protocols. As Spinelli began to talk, Maxie's phone went off. She ran out into the hall and answered it to the representative from Belle Peau, who Sasha's photoshoot was with. She was advised that the shoot had been canceled, and she demanded to know why.

Maxie returned to her office a few minutes later and assured everyone that everything was fine. Cody apologized, explaining that Sasha had texted him, and he'd shared the news that the shoot had been canceled. Just then, Lucy and Sasha arrived. Sasha explained that the shoot had felt off from the start. Lucy admitted that Sasha had been seen as "too wholesome," when an edgy, mysterious look was what the magazine had wanted. Just then, Tracy's phone went off, and she announced that the board was being called to the hospital, so she left. Lucy suggested that they needed a "second face of Deception," which shocked everyone in the room.

Spinelli's phone went off, and he ran out into the hall to answer it. He answered it to Michael, who asked if he'd ever hacked into the hospital's pharmacy control system. Spinelli wasn't sure and asked for details. A short while later, he was on his computer in the hall, and he muttered that he was almost there.

Inside the office, Brook Lynn scolded Lucy for not running the potential change by her and Maxie before just blurting it out. Cody was furious at Lucy's suggestion and told Lucy so, but she refused to "listen to a stableboy" who'd only been kept around to keep Sasha happy. Cody growled that he'd never hated a job more, and he quit on the spot. Lucy reminded him that he couldn't quit, as he had a contract. "Sue me," he yelled, and he left and slammed the door behind him. Lucy figured he just needed time to cool off, but Sasha could tell that he'd made up his mind. She thoughtfully considered that maybe it was time for her to quit, too, but Maxie nervously advised her not to make any rash decisions. "Look at what you've done," Brook Lynn chided Lucy angrily.

At the hospital, Elizabeth told someone on the phone to "call off the bloodhounds," as the missing drugs had been accounted for. As Elizabeth hung up the phone, Tracy approached and asked about a discrepancy. Elizabeth explained that the message should never have gotten to her until there was a real problem, but their slow security had created an alert that suggested there had been a theft. She apologized that Tracy had stopped by for nothing. Tracy thanked Elizabeth for rescuing her from an even more pointless meeting, and she left as Willow breathed a sigh of relief.

T.J. returned to Heather's room, and two nurses prepared to take Heather for her surgery. Heather regretted that she would just be going to a prison across the country after her surgery, but Laura didn't know what the options were. She wished Heather luck, and the nurses wheeled Heather out. Kevin arrived and noticed that Laura seemed upset. Laura explained that she had a lot of empathy for Heather, as Laura had had her own struggles with mental health, but she'd had a support system that Heather hadn't. Kevin suggested that he search for psychiatric diagnoses resulting in overturned convictions, and Laura was happy with that.

Jason turns himself in to the police

Jason turns himself in to the police

Friday, March 22, 2024

At the Deception office, Sasha announced that she was resigning as the face of Deception. Maxie and Brook Lynn tried to convince Sasha to change her mind, but Sasha refused. Lucy and Brook Lynn began to argue before Brook Lynn stormed out. Afterwards, Lucy asked if Sasha was only stepping down because of Lucy. Sasha reassured Lucy that she hadn't chosen to resign because of Lucy.

Lucy soon tried to use Sasha's contract as a way to force Sasha to stay at Deception. Maxie chastised Lucy, and she said that Lucy had already done enough damage. Lucy ignored Maxie, and she continued pressing upon Sasha to reconsider. Sasha remained unfazed, and she said that no one could put a price on her happiness. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Maxie sternly asked Lucy after Sasha had left.

Lucy tried to convince Maxie to hire Blaze to replace Sasha. Maxie said that anything Lucy did would be temporary. "Because you are not a partner. You are a one-woman wrecking ball. You don't consult with me. You just do whatever the hell you want, and to hell with everyone else. I mean, their lives don't matter. Do you have any idea what it's cost me to stick with you? Ugh. I can't even look at you right now," Maxie said with disgust in her voice before telling Lucy to leave.

In the stables at the Quartermaine estate, Olivia brought homemade food to Cody for lunch. The two bonded over their love for Dante. Cody asked Olivia to join him for company. Olivia and Cody sipped beer as they warmly swapped stories of Dante, including when Dante and Cody had been at summer camp as teenagers.

Olivia began to laugh before she prepared to return to the hospital. Cody thanked Olivia for lunch, and they hugged. On her way out, Olivia quipped for Cody not to tell her any more stories about his and Dante's time together at camp.

Moments later, Sasha joined Cody to share that she had stepped down from Deception. Cody asked if Sasha was certain that she'd made the right decision. Sasha said that she was tired of worrying over how she looked in front of the cameras. Cody asked if Sasha would be okay financially. Sasha said that she would figure things out.

Sasha recalled that Cody had never settled down until he'd arrived in Port Charles. Cody said that he was glad he had stayed in town because he had family and had made new friends. Cody said affectionately that he wanted to make new dreams. Sasha and Cody stared warmly at one another before Sasha looked away. They used carrot sticks to toast to the next chapter in their lives.

At Cafe Chérie, Diane told Robert that she intended to have Alexis' law license reinstated. Diane said that Alexis would always be a lawyer at heart, and she added that she had offered Alexis a spot at her firm. Robert teased that he would treat both Alexis and Diane to a celebratory dinner once he beat them in court.

At the boathouse at the Quartermaine estate, Michael offered to help Jason leave town. Jason refused, and he said that someone had leverage over him. Michael asked what Jason planned to do. "The only thing I can," Jason replied.

Back at Cafe Chérie, Diane gloated when she received a call from Jason. She said she'd been expecting his call. Diane asked Jason to tell her everything he needed.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Chase made a group of small children honorary detectives. Brook Lynn soon joined him. Brook Lynn ranted about Lucy and Deception business. Chase expressed concern about Brook Lynn's decision to return to Deception. Brook Lynn admitted that her plan to hand the company back to Maxie was making things worse for everyone.

Diane appeared, and she said that she had a client who was voluntarily surrendering to the police. Just then, Jason emerged from around a corner as Chase, Brook Lynn, and others looked on. Chase formally placed Jason under arrest. Diane talked Chase into allowing her to confer with Jason before the booking process. Afterwards, Chase vented to Brook Lynn that he was furious over Dante's shooting and that the person responsible for the shooting looked a lot like Jason.

In the interrogation room nearby, Diane told Jason that he faced serious charges. Diane wondered if there was a chance Jason would tell her what was behind the events of Dante's shooting. "I can tell you this. I won't be in here for long," Jason said.

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