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Valentin and Brennan were revealed to be running Pikeman together. Valentin found a way to tamper with Sonny's medication. Dante woke up and cleared Jason's name. Anna offered Dex a job. Danny and Jake traded punches. Trina leaned on Stella.
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Valentin and Brennan were revealed to be running Pikeman together. Dante woke up and cleared Jason. Anna offered Dex a job. Trina leaned on Stella.
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A mournful Trina expresses her grief over Spencer's death

A mournful Trina expresses her grief over Spencer's death

Monday, March 25, 2024

In the lobby of the Port Charles Police Station, Chase told Brook Lynn that he was determined to get answers from Jason about Dante's shooting. When Jagger appeared, Chase escorted Jagger into the interrogation room. Jagger stared ahead at Jason after the door closed. "What the hell are you doing here?" Jagger asked sharply.

Jason recalled having sabotaged the attempt on Sonny's life on the night of Dante's shooting. Jason noted that Hamish, the sniper, had shot Dante. Jagger asked what had happened to Hamish afterwards. Jason recalled that he and Hamish had exchanged gunfire after Hamish had found Jason near Dante. Jason surmised that an extraction team he and Hamish had been working for had taken Hamish's body.

Jagger noted that Jason had administered first aid to Dante, in addition to having phoned 9-1-1 after Dante had been shot. Jason admitted that he had called 9-1-1 to leave the phone near Dante so that operators could pinpoint Dante's location. Jagger asked where Jason had gone after he and Hamish had exchanged gunfire. Jagger surmised that Jason had gone to Carly's mansion after leaving the Waterfront District. "Jason... you agreed to full cooperation. This isn't cooperating," Jagger said.

Jagger demanded to know who had taken care of Jason after Jason had been shot. Jagger reiterated that, since Hamish had vanished, Jason would face capital murder charges for the shooting of a police officer and would face life in prison if Dante died. Jason noted that Dante was still alive and could recover.

Jagger folded his hands as he looked at Jason. "You better hope he does. We have invested two and a half years in this investigation. We placed you inside that organization, and now your cover is blown. So, if after all this time and energy and intelligence, we don't get anything back, the Bureau will have no choice but to move forward with the evidence that leveraged your cooperation in the first place. And we both know you don't want that," Jagger said before grabbing his coat and leaving. Jason sat alone with his thoughts afterwards.

At Bobbie's Diner, Josslyn hoped that she and Trina could talk. Trina said that she didn't have a lot to talk about. Trina tried to be polite when she said that she didn't feel ready to "hang out" with Josslyn, who ignored Trina's request and tried to equate her breakup with Dex to Trina's grief over losing Spencer. Trina said that she felt she and Josslyn needed space. Trina then admitted that she was upset over Jason. "Hasn't it occurred to you that he could have been the one who shot my father?" Trina asked Josslyn.

Josslyn was dismissive, and she said matter-of-factly that Jason couldn't have shot Curtis. Josslyn added that she was only relieved that Jason was alive. "Yeah. Lucky him," Trina said unenthusiastically. When Michael entered, Trina left to meet Stella. Afterwards, Michael told Josslyn that Jason had turned himself in to the police. Michael and Josslyn defended Jason before Michael left to visit Willow.

Outside the diner, Stella met Trina ahead of a scheduled lunch. Stella quickly deduced that Trina was sad. Trina said that she didn't feel like being with anyone. Stella held Trina's hand, and she said that dealing with loss, grief, and sadness were all universal feelings.

Stella added that Trina's pain would lessen in the months and years ahead. "That's the thing, Aunt Stella... I barely know how I'm feeling from one moment to another. I mean, I mostly feel numb. Every now and then, I'll feel pain or anger. But for the most part, I'm just walking through a fog. And I don't really taste what I'm eating, and I don't really care about much anymore, and I'm just really -- I'm really going through the motions," Trina admitted.

Stella sympathized, and she reasoned that Trina was still in shock. Trina wondered if there was a way to move forward. "Because I sure can't see it," Trina added. Stella said that she'd asked Trina to lunch so that Trina would know she didn't have to suffer in silence. Trina said that she couldn't think of exploring a way to get over Spencer. "What if I don't want to be okay? What if I never want to get over it?" Trina asked.

Trina added that she didn't want to let go of Spencer. "I don't want to get over him, Aunt Stella. I loved him so much, and now he's gone," Trina said as Stella wrapped her arms around Trina. Stella said that what Trina and Spencer had shared was special, and she added that she didn't believe Spencer would want his memory shrouded in pain. "But what if he was the love of my life?" Trina asked.

Stella said that Trina had her whole life ahead of her, and she asked Trina to focus on the present. Trina said that she didn't know if she could follow Stella's advice. "When I'm not numb, I'm angry. And I stuff if down because I hate Esme. And I have so much anger, Aunt Stella, that it scares me... I don't even care that she's dead. It's like she got away with it -- with blowing up our lives. And it's not fair," Trina added.

Stella agreed, and she added that Trina's anger would fade in time. Stella noted that Spencer hadn't even received a proper funeral. Trina agreed, and she recalled that Spencer had only been given a memorial service and that she didn't think it was enough. "Well, maybe it wasn't enough. Maybe you should create one of your own. Something special for you and Spencer," Stella encouraged Trina.

Back inside the diner a short while later, Stella asked Josslyn to join her while Stella sipped coffee. Josslyn said that she wasn't sure how to be Trina's friend. Stella said that Josslyn would have to give Trina time to process the grief Trina felt over losing Spencer. Josslyn equated Oscar's death to Spencer's before Stella spoke. "Our Trina is a strong young woman. She'll find her way home," Stella told Josslyn.

At the cemetery, Trina slowly approached Spencer's headstone and looked down. "Hi, Spencer's grave. I'm sorry. I can't call you Spencer because... Spencer's not here. You're just a stand-in, a tangible marker of the incredible life force that went by the name of Spencer Cassadine," Trina said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Trina paused, and she sat on the ground next to the marker bearing Spencer's name. "No disrespect, but you are at a complete disadvantage. Because there's no way that you could encapsulate everything that Spencer was. But you're all I got, so... hi, Spencer. I suppose Laura picked this spot because it's near the water. That's fitting, huh? She knew that you loved the water. Last time I saw you was near the water," Trina said as she struggled to fight back more tears.

"You know, sometimes I keep wishing that... I'd get a call that you made it ashore somewhere, that this -- this was all a horrible nightmare and that you're fine. I know that's not good for me to fantasize about something that won't ever happen. But I do like being near the water because... it's calm and it feels like you're near me. God, even when it rains, it feels like you're near me. It's like you're in the atmosphere or something, like you're everything. But I feel like I've disappeared," Trina said as she lowered her head while her hand rested on Spencer's headstone.

A moment later, Trina began to envision a life with her and Spencer in Paris, and she smiled softly. "So, we're in Paris, and I go to my classes in the morning, and you come to pick me up at the end of the day. And my classmates want to know who's my mysterious and devastatingly handsome boyfriend. 'Did I hear that he was a prince?' But I play it cool. And we -- we spend our free time going to museums, continuing our debate over who's better -- Monet or Degas? It's Monet. And then we visit galleries and -- and bookstores, and we dine at bistros, rating the coq au vin. And we just -- we just walk around the streets of Paris, hand in hand. That's my fantasy," Trina said before pausing.

Trina grew somber when she spoke of her reality. "My reality... I'm back in Port Charles. I'm not in school. I'm living at home, and I'm working at the gallery. And these days, even art hurts. But I do it to fill the time so that I don't miss you so much. Because I don't want to say goodbye to you. How can I say goodbye to you when you're -- when you're nowhere and everywhere at the same time? But I gotta try... because if I don't, I'm gonna drown, too," Trina said as tears filled her eyes again.

At the hospital, Elizabeth told Willow that she'd only had two hours of sleep the previous night due to the missing medicine and Heather's diagnosis. Elizabeth said that she was on edge. "I just wish I knew anything about Jason," she added. As Elizabeth and Willow walked together, Elizabeth shared that her family was on edge over Jason's suspected role in Dante's shooting. Elizabeth admitted that she and Jake were both anxious and that she wanted answers about Jason. Willow remained quiet about Jason's whereabouts as well as Jason's denial that he had shot Dante.

Moments later, Chase and Brook Lynn stepped off the elevator and spoke about Jason loudly enough for Elizabeth and Willow to overhear them. Elizabeth overheard Chase and Brook Lynn say that Jason had turned himself in to the authorities.

Elizabeth shared with Willow that she didn't know how to process Jason's arrest. "I don't know what to think. Is this a good thing Jason did? Is this a -- a strategic move? ... And how is Jake supposed to take this? He's so afraid that his dad is guilty, and I'm the one that's been pushing him to keep an open mind about this. Maybe this was just a mistake or -- or it's happened for a legit reason," Elizabeth wondered.

Elizabeth added that she wanted to believe Jason was innocent, and she asked what Willow thought. Willow noted that Elizabeth had known Jason far longer than Willow had. Willow said only that she didn't believe Jason had shot Dante. Elizabeth said that she needed to head home to talk to Jake and Aidan about Jason's arrest.

Back by the nurses' station, Brook Lynn told Chase that she knew he wanted "payback" for Dante's shooting. Chase said that he didn't want his anger to potentially compromise the investigation into the shooting. Brook Lynn assured Chase that he would find justice for Dante. Before they headed to Dante's room, Brook Lynn and Chase said that they were lucky to have one another.

Later, Michael found Willow at the nurses' station. Michael shared that Jason had turned himself in to the police. Willow worried that Jason would give up her and Michael to the police. Michael said that Jason would rather go to prison. Willow shared that Elizabeth had overheard Chase and Brook Lynn talking about Jason's arrest. Willow said that she wished she could tell Elizabeth that Jason hadn't shot Dante. Michael said that he and Willow had to remain quiet about Jason.

At Elizabeth's house, Aidan tried to distract Jake, who brooded over Jason's arrest. Elizabeth entered just in time to overhear Jake refer to Jason as his "psycho dad." Elizabeth joined Jake and Aidan in the living room for a family conversation. Jake wondered why Jason had been in hiding. When Elizabeth said that Jason had his reasons, Jake said that Jason was a killer and that everyone knew it. "I hope he gets life in prison so we can just go back to thinking he was dead," an angry Jake said.

As Jake stood up, Elizabeth asked him to wait. Elizabeth profusely apologized to Jake for what their family was going through in light of Jason's arrest. Aidan surmised that there could be a number of reasons for why Jason had returned to Port Charles, as well as why Jason had been away for so long. Aidan put his arm around Elizabeth, and he tried to assure her that everything would be okay.

Jake slowly shook his head in regret, and he apologized to Elizabeth for what he'd said about Jason. Jake said that he hadn't meant what he'd said. Elizabeth smiled warmly at Jake, and she said that it was okay. "You get to be angry, and so do I because this is hard. I'm just glad I have my boys with me, so maybe we can help each other through it. Come here," Elizabeth said softly as she reached for Jake and Aidan's hands. Jake joined Elizabeth and Aidan, and the three of them shared a warm family hug.

Jason reveals where he's been since 2021

Jason reveals where he's been since 2021

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

In a room at the hospital, Laura found Curtis participating in physical therapy. Curtis shared that he had been listening to a breaking news bulletin about Jason having turned himself in to the authorities. Curtis wondered if Jason had been the person responsible for Curtis being in a wheelchair. Laura expressed skepticism that Jason would have targeted Sonny.

Curtis surprised Laura when he wondered if Jason had shot at Curtis on orders from Sonny. Laura asked what possible reason Sonny might have to want Curtis dead. Curtis said that a "theory" had been floated that Jason's death had been staged. Curtis added that, if the theory was true, Sonny would have access to a hitman that was untraceable.

Laura asked who was posing the theory, and she warned Curtis that there were people who could profit from Curtis turning against Sonny and Jason. Laura encouraged Curtis to consider the source of the theory. Curtis said that he knew Laura was only looking out for him, and he added that he was grateful for Laura's friendship. Laura said that Curtis would always have her friendship.

Also at the hospital, Chase and Brook Lynn were taken aback when Finn and Gregory stepped off the elevator. Gregory appeared out of breath and in pain, but he refused help from both Chase and Finn. Gregory soon grew irate before he raised his voice. Gregory ordered Chase, Finn, and Brook Lynn to "back off." Gregory insisted that he wasn't an invalid and that he refused to be treated like one. When Finn apologized, Gregory said that Chase and Finn's lives shouldn't revolve around Gregory's health.

Gregory stood up to call for a ride share. "Which I am perfectly capable of doing," he noted. After Gregory left, Finn told Chase and Brook Lynn that the couple might want to consider moving up their wedding date, given that Gregory's health was worsening. After much discussion, Chase and Brook Lynn agreed to downsize their wedding in an effort to move up the wedding date.

At Sonny's penthouse, Ava opened the door to Michael. Michael shared with Sonny the news that Jason had turned himself in to the police. Sonny was unfazed and uninterested in hearing Michael, and he told Michael to leave. Michael refused. "It's always something with you, Michael. Save it. I'm not interested," Sonny snapped.

Ava said that Michael needed to leave. When Michael continued to insist that Sonny listen to Michael, Sonny grew furious. Sonny recalled that Michael had hired Dex to send Sonny to prison. Sonny added that Michael had also kept the secret that Nina was responsible for the anonymous tip that Carly and Drew had committed insider trading. "Jason left Dante at the pier to die! What is wrong with you?!" Sonny yelled.

Michael lashed out at Sonny for not trusting anyone, and he vigorously defended Jason. Ava wondered if it was possible that Jason had shot Dante by mistake. Ava reasoned that it would explain why Jason had stayed to administer first aid to Dante. When Michael mentioned forgiveness, Sonny again rebuffed Michael.

Ava stood silently by as things remained tense between Sonny and Michael. On his way out, Michael offered to be there for Sonny. "Look, if you need anything or just someone to sit at Dante's bedside with you, I'm -- I'm here," Michael said. "I won't," Sonny replied firmly.

After Michael left, Ava watched as Sonny poured a strong drink. Sonny sipped slowly before he asked Ava to join him. Ava agreed. Sonny bemoaned that he no longer knew who to trust, and he added that Jason wasn't the person he'd once known. Ava posited a theory. "I think Jason stopped being that man the minute you got back from Nixon Falls and found him with Carly," Ava said slowly.

Sonny listened as Ava continued. "(Jason) may have thought you were dead, but he certainly got together with Carly pretty quickly, didn't he? Different kind of betrayal, sure, but I think it further proves that Jason just... isn't a man that you can depend on anymore," Ava said. Sonny listened intently to Ava before he turned away. Ava stepped closer to Sonny, and she placed her hand on his chin. "There is somebody else you can depend on, Sonny," Ava said softly as she gazed into Sonny's eyes.

Sonny's gaze met Ava's before he looked away. Sonny noted that the evening was late. Ava whispered that she and Sonny should go to bed. "Sleep well," Sonny said warmly. "You, too," Ava replied, and she smiled affectionately at Sonny. As Ava turned to head to bed, Sonny called out Ava's name. "I'm glad you're here," Sonny said sincerely. "I am, too," Ava said, nodding in agreement before she headed to her room.

At Bobbie's Diner, Jagger told Carly that Jason was in police custody. Carly and Jagger soon argued. Carly righteously defended Jason. Jagger quipped that Carly believed she was "the expert on everything." "The name Jason Morgan means nothing to me. But Jason Quartermaine is a whole other story," Jagger added.

Jagger recalled that he and Jason had both fallen for Karen Wexler many years earlier. Jagger said he'd always believed that Jason had been a good person instead of "Sonny Corinthos' gun for hire." Carly said that at least Jason wasn't a liar. Carly asked whether the FBI knew that Jagger had once been friends with Jason -- and that Jagger had always hated Sonny.

Carly added that Jagger had a conflict of interest. "So, if you had any integrity at all, you would recuse yourself from both their cases. And since you don't, I want you to get the hell out of my restaurant. You go find your food somewhere else," Carly ordered on her way out of the diner.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Jason insisted to Anna that he hadn't shot Dante. Anna found it strange that Jason had agreed to speak to "Agent Cates" in private for almost an hour earlier that night. When Anna mentioned "the good ol' days," Jason asked her to clarify. Without using Jagger's first name, Anna said that she'd learned from Robin that Jason and Jagger had fallen in love with the same girl at one point in high school many years earlier.

Jason noted that he had no memories of his youth because of the car accident he'd been involved in many years earlier. "Yeah, but you know that John Cates was Stone's older brother. He used to go by the name of Jagger... Probably had no reason to mention it. Years ago. Has absolutely nothing to do with why you're in handcuffs now," Anna said. Jason grew irate when he realized that Agent Cates and Jagger were the same person, and he slammed his fists on the table in frustration. "I've been working for John Cates since November 2021," Jason said.

Anna was floored when Jason revealed that he had been working as an informant for the FBI since the collapse of the tunnel on Cassadine Island in 2021. When Jason mentioned Britt, Anna's face shifted. Jason learned that Britt had died on New Year's Eve 2022. Jason was temporarily speechless before he spoke warmly of Britt. Jason recalled that he had escaped the tunnel and returned to the main house on Cassadine Island. "And that's when two FBI agents stopped me... and placed me under arrest," Jason revealed.

Jason said he had continued to disclose his whereabouts since late 2021. "They brought me to Quantico, put me in a room with no windows, and John Cates came in. And he played a recording for me. It was proof of RICO violations and criminal conspiracy. They offered me a deal. The FBI wouldn't file charges... if I agreed to act as an informant," Jason said. "On Sonny?" Anna asked.

Jason said that he would never work as an informant against Sonny, then he continued. "There's a company called Pikeman... Cates thinks that, um, Pikeman has been selling illegal arms to rogue states and anybody flagged by the NSA. But Pikeman has really close ties to the WSB. That's why the FBI investigation couldn't be on the books," Jason added.

Jason said that, in order for him to reach whoever was in charge of Pikeman, he'd had to sign on as a military contractor. He added that he had been working as a mercenary soldier since he'd been rescued in 2021. "I was at the warehouse. I was a part of the team that was sent to eliminate Sonny," Jason admitted.

Jason confirmed to Anna that Pikeman had tried to eliminate Sonny on three separate occasions -- at the Metro Court pool, in Puerto Rico, and at the warehouse several nights earlier. Jason was adamant that he hadn't been present at the two previous attempts on Sonny's life, and he noted that Pikeman sent a different team of mercenaries on each attempt to eliminate someone. "They were prepping me as a sniper, so we had to review the two other failed attempts. That's how I know about them," he admitted.

Jason said that he had no idea why Pikeman was targeting Sonny, and he alluded to an executive at the company who made decisions on who to target. Anna asked if Jagger had known that Jason had been assigned by Pikeman to eliminate Sonny. Jason confirmed that Jagger had known. Jason added that he had given Jagger access to Jason's itinerary for the night of the warehouse shooting.

Anna grew furious when she realized that Jagger hadn't been honest with her. "So, when Cates and I went into that warehouse to confront Sonny and Ms. Wu, he knew that you were on the roof with a sniper, ready to target Sonny?" Anna asked. "Yes," Jason said as he nodded. "Bastard!" Anna fumed.

Jason said that he had made sure that Hamish had missed hitting Sonny. Jason recalled that he and Hamish had been scheduled to meet an extraction team on the docks but had encountered Dante instead. Jason reiterated that he had complied with Dante's order to freeze and that Hamish had subsequently shot Dante.

Jason added that Hamish was dead and that Pikeman's extraction team had made sure to dispose of Hamish's body. "Okay. I guess that all tracks. Except for one thing. Once the sniper was dead, and you'd called 9-1-1, Dante was in really bad shape. Why didn't you stay with him until the first responders arrived?" Anna asked.

Jason said that he had only been trying to honor his deal with the FBI. "If I would've stayed with Dante, I would've been arrested. I don't think Cates would have wanted that. And I'd been shot, and I needed a place to hide. I needed a place to heal. I called 9-1-1 for Dante. I knew the police recorded my voice, but I had no idea that there was a shot of me on the roof with the sniper. I thought maybe I could go back to the FBI. If they couldn't use me for Pikeman, they could use me for something else," Jason admitted.

Anna asked if Jason had been discussing future work for the FBI with Jagger during the two men's conversation earlier that night. "If Dante dies... I get charged with capital murder. Then I will be of no use to the FBI, if I'm in prison for the rest of my life," Jason said. Anna told Jason not to give up on Dante. "(Dante's) a very determined man. And by saving him, you may well have saved yourself," Anna said.

At the same time, Carly had appeared in the lobby of the police station. Carly stared into the interrogation room, where she saw Anna sitting with Jason.

Sam and Jason have a tense reunion

Sam and Jason have a tense reunion

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

In Anna's office, Dex arrived as Anna wrapped up a call with Portia. After Anna ended the call, Dex asked about Dante, but Anna revealed that his condition remained unchanged. The conversation turned to the reason for Anna's request to see Dex. Dex assumed she wanted him to testify against Sonny, so he assured her that he was ready to do it, no matter the cost. "Even if it costs you your life?" Anna asked. She reminded Dex that Sonny had vast resources and could find ways to get to Dex before he testified.

However, Anna revealed that she had an idea that might allow Dex to take down Sonny and remain safe. "You come to work for me at the PCPD," Anna said. Dex was stunned, but she explained that she had recently learned that the best cops were the ones who knew how easy it was to go wrong because they'd been there themselves. "So, it's fine that I'm no better than the criminals you're trying to put away?" he asked. "I think it's more than fine, Dex. I think it's a bonus," Anna said.

Dex was reluctant to agree, but Anna pointed out that Dex was in a precarious situation because she was certain that Sonny knew about his recent visits to the police station and likely suspected Dex of being a turncoat. She urged Dex to consider her offer but not to take too long because time was not on his side.

Later, Anna returned to her office and found Robert waiting for her. He explained that he was there because he had a confession to make. "I'm a big fat coward," Robert said. Robert shared that he had assigned Jason's arraignment to Molly Lansing-Davis. Anna realized that Robert had done it to avoid any conflict with Robin, and she admitted that she would have done the same. Robert worried that Anna thought less of him, but she assured him that he was a wonderful father.

At the courthouse, Kristina entered the courtroom as Molly prepared for Jason's arraignment. Kristina asked how her sister was holding up, so Molly admitted that she was shaking with nerves. Kristina empathized because she knew that Molly cared about Jason. Molly confided that it was an impossible situation trying to remain impartial when she and Jason had so much shared history, so Kristina promised to support Molly and remind her sister that Jason was guilty. "Says who?" Molly asked. "My father, for starters," Kristina replied.

Kristina admitted that Sonny had been reluctant to believe it at first, but there had been incriminating evidence pointing to Jason as the person who had shot Dante. Molly conceded that there was "reasonable suspicion and supporting evidence" to charge Jason, but she reminded her sister that there had been an unidentified individual with Jason whose role in the shooting remained unknown. Molly added that -- in their legal system -- a defendant was presumed innocent until proven guilty. "No matter what Sonny thinks," Molly added. Kristina wasn't surprised that Molly had devised a scenario where Jason was not guilty, but she sternly advised Molly to check her feelings at the door and do her job.

Molly bristled because she didn't need Kristina telling her -- minutes before the arraignment -- something that Molly already knew and was struggling with. Molly told Kristina that it was easy for Kristina to sit in the back of the courtroom and dispense nuggets of wisdom and advice, while Molly had to persuade a judge why Jason shouldn't be granted bail. Kristina turned apologetic because Molly was right. She offered Molly words of encouragement and admitted that Molly was the most ethical person she knew.

Molly was curious why Kristina was "anti-Jason" when he had once rescued Kristina from Shiloh's clutches before Shiloh could sexually assault Kristina. Kristina admitted that she would always be grateful to both Sam and Jason for rescuing her from the cult, but Kristina pointed out that they had no idea where Jason had been for the last couple of years and that he could be a completely different person. Molly acknowledged that the evidence pointed to Jason, but she warned Kristina that they should both tread with caution around their nephew because Jason was Danny's father. Kristina scoffed because she believed Dante had been more of a father to Danny than Jason had ever been or would ever be.

Molly and Kristina's conversation briefly turned to the past as Molly fondly recalled Jason enlisting their help to transform the penthouse for Valentine's Day as a surprise for Sam. Kristina smiled, but she reminded Molly that it had been long before and that people changed. Kristina urged Molly to accept that. Molly agreed, but she wanted Kristina to consider the possibility that Kristina might be wrong about Jason. Molly didn't want to argue, so she quickly changed the subject and told Kristina that she could help Molly by going home and avoiding the stress of the arraignment. Molly assured her sister that she intended to do her civic duty by keeping Jason locked up behind bars.

Outside the courtroom, Josslyn was pleasantly surprised when she saw Trina approach. She jokingly asked if Trina was there to make sure that Jason had the book thrown at him, but Trina admitted that she was there to support Josslyn. Josslyn was touched by the thoughtful gesture. Trina apologized for how she had treated Josslyn during their encounter at Bobbie's, but Josslyn conceded that she had deserved it. Josslyn explained that she believed in Jason's innocence, but Trina was equally entitled to her feelings. Josslyn said she was sorry that she had acted as if Trina wasn't.

Trina revealed that her anger had been about more than Jason's actions; she was upset that Jason had returned instead of Spencer. Trina opened up about the nightmare that she lived, always hoping to get the call that Spencer was alive. Josslyn admitted that Oscar's death had been different for her because she'd known it would happen, but she understood the grief that Trina felt and how it could consume a person. Trina explained that she couldn't get out from under it, so Josslyn assured her that it would happen in time, and Trina would one day smile when she remembered Spencer. Trina admitted that she wasn't there yet, but Josslyn insisted that no one expected her to be.

Trina confessed that she missed Spencer in ways that she had never expected to miss someone. She also revealed that she felt like she was gone, too. Josslyn promised that Trina would find her way back. "What if I don't?" Trina asked. Josslyn told her friend to reach out to her because Josslyn would help Trina through it. Josslyn recalled hating how people had been reluctant to talk about Oscar after he had died, so she invited Trina to share some memories of Spencer from their time in Paris.

Trina revealed that she and Spencer had found a perfect rhythm with paradise as their backdrop, and she had felt more like herself than she ever had before. Josslyn was happy Trina had had that time with Spencer and that it had been special. The two friends shared a hug. Afterwards, Trina asked about Josslyn and Dex's breakup and what had led to it. Josslyn explained that she couldn't get into it, but she assured her friend that she would be fine. Josslyn thanked Trina for supporting her, but she told Trina that it wasn't necessary for her to stay.

When Trina spotted Dex, she decided that it was her cue to leave. Afterwards, Dex approached Josslyn and greeted her. Josslyn admitted that she was surprised that he was still in town. "I think I was just given a reason to stay," Dex told her.

At the police station, Sam entered the interrogation room for a visit with Jason. Without preamble, she sat down and cut to the chase. "Did you do it? Did you shoot Dante?" she asked. Jason assured her that he hadn't. Sam relaxed because she believed him. "There's something else," Jason confessed. "It's about Danny," he said.

Sam was stunned to learn that Danny had found Jason in the boathouse and had helped his father. She couldn't believe that Danny hadn't said anything to her, but Jason revealed that he had asked Danny not to tell her. Furious, Sam reminded Jason that she was Danny's mother, and she had been the one raising their son for most of Danny's life. She insisted that Danny wasn't just a kid, but he had "issues," as well. Concerned, Jason asked her to elaborate, but she resented Jason asking about Danny. "Don't pretend to be a father to him now," she said.

Sam pointed out that Jason had vanished and left her to pick up the pieces. She warned him that he couldn't pop up out of nowhere and tell their son to lie and keep secrets from her. Sam was livid that he had exposed their son to possible federal charges. "That is our baby I've been protecting," Sam shouted. When Jason remained silent, Sam demanded that he say something. She wanted him to admit that she was right about everything.

"You're right," Jason said. Far from satisfied, Sam told him that he was a danger to their son, and she warned him to stay away from Danny. After Sam stormed out, Diane entered and closed the door. She assured Jason that she wouldn't ask about his visit with Sam, since Jason was unlikely to answer, so she got to the point and told him that things looked bad for him because Dante was a hero cop who remained in the hospital on life support. Diane admitted that the chances of Dante waking up grew slimmer each day.

Diane pleaded with Jason to give her something that she could use to prove that he hadn't shot Dante, but Jason confessed that he had nothing. Frustrated, Diane reminded him that he had her number if anything changed. Shortly after Diane left, Brook Lynn arrived for a visit. She greeted Jason and tried to exchange small talk until Jason asked her why she was there. Brook Lynn revealed that Monica had sent her.

Surprised, Jason asked about his mother. Brook Lynn explained that Monica had fallen in the driveway before Christmas, so she was confined to a wheelchair until she healed, but it hadn't stopped Monica from going to work. According to Brook Lynn, Monica was unable to attend Jason's arraignment because she had picked up a bug at the hospital, and her doctors had advised Monica not to push herself. However, Monica had sent a note with Brook Lynn. She handed it to Jason, and he opened it. "Jason, I believe in you. Love, Mom," the note read.

Jason was moved to tears. Moments later, Officer Tony popped his head in to let Brook Lynn know that Jason would be taken to his arraignment in a few minutes. After the police officer left, Jason asked Brook Lynn to tell Monica that he loved her and was sorry.

At the Quartermaine boathouse, Danny opened the door and looked inside. "You looking for something?" Jake asked as he appeared behind Danny. Danny shut the door and coldly asked if Aiden was with Jake. Jake revealed that his brother was in the main house, so Danny asked what Jake was doing there. According to Jake, Elizabeth had decided that the brothers should be together, since they were home from school because of Jason's arraignment. Tensions quickly mounted between the brothers when Danny realized that Jake was certain of their father's guilt.

Unapologetic, Jake accused Danny of being naïve because their father had taken off and let them all believe that he had died. Jake was certain that Jason had shot Dante, and he questioned how Danny could believe otherwise. Danny insisted that he loved both Dante and Rocco, but he demanded to know why Jake couldn't give their father the benefit of the doubt. When Jake told him that Jason didn't deserve it, Danny's temper flared, and he punched his brother.

Meanwhile, Aiden had walked up and frantically implored both Danny and Jake to stop, but they both ignored him as they traded punches. The fight abruptly ended when Jake socked Danny in the eye, knocking him onto his backside. Disgusted, Jake marched away. Aiden apologized to Danny then followed his brother.

A short time later, Sam walked up and smiled knowingly when she saw Danny's shiner. Danny asked about Jake, and she admitted that his brother was a little worse for wear. When she asked why he'd been fighting with Jake, Danny admitted that he'd gotten mad that Jake believed their father was guilty. To Danny's surprise, Sam revealed that she'd seen Jason, and he had told her that Danny had helped him. Danny assumed that she was mad at him, but she clarified that her anger was directed at Jason for involving Danny in a dangerous situation.

Sam made it clear that it was not to happen again, but Danny insisted that it hadn't been a big deal because he had merely gotten his father a first aid kit. Sam disagreed, and she explained that Jason had crossed a line with her by exposing Danny to possible criminal charges. She admitted that the trust between her and Jason had been broken.

After Sam fetched some ice for Danny's eye, Danny asked about Dante. She revealed that Dante's condition remained the same. Danny wondered if Dante knew that Danny loved him and appreciated everything that Dante had done for him. Sam assured her son that Dante did, and she apologized that Jason's homecoming hadn't been wonderful. She didn't know if she had changed or if Jason had, but she vowed to always protect Danny and have his best interests at heart.

Sam promised to always do everything in her power to keep Danny safe, and she told him that she loved him. "I love you, too," Danny said. Sam wrapped her arms around her son and assured him that they would get through things together because they had each other. Danny frowned when she added that he wouldn't have to see his dad again.

Jason is arraigned

Jason is arraigned

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Outside the courtroom, Josslyn asked Kristina for an update on Dante, but there was none. Josslyn commented that they were wasting time on Jason's trial when they could be going after who had actually shot Dante. "I think they already found him," Kristina replied. The two argued over Jason's guilt until Elizabeth approached. She suggested that they go into the courtroom before they were late. Josslyn walked away to find Carly, and Kristina apologized to Elizabeth for having to hear the argument about Jason. Elizabeth assured Kristina that Josslyn wasn't her enemy, but Kristina reminded Elizabeth that people would be choosing sides.

Michael arrived in the courtroom and found Carly. She assured Michael that Diane would get Jason out. "That's the plan," Diane said as she entered. Drew and Olivia arrived, and Carly asked for an update on Dante. Olivia replied that he was lucky to be alive, and Carly was thankful for Jason's lifesaving measures. The two argued until Drew pulled them apart.

"Open your eyes," Olivia demanded of Carly, and she and Drew walked away to sit down. Carly insisted that people would change their minds if they heard Jason's side of things, and she could tell by Michael's face that he had something to tell her about that. He promised to tell her later, as Josslyn arrived talking about her "interesting conversation" with Kristina.

Alexis and Molly arrived in the courtroom, and Molly admitted that she was nervous. Alexis assured Molly that Molly could handle the arraignment. Alexis confided that she was annoyed at Robert for handing the case over to Molly, but Molly had had to take it. Nina arrived and asked Carly if there was an update on Dante, which there wasn't. Carly spat that Sonny wasn't there, but Nina actually wanted to thank Carly, as Nina was back at Crimson.

Carly shot back that she didn't "give a damn" about the magazine at that moment. Olivia wondered what was going on between Drew and Carly. Drew replied, "Nothing. We broke up, so nothing." He added that Jason would always come first with Carly. The bailiff announced that court was about to convene, so Elizabeth, Kristina, and Danny rushed in and took their seats.

Jason entered, and Molly recited the charges against him, which included two counts of attempted murder. The judge asked for his plea, and Jason announced that he was pleading not guilty. Molly wanted Jason held without bail, noting that Jason's rap sheet was "longer than a CVS receipt." Diane countered that Jason had a "long, long list of acquittals and dismissals."

Molly and Diane sparred over the issue until the judge had heard enough. The judge set Jason's bail at five million dollars, and he concluded the arraignment. Danny ran out, followed by Elizabeth and then Diane. Josslyn asked if Michael had his checkbook, and he confirmed that he did. Jason asked the guard for minute, and he took the opportunity to take a tearful Carly's hand and hug her, which did not go unseen by Drew.

Kristina proudly told Molly that she had been a pro. Alexis excused herself from her daughters and went over to Drew and Olivia. Drew informed Alexis that Nina was back at Crimson, so while she would still be Alexis' editor, she would no longer be as hands-on. Alexis thanked Drew and returned to her daughters. Olivia jokingly welcomed him back to the support group of people forced to work with Nina, and they left.

Kristina left, and Molly asked if Alexis had any notes for her. Alexis had nothing but praise for Molly, and she instructed her daughter to take the arraignment as a win, considering all the factors. Molly wondered if Alexis had ever been happy to lose a motion, as she believed that Jason was innocent. Alexis commended Molly for keeping her personal opinion to herself. She believed that, when the justice system worked, it was because of lawyers like Molly. Molly thanked her mother, and she revealed that she hoped Alexis got her license back.

Outside the courtroom, Kristina assumed that Nina was waiting for Sonny. She sincerely hoped that Nina and Sonny could work things out, as she could see how happy they'd been, and Nina appreciated hearing that. Kristina thought that it could be a good time to reach out to Sonny. Nina insisted that she was committed to her marriage, and she was determined to prove that they belonged together.

Diane arrived at the PCPD with Michael and Josslyn, and she walked off to arrange Jason's bail. Josslyn was glad that Jason wouldn't be sitting in jail until his trial, as he showed up for the people he loved, "unlike Sonny." Michael thought Sonny would have been there, but Josslyn thought they were better off, as Sonny didn't deserve Jason's loyalty. A short while later, Jason emerged in street clothes, his bail having been posted. Diane instructed him not to leave town and told him to keep a low profile, and Jason promised that he would never betray Michael. "Let's go home," Michael said to Jason. Jason apologized that he couldn't go home yet.

Sonny returned home from the hospital after visiting Dante, and Ava mentioned that she was surprised that he hadn't gone to Jason's arraignment. Sonny refused to see the man who'd put his son in the hospital, even if he hadn't pulled the trigger himself. Sonny admitted that what hurt the most was knowing that it was his choices that had led to Dante getting shot. He added that Dante was a better man than Sonny would ever be. Ava assured him that he and Dante would have plenty of time left together. Ava handed Sonny a get-well card that Avery had made for Dante, and they smiled over how much Avery loved her big brother.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Ava answered the door to Carly. Ava informed Carly that it wasn't a good time, but Carly didn't care and barged into the apartment. She demanded to know why Sonny hadn't been at Jason's arraignment, as Jason hadn't been the one to shoot Dante. Sonny didn't know how anyone could be sure of that, and they argued about it. She thought that he owed Jason the chance to explain, but Sonny insisted that he owed Jason nothing.

In his hospital room, Sam read to a still-unconscious Dante. She told him that he needed to wake up soon, as she was losing her voice. There was a knock on the door, and Portia entered. Sam asked to talk to her outside. She expressed concern over the fact that the hospital wanted to move Dante to Turning Woods, and she needed Portia, as co-chief of staff, to stop that.

Portia admitted that she wasn't aware of that, but she would look into it for Sam. Portia did explain that Turning Woods had a better facility and equipment for long-term care while Dante recovered. Sam coldly asked what Portia would want if Curtis was in Dante's position. Portia promised to look into it for Sam, and she walked away.

Sam returned to Dante and took his hand. She assured him that he wasn't going anywhere. Just then, Stella entered the room. Sam seemed a bit uncertain about whether Stella was there "as family or representing the hospital." Sam explained that Curtis was one of her closest friends and that T.J. was "essentially" her brother-in-law, but she admitted that she really didn't know Stella. Stella extended her hand and introduced herself with a smile. Sam thought she owed Portia an apology. Stella said that she was sure that was not necessary and then, on behalf of the hospital, apologized for Sam being blindsided.

Stella explained that Turning Woods would give Dante the tools and comfort to win his battle, as a hospital wasn't a restful place. Sam mentioned that Rocco's mother, Lulu, was also in a long-term care facility, and she didn't want him thinking that he'd lost his dad, too. Stella offered to talk to Rocco and make sure he knew that there was still hope, and Sam appreciated that. She reiterated that no one was giving up on Dante, and Sam promised to talk to Olivia and Sonny.

Later, Sam gently wiped Dante's neck and arms with a washcloth, inadvertently resting his hand on the table. She sat down in a chair and closed her eyes. Just then, the cup from the table fell to the floor, and her eyes snapped open. She was immediately at Dante's side, urging him to open his eyes.

The head of the Pikeman organization is revealed

The head of the Pikeman organization is revealed

Friday, March 29, 2024

In the kitchen at the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia was ecstatic when Sam called to tell her that Dante was awake. Olivia shared the news with Lois, Rocco, and Danny, who accompanied Olivia to the hospital to visit Dante.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and a doctor updated Sam on Dante's condition. When Sam entered Dante's room, she smiled affectionately at him. Dante asked Sam to step closer to him. Through a weakened voice, Dante said that he loved Sam. Sam kissed Dante's forehead, and she leaned in close to him. Sam lovingly cradled Dante's face in her hands.

Moments later, a joyous Olivia entered Dante's room with tears in her eyes as she greeted Dante. Olivia told Dante that she loved him. Sam asked if Elizabeth could allow Rocco and Danny inside the room, and Elizabeth warmly obliged. Soon afterwards, Rocco and Dante hugged. Rocco said that he had missed Dante, and they shared a warm hug. Danny added that he was happy that Dante was okay.

Olivia encouraged Rocco and Danny to wait outside in an effort to give Sam some time alone with Dante. Dante asked Sam to call Anna, who appeared shortly afterwards. Anna smiled when she referred to Dante as her most valuable detective. Anna and Dante shared a nice reunion before the discussion turned to Dante's shooting. When Anna asked if Dante remembered who had shot him, Dante was adamant that Jason hadn't been the shooter.

Dante added that Jason was the reason he was alive. Moments later, Elizabeth checked on Sam. Elizabeth shared that she was happy for Sam and Sam's family. Sam told Elizabeth that Dante had confirmed that Jason hadn't shot him. Elizabeth was relieved, and she said that Jake would be relieved to hear the news, as well.

Elizabeth spotted Danny, and she recalled that she had seen him at Jason's arraignment. Danny reiterated that he had believed Jason hadn't shot Dante. Elizabeth smiled, and she said that Jason was lucky to have Danny in his corner.

At Sonny's penthouse, Carly yelled at Sonny for not believing in Jason. They argued loudly. When Carly mentioned Michael, Sonny implied that he had disowned Michael. Sonny asked who he was supposed to trust. "You, Carly? For all I know, you and Jason... are working together," Sonny said to the surprise of both Carly and Ava.

At the same time, in the hallway of the penthouse, Jason asked if he could see Sonny. Frank extended a warm hand to Jason and invited him inside the penthouse. As Jason entered, Carly huffed that she wished she had been secretly plotting against Sonny instead of pining over Jason since 2021. Sonny caught sight of Jason, and he stared at him intensely. Jason insisted that he hadn't shot Dante.

Carly gloated that she and Michael were responsible for Jason making bail, and she huffed about Ava's presence in Sonny's home. Sonny asked why he should believe Jason. Jason told Sonny and Carly that he had spent the past two-plus years as an informant for the FBI. Sonny deduced that Jason was protecting someone, and he demanded to know who. "Myself," Jason said.

Sonny was skeptical. Carly continued a vigorous defense of Jason. She continued yelling at Sonny for not believing in Jason. When the argument turned into a screaming match, Ava suggested allowing cooler heads to prevail. Carly responded by screaming for Ava to "shut up." Sonny defended Ava before saying that he could no longer trust Carly or Jason. "You're both traitors to me!" Sonny thundered, and he ordered Carly and Jason to leave. "We need to go," Jason whispered to Carly.

At Bobbie's Diner, Jason complimented Carly on renaming the diner. They shared a toast in Bobbie's memory. Carly said that she was happy Jason was back, and she invited him to stay with her. Jason rebuffed Carly, and he agreed to live in the room above the diner. Carly received a call from Anna, who shared that Dante had confirmed that Jason hadn't shot Dante. Afterwards, Carly and Jason hugged.

Back at Sonny's penthouse, Ava thanked Sonny for defending her from Carly's wrath. "You're welcome. I knew it would piss her off," Sonny quipped. Sonny said that he couldn't believe he had ever loved Carly, and he recalled that Carly and Jason had married in 2021, just months after Sonny had been presumed dead. As Sonny stepped out of the room, Ava offered to pour Sonny a drink.

As Ava poured a drink, Sonny's phone chimed as it rested on a nearby chair. Ava stared at a text that Olivia had sent to Sonny's phone. "He's awake, Sonny! Dante came out of it! He's even talking!" Olivia's text read. Ava stared at the text, and she seemed to mull something over before she placed the phone in a different location.

When Sonny returned, Ava excitedly shared that she had called the hospital and learned that Dante was awake. Sonny momentarily searched for his phone, but Ava explained that Dante couldn't have visitors yet, so Sonny should try to relax. As Sonny sat on a couch, he said that he had finally seen the truth about Jason and Carly. Sonny invited Ava to join him on the sofa, and Ava readily agreed. "We can rejoice in the good fortune of my son," Sonny said. "Happy to," Ava replied.

Sonny quipped that he had lost his best friend while simultaneously regaining his son in a matter of hours. Ava reiterated that she was there for Sonny, who slipped his arm around Ava's shoulders. Sonny said that it was "amazing" that Ava was the only person that had been there for him. Sonny leaned in to kiss Ava. Sonny then stood up, and he bade Ava goodnight.

In a prison transport van on an unknown stretch of highway late at night, a driver drove John Brennan to a remote area on the shoulder of the road. The door opened, and a man soon stepped inside. The man was revealed to be Valentin. Valentin warmly greeted Brennan as "Jack." Moments later, it was revealed that Valentin and Brennan had been working together for years, and Valentin had taken Brennan's place as the head of Pikeman.

Brennan asked what had gone wrong with the operation to eliminate Sonny. Valentin recalled that Jason had been assigned to the sniper team, and he said that Jason had used the alias "Alan Jacobs" to help mask Jason's true identity. Valentin surmised that Jason had sabotaged the attempt on Sonny's life.

Brennan asked what Valentin was doing to "fix" their attempt at eliminating Sonny, and he wondered what would happen if Jason gave up Pikeman to the authorities. "Could he know... that you've been running the company since my arrest?" Brennan asked Valentin, who smirked faintly.

Valentin quipped that Brennan had grown "sloppy" by fraternizing with Carly months earlier. Brennan asked what Sonny knew of the attempt on Sonny's life. "Well, he knows enough to not show his face where we can get a clear shot at him. I've left some breadcrumbs, some misinformation. He thinks he's being targeted by a mysterious enemy named Stone... There have been far too many misfires, Jack. That has to change now. Sonny Corinthos has a stranglehold on Port Charles. And if he's not willing to do business with us... then we need him gone," Valentin said firmly.

Brennan asked how Valentin planned to take down Sonny. Valentin shook his head slowly. "We don't. Sonny does it for us," Valentin said. Valentin noted that Sonny suffered from bipolar disorder and that Sonny had taken medication for years. Valentin said that he had made contact with Sonny's source for medication.

"Let's just say that we've come to an agreement. He'll be filling Sonny's prescription at one-quarter strength, three-quarters placebo... (Sonny) will become increasingly erratic, paranoid. Removing him will become child's play," Valentin said confidently. Valentin added that Sonny had already been "derailed" in recent months, and he referenced the beating Sonny had administered to Cyrus.

Brennan boasted that Valentin was still diabolical, then he asked about Anna. Brennan smirked that Valentin had managed to convince Anna to love him, only for their relationship to "go up in smoke." Valentin had a warning for Brennan. "If Anna finds out my involvement with Pikeman, this van is gonna be the last you see outside prison walls," Valentin said before leaving the van.

Afterwards, as the van headed back to Statesville, Brennan spoke aloud about his relationship with Valentin. "We came up in the business together. Unlike most in our line of work, we were never true believers in anything other than getting the job done. Pragmatists. And that's why we rose to the top together," Brennan said.

When the van returned to Statesville, the driver exited the vehicle to open the door to Brennan. The driver used sign language to communicate something to Brennan. "Valentin. Val, Val, Val. Damn, you're good," Brennan said.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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