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Jason paid Elizabeth and Jake a visit. Anna went to Pentonville to talk to Brennan. It was revealed that John had threatened to charge Carly with RICO violations unless Jason cooperated. Curtis took his first steps. Josslyn learned that Dex hoped to join the police force. Portia vowed to make certain that Heather remained locked up. Dante was released from the hospital.
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Jason paid Elizabeth and Jake a visit. Curtis took his first steps. Portia vowed to keep Heather locked up. Dante was released from the hospital.
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Jason visits Elizabeth and Jake

Jason visits Elizabeth and Jake

Monday, April 1, 2024

At Elizabeth's house, Aiden opened the door to Jason, whose eyes soon found Elizabeth's. Jason and Elizabeth spoke to one another for the first time in over two years. Elizabeth slowly began to smile as she spoke to Jason, who thanked her for attending his arraignment. Elizabeth congratulated Jason on his charges being dropped. Jason apologized for not having stopped by Elizabeth's house sooner. Elizabeth said that she wasn't sure what kind of reception Jason might have received. "So, maybe now, the timing is just right," Elizabeth told Jason.

Jason said that he had heard about the deaths of both Epiphany and Bobbie after he had returned to Port Charles. Jason congratulated Elizabeth on being promoted to head nurse, and he added that Epiphany would be proud of Elizabeth. "You look good. Happy," Jason said. Elizabeth thanked Jason, and she said that he looked different. "It's because I am," Jason said.

Just then, Jake entered from upstairs, and he laid his eyes on Jason. Jason greeted Jake, who asked why Jason was there. Jake was angry at Jason for not having confided to Jason's loved ones that Jason was alive. Jason said that he understood Jake's anger, and he added that he would have been in touch with Elizabeth and Jake much sooner if it had been possible. Jason acknowledged that it was a lot to ask, but he asked Jake to believe him. "Would you believe you?" Jake asked Jason.

Jason said that he knew he had a lot of things to make up for, but he insisted that he wanted to spend time with Jake. Jake continued to lash out at Jason. "Why would I want to spend time with you when I don't even know how long you're planning to stay this time? Or what even brought you back to Port Charles -- because it obviously wasn't me or anyone else in your family. But hey, at least you dropped by and got to play dad for a minute, right?" Jake argued.

Jason said that he hadn't wanted to leave Port Charles in 2021 and that he'd had no choice but to stay away. When pressed by Jake, Jason admitted that he hadn't returned to Port Charles as soon as he could have. Jason added that he hadn't meant to upset Jake, who yelled for Jason to leave. Elizabeth agreed to walk Jason out.

By the door, Elizabeth said that part of her wanted to apologize to Jason for Jake's behavior, but she noted that she would be lying if she said she didn't partly understand Jake's anger. "I have a lot of those same questions for you myself... but despite all of that, it really is good to see you. Your death never felt real to me. I'm glad it wasn't," Elizabeth said earnestly. "Yeah, me, too," Jason said softly.

Jason added that he understood Jake's anger and that he was glad that Jake wasn't afraid to express his feelings. Elizabeth said that Jake was still just a teenager who was afraid of a lot of things. "Mostly, he's afraid of losing his father," Elizabeth said.

After Jason left, Elizabeth and Jake had a conversation about Jason. Elizabeth reached for Jake's hand, and she said that it wasn't good for him to be so angry at Jason. "Well, I don't think it's good for you to be so okay with this and act all nice to him, like he didn't do anything wrong and everything's fine," Jake responded.

Elizabeth said that she knew Jake was hurting, but it didn't excuse lashing out at those around him. Jake asked if Elizabeth had known that Jason was alive. Elizabeth was taken aback by the question, and she swore that she hadn't known that Jason was alive. Jake seemed conflicted over whether to share his thoughts with Elizabeth, who pleaded for Jake to open up to her. Elizabeth added that Jake's feelings mattered, and he was allowed to feel however he wanted about Jason.

After Elizabeth vowed that she wouldn't judge Jake, Jake said that he felt guilty because he'd been sad when he'd thought that Jason had died. "I used to lay in bed at night, wishing I could talk to him just one more time. But now, I think that it was easier to have a dead father that people would tell you stories about rather than one who's alive but only shows up to commit crimes and get arrested and has nothing to say to his own family," Jake told Elizabeth.

Elizabeth insisted that Jason wouldn't have stopped by if Jason hadn't wanted to see Jake. "I don't know where he's been the past few years -- or why. But I saw the way he looked at you just now. He wouldn't have stayed away on his own," Elizabeth said firmly. Elizabeth added that Jason was a complicated person. "But he never makes things up, and he doesn't lie. He may not say a whole lot, but every word that comes out of his mouth is the truth," Elizabeth swore.

Jake said that Elizabeth always defended Jason. "I'm explaining him. It's different," Elizabeth noted. When Jake said that he doubted Jason would show up again, Elizabeth disagreed. "He's not going to make some big declaration about how he's your dad and he loves you. Instead, he's going to keep showing up -- until you realize that's the only explanation," Elizabeth told Jake.

At the hospital, Sonny was thrilled when he discovered that Dante was out of bed and walking for the first time since Dante's shooting. "You know, I wasn't there when you took your first steps, but I'm getting a taste of that right now. This time, if -- if you fall, I'll be there to catch you," Sonny said warmly.

In Dante's room moments later, Dante reiterated that Jason hadn't been responsible for the shooting, and he added that Jason had tried to save his life. Sonny told Dante that Jason had been working as an FBI informant, and he said that being an informant was "the worst thing (Jason) could have done."

Sonny added that Jason was "dead" to him. Dante was skeptical of Sonny's position on Jason. Sonny recalled having returned from Nixon Falls in 2021 to discover that Jason and Carly had married just months after Sonny had been presumed dead. Sonny said that things had never been the same between him and Jason afterwards.

A short while later, after Sonny had left, Dante was surprised when Jason visited. Dante thanked Jason for having helped save his life on the night of the shooting. Dante asked what had happened to the person who had shot him. Jason replied that the man was dead. Dante said that Sonny believed that Jason was a traitor. Jason swore that he hadn't informed on Sonny.

When Dante asked who Jason had informed on, Jason shook his head and said that he couldn't say. Dante quipped that the FBI had to have had "serious leverage" to force Jason to cooperate. "It was something big enough that I had no choice [but] to take their deal and do exactly what they wanted," Jason said with seriousness.

When Dante asked Jason to swear that it had nothing to do with Sonny, Jason grew more serious. "Sonny has nothing to do with this. He's safe. And I'm going to do my best to make sure he stays that way," Jason said.

In Anna's office at the Port Charles Police Station, Anna met with Detective Bennet from the police academy to discuss the possibility of Dex joining the PCPD. Anna said that she had a good feeling about Dex because of his experience as Sonny's former employee. Bennet expressed hesitation that Anna would recruit a "mobster" in Dex. Bennet added that he'd grown to believe that Anna had had a soft spot for Sonny.

Anna vowed that Sonny would be held to the same standard as everyone else. Anna added that the police needed to place a check on organized crime and to specifically limit Sonny's influence. To that end, Anna believed that Dex would provide insight into how Sonny's organization operated.

A short while later, Anna was distant and standoffish when Sonny stopped by to share an update on Dante. Anna quipped that she had a lot of work to do. Sonny recalled that Jason had been on the roof of the warehouse when shots had rung out several nights earlier, and he asked what charges Anna planned to file against Jason.

Anna grew furious at Sonny, and she rose from her chair to look Sonny directly in the eyes. "Son of a bitch. You have the gall to come in here and try to get me to file charges against Jason... There are no charges to file. It's clear that Jason stopped that sniper from shooting you," Anna snapped.

Anna quipped that if Sonny wanted her to arrest someone, she could always arrest Sonny for his assault on Cyrus months earlier. Sonny was confused by Anna's demeanor, and he asked where her hostility was coming from. Sonny added that he thought he and Anna had grown closer.

Anna was blunt when she said that she believed her attitude toward Sonny had been "colored" by his closeness to Robin and Stone. "But if you thought for one second that I was okay with you beating an old man bloody and unconscious, no matter if he's a vile person, you were sorely mistaken! I'm police commissioner! And your days of thinking you can skate, no matter what the offense, they're over! So, if you don't mind -- even if you do mind, get out of my office!" Anna yelled at Sonny.

At the Invader, Alexis and Adrian were arguing over the layout of the paper when Diane entered. After Adrian left, Diane said that Alexis was a step closer to returning to practicing law. Diane shared that Neil Byrne's brother, Fergus, had been a member of the disciplinary committee during Alexis' disbarment hearing years earlier. Diane added that, while Fergus had recused himself, he had been replaced by Fergus' law partner. Diane noted that it gave Alexis' disbarment an air of illegitimacy.

Alexis confided that she still had doubts about a return to practicing law, and she recalled that Molly had expressed worry over Alexis' sobriety if Alexis were to return to practicing law. Diane said that Alexis was a strong person that had accomplished everything she had set her mind to. Later, Adrian returned to continue the debate about the layout of the paper. Alexis yelled for him to leave. Afterwards, Alexis turned to Diane. "Get me the hell out of here," Alexis pleaded.

At the Deception office, Lucy, Maxie, and Brook Lynn were excited to welcome Blaze as the new face of Deception. Natalia entered, and she began to comb through Blaze's contract. Natalia demanded that Blaze not advertise Deception products for Home & Heart. Blaze wondered if Lucy, Maxie, and Brook Lynn would be open to hiring a separate person solely to advertise products for Home & Heart.

Moments later, Blaze signed a contract to be the new Face of Deception. As Blaze and Natalia prepared to leave, Natalia asked that Blaze be a "woman of mystery." Natalia clarified that she wanted Blaze's private life to be off the record. After some hesitation, Blaze said that she supported Natalia's suggestion.

Jagger issues an ultimatum to Jason

Jagger issues an ultimatum to Jason

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis slowly rose from his wheelchair. Stella was taken aback when she saw Curtis, and she grew anxious for Curtis to share with Portia the news that he could stand. Stella warned that keeping secrets had already cost Curtis his marriage to Jordan, and she added that she didn't want to see the same thing happen to Curtis' marriage to Portia.

When Portia entered, Stella left in a rush. A short while later, after Portia had stepped out of the room, she returned and saw Curtis standing. Curtis slowly began to take a step toward Portia, who extended her arms toward Curtis. Portia and Curtis soon stood face to face, and they shared a warm embrace before they kissed.

At the Crimson office, Drew surprised Nina when he said that he'd gone to see what she was up to. Drew soon began to criticize Nina, whom he referred to as a "rich, spoiled brat" that couldn't find true love. Drew gloated that Crimson was his and that Nina needed it. "And you need me... because Carly is long gone," Nina said.

Nina reminded Drew that she was the driving force behind Crimson instead of Carly. As Drew talked, Nina began to taunt Drew over the fact that Carly had chosen Jason over Drew. Nina added that Drew had only broken up with Carly before Carly had had a chance to dump Drew. Drew responded by demeaning and lecturing Nina over her past misdeeds. As their argument intensified and turned into a shouting match, Nina called Drew "pathetic" for his continued defense of Carly.

Nina added that she had lost everything in her life except Crimson. Drew asked if Nina shared no responsibility, and he mentioned Carly again. "Oh, I did not want anything from Carly. Things just happened the way they happened. And yes, I take responsibility for keeping the truth about Sonny being alive in Nixon Falls from his family, but once Sonny remembered, it was his choice -- and he chose me. I didn't force him. It was Sonny's decision," Nina reminded Drew.

When Drew mentioned accountability again, Nina grew more impassioned. "Oh, you want to talk accountability? How about Carly? She chose to buy shares of Aurora and commit a crime! But was she held accountable? No. Carly always gets a pass. She even had you take the fall for her!" Nina said.

Drew interrupted to say that Nina had turned Drew and Carly in to the SEC for committing insider trading. "Which was perfectly legal! But apparently unforgivable -- for me. Now I'm exiled... from the man that I love, and from the only family that I was ever able to call my own. Is that fair?" Nina asked Drew.

Nina said she doubted that Drew had changed, and she posited that his rage and anger were still inside him. "I wonder... if there was a button you could push that would somehow magically make Jason disappear again -- no one would know except for you -- would you push it? Knowing that your brother would just go away and everything would go back to the way it was?" Nina wondered.

Drew stared intently at Nina, and Madison, Nina's intern, interrupted. Madison mentioned a new piece on wellness that she wanted Nina to look at. When Madison left, Drew asked Nina what the piece was about. After Nina explained, Drew asked if Nina would forward the piece to him. Nina agreed, and Drew thanked her. "Maybe we can work together, after all," Drew said calmly, and he left. "Stranger things have happened," Nina said to herself.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Dex met with Detective Bennet to discuss becoming a member of the PCPD. When Bennet asked about Dex's employment for Sonny, Dex claimed that he had realized he could no longer support Sonny's line of business. Bennet asked why Dex wanted to be a cop.

Dex said that he missed being part of something bigger than himself, and he spoke fondly of the men and women he had served with in the Middle East. Bennet said that his biggest concern was Dex's affiliation with the Corinthos organization, and he added that Dex couldn't use being a police officer as a form of "penance." Dex insisted that he wanted a purpose in life. "I need to do better for myself," Dex said.

In the kitchen at Carly's mansion, Carly bragged to Josslyn and Donna that Jason was back in Carly's life. Michael and Wiley entered. When Josslyn and Donna stepped away, Michael was taken aback when Carly said that Jason had been an informant for the FBI -- and that Sonny had labeled Jason a "traitor."

When Willow entered, Carly thanked Willow for helping Jason. They gloated that Spinelli had helped Willow get away with the crime of stealing medication from a hospital. When Carly said that she didn't know everything Jason had been through, Willow replied that she thought Carly and Jason told one another everything.

Carly talked about how well she knew Jason. Later, Carly comforted Josslyn over her breakup with Dex. Michael, Willow, and Donna returned in time for a dinner that Carly, Josslyn, and Avery had helped prepare. Carly said that everyone gathered had a lot to celebrate.

In Anna's office at the Port Charles Police Station, Anna asked Jason about Pikeman's internal organization. Jason was mum, and he said that he couldn't speak about Pikeman. Moments later, Jagger entered. Jason angrily confronted Jagger for not having disclosed that the two men had known one another in high school.

Jagger pushed back. "What would it matter if I told you something you can't remember? It's too bad about your personal life, but you took this deal of your own volition. So, don't lecture me on the consequences of being you... I don't give a damn how you feel about this job. I only care that you get it done," Jagger said sternly.

Jagger stated that he wanted to use Jason as "bait" to draw out Pikeman operatives. Jason vehemently disagreed, but Jagger remained insistent that Jason cooperate. When Jason continued to refuse, Jagger issued an ultimatum. "So, what's it going to be? Cooperate... or we use the evidence we already have and charge Carly Spencer with RICO violations and criminal conspiracy?" Jagger revealed.

Jason agreed to cooperate. Jagger and Anna argued over territorial issues as to whether the PCPD should be involved in an FBI investigation. When Jagger mentioned that both Anna and Pikeman were closely connected with the WSB, Anna accused Jagger of keeping tabs on her in order to "keep (Anna) in check."

Jagger reiterated that the ties between Anna and Pikeman dated back to Anna's early days as a WSB agent in the early '80s. Anna swore that she had never had any involvement with Pikeman. Jagger said that he wanted everyone affiliated with Pikeman to go down. Anna agreed, and she asked how she and Jagger could work together to accomplish their goal. Jagger called it the "billion-dollar question," and he said he hoped that Jason could provide them with the answer.

Jason said that whoever was in charge of Pikeman would want to silence him. Jason added that Pikeman's approach to eliminating Sonny hadn't worked, and he suggested that Pikeman could use a new tactic in an attempt to eliminate Jason. Jagger said that he regretted using Jason as bait, but he noted that their mission was to shut down Pikeman.

After Jagger left, Anna asked if Jason was okay with Jagger's arrangement. "Just has to be done," Jason said casually. Anna said that it made sense that Jason had become an FBI informant to "save Carly." Before he left, Jason said that Carly couldn't know, but he refused to explain why.

Blaze snubs Kristina in public

Blaze snubs Kristina in public

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

At the Quartermaine stables, Cody mucked out stalls as Sasha arrived ready to work. She was dressed in a pair of red overalls and was happy that she no longer had to care about how she looked. Cody assured her that she looked way too good to be cleaning the stables, but she insisted that no one was too good for the hard work. Cody couldn't understand why Sasha wanted to work in the stables, so she explained that she was looking for a new purpose in life, and she hoped that being somewhere she was comfortable and happy would help her find her inspiration.

As Cody and Sasha worked, she fondly reminisced about her first encounter with a horse and learning to ride. She was curious what Cody looked forward to about his "post-Deception" future. He told her that he was doing it, and he resumed his chores. Later, Cody and Sasha sipped coffee and chatted. When Cody mentioned enjoying the company of both James and Leo because both boys made him feel like family, Sasha reminded Cody that he could be with his family if he just told Mac the truth.

Cody admitted that it might be more than he could handle. "Horses are enough," he added. The conversation turned to Cody and Sasha's relationship, and she accused him of being aloof. He jokingly suggested that she had formed the opinion because he didn't manhandle her. Sasha admitted that she liked that things were easy between them and that they were comfortable with each other. Cody teased that a little "manhandling" could be fun, too.

At the hospital, Tracy spotted Gregory seated on a bench near the nurses' station. After she greeted him, he revealed that he had an appointment with Dr. Kramer. Tracy admitted that she was there for blood work and an annual wellness check with Dr. Randolph. Moments later, Elizabeth walked up to fetch Gregory.

After Elizabeth had Gregory settled in an examination room and checked his vitals, she assured him that everything looked good. She asked how he'd been feeling, but he questioned why he merited the attention of a head nurse in a busy hospital. He tactfully explained that he preferred to keep his private life separate from his medical care. Elizabeth apologized for overstepping, and she assured him that she had never intended to offend him. Gregory appreciated Elizabeth's understanding. "Thank you for telling me," Elizabeth said.

A short time later, Dr. Kramer admitted that he was concerned about Gregory's shortness of breath. Gregory assured the doctor that it was manageable as long as he didn't push things, but he wanted to know if he would be well enough to attend his son's wedding the following month. Dr. Kramer explained that he wasn't a psychic, but he was confident that Gregory would be able to walk under his own steam for the wedding. Pleased, Gregory shifted gears because he wanted to discuss Finn.

Dr. Kramer assured Gregory that he would never discuss a patient's care, even with another doctor, unless he had permission from the patient. Gregory was relieved. After Gregory left the examination room, he ran into Tracy. She asked about his appointment, so he told her that his doctor had recommended rest, medication, and continued use of his C-Pap machine to remain in good shape for Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding. Tracy was happy for Gregory -- and Alexis -- because Alexis wouldn't have been invited to the wedding if not for him.

Tracy quickly changed the subject by asking Gregory to join her for coffee before her appointment with Dr. Randolph. Gregory declined because he had a series of tests scheduled. He admitted there had been a time when his ALS had just been a diagnosis, but it had become a full-time job. Tracy insisted that he was more than his diagnosis. According to Tracy, he was terrifically charming, an excellent conversationalist, and intellectually challenging.

"And you're not bad to look at," Tracy added. Gregory chuckled. "You vixen, you," he said. Tracy smiled as Gregory walked away. A short time later, Tracy spotted Stella in the local coffee shop and approached her table. After they exchanged pleasantries, Tracy asked if she could join Stella. After Stella nodded, Tracy sat down. They briefly chatted about Blaze -- a woman of color -- being named the new Face of Deception until the conversation took a more personal turn when Stella mentioned that Tracy knew everyone in town.

Tracy explained that most were social acquaintances, which had never been a problem for her beloved mother because Lila had been gracious to everyone. However, Tracy acknowledged that she was more like her father, so she had few friends and even fewer deep and meaningful relationships. Tracy acknowledged that there was someone special, and she asked how Stella kept from feeling sorry for patients who were suffering. Stella admitted that she couldn't always avoid it, but she refused to let those feelings keep her from treating her patients as people because they were more than the terrible thing that was happening to them.

Tracy's voice filled with emotion as she thanked Stella for the insight. She admitted that nothing annoyed her friend more than being handled. Tracy confessed that she didn't like it, either. "I never would have guessed," Stella said with a smile. Tracy grinned and asked how Stella felt about playing backgammon. Stella told Tracy that she loved it, and she was certain that she would be able to beat Tracy. "You're on," Tracy said.

At the hospital, Chase and Brook Lynn walked with Dante as he slowly made his way back to his room. As Dante returned to his bed, he complained about his slow recovery. Both Chase and Brook Lynn assured him that he was doing well, and everyone had noticed the progress. Brook Lynn shared that Chase had been thrilled to learn that Dante had woken up, so Dante took the opportunity to thank Chase for his support, even when Dante had been in a coma. "You're my partner -- and my friend. Where else would I be?" Chase asked. After they exchanged a fist bump, Dante turned the conversation to the wedding.

Chase and Brook Lynn took the opportunity to tell Dante about their decision to downsize things, but they hoped that Dante would agree to be one of the groomsmen. Dante readily agreed, and he promised a worried Brook Lynn that he would build up his strength and dance with her at the reception. Dante shifted gears to ask about Chase's father, so Chase revealed that Gregory hadn't been looking great nor had he been forthcoming about his recent doctor visits.

Brook Lynn suggested that keeping his visits private was one of the few ways that Gregory still had agency over himself. Chase argued that he was family and just wanted to help, but Brook Lynn gently reminded Chase that Gregory just wanted to be seen as Chase's dad rather than a sick father who needed help. She insisted that everyone deserved their privacy -- even from their loving family. When Sam arrived, Dante shared the news that he'd been asked to be a groomsman. Sam promised that she and the children would help him build up his strength.

After Chase and Brook Lynn left, Sam offered to accompany Dante on his morning walk, but he told her that he'd already done it. Sam became distracted when she checked her phone, prompting Dante to ask her about it. She explained that she had asked the vice principal to notify her by text message if Danny skipped classes again. "So far, so good," Sam reported. Dante suggested that Sam might have been too hard on Danny, but she disagreed.

Sam confided that Danny's recent poor choices had made her question whether she could trust her son. "I certainly can't trust his father," Sam said. She explained that she had never felt so betrayed as when Jason had shown up without explanation and asked their son to keep secrets from her. She admitted that she didn't know if Jason was different or if she was seeing Jason clearly for the first time, but things had changed.

In Finn's office, Elizabeth told Finn about her recent exchange with Gregory. Finn realized that she wasn't the only one who had overstepped with his father -- they all had. She agreed and suggested that Gregory might feel as if they had decided -- without consulting Gregory -- that it was time to take over his medical care. Finn confessed that he felt as if he hadn't done enough for his father, but Elizabeth wasn't surprised because it was Finn's nature to feel like he should do more. Finn opened up about a call he had made to a friend from his time with Doctors Without Borders.

Finn explained that he had hoped his friend could help with Gregory's case, but it had also reminded Finn of how useless he felt working at the hospital. Elizabeth confessed that she had felt useless, too, because Jake was angry with Jason. She told him about Jason's visit, which had been a "complete train wreck." Finn pointed out that Jake had good reason to be shaken up by Jason's reappearance, but Elizabeth admitted that it went beyond that. "How was it otherwise seeing Jason again?" Finn asked. Elizabeth shared that it had been strange and maddening because Jason had been vague about everything.

Finn revealed that when he looked back on his past relationships, he wondered how they had ever been enough for him, but when he thought about Elizabeth, it was different. "It's deeper," Finn said. "I feel the same way," she told him. She explained that she wondered why she had ever settled for someone who was so limited with what they could or would share of themselves, and she was glad that she'd gotten it right with Finn. Just then, Chase and Brook Lynn entered the office, looking for help to save their wedding.

Later, Chase, Brook Lynn, and Elizabeth waited as Finn ended a call with Dr. Kramer. Finn shared that he didn't have an update on Gregory because Dr. Kramer had refused to disclose anything. Chase was frustrated because it meant that they would have to rely on Gregory for information. Brook Lynn shifted gears and explained that they needed help getting their wedding back to the original plan. Finn and Elizabeth assured Brook Lynn that they would help.

After Chase and Brook Lynn left, Gregory marched into the office and informed his son that he did not want Finn talking to Dr. Kramer about his case. Finn promised to respect his father's wishes. When he asked Gregory for an update, Gregory conceded that he'd hit a little slump, but he promised that he was better. Elizabeth offered to call Chase and Brook Lynn back to the office to give Gregory a ride home, but Gregory declined. After Gregory left, Finn admitted that Elizabeth was right. "I need to step back," Finn said.

At the elevator, Chase asked Brook Lynn about their honeymoon plans. She reminded him that they had reservations at a luxury hotel in Palm Springs, but Chase was curious if it was what she really wanted. He promised to give her the honeymoon of her dreams, since her family was paying for the wedding. Brook Lynn insisted that she wanted the Palm Springs honeymoon, and she assured him that it would be perfect. Chase watched Brook Lynn walk away. "I can do better than perfect," Chase said.

At Crimson, Nina was surprised to get a visit from Kristina. Kristina made it clear that she had not been okay with what Nina had done to Carly and Drew, but Kristina was willing to accept that Nina had made an impulsive decision that had spiraled out way beyond what Nina had intended. "Yes. That's it exactly," Nina said. Pleased, Kristina added that one bad decision hadn't undone all the good that Nina had done, especially with Sonny. Nina was touched when Kristina insisted that Nina had made Sonny happy, and she was certain that he missed Nina.

Kristina assured Nina that she had always liked Nina, and she wanted the best for Nina. Nina felt the same about Kristina. When Nina motioned to Kristina's baby bump, Kristina beamed as she confirmed that she was pregnant with T.J. and Molly's baby. "What an amazing, generous thing you're doing," Nina said. Kristina smiled, but she warned Nina not to "sanctify" her yet because -- aside from morning sickness -- the hardest part had been keeping everything quiet. Kristina admitted that she wanted to shout the news from the rooftops. "I'm having a baby," Kristina said.

Kristina quickly clarified that she had meant that she was having her baby niece or nephew. Nina suggested that it had been Kristina's hormones talking. Just then, they heard a knock on the door. Nina explained that she had a meeting scheduled, so Kristina walked to the door and opened it. She froze when she saw Maxie and Blaze standing on the other side. Maxie greeted Kristina as she entered the office, but Blaze ignored Kristina as she followed Maxie.

After Maxie introduced Nina to Blaze, Maxie announced that Blaze was the new Face of Deception. Nina recognized Blaze from Nina and Sonny's wedding in Puerto Rico. Blaze acknowledged that she'd been there." So, you remember Kristina," Nina said as she pointed to Kristina. Blaze smiled politely at Kristina, but she did not acknowledge their relationship in any way. Kristina congratulated Blaze on being the Face of Deception. "I can really see it," Kristina pointedly said and walked out.

Later, Blaze wrapped up her visit with Nina and left. Maxie assured Nina that Blaze was exactly who she had presented herself to be, but Nina wanted to know what had happened to Sasha. Maxie filled Nina in about Sasha's resignation. Nina was relieved that it had been Sasha's decision, so Maxie circled back to Blaze because she believed the timing was perfect to expand their youth market. Nina was supportive of Maxie's idea, but she changed the subject by asking if she should send a note of congratulations to Sonny on becoming a great-uncle. Maxie made it clear that she thought it was a bad idea, especially since Nina and Sonny's marriage was over. "Not legally," Nina argued.

Nina tried to justify reaching out to Sonny, but Maxie advised Nina that it would make Nina look desperate. Defensive, Nina explained that she had reason to hope for a reconciliation with Sonny because she hadn't signed the divorce papers, and with Ava, she had someone on the inside. Maxie advised Nina not to count on Ava acting as an advocate because Nina would be disappointed. Nina insisted that she trusted Ava to act in her best interests, but Maxie wasn't persuaded. "Any man you have to plot to get back is not a man you're going to keep," Maxie said.

Maxie confessed that she hadn't liked the woman that Nina had become when she'd married Sonny. "The Nina I know was erased by Mrs. Corinthos," Maxie said. She admitted that she missed the old Nina.

At the hospital, Kristina greeted Dante with a warm hug. As she, Sam, and Dante talked, Stella stopped by to let Dante know that he would be going home. After Sam and Stella left, Kristina told her brother that Sonny blamed himself for Dante's shooting. Dante promised to spend some extra time with their father, so she asked what Dante thought about Ava living with Sonny. Dante admitted that it was weird. Kristina agreed. Moments later, Sam returned. After Kristina left, Sam asked if she had walked in on something, because she'd gotten that feeling from Kristina.

Dante explained that Kristina had been concerned about Sonny and that Ava was still living with him. Sam conceded that it was odd. Later, Dante noticed Sam checking her phone. She admitted that she'd gotten a text message from her mother, but she had checked because she'd been worried it had been the school. Sam reminded Dante that when Danny made his mind up to do something, he found a way to do it. Dante suggested that Sam find some kind of compromise, but she was determined to keep Danny away from Jason and safe from danger.

Portia has strong words for Laura, Kevin, and Alexis

Portia has strong words for Laura, Kevin, and Alexis

Thursday, April 4, 2024

At the hospital, Blaze met Kristina. Blaze said that she hadn't deliberately kept it a secret that she had an agreement to be the new Face of Deception. Kristina congratulated Blaze on her promotion. Blaze said that she wasn't sure she would fit in with what people considered "hot or pretty or trendy." Kristina said that Blaze was "beautiful, hot, and trendy."

Blaze said that Natalia thought it was best for Blaze to keep her personal life private, and she asked if it would be a problem for Blaze and Kristina. Kristina assured Blaze that she didn't have a problem with it. Blaze smiled when she said that Kristina made her happy.

Also at the hospital, Terry wished Tracy a happy birthday. Terry told Tracy that she saw no cause for alarm in Tracy's blood work. Tracy said that she had been somewhat lethargic in recent days, and she asked if it was indicative of anything. Terry wondered if Tracy was depressed.

Tracy admitted that she was still grieving Luke's death from 2022. Terry mentioned some of the family members that Tracy had lost through the years, including Edward, Lila, and Alan. "A legend here at GH," Terry said of Alan. Terry suggested that Tracy be more active, and she encouraged her to try athletic sports such as tennis or golf. Tracy scoffed, but she agreed to keep an open mind.

Later, in Terry's office, Terry met with Laura and Alexis to discuss a contract that would put city employees on the hospital's healthcare plan. Alexis credited Laura for the initiative, which Terry supported. Laura said that she believed city employees deserved access to the best healthcare available. Terry signed a contract to support the initiative.

In Heather's room at the hospital, Portia observed that Heather was no longer in restraints following Heather's surgery. After calling for a guard and a nurse to place Heather in restraints, Portia promptly stepped out of the room. Moments later, Kevin entered Heather's room. As they spoke, Heather told Kevin that she had done horrible things, and she said that it was as if her blood had been on fire and that the only way to extinguish the fire had been to do something "crazy."

Heather grew morose when she noted that she would have to head back to prison soon. Kevin asked Heather to imagine a world in which she was a free woman. Heather said that she would put flowers on Esme's grave -- until she realized that Esme's body wasn't in the ground.

Heather said that she would take flowers to Sasha for Heather having murdered Brando in 2022. Heather imagined a scenario in which Ryan had left her an inheritance in a will, and she said that she would use the inheritance to buy a small house with a yard for Ace to play. Heather began to cry, and she asked what good it was to torture herself with things that were impossible. Kevin told Heather that he would be back, and he stepped out of the room.

By the nurses' station moments later, Kevin told Portia that he had seen a "striking change" in Heather's behavior since Heather's surgery. Portia was unmoved, and she had stern words for Kevin. "You know, maybe you should try telling that to someone who didn't almost lose their daughter to that madwoman," Portia said sharply.

After Portia stepped away, Kevin spotted Laura and Alexis. Kevin congratulated Laura on her healthcare initiative. Laura said that she wanted to visit Heather. Afterwards, Kevin asked if he could speak to Alexis about a "legal opinion." Kevin asked if there was a possibility that Heather could gain her freedom.

As Portia stood nearby, Alexis told Kevin that there was precedent and a possibility that Heather's case could be reopened. Portia was furious as she approached Kevin and Alexis. "Please, please, please, don't tell me that you're considering letting Heather Webber skate on multiple homicide charges," Portia pleaded.

Back in Heather's room, Laura apologized for not visiting Heather more often. Laura was upbeat and happy in Heather's presence. She surmised that something was bothering Heather. Heather said she couldn't stop thinking about the "disaster" that was her life. Laura held Heather's hand when Heather broke down in tears.

Moments later, Laura rejoined Kevin, Alexis, and Portia. Laura enthused that she had noticed a change in Heather, and she asked for Kevin's thoughts on Heather's "progress." Portia was incensed by Laura's behavior. "You want my thoughts on Heather Webber? Let me see. Laura, don't try to sell me on this poor, misunderstood Heather Webber. That woman is a murderer! And she pulled one over on everyone. And you want to let her do it again?" Portia asked incredulously.

Portia stared in disbelief at Laura, Kevin, and Alexis. When Alexis began to mention a potential "legal reason" for Heather's behavior, Portia was quick to shut Alexis down. "No, no, no, no. I don't want to hear any of that -- especially from you, Alexis, considering you don't even practice law anymore. And after this, I think I'm seeing why," Portia said sharply.

Portia paused before she continued. "I don't care how 'nice' or 'changed' or 'victimized' Heather seems to be to you. How much time have you actually spent with her? How much time have you actually spent with that woman? A moment here, a moment there. Why don't you try being me or a member of my staff, who's actually had to deal with her unhinged madness 24/7?! And just so you know, this doesn't even touch on the pain that it has caused my family and countless other families. So, you know what? You want to bring her case in front of a judge and jury? I want you to do it, because I'll fight it. I will fight you with every breath that is in my body!" Portia vowed to everyone gathered.

In the stables on the Quartermaine estate, Sasha told Cody that Dante was being discharged from the hospital. Cody and Sasha shared a joyous hug to celebrate the news. Sasha noted that Dante had helped Cody rescue her from Ferncliff the previous summer. Cody and Sasha said that they appreciated one another.

After Sasha stepped out, Tracy entered the stables. Tracy recalled that she had once enjoyed horse riding, and she asked for Cody's help in selecting a friendly horse. When Sasha returned moments later, Tracy apologized that things hadn't worked out between Sasha and Deception. Olivia entered after Tracy had left. Olivia credited Sasha for having made shepherd's pie for dinner. When Olivia left to serve the dinner that Sasha had made, Cody heaped praise on Sasha.

At the same time, in the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy spotted a brown bag that contained a birthday cake. "Oh, good Lord," Tracy exclaimed when she saw the cake. The words "Birthday Girl" appeared upside down on-screen.

At Bobbie's Diner, Josslyn introduced Felicia to a young girl named Hunter Crews. Josslyn said that Hunter was the new manager at Bobbie's. Felicia warmly introduced herself to Hunter. Moments later, Trina helped escort Curtis into the diner. Curtis walked into the diner with the help of a cane. To his surprise, Curtis received a heavy round of applause from everyone at the diner.

As Trina and Curtis sat at a table, Felicia congratulated Curtis on the progress he had made. Trina said that she was proud of Curtis. Josslyn joined Trina to complain that PCU was "bothering" her to find a new roommate. When Trina said that she wasn't sure if she ever wanted to return to PCU, Josslyn said that she understood. Curtis quipped that Josslyn was a "real friend."

Josslyn spotted Dex as he entered the diner. Josslyn approached to take Dex's order. Dex asked for coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich. When she returned moments later, Josslyn lifted a piece of paper from Dex's table. Josslyn said that it was "reckless and stupid" that Dex wanted to work for the PCPD. She reasoned that being a member of the PCPD would make Dex an even bigger target for Sonny.

Dex quipped that not everyone could be doctors. When Josslyn scoffed, Dex asked if something was wrong. Josslyn said that she had been considering changing her career path from pre-med. She said that patients weren't always good people. "Patients like Cyrus Renault?" Dex asked before Josslyn stormed off. Josslyn returned moments later with Dex's order. Dex said that the grilled cheese looked great.

Back at their table, Trina told Curtis that she wasn't hungry. Trina admitted that she no longer frequented the diner due to Spencer's death. Trina worried that she sounded "ridiculous." Curtis replied that Trina only sounded like someone whose heart had been broken.

"I miss Spencer all the time, but it's worse in places where we used to be together, especially here. And it seems normal, like, in an instant -- like a literal split second -- I'll forget, and the door will open, and I'll look up, thinking that he's going to be there. And then... and then he's not," Trina lamented.

Curtis recalled having to learn to walk again. He said that broken hearts were similar to broken bones and that they both healed themselves. Trina said that she wanted to believe Curtis, who said that Trina would love again and that she would be loved again. "Because there's no one on this planet more deserving of love than you," Curtis said warmly to Trina. Soon afterwards, Trina helped escort Curtis out of the diner.

Dante receives a warm welcome home

Dante receives a warm welcome home

Friday, April 5, 2024

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn told Lois that there was a problem with Lila's dress. According to the seamstress, the material was too old and fragile to alter. Lois vowed to find a way to fix things, so she called the seamstress and soon discovered there was a part of the dress that was salvageable. After Brook Lynn left for a meeting, Lois suddenly realized that she had to be somewhere, too.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Natalia ran into Sonny at the bar. They struck up a conversation as they each waited for someone to join them. Natalia observed that Sonny seemed lighter and happier than the last time they'd met. Sonny shared that he was celebrating Dante's recovery. He and Natalia toasted to Dante. Natalia mentioned her relationship with Blaze, and she said that she was still struggling to accept Blaze's sexuality because she suspected that it was a reaction to the sexual abuse that Linc Brown had inflicted on Blaze. Natalia asked if Sonny had struggled to accept Kristina's sexuality. Sonny said that he had learned that Kristina was her own person. Sonny and Natalia raised a toast to their daughters.

Meanwhile, Lois and Brook Lynn entered, and neither was happy to see Sonny and Natalia together. Natalia received an icy reception from Lois, who later dismissed Natalia as a "stage mother" to Sonny. Despite Lois' harsh assessment, Sonny looked over to where Natalia was seated with Brook Lynn. The conversation soon turned to Dante, and Sonny admitted that Dante had a way of getting through to Sonny. Sonny added that he needed Dante in his life.

At a table nearby, Brook Lynn and Natalia discussed Natalia's concerns about Brook Lynn's priorities while planning a wedding. Brook Lynn assured Natalia that she had things well in hand. Natalia steered the conversation to Blaze's personal life, which Natalia made clear she wanted kept private. Brook Lynn said that it was up to Blaze, but Brook Lynn didn't think Sonny would appreciate Natalia urging Blaze and Kristina to keep their relationship private.

At Bobbie's Diner, Carly congratulated Molly for the job she'd done at Jason's arraignment. Molly was surprised because she had expected Carly to hold it against her. Carly admitted that she might have if Jason had been denied bail and Dante hadn't woken up and exonerated Jason. Moments later, Kristina arrived. After Molly sat down, Kristina asked if Carly was "okay" about Nina being back at Crimson. Carly assured Kristina that she was better than ever and busy with Bobbie's. Carly pointed out that Drew was a savvy businessman, and she was certain he had a good reason for taking Nina back.

Kristina joined Molly at a nearby table. They talked about Kristina's latest prenatal visit until Josslyn entered. Molly greeted Josslyn, who stopped to smile, but it faded when Josslyn and Kristina exchanged a long look. After Josslyn approached the counter, Molly asked Kristina about the frosty reception Kristina had received from Josslyn. Kristina told Molly about her argument with Josslyn during Jason's arraignment.

Nearby, Josslyn told Carly about Dex's plan to become a cop. "What happens when Sonny finds out? What happens if Sonny takes him back to the Pine Barrens and you're not there this time to stop him?" Josslyn asked her mother. Carly offered to talk to Sonny, but Josslyn argued that Dex should be able to do what he wanted without fear of Sonny. "The FBI should be investigating Sonny, and they should put him away in jail for the end of time like he deserves," Josslyn said. Kristina grew furious when she overheard Josslyn, so she approached Josslyn

"I heard you talking trash about my dad," Kristina said. Josslyn pointed out that it had been a private conversation, but Kristina advised Josslyn to tone it down because her voice had carried. Kristina reminded Josslyn of everything that Sonny had done for Carly and Jax's daughter. "You are such an ingrate," Kristina said.

Kristina reminded Josslyn that Josslyn had lived in Sonny's home, and he had treated her wonderfully. "He was my stepdad, and I was a child. I had to live there," Josslyn argued. Kristina continued to defend her father by pointing out that Sonny had loved Josslyn like one of his own children, and he had donated wings to hospitals. Josslyn questioned where Sonny had gotten the money. Carly tried to intervene, but Josslyn accused Sonny of being a "vicious thug and a murderer." Josslyn invited Molly to show Kristina the file on Cyrus Renault's attack, when Sonny had assaulted a "helpless old man that couldn't fight back." "I can't be around you," Kristina softly said before she marched out.

Afterwards, Molly scolded Josslyn for yelling at a pregnant Kristina. "What good could it possibly do, rubbing her nose in how you feel about Sonny? He's her father. She loves him. She has every right to," Molly told Josslyn. After Molly left, Carly claimed to be worried about Josslyn's anger and "rage" over Sonny. Josslyn explained that she still loved Dex and missed him, but she was terrified there was a "real chance" that Sonny would have Dex killed.

At the Aurora office, Drew was intrigued when Jordan asked for Aurora's help to clean up Port Charles's image. As they talked, Jordan confessed that she was glad to talk things over with Drew because he made it so that she didn't miss law enforcement at all. "We should do this more often," she said. Drew suggested that they figure out a way to make it happen, starting with their new project. Moments later, Drew was surprised by an unannounced visit from John, who questioned Drew about Jason. Drew made it clear that he hadn't seen or talked to his brother, but John found that hard to believe. John noted that Drew had been in Pentonville, and he said that Drew could be sent back to prison if it were discovered that Drew had in some way aided Jason.

Drew said that he had nothing to hide, and he threatened to use his media empire to shine a public spotlight on John and the FBI if John tried to go after him. Eventually, John left. Jordan said that it had been "a thing of beauty" to watch Drew "tear into" John.

At Pentonville, Anna met with John Brennan. He reminded her that he'd told her that she would return, but he was surprised that she was back to working as Port Charles's police commissioner. They engaged in small talk about Anna's days at the WSB until she cut to the chase and confronted him about running Pikeman and the WSB at the same time. When Anna asked why Brennan had been in Port Charles, Brennan scoffed at the notion that he he'd been on a mission to find the damaging report that she'd had on him and to silence Anna.

Brennan insisted that he'd been framed, and he asked for Anna's help getting him out of jail. Anna agreed -- on the condition that Brennan reveal who was running Pikeman in Brennan's absence. Brennan lied when he said he didn't know who was in charge of Pikeman. Anna demanded the truth, but Brennan refused to answer. Brennan said that Anna was wasting her time, and he yelled for a guard to escort him back to his cell.

At Sam and Dante's penthouse, Dante and Sam were delighted to return home together. Sam told Dante that she loved him, and she wrapped her arms around him. Rocco and Dante shared a warm reunion after Rocco and Scout entered. Sam asked where Danny was. Moments later, Danny appeared with a box of doughnuts from Eckert's Bakery to celebrate Dante's return home.

When Danny denied that he had gone to see Jason, Sam agreed to give Danny his phone back with the understanding that she would be tracking Danny's movements. Danny resented her lack of trust in him, but she explained that Jason led a dangerous life. Danny seemed indifferent, and he headed upstairs. Afterwards, Dante said that the more Sam tried to forbid Danny from seeing Jason, the more Danny would oppose her.

Sam said that she wanted to "protect" Danny from Jason's life. Dante vowed to help Sam in any way that she asked. Sam noted that Dante was the only father figure that Danny could depend on. Moments later, Rocco, Danny, and Scout returned. Everyone enjoyed a warm family moment when they shared the box of doughnuts.

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