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Nina sold her half of Metro Court to Jason, which he promptly signed over to Carly. Ava learned that Sonny's medications had been tampered with. Sonny flew into a rage when he learned about Dex's plans to become a police officer. Cyrus gave a formal statement about the attack in All Saints Church. Dante was cleared to return to work. Sparks flew between Carly and John when he stopped by Bobbie's.
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Nina sold her half of Metro Court to Jason. Ava learned Sonny's medications had been tampered with. Sparks flew between Carly and John. Cyrus gave a formal statement about the attack.
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Jason tells Carly that he likes them as friends

Jason tells Carly that he likes them as friends

Monday, April 15, 2024

In Anna's office at the Port Charles Police Station, Anna jotted down a list of names connected to Pikeman. Just then, John appeared. "Am I interrupting?" he asked. "My God, what happened to you?" Anna asked when she saw the bruises that John had suffered from the beating he had taken the previous night in an alley.

John said that he believed his attack had been orchestrated, and he noted that he'd been attacked near the Corinthos Coffee warehouse. Anna said that John shouldn't have gone near the warehouse, and she asked what he'd been doing there. John said that he had been following Diane in an attempt to glean information about Jason.

Anna claimed that Diane was a "paradigm of ethics." John said that he believed there was an alliance forming between Sonny and Jason. Anna recalled that Sonny had gone to ask her for an update on charges Jason had faced prior to Jason's arraignment. John recalled that Carly had stopped the beating when she'd pulled up in the alley.

Anna seemed disapproving of John having asked Jason to stay in Port Charles as "bait" to lure out the person behind Pikeman. Anna said that if Jason were caught by Pikeman, Jason would receive "a hell of a lot worse" treatment from the company than John had received after John had been jumped by two goons. Anna asked John to back off and to give Jason some credit.

At the Corinthos Coffee warehouse, Carly insisted to Jason that she hadn't slept with John. "Copy that," Jason replied. Carly noted that she didn't remember having ever heard Jason say the words "copy that" previously. When Jason said that he believed Sonny still loved Carly, Carly said that she doubted it. Jason insisted that Sonny and Carly still loved one another. Carly said that Sonny had been different since he'd returned from Nixon Falls in 2021, and she claimed that he was "infatuated" with Nina.

Carly further claimed that Sonny had barely noticed that Jason had been dead during the two and a half years Jason had been away from Port Charles. She shared with Jason what she believed had led to the breakdown of her marriage and to her divorce from Sonny, including that she'd found him in bed with Nina.

Jason's interest was piqued when Carly said that she had obtained proof that Sonny had violated the National Security Act. Jason's ears perked up when Carly said that Michael had given her the proof. Jason demanded to know how Michael had obtained proof. Carly told Jason about Dex's role in obtaining footage violating the National Security Act, and she added that she had destroyed the footage.

Jason seemed relieved that the footage had been destroyed, and he soon learned that Sonny had learned of Dex being a spy in Sonny's organization. "It was crazy. He was going to kill Dex," Carly said. She explained that she'd told Sonny the truth, and he'd been furious and felt betrayed, disowning Michael the same way that he had disowned both Carly and Jason. She pointed out that none of the things they had done or the sacrifices they had made had counted for anything. "They count with me," Jason said. "Everything that you've been through, everything you've done - Sonny might not be grateful, Carly, but I am," he added. Carly hugged Jason.

Jason said that he didn't know what was wrong with Sonny. Carly said that Sonny didn't "give a damn" about anyone other than himself, and she asked why she and Jason should "give a damn" about Sonny. She refused to set a bad example for Donna by allowing Sonny to "walk all over" her. She was surprised when Jason praised her instead of asking her to forgive Sonny. When Jason told her that it was up to her, Carly asked if he would forgive Sonny. "For now," Jason said. However, he admitted that things could change if Sonny pushed him too far. "And hearing how he treated you, he's getting pretty close," Jason said.

Carly's voice broke. "I miss him. I miss him. I miss how he used to be. And I miss how we all were together, you know, and I miss the Sonny I used to love, and I just wish there was a way we could reach him," Carly said. Jason said that all anyone could do was to live their lives and to not force Sonny to accept their help.

Carly floated the idea of her and Jason turning their backs on Sonny and "letting him drown." After a moment's pause, she said that Jason would never turn on Sonny before adding that she wouldn't, either. Carly said that she sometimes thought of how much "better" it would have been if she had never loved Sonny. "And I'd just stayed in love with you," she told Jason. "I like us the way we are," Jason insisted. "I do, too," Carly said.

At Crimson, Ava waited in Nina's office ahead of a meeting. Ava produced a Ziplock bag that contained two pills that had been prescribed to Sonny that she had lifted from his bathroom. Ava phoned a medical lab to ask if the lab could identify the prescription and its strength. Ava added that she couldn't ask the pharmacy because the pharmacy was online only. "Oh, that's wonderful. Thank you so much. I'll messenger them today," Ava said.

Moments later, Nina appeared and greeted Ava. Nina said that she had had several unexpected visitors recently, including Drew. Nina added that she'd wanted to see Ava for a "progress report" on Nina's attempted reconciliation with Sonny. Ava smiled awkwardly at Nina, and she asked if the report should be single or double-spaced.

Nina was taken aback to learn that Sonny was drinking again. Ava added that Sonny didn't like to hear Nina's name. She offered that it proved Sonny still missed Nina and that it was "progress." Nina expressed skepticism. Ava asked where Nina's skepticism stemmed from. Ava added that Sonny wasn't pressuring Nina to demand that Nina sign her divorce papers.

Ava encouraged Nina to be patient, and she said that she had to wait for the right moment for Sonny to realize how much he wanted Nina back. Nina asked if it would make any difference if she were to sell her half of Metro Court to Jason. Nina admitted that the "novelty" of running the hotel had worn off, and she said that she didn't truly enjoy running the hotel.

Nina added that she was certain that Jason would purchase the hotel and hand it to Carly. Nina said it was worth selling her half of the hotel to Jason because it might earn her "half a point" with Sonny. Ava noted that Sonny and Jason had once been as close as brothers. Ava said that Sonny would be "deeply moved" if Nina were to make a deal with Jason.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Gregory told Lois that he had stopped by to visit Brook Lynn. Gregory admitted that he was struggling to write a draft of what he would say at Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding. Lois received an urgent call from Brook Lynn, and she asked Gregory to excuse her.

In the stables at the Quartermaine estate, Tracy was excited as she prepared to go horseback riding. Cody said that there had been a problem with the way a saddle had been stored. Tracy noted that the saddle had been a dressage saddle that had been custom-made. She added that Cody was "out on [his] hind end with no pillion to cushion [him]" if there was a problem with the saddle.

Sasha appeared, and she shared that she had been able to repair the saddle. Tracy thanked Sasha. After Tracy stepped away, Cody thanked Sasha for having saved his "hind end." Moments later, Lois appeared to urgently plead with Sasha that Sasha was needed at the Home & Heart studios. Sasha left with Lois.

Back in the main room of the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy greeted Gregory, who shared that he had gone to talk to Brook Lynn but that he'd chatted with Lois instead. Gregory told Tracy that he wouldn't be taking a plus one to the wedding because Alexis had had to cancel. "Well, I don't think that that's much of a tragedy. Alexis and weddings don't mix. Of course, I'm prejudiced ever since she went runaway bride and left Ned at the altar," Tracy said.

Gregory said that Alexis couldn't attend the wedding because she had to appear in Manhattan the morning after the wedding. "She's hoping to get her disbarment overturned," Gregory noted. Gregory added that he would be "going stag" to the wedding. Tracy said that she would share his news with Brook Lynn. Tracy assured Gregory that he wouldn't be alone and that he would take his place next to his family at the wedding. "Next to me," Tracy said warmly. Gregory said that he would enjoy being next to Tracy.

At the Home & Heart channel studios, Maxie and Brook Lynn watched as Lucy gushed to Haven on live television about having been the mistress of ceremonies for the Nurses Ball for many years. Nearby, Maxie told Brook Lynn that Maxie had called in "the cavalry" to save Lucy and Deception's performance.

Moments later, Scott joined Maxie and Brook Lynn. Maxie asked Scott to convince Lucy to talk about Deception products. Scott soon approached Haven and Lucy, who introduced viewers to Scott. Lucy continued to talk about past Nurses Balls. Scott tried to shift the focus to Deception's facial cream product. Lucy continued to talk about the Nurses Ball. Lois and Sasha joined Maxie and Brook Lynn. Sasha soon joined Scott, Lucy, and Haven in front of the cameras. Sasha shared that she wasn't wearing any makeup, and she proceeded to show the audience what the facial cream could do for viewers.

Backstage, Lucy asked Maxie what Sasha was doing at the studio -- and why Sasha was dressed like "an escapee from Mayberry." Just then, Lucy's phone started to chime. Lucy said that her phone was "blowing up." "I'm trending. I'm actually trending. My public has never loved me more!" a giddy Lucy told Scott.

Nearby, Haven thanked Sasha for having saved the live performance. Haven admitted that she wished she had been kinder to Sasha, for Haven's past transgressions that dated back to 2022. Haven formally apologized to Sasha, and she said that she hoped Sasha would return to the studio.

Felicia and Maxie have a heart-to-heart conversation

Felicia and Maxie have a heart-to-heart conversation

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

At the Deception office, Maxie screamed in frustration after spilling her purse. Felicia entered, and she listened as Maxie complained about Deception business, particularly Lucy. Maxie shared that she was having difficulty prioritizing herself. Felicia expressed worry for Maxie, who said that she was "mad at everyone," including Felicia and Spinelli.

Maxie said that she couldn't allow Spinelli to be near her. Felicia called the notion "illogical." Maxie admitted that she had kissed Spinelli when they had learned that Jason was alive. Maxie further admitted that she loved Spinelli and that she likely always would. Felicia said that she'd once been in the same place as Maxie before she had realized that Mac was the love of her life.

Felicia recalled having broken up with Mac and having been afraid to let him back into her heart. Felicia added that she had listened to her heart and not her fears. Felicia encouraged Maxie to have faith in her love for Spinelli. Maxie said that she didn't know if she could survive another breakup with Spinelli. Felicia said that Spinelli had seen Maxie at her best and worst, and she added that neither Spinelli nor Maxie had been happy after they'd broken up. Felicia encouraged Maxie to continue opening her heart to Spinelli.

In Rice Plaza, Trina and Josslyn appeared out of breath after a run. Trina said that she didn't feel that she would ever regain her "mojo" after Spencer's death. Josslyn tried to lift Trina's spirits, and she said that Trina was the best friend she'd ever had. Trina and Josslyn said that they loved one another. Just then, a shirtless Dex appeared after having gone for a run. Trina began to attempt to reconcile Josslyn and Dex.

Josslyn said that she and Dex needed time. "Have you learned nothing from what I've been through? You don't get more time. This is all you have! This is it. Spencer is gone, but I have all this love for him here inside me. And my love for him didn't disappear just because he did," Trina said. Before she walked away, Trina told Josslyn and Dex to "figure it out."

Afterwards, Josslyn and Dex agreed to be at the same places at the same time without making anyone "wildly uncomfortable." Josslyn beamed that Jason was back and that Carly was happy. Dex said that he missed Josslyn. Josslyn pleaded with Dex to reconsider becoming a cop, and she said that Dex had to know that Sonny wouldn't drop his "vendetta" against Dex.

Josslyn added that she didn't want anything bad to happen to Dex. Dex said that he'd told Anna that he would testify against Sonny, and he recalled Anna having suggested he become a cop to give Dex "protection." Dex added that joining the police force felt right to him. After listening to Dex's arguments for why he wanted to be a police officer, Josslyn said that she appreciated Dex's honesty. She grinned when Dex walked away.

At Pozzulo's restaurant, Brick told Sonny that Brick had arranged for John's beating. Brick added that the beating had been a block from Sonny's warehouse and that Carly had appeared in time to stop the beating. Sonny said that John had no loyalty or guts, and he complained that John had been "nowhere in sight" when Stone had died many years earlier.

Sonny told Brick that Jason had admitted to being an FBI informant. As Sonny began to ramble, Brick cautioned that Sonny could connect the wrong dots and present a misleading picture. "Which leads me to... Dex Heller," Brick said. Sonny said that Dex was dead to him. Brick was shocked when he learned that Michael had paid Dex to infiltrate Sonny's organization in an attempt to send Sonny to prison for the rest of Sonny's life.

Sonny expressed anger and remorse that Michael had betrayed him. Brick said that Michael's betrayal made no sense. "I know it doesn't make any sense, but that's the way Michael is. He's like one of the other guys. I love my son. I took care of him. But he didn't know whether to give me any respect and loyalty or spy on me and take me down!" Sonny yelled as he slammed his fists against a table.

Brick apologized to Sonny for Michael's betrayal, and he added that he'd been wrong about Dex, as well. As Brick stood up to leave, Sonny said that Ava intended to stop by. Brick asked how things were going between Sonny and Ava. Sonny said that it was nice to have a woman around. Sonny and Brick laughed together when Brick said that he and Sonny had the same thing in common.

A short while later, Ava joined Sonny for dinner at Pozzulo's. Ava shared that she'd had a long day. After a brief moment of hesitation, Ava added that she'd spoken to Nina. Sonny asked what Nina had wanted. Ava said bluntly that Nina wanted Sonny back. Sonny said that it was "sad" that Nina couldn't accept that their marriage was over. Ava said that Nina had no one to blame but herself.

Ava added that she wanted to share something she knew she shouldn't. Ava said that she enjoyed living with Sonny, who shared that he felt the same way. Sonny and Ava admitted that their living arrangement was unconventional. "Sometimes, unconventional is the way to go," Sonny warmly told Ava.

In Jordan's office at City Hall, Laura asked Jordan about Cyrus. Jordan cautioned that she could not be objective when it pertained to Cyrus. Laura said that she had a dilemma. "It's not with Cyrus. It's with the man who nearly beat him to death with just his fists," Laura told Jordan.

Jordan noted that Laura had been speaking of Sonny. Laura said that she felt more like an accomplice to Sonny instead of the town's mayor. Laura added that if it had been anyone except Sonny that had attacked Cyrus, she would want the police to pursue the case. Jordan asked if Laura had been thinking of having Sonny arrested. Laura shared that it wasn't her call but that she knew whose call it was.

Later, Brick presented daffodils to Jordan. Brick proceeded to flirt with Jordan, and he pleaded with her to go on a date with him. Before she officially agreed, Brick received a call. He said afterwards that he had to leave. On his way out, Jordan hinted that she might agree to a date with Brick the next time he was in town. "What is wrong with you?" Jordan chuckled after Brick had left.

At the hospital, T.J. met Gregory in an exam room for an appointment. Gregory shared that he relied on Finn to help Gregory remember to take his medications. The conversation shifted to T.J.'s personal life. T.J. expressed worry about his and Molly's baby. Gregory worked to assure T.J. that the baby would be born without complications, and he encouraged T.J. to live in the moment.

T.J. admitted that he was secretly hoping the baby would be a girl. T.J. then expressed some concerns about Kristina. Later, Gregory warmly said that he would see T.J. again for their next follow-up. T.J. and Gregory shook hands.

Laura and Anna discuss what to do about Sonny

Laura and Anna discuss what to do about Sonny

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

At General Hospital, Alexis and Finn stayed behind after an addiction counseling meeting and stacked chairs. Finn mentioned that he hadn't seen Alexis at a meeting in a while, so she confessed that other things had taken precedence. "It happens," Finn said in a careful tone. Alexis acknowledged that there were people who could slack off for a while, but she feared that she might risk everything if she avoided the meetings for too long. She explained that she would not be able to attend Chase's wedding because she had been granted a hearing to get her disbarment vacated.

Delighted, Finn assured Alexis that she deserved it, but she was skeptical. "Maybe I got the justice that I deserved the first time when the courts smacked me down," she said. Alexis pointed out that she might not have committed perjury, but she did lie under oath to the medical board. "When we don't think we're worth saving, we don't even try," Finn admitted. Alexis explained that she needed to be cautious because she had a history of doing horrible things to sabotage herself. She assured him that the instinct was in the backseat, but it always lurked.

Finn empathized, but he reminded Alexis that some wonderful things had happened to her in the past. Alexis agreed. She explained that her daughters were at the top of the list. She was also proud of her legal career because she had done some good by moving the needle forward in a small way. Alexis admitted that she wanted to do that again, but she would need to get out of her own way and stay sober.

Alexis was honest as she admitted that she would want a drink to console herself if she lost the appeal, and she would want a drink to celebrate if she won. "Life doesn't make it easy," Finn observed. Alexis opened up about her recent conversation with Molly and about Molly's warning that Molly, Sam, and Kristina would be done with their mother if Alexis slipped up again. "You're not going to let that happen," Finn assured her. Alexis promised to attend every meeting, and she asked Finn to hold her accountable if she didn't.

The conversation turned to Finn's dying father as he shared his regrets over treating Gregory poorly for years, only to find himself with a few short months left to make things up to his father. "So, I'll be there for you if you promise the same for me," Finn proposed. Alexis assured him that she was there for both Finn and Gregory. After the friends shook hands and exchanged a warm hug, Finn told Alexis that Gregory had been shutting him out and giving him glowing medical updates, despite Gregory's obvious declining health. Alexis admitted that Gregory hadn't looked well when she had last seen him.

Finn opened up about his pain over the time that he had lost with his father. "No one can punish us like we can," Alexis said. Finn assured Alexis that Gregory had been devoted to Finn's mother, but Finn had grown angry when Gregory had met Jackie Templeton and moved on. He admitted that sleeping with Jackie before her wedding to Gregory had been Finn's way of punishing his father. "What kind of son does that?" Finn asked.

At Finn's apartment, Elizabeth, Jake, and Aiden arrived with bags of groceries for dinner. After Gregory and Violet welcomed them, Elizabeth sent her sons to the kitchen to get things started. Violet followed the boys. Once they were alone, Elizabeth checked in with Gregory, but he brushed things off and quickly changed the subject by asking what was going on with Jake. Moments later, Aiden and Violet popped into the living room to give Elizabeth a progress report on dinner.

After the kids returned to the kitchen, Elizabeth admitted that she'd been hoping to talk to Gregory about Jake because Jake was in a situation with Jason similar to one that Gregory and Finn had been in years before. She explained that Jake was angry and refused to even acknowledge Jason's name. Elizabeth knew that Gregory hadn't walked away from Finn, but she had hoped that he could offer some advice. "Sounds like Jake's not the only one who's angry," Gregory said. Elizabeth conceded that Gregory was right, but she was concerned about her son because Jake was crippled by his anger.

Gregory suggested that anger was a way for a person to punish themself instead of hurting someone they loved and couldn't let go. Gregory admitted that losing Finn's mother had been the worst thing to happen to him -- worse than being diagnosed with ALS -- but meeting Jackie had changed things because she'd been young and vibrant. He recognized that he'd been on the rebound, but he assured Elizabeth that he and Jackie had loved each other, and it hadn't felt wrong or like he'd been unfaithful to his late wife. "But that's not how Finn saw it," Elizabeth said.

Gregory explained that Finn had seen his father's relationship with Jackie as disloyal to Finn's mother's memory. However, Gregory pointed out that Finn's anger had eventually burned out, and what remained had led to a loving father/son relationship. Gregory suggested that Jake might need to let the anger burn out, too. Just then, Violet and Aiden returned to the living room to announce that dinner was ready. Moments later, Finn arrived home. After Gregory, Violet, and Aiden went to the dining room, Finn took a moment to ask how Jake was doing.

"No complaints," Jake said with a friendly smile. After Jake joined Gregory, Violet, and Aiden, Finn and Elizabeth greeted each other with a quick kiss. Finn apologized for being late and explained that he'd gone to a meeting and stayed afterwards to talk to Alexis. Elizabeth was understanding, so he asked about his father. She admitted that Gregory was the sweetest person, and -- if not for Finn -- she would be halfway in love with him. Finn joked that he better not be late for dinner again.

At Chase and Brook Lynn's apartment, Brook Lynn complimented the aromas emanating from the kitchen. Chase walked in, sporting an apron, and carrying a dish of chicken Florentine that he had whipped up himself. Brook Lynn was touched by the romantic gesture -- and that Chase had sold his truck to pay for the honeymoon in Florence, Italy. Chase assured Brook Lynn that it hadn't been a big deal to sell his truck, but she didn't believe him. As he poured them each a glass of wine, the conversation turned to Lucy's antics on the Home & Heart channel and how Sasha had saved the day by getting viewers to buy Deception's cream. "Lucy made it clear to the viewers that she needs therapy," Brook Lynn complained.

Brook Lynn insisted that the cream's success was essential to turn things around financially at Deception, prompting Chase to assure her that he was on track for a raise at work. He suggested that they invest the money from his raise in some property because he wanted to build a little "forest getaway" for them. "And maybe that truck will come in handy," Chase said in jest. Brook Lynn reminded him that they could easily afford both a forest retreat and several trucks, but Chase frowned and asked her if they needed to have "the money talk" again.

"Your family has all the money, and I have a decent government salary," Chase said. Brook Lynn suggested that they enjoy their dinner before delving into their finances. After they enjoyed the delicious meal, Brook Lynn broached the topic of money. Chase assumed that she wanted him to sign a prenuptial agreement, so he offered to fetch a pen. Brook Lynn told him that it wasn't necessary because she had no intention of asking him to sign one. Chase promised that he wouldn't mind, since he planned to stay married to her for the rest of their lives.

Brook Lynn explained that she and Chase needed to discuss what would happen if they didn't split up. She acknowledged that the Quartermaine side of her family was wealthy, but her mother's family had been working-class people. Brook Lynn confessed that she wanted that kind of life for their children -- a life full of love and safety, surrounded by family who were there to help their children. Chase warned Brook Lynn that some of her relatives might try to slide money in their children's hands, so she admitted that it might be a bit tricky. Brook Lynn suspected the real reason that Tracy had pushed for a prenuptial agreement was to protect Chase and Brook Lynn from the insanity that went with the kind of wealth the Quartermaines had.

Chase proposed taking the interest from Brook Lynn's trust fund and other accounts and putting it into a savings account for their children. He suggested that they could also use the money for a safety net. Brook Lynn liked the idea, and they both agreed that they wanted to raise their children to be honest and compassionate, and to have a strong work ethic. After they snuggled together on the sofa, Brook Lynn admitted that she had been nervous about discussing money with him. Chase was certain that they would have similar discussion every few years. He suggested that if their roles had been reversed, she wouldn't want to live off of his millions. "Probably not," Brook Lynn admitted.

At the police station, Laura entered Anna's office. Laura explained that she was meeting someone, but she had wanted to have a talk with Anna about justice. "I think you and I have been standing in the way of it for too long," Laura said. According to Laura, she had been guilty of not seeing what had been right in front of her. Anna was surprised when Laura revealed that she'd been referring to her friendship with Sonny.

Laura shared that Luke had bought the Paradise Lounge, Sonny's old strip club. The club had had a bad reputation, and it had eventually closed. However, Luke and Sonny had turned the space into Luke's blues club, and a close friendship between the two men had been born. Laura and Anna agreed that Sonny had done a lot of good for some of their loved ones and the hospital, and they both had shared a bond with Sonny and had considered him a friend.

Laura noticed that Anna had referred to the friendship in the past tense, so Anna revealed that she'd had a change of heart about Sonny when an "individual" had walked into her office and told her that Sonny had ordered the person to kill someone. Laura wasn't shocked because she knew in theory what Sonny did for a living, but she admitted that she hadn't allowed herself to think what that meant in practice. "He's charming. And generous. And had decent impulses, no question," Anna said. Anna pointed out that charm had no moral weight, and impulses weren't character. Laura felt ashamed that it had taken her so long to see Sonny for who he truly was.

Anna explained that she believed that she and Sonny had shared an understanding for a darkness that no one else had shared, but she had never allowed herself to think what that actually meant. Laura made it clear that she no longer wanted Anna to take it easy on Sonny because Laura had realized how violent and dangerous Sonny was when she had seen Cyrus in the hospital. Laura pointed out that Cyrus wasn't innocent and had likely done a lot worse than Sonny, but Cyrus wasn't as skilled at not getting caught as Sonny was. Anna suggested that Sonny was a generous philanthropist who had woven his way into the fabric of Port Charles society.

Laura admitted that she struggled with what Sonny was capable of doing with just his bare hands. "And in church," Anna added. Anna reminded Laura that Cyrus had refused to cooperate, but Laura asked Anna to file charges against Sonny if things should change.

Shortly after Laura left, Detective Bennet entered Anna's office. She explained that she wanted an update on Dex Heller's application to the police academy. Bennet revealed that Dex had aced the written test, and he was scheduled for a physical and a Job Standard Test. Anna was pleased when he described Dex as "Army ready." She asked Bennet to keep her updated, but he confessed that he thought they should pass on Dex. Bennet explained that Dex had clearly made a wrong turn in his life, and he suspected that Dex hoped to become a police officer to make up for his wrongs.

Bennet warned Anna that it was the wrong motivation for a police officer because it made the police officer move quickly into dangerous situations. "A lot of times they don't come out," Bennet said.

At the local coffee shop, Laura apologized to Cyrus for keeping him waiting. He assured her that it was fine and that he'd been trying to figure out why she had reached out to him. After they exchanged some small talk, Laura steered the conversation to Cyrus' attack in the church. She admitted that her brother deserved justice, and she didn't want to be the reason that he'd been denied it. Cyrus explained that he'd struck an agreement with Nina Reeves to not file charges against Sonny in exchange for Nina buying Cyrus a radio slot for his scripture-based show.

To Laura's surprise, Cyrus revealed that the radio show had been canceled because Cyrus had gotten sick of hearing his own voice. He added that some listeners had accused him of sounding phony when he had quoted the Bible. Initially, Cyrus had been offended, but he had heard himself and realized that he had no standing or business telling anyone how to live their life because he had a lot of work to do on himself before he could shepherd a flock. "You seem different," Laura admitted. She asked if he would consider pursuing charges against Sonny, but Cyrus questioned if that would serve justice.

Laura reminded Cyrus that Sonny could have killed him. "But he didn't, thank the Lord," Cyrus reminded his sister. Cyrus explained that he had provoked Sonny after learning things about Nina through dishonest means. Cyrus admitted that he had followed Sonny into the church with the intention of using the "ill-begotten" knowledge to hurt and taunt Sonny and to use the attack as leverage against his foe. Cyrus confessed that he was disgusted by everything that he'd done regarding Sonny and that he'd long forgotten what he had wanted from Sonny to start with. "But that night, it had to do with revenge," Cyrus said.

Laura appreciated Cyrus' honesty, but she insisted that he hadn't deserved to be assaulted. Cyrus had no idea what his sister wanted from him, so he offered to follow her guidance. Laura explained that it had to be Cyrus' decision. "What an irony that the one time I didn't ask for it, I hold Sonny's fate in my hands," Cyrus said.

Cyrus makes a statement to the police

Cyrus makes a statement to the police

Thursday, April 18, 2024

At Bobbie's, Josslyn offered to help Carly out, as things were crazy in the kitchen, but Carly insisted that Josslyn study. Carly added that she'd called for help fixing the stove, and right on cue, Michael arrived. Josslyn teased that he should just buy a new stove, and Michael teased Carly that she could have called her "new boyfriend" to help. Carly finally got Michael to go to the back, and she briefly told Josslyn about what had happened with John. Just then, John walked in. Carly walked over and asked if she could get him anything, but he wanted to give her something in return for all she'd done for him.

Michael emerged from the kitchen, and he and Josslyn watched Carly and John. Josslyn wondered if Carly actually liked John, but Michael insisted that he'd been messing around. He did think that they should keep an eye on John. As Michael and Josslyn watched from across the restaurant, John playfully accused Carly of setting up his beat-down as a warning. "You want a warning? Call first," she replied. He answered that he didn't have her number, so he'd have to give his to her. She handed over her phone, and he put his number in.

Carly returned to Josslyn, who wondered if Sonny was really behind John's attack. "Imagine what he'd do to Dex once he finds out he's becoming a cop," Josslyn stated. Carly instructed Josslyn that she needed to respect Dex's decision. Michael returned and broke it to Carly that either there was a problem with the gas, or she would need a new stove. Carly walked off to call the repairman, but she stopped short when she opened her phone and saw John's number.

At the hospital, Dante told someone on the phone that he would be returning to work, even though he would only be doing paperwork for a while. When he was off the phone, he bumped into Finn and asked if everything was all right. Finn divulged that he'd invited everyone to Chase's bachelor party at the Savoy that night, but it was closed for a private event. Dante thought they could still salvage the party, and he told Finn that he would take care of it.

Outside the police station, Dex and Bennet ran the necessary timed physical tests with Dex that included running, jumping, climbing, shooting, and pulling a dummy. When he was done, he asked how he had done, but Bennet coldly replied that Dex would get all the results from his physical and written tests after the results were reviewed. When Bennet was gone, Chase unofficially assured Dex that Dex had done well. Chase added that he admired Dex's service in Afghanistan and that Dex had broken away from Sonny.

At Haven Bistro, Ava expressed how much she appreciated Trina's extra time at the gallery. Trina revealed that she was saving up for a place of her own. Just then, Ava got a call from Applied Analytical Labs, but she rejected the call. She wondered if it was a good time for Trina to be alone, but Trina thought that a little self-reliance wouldn't be a bad thing. Trina asked how living at Sonny's was going. Ava answered that they were getting used to each other and settling into a routine. Trina had to go open the gallery, so Ava handed Trina her credit card to pay for breakfast.

When Trina was gone, Ava called the lab back. The technician, Stewart, explained that the contents of the capsules she'd sent in didn't match the code on each of the capsules. He continued that the pills were supposed to be 50 milligrams, but they were only 10 milligrams. A shocked Ava was off the phone by the time Trina returned. As Ava signed the receipt, she suggested that Trina and Josslyn move in together off-campus, and Trina liked the idea. She mentioned that Josslyn and Dex had broken up, and that Dex was trying to be a cop.

Sonny splashed some water on his face, emerged from the bathroom, and found Lois in a conversation with Frank. When Frank left, Lois demanded to know what was going on with Sonny, as he hadn't responded to the wedding invitation. Sonny revealed that he was just going to send a gift, as he didn't want to put a damper on the day. Lois talked about how much Brook Lynn loved him and wanted him to be there. He talked about the security risk, but Lois informed him that Yuri had handled the security, so everything would be fine. He finally agreed, and Ava arrived as Lois asked if he wanted a plus-one.

Lois hadn't realized that Ava was still staying at Sonny's place, and she suggested that Ava have Lucy find a place for her. Ava thanked her for the suggestions, and Lois left. Sonny explained that Lois was overprotective of him, but Ava wondered if she and Avery had overstayed their welcome. Sonny insisted that he liked having them there. Ava asked if he'd taken his medication yet, but he hadn't, so he went to the bathroom to take it. When he returned, Ava broke the news to him that Dex was joining the PCPD, and he slammed a fist down on the table in anger.

There was a knock on Finn's office door, and Lois entered to ask him a favor regarding the wedding. She asked Finn to tell Gregory to blind copy her on all wedding-related emails he sent to Tracy so she knew the details without having to go to Tracy or having Tracy know that she knew. Finn promised to pass along the suggestion. She asked how Gregory was doing, and Finn replied that Gregory had stopped sharing any medical updates. Lois knew that Chase and Brook Lynn were supposed to find a back-up for Gregory if he wasn't well enough to do the ceremony, but she knew that they hadn't done that. She wondered if Finn wanted her to quietly find a back-up just in case, and Finn thought that was a good idea. Lois maintained that she was on it, even thought there would be no need.

In Anna's office, her phone rang, and she told the caller to "send him in." Cyrus entered her office, and he revealed that he was ready to make a statement about his New Year's Eve attack. She started the recorder and asked if he could identify his attacker. "Sonny Corinthos," he answered. A short while later, Anna handed him a typed version of his statement to review and sign. He mentioned the "young man in scrubs" who'd visited him in his hospital room to "do harm." Anna replied that she knew about that man, and he'd severed all ties with Sonny. Cyrus signed the statement and wondered if he'd have to leave town for his own safety. Anna assured him that the statement was confidential "for now," until she found the best possible use for it.

Dante arrived at the police station, and everyone in the station applauded. He got to his desk and found a balloon and some goodies from Eckert's. Anna entered and welcomed him back. Dante invited her to Chase's axe-throwing bachelor party that night, and he briefly told her what had happened with the party. He urged her to spread the word, as he had calls to make.

Anna returned to Cyrus with a copy of the statement for him to keep. She promised to give him a heads-up when she intended to charge Sonny. "I would wish you well, but --" she started, and Cyrus finished, "You don't." He said he understood, "with a history like mine."

Later, Bennet entered Anna's office and informed her that Dex had scored in the 98th percentile of applicants in PCPD history. She sensed that Bennet still had reservations. He acknowledged that applicants like Dex "don't come around often." Although he believed that Dex would make an excellent cop, Bennet hoped that Dex wouldn't need his own police protection.

Chase and Dex approached Dante, who was finishing up a call about Chase's surprise bachelor party. When he hung up, he wondered how much Chase had heard, and Chase revealed that he'd heard all the details. Dante invited Dex, who accepted and left. Dante thought that Finn was going to kill him, but Chase promised to act surprised.

Dex bumped into Cyrus on his way out, and Cyrus commented that he didn't recognize Dex without the scrubs. Dex sincerely apologized for what he was supposed to have done in Cyrus' hospital room. He acknowledged that he'd taken a wrong turn in life, and he was there to try to correct it. Cyrus replied that, coincidentally, he was at the police station for the same thing.

Nina signs over her half of the Metro Court to Jason

Nina signs over her half of the Metro Court to Jason

Friday, April 19, 2024

At the Crimson office, Drew interrupted a meeting between Nina and Diane. Nina insisted that Drew wait until she and Diane finished their business. Nina proceeded to sign official paperwork to sell her half of Metro Court to Jason. After Diane left, she headed to Bobbie's Diner in search of Carly.

In Jason's room above Bobbie's, Carly spotted Jason's tattoo sleeve and asked why he had gotten tattoos. Jason said that he'd wanted something that no one could take away from him. Jason said that while he'd been away, he had thought about Jake and Danny, as well as Elizabeth and Sam. "And I thought about Monica. I was just hoping that she was okay, she didn't grieve for me," Jason said.

Jason said that by the time his tattoos had been halfway completed, he had allowed himself to think of Carly. Jason said he'd known that Carly would be okay without him. Jason called Carly the most resilient person he'd ever met. Carly said that Jason had always been with her while he'd been away. Jason asked if Carly needed his help with anything. Carly asked Jason to help her with a gas problem downstairs in the diner.

Moments later, Danny appeared outside the diner as Jason worked to deescalate the tension between Carly and a city bureaucrat in charge of gas inspections. After the inspector left, Carly complimented Jason for playing "good cop" to her "bad cop." Diane entered. Carly learned that Jason had bought half of Metro Court for her. Carly said that she couldn't take Metro Court back because it was up to her to get it back. After a moment's pause, Carly agreed to accept Jason's offer. She hugged Jason, who told her to "enjoy the deal." Carly left in search of Olivia at Metro Court.

Back in Jason's room above the diner, Danny sneaked in through an unlocked window. Danny began looking through Jason's belongings before he spotted Jason's leather jacket. Danny slipped on the jacket. Later, Jason was surprised when he discovered Danny in the room.

Back at the Crimson office, Drew demanded to know what business Nina had had with Diane. Nina said that selling her half of Metro Court would bring her one step closer to getting Sonny back. Drew asked for Nina's logic behind the decision. Nina said that she hoped Sonny would appreciate the gesture. After Drew left, Madison entered Nina's office, Nina asked that she be notified when Olivia arrived at Metro Court. Nina said that she had something important to share with Olivia.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lois told Brook Lynn and Olivia that Sonny had agreed to attend Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding. Everyone was thrilled. Lois complained at length about Ava's presence in Sonny's home, and she said that she had purposefully excluded Ava from the guest list at Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding. Moments later, Olivia left for Metro Court.

Afterwards, Brook Lynn shared that she and Chase planned to honeymoon in Italy. Brook Lynn surprised Lois by saying that she'd had a warm talk with Tracy about finances. Brook Lynn said she was thrilled that she and Tracy were in a good place. Later, as Lois looked at the seating chart for the wedding, she wondered if she should invite Jason.

In Anna's office at the Port Charles Police Station, Josslyn insisted that Anna refuse to allow Dex to join the PCPD. Josslyn claimed that Sonny would have Dex killed, and she added that Sonny had been responsible for John's beating the previous night. Anna asked for proof. Josslyn said she had no proof, but she continued badgering Anna to bar Dex from joining the PCPD.

Anna reminded Josslyn that the choice wasn't Josslyn's to make. Josslyn grew hysterical, and she started crying. She envisioned a fantasy in which Dex had been killed by Sonny after Dex had become a cop. Josslyn told Anna not to hand her the American flag from Dex's coffin whenever Dex was killed by Sonny. After Josslyn left, Anna placed a call to Molly.

Moments later, Anna showed Molly the report that Cyrus had provided about Sonny. Molly asked what had changed with Anna, and Molly said that she'd believed Anna and Sonny were friends. Anna claimed that she gave Sonny no "free passes" and that she couldn't afford to be "biased." Anna added that if Robert were to prosecute Sonny, it would be too personal for Robert. Molly pointed out that it was personal for Molly, as well.

Molly said that she couldn't prosecute the case because Sonny was a member of her family. Anna grew irate, and she began to insist that Molly take the case. Molly noted that Sonny was her uncle. Anna refused to listen, and she continued to insist that Molly take the case. Molly agreed that the case needed to be prosecuted, but not by her. Anna refused to listen. "We have to do our task. And it is mine to investigate -- and it might well be yours to prosecute," Anna fumed.

At Sonny's penthouse, Sonny seethed with rage after Ava shared that Dex planned to join the PCPD. Sonny suggested that he would have Dex killed. Sonny vented to Ava about his anger with Michael, Carly, Jason, and Dex. Sonny said that he regretted sparing Dex's life months earlier in the Pine Barrens. "I'm done, Ava. With all of them. I'm gonna get that divorce from Nina. I'm gonna deal with Dex. But what do I do about Michael and Carly? Especially Jason?" Sonny said as his voice began to quiver.

Ava said that she understood Sonny's anger, but she encouraged him to "tread lightly" with his family. Ava said that Carly, Jason, and Michael had been loyal to Sonny. Sonny vehemently disagreed, and he noted that the trust between him, Carly, Jason, and Michael had been broken after Sonny had returned from Nixon Falls in 2021.

"First of all, my wife was married. And I was gone, what, less than six months? Jason supposedly died, and he was gone for over two years. He couldn't pick up a phone and say, 'Hey, you know, I'm alive'? I didn't know what he was doing. Then, he tells me to my face that he's an informant with the Feds. And all I know -- is that he was on the roof with the guy who shot at me. I have to defend myself," Sonny insisted.

Ava cautioned Sonny not to completely isolate himself from his family. Sonny poured himself a drink, and he wondered if Carly had known that Jason had been alive. "She could have known that he was alive and didn't tell me for months. Maybe even years. That's unforgivable," Sonny said as he began to sound paranoid. Ava asked Sonny to step outside for a walk. Sonny agreed with Ava, and he said that he was hungry. Sonny and Ava left for Metro Court together.

At Metro Court a short while later, Olivia briefly chatted with Sonny and Ava, then Carly appeared. Carly excitedly shared that she was officially Olivia's partner at Metro Court again. Olivia and Carly screeched in delight. Nearby, Sonny stared icily at Carly. At the same time, Nina entered and saw Carly and Olivia celebrating -- and got a glimpse of Sonny with Ava nearby.

Sonny approached Carly, and he asked if he could have a moment alone with her. Carly refused, and she said that whatever Sonny had to say could be said in front of Olivia. Sonny fumed as he stared intently at Carly. "You. Jason. Nina. Three liars... three traitors. You all deserve each other, " Sonny said. Nearby, Nina's gaze shifted from Sonny toward Ava.

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