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Carly returned to work at Metro Court. After a confrontation with Ava, Nina signed the divorce papers. Jason warned Sonny not to go after Dex. Gregory had a health scare. Josslyn and Kristina had a heated exchange about Sonny. Olivia offered Sasha a job.
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After a confrontation with Ava, Nina signed the divorce papers. Jason warned Sonny not to go after Dex. Gregory had a health scare.
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Nina confronts Ava for Ava's betrayal

Nina confronts Ava for Ava's betrayal

Monday, April 22, 2024

At Metro Court, Sonny and Carly headed to a private area of the restaurant. Sonny confronted Carly for accepting Jason's help in getting Metro Court back when she had refused Sonny's help. Carly said she had refused Sonny's offer because it had been made out of guilt. Carly accused Sonny of "bailing" on their marriage in early 2022. "I didn't bail on the marriage. You're the one that ended things," Sonny said.

Carly said that she had "hit pause for about five minutes" on her marriage to Sonny, and she added that Sonny had used that time to jump into bed with Nina. "You're rewriting history," Sonny quipped. "You wanted Nina, and you got her. Look at you now," Carly fumed. When Sonny and Carly began to argue over Jason, Sonny yelled that Jason was the person who had tried to kill Sonny.

Carly noted that Jason had prevented the assassin from killing Sonny at the warehouse weeks earlier. Sonny recalled that someone had been targeting him for almost a year. "Jason's been MIA through it all. Why couldn't he pick up a phone?! Why couldn't he pick up a phone and just say, 'Hey. I'm alive. I can't tell you anything, but I'm alive?'" Sonny yelled, and he grew animated.

Carly whispered that Jason would have told Sonny the truth if Jason had been able. Sonny pointed a finger at Carly. "He betrayed me. Jason betrayed me, and you betrayed me," Sonny said as his voice quivered. "Since when are you so quick to think the worst of me? Your family?" Carly countered. When Sonny noted that he only thought the worst of people who had betrayed him, Carly said that Sonny's talk of betrayal sounded like a broken record.

Carly accused Sonny of "cherry-picking history" to line up with his version of events. Carly added that she had destroyed the evidence Michael had obtained of Sonny violating the National Security Act. Carly said that Sonny would be in jail if not for her and Michael. Sonny stood with his arms folded, and his face glared intensely at Carly. "If it wasn't for Michael and you, Dex would never have been planted in my organization to spy on me, and that evidence wouldn't have existed!" Sonny noted.

Sonny and Carly vehemently disagreed over Dex. Carly said that everything Sonny had done recently surprised her. Carly criticized Sonny for having disowned Michael, as well as for having almost killed Dex and for what she said was Sonny's attitude toward Jason. Carly said that she barely recognized Sonny. "Right back at you, Carly," Sonny said without backing down.

Carly posed a question for Sonny. "Is this really how it ends for us, Sonny? After all these years? Everything we've been through? This is it?" Carly asked. "This is it," Sonny said firmly. Carly said that she and Sonny could go their separate ways and focus on their own lives. "Sounds good," Sonny whispered.

Sonny had started to walk away when he turned back to face Carly. "You know, Carly? Out of all the people that I thought would abandon me... never thought you would," Sonny said as his voice filled with emotion. As Sonny left, Carly stood alone and sighed heavily as she contemplated what Sonny had said.

In Jason's room above Bobbie's Diner, Jason was happy to discover Danny in his room. Jason and Danny smiled at one another. Jason added that Danny was always welcome to visit then he admitted that he shouldn't have asked Danny to lie to Sam about Jason's whereabouts at the boathouse when Jason had returned to Port Charles. Danny asked if Jason was sorry that Danny had found Jason. Jason said that he would never be sorry to have spent time with Danny.

Jason was surprised when Danny said that he had also been at Jason's arraignment hearing. Danny said that the only person who had spotted him at the hearing had been Elizabeth, and he added that Elizabeth had agreed not to tell anyone. Danny vented his frustrations that Sam didn't want him to see Jason. Danny vowed that he wouldn't allow Sam to keep him away from Jason.

At Sam and Dante's penthouse, Kristina expressed worry for Sonny to Sam. Sam shared that she had sensed that Sonny was on edge. Kristina noted that Sonny had been pushing people away, including Nina, Carly, and Michael. Kristina added that the only person who Sonny seemed to be close to was Ava. Sam surmised that Kristina disapproved of Ava living with Sonny. Kristina said that something felt amiss with Ava's increasing presence in Sonny's home and in his life.

Kristina added that she believed Sonny was beginning to rely on Ava. Kristina noted that Ava had played a role in Morgan's death years earlier. Sam listened closely as Kristina said that being around Ava caused Kristina to have vivid memories of being at Morgan's funeral. "You know, the dress I'm wearing, the way the flowers smelled. It's like this mental snapshot that I -- I cannot get rid of. And my dad is the one who uncovered that. So, how does he go from loathing someone to totally trusting her?" Kristina asked Sam.

Sam said she didn't disagree that Ava was a "bad influence" on Sonny. Kristina added that she believed Sonny was hurting more than he was letting on over his marriage to Nina, and she added that Sonny was vulnerable, given Jason's mysterious return to Port Charles. Sam was firm when she said that it was Sonny's choice who he allowed into his life.

Just then, Sam heard a knock at the door. Sam grew upset when she opened the door and discovered Danny with Jason. Sam noted that Danny had gone against her explicit wishes by having sought out Jason. Kristina eventually talked Danny into giving Jason and Sam some time alone. Kristina and Danny left to get coffee.

Afterwards, Jason and Sam stood alone in the penthouse. "How could you do this to our son?" Sam asked Jason. Jason reminded Sam that he was Danny's father. Sam began to raise her voice, and she claimed that Danny was exactly like Jason. Sam asked what would happen if Danny found himself in a dangerous situation and was unable to get out of it.

Sam said that it wasn't just the physical danger that Jason found himself in that worried her. "What happens the next time you disappear? And don't say that it's not gonna happen again because it already did. You were here with Danny, and then you were gone," Sam said. Jason said that he couldn't make promises to Sam, who asked how she could allow Danny to invest in Jason. "How do I let him see a future with you when you might not even be around for it?" Sam asked.

Jason paused to ponder Sam's question. Jason said that he would set boundaries with Danny. and he promised to be completely transparent with Sam. Jason said that he would tell Sam the truth and encourage Danny to do so, as well. Sam said that her and Jason's conversation about Danny was over. Jason said that he was sorry their conversation was so difficult. "I'm sorry about a lot of things," Sam said. On his way out of the penthouse, Jason looked back at Sam.

At Perks Coffee, Danny opened up to Kristina about Jason, and he complained about Sam. Kristina said that Sam only wanted to protect Danny, who claimed that he was just like Jason. He said that it was the only reason Sam opposed Danny spending time with Jason. Danny said that Sam wished he was more like Rocco, and he added that Rocco never caused Sam to "freak out." Kristina told Danny that Sam loved him for who he was. Danny vowed that he wouldn't give up on Jason.

At the Savoy, Lois and Maxie prepared for Brook Lynn's bachelorette party. Moments later, Willow and Josslyn entered with party favors. When Josslyn complained to Lois that she'd had a bad day, Lois asked Josslyn to attend Brook Lynn's bachelorette party. Josslyn said that she had made dinner plans with Trina and Stella.

Nearby, Drew entered with a box of party hats. Willow asked for Drew's advice on whether to enroll Amelia in swimming lessons. Drew said that swimming lessons were a great idea. Drew added that he had been spending more time with Nina at Crimson, and he said that Nina had been talking more about wanting to spend time with Willow, Wiley, and Amelia. "I thought maybe you'd like to know," Drew said before leaving. Afterwards, Willow pondered what Drew had said.

At the Crimson office, a distraught Nina asked Madison to call Nina's lawyer. Nina wanted to know if there was a way to void a contract that she had signed under false pretenses. Madison agreed to help. Nina then offered Madison some advice. "When people tell you who they are, believe them. Say someone who's treacherous with an agenda and suddenly becomes your friend, guess what? They still have an agenda. Maybe it gels with yours for the moment, but as soon as it doesn't, said friend... will betray you in a heartbeat," a visibly shaken Nina said.

Madison asked if Nina was okay. Nina said only that Madison could leave. Just then, Ava entered Nina's office. Ava asked if Nina had a minute. "For a 'friend' like you? Always," Nina said bitterly. Nina told Madison to make sure that Nina and Ava weren't disturbed. After Madison left, Ava stammered that she was sorry for Sonny's reaction to Carly celebrating having Metro Court back.

Ava said that she would work to "smooth things" with Sonny, and she said she hoped that Nina understood. "Oh, I understand -- how transparent and manipulative you are. I'm so embarrassed... that I ever believed one word that came out of your mouth. I, of all people, should know better. With our history... all the ways I have admittedly wronged you, the ways that you wronged me. How could I have ever trusted you? That's just not being na´ve. That's -- that's borderline deluded," Nina said as she began to confront Ava.

Nina asked how long Ava had had an agenda. "Does it go all the way back to when you told me to turn in Carly and Drew to the SEC?" Nina asked. Ava denied telling Nina to alert the SEC to Drew and Carly committing insider trading. Nina asked how long Ava had been playing Nina for a fool.

Nina wondered what Ava's agenda was, and she said that she'd only been able to think of one answer -- that Ava had wanted Sonny for herself. Ava pushed back on Nina's suggestion, and she added that she was only staying with Sonny because of Avery. "And because, selfishly, I would like to be on good terms with my child's father," Ava said.

Nina disagreed, and she said that Ava genuinely enjoyed being in Sonny's day-to-day life. Nina's voice lowered, and she spoke accusatorially. "You've grown to like being in Sonny's orbit. Drawn into his circle of trust. Feels good, doesn't it? Makes you feel seen. Loved. Like you're the only two people in the whole world. Am I getting close?" Nina asked. Ava said that Nina's notions were "absurd."

Nina scoffed, and she again noted that Ava had encouraged Nina to turn in Carly and Drew to the SEC. "How do you think Sonny's gonna react to that? I'm guessing... not well," Nina said. Ava and Nina stood face to face. Ava said that Sonny would never believe Nina because Sonny considered Nina a traitor. "And he knows that you will say absolutely anything to get him back. That's how desperate you are," Ava whispered in an increasingly mocking tone.

Nina denied that she was desperate, and she said that she was merely hopeful. "Do you even hear yourself? 'I told you. I convinced you.' How about thinking for yourself once in a while, Nina? Then maybe Sonny would have just a little respect for you," Ava said as she gestured with her thumb and forefinger. "Oh, and he has respect for you?" Nina scoffed. Ava said that Sonny not only respected Ava but that he counted on her.

Ava stared at Nina, and she began to gloat. "Face it, Nina. I know and understand Sonny in a way you never could. You don't understand Sonny. You never have... He is a powerful, turbulent, and, yes, violent man. Meanwhile, you want to sit by the fire and grow old with him, dandling grandkids on your knees... If that's the kind of life you want, perhaps don't choose a notorious mob boss to live it with," Ava quipped.

Nina said that Sonny had chosen her, and she insisted that she understood Sonny. Nina added that Sonny had shown her a side of himself that he had never shown anyone before. Ava's grin widened, and she mocked Nina. "Mike from Nixon Falls? Come on, Nina. Mike was never real. You have to face it -- you saw what you wanted to see. And in your defense, he encouraged you. He kept the darkest parts of himself hidden as best he could so that your -- your fantasy could live on. And that's exactly what it was -- a fantasy," Ava said tauntingly.

Ava claimed that Nina had never wanted to know the real Sonny. Ava added that she and Sonny were "similar creatures." Nina then asked what Ava's "end game" was. "I know you. What do you get out of this?" a curious Nina asked. Ava said that she stood to gain a strong relationship with the father of her only living child. Ava added that her and Sonny's alliance had made her more than someone who was merely "tolerated" as a part of Sonny's life. "We help each other. We lean on each other. And it comes naturally because we have a shorthand," Ava added.

Nina noted that Ava was speaking about her and Sonny's ties to organized crime. "We both understand how the world works. And he doesn't have to explain things to me," Ava added. "Like he did with poor, na´ve me," Nina said softly. Ava continued. "He doesn't have to hide things from me, either. In simplest terms, Sonny and I are compatible in ways that the two of you never were -- and never could be," Ava said flatly.

Nina stared at Ava. "Well, have at it, Ava," Nina said before she walked to her desk. Nina picked up the copy of her divorce papers, and she signed her name. With a tear in her eye, Nina extended the papers to Ava. "Sonny is all yours," Nina finished. Ava rushed to head out of the office. As Ava left, Nina slowly sank back into her chair with a look of defeat on her face.

As Nina stared at her wedding ring, a sad song about a love gone wrong began to play in the background. Nina flashed back to happier times with Sonny, including the couple's time at the Tan-O in Nixon Falls in 2021, as well as the first time they had made love and their wedding day in Puerto Rico.

"Just a ticking clock, I knew that time would run out for us," a singer's voice sang before Nina reached down and removed her wedding and engagement rings from her hand and dropped them onto her desk. Nina used her phone to call Madison. When Madison appeared, Nina instructed Madison to arrange for the rings to be messengered to "Mr. Corinthos' address." Nina sighed slowly, and she stared off into the distance after Madison had left the office.

Everyone celebrates Chase and Brook Lynn's pending nuptials

Everyone celebrates Chase and Brook Lynn's pending nuptials

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

At the axe-throwing range, Chase and others met for Chase's bachelor party. Dante raised a toast to Chase. Anna, Ned, Michael, Jordan, Drew, Curtis, and Finn all raised their glasses to toast to Chase. Off to a corner moments later, Jordan congratulated Curtis on being able to walk again. Jordan and Curtis toasted to Jordan being an expectant grandmother to Molly and T.J.'s baby.

Curtis shared that he'd done a lot of processing when he had been paralyzed, and he said that he had a list of people he wanted to devote more time and energy to. Curtis added that he had an opportunity for a "reset," and he vowed not to waste it. Jordan toasted to Curtis' second chance, and she said that no one was more deserving.

Drew approached, and he told Jordan that it was her turn to throw. Jordan thanked Drew for having saved her from an otherwise awkward conversation with Curtis. Drew said that he could relate to Jordan, and he noted that it was uncomfortable running into an ex and having to pretend to be happy for them. Jordan and Drew playfully scoffed at the happy faces people put on in front of their exes.

Nearby, Anna, Chase, and Detective Bennet all praised Dante for Dante's return to the police force. Anna said that the PCPD was fortunate to have someone like Dante. "You know, not everyone's cut out to be a cop. And when you are, it's to be honored and thanked. You're invaluable. You really are," Anna said warmly to Dante. Anna, Dante, Chase, and Bennet all toasted to Anna's words.

Just then, Dex entered. Chase extended a handshake to Dex, who thanked Chase for his invite to the party. Dante announced that Chase's friends had chipped in on a gift for Chase. Chase was delighted when he discovered that the gift was an autographed baseball from a Boston Red Sox World Series championship team. "Just remember... the Yankees have won the Series 27 times to the Red Sox's nine, okay? So, you got a little catching up to do," Dante teased.

Chase thanked Dante for the gift, and they shared a warm hug. Finn stepped forward to present a gift of cufflinks to Chase on behalf of Finn, Gregory, and Violet. Chase thanked Finn for his gift and gesture, and he and Finn hugged. Anna raised a toast to Chase and Brook Lynn's impending marriage, and everyone celebrated. Ned proceeded to officially welcome Chase to the Quartermaine family. Curtis and Dante followed with toasts to the married life that Chase was scheduled to embark on.

Nearby, Dex received an icy reception when he tried to approach a group of police officers. Dante frowned at the officers' refusal to socialize with Dex. Bennet approached Dex, and he cautioned that Sonny never forgot Sonny's enemies. Dante reminded the group of officers that Dex had played a large role in saving Dante's life. Dex thanked Dante for his attempts to talk up Dex. Dante warned that Dex should prepare for similar hostility if Dex joined the police force.

A short while later, Anna admired Dante for having stood up for Dex. Anna wondered if Dante might be worried that Dex would give the PCPD intelligence that could bring down Sonny. Anna then told Dante not to worry and to enjoy the party.

Somewhere in Port Charles, Stella surprised Trina by inviting Trina to a fashionable club. Josslyn entered, and she tried to convince Trina and Stella to join her for Brook Lynn's bachelorette party at the Savoy. Trina was relieved to learn that Curtis had agreed to attend Chase's bachelor party. Josslyn encouraged Trina, who was still grieving Spencer, to "let loose" at the bachelorette party. Trina said that she didn't know if she felt like attending a large party. After some convincing, Trina agreed.

At the Savoy, Brook Lynn thanked everyone gathered for attending her bachelorette party. Tracy, Lois, Olivia, Maxie, Sasha, Willow, and others smiled. Everyone toasted to Brook Lynn. As Kristina and Blaze met in a nearby corner, Lois gasped when she realized she had forgotten to book a musical act for the party. Sasha stepped forward, and she said that the musical act had just entered. Everyone turned to see Spinelli. "Please tell me he's not the stripper," Lois quipped.

Spinelli used his laptop to supply a playlist of songs for the party. Nearby, Sasha, Willow, and Brook Lynn all agreed that Maxie and Spinelli were perfect for one another. Lois grabbed a microphone, and she gave a heartfelt speech in which she showered Brook Lynn with affection. Brook Lynn was touched by Lois' words. Olivia grabbed the microphone from Lois, and she told everyone to "let the games begin."

A game of Pass the Bouquet soon commenced, among other games. Tracy ended with the bouquet of flowers in her hands once the music stopped. Afterwards, Tracy approached Spinelli. Tracy warned that she had better not "win" the game if she ever attended another bachelorette party.

After Trina and Josslyn entered, Kristina and Josslyn almost collided near the bar. Kristina quipped to Blaze that she had thought about dousing Josslyn with a drink. Lois and Brook Lynn thanked Trina for attending the party. Brook Lynn began opening gifts. She received a gift certificate for a spa treatment, among other gifts. Lois handed Brook Lynn a favorite ring that had belonged to Lois for many years. Brook Lynn and Lois hugged, and they said that they loved one another.

When dance music began to play, Trina danced near Brook Lynn. Lois and Olivia quipped that no one besides them knew how to dance. "Bensonhurst in the house!" they yelled simultaneously. Kristina had been walking slowly, and she told Blaze that she had felt the baby kick inside her. After some small talk, Blaze said that she needed to leave. Kristina bade goodnight to Blaze.

Nearby, a tipsy Josslyn tried to encourage Tracy -- who had also enjoyed a couple of cocktails -- to dance. Tracy seemed uninterested, but Josslyn continued to push until Tracy relented. When Tracy hit the dance floor, she received a great deal of applause from everyone gathered.

Back at the bar, Josslyn sipped her cocktail until Kristina walked up. "Twice in one night. You following me?" Kristina asked. Josslyn turned away, so Kristina said that she didn't know what Josslyn's problem was with her, but she advised Josslyn to drop it because it wasn't working. Josslyn didn't hold back as she explained that she had a problem with Kristina refusing to see Sonny for who he really was, and Kristina painting a fairy tale about him while completely ignoring the damage that Sonny did. Kristina argued that Dex no longer worked for Sonny. Josslyn offered to tell Kristina why Dex no longer worked for Sonny, and she added that it was the same reason that Josslyn and Dex were no longer together. "And why is that, Josslyn? Because he couldn't stand your holier-than-thou attitude and your virtue signaling, either?" Kristina said sharply.

"No, actually. It's because your beloved father, he sent Dex to go kill Cyrus in the hospital," Josslyn answered. "Maybe you can live with that, but I can't," Josslyn added.

Back at the throwing range, Finn announced that there was a "special guest" at the bachelor party. Just then, Blaze entered. Blaze rushed to hug Chase, and she recalled that they had been duet partners in 2023. Blaze offered a heartfelt toast to Chase. Everyone raised their glasses in agreement with Blaze's words for Chase.

Gregory suffers an alarming medical crisis

Gregory suffers an alarming medical crisis

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

At Finn's apartment, Finn and Chase found Gregory was stretched out on the sofa with an oxygen mask covering his nose and mouth. Violet tearfully begged her father to help her grandfather. Finn rushed to check on Gregory, who was conscious but unable to move. Chase called for paramedics while Finn calmly asked Violet what had happened. Violet explained that she and Gregory had been playing a game when Gregory had started to have difficulty breathing. Violet had fetched the portable ventilator for her grandfather and placed it on him.

Finn quickly ascertained that his father was not in pain by asking Gregory to blink once for yes and twice for no. Finn praised Violet for helping her grandfather. Chase decided to take Violet to her bedroom, where she quickly fell into an exhausted sleep. When Chase returned to the living room, Finn assured his father that the paramedics were on their way, and he urged Gregory to get some rest. "We got you," Finn promised.

After Gregory's eyes drifted closed, Chase wondered what he should do about the wedding because he couldn't see himself getting married while their father was paralyzed and possibly hospitalized. Finn told Chase that it was a decision that Chase and Brook Lynn would have to make. Finn could only focus on getting Gregory help and comforting Violet. Shortly after the paramedics arrived, Gregory slowly began to regain feeling in his limbs. Finn wanted Gregory to go to the hospital to be checked out, but Gregory refused because the medical crisis was over.

After everyone left, Violet woke up and ran out to check on her grandfather. Once she was assured that he was fine, she returned to bed. Gregory vowed not to let anything like that happen again because he'd seen the fear in Violet's eyes. Finn gently suggested that they talk about it in the morning.

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Brook Lynn, Lois, and Tracy arrived home from the party. Everyone was in high spirits, and Brook Lynn thanked her mother for the special evening because it had been a great night. "Anything for my girl," Lois said with pride. Tracy agreed that it had been a fun night. "But some of your friends can't hold their liquor," Tracy teased. "Not like you, huh, Grandma?" Brook Lynn asked with a knowing grin.

After Tracy grabbed a bottle of water and left, Brook Lynn confessed that she wanted to call Chase to tell him about her night, but she didn't want to bother him if he was still celebrating with his friends or wake him if he was home in bed. Instead, Brook Lynn went to change into pajamas and a robe, while Lois grabbed something to drink and worked on the seating chart for the wedding. When Brook Lynn returned, Lois explained that she had rearranged things to keep two feuding Cerullo women separated. Their conversation turned serious when Lois confessed that if she could have picked the perfect husband for Brook Lynn, she would have chosen a man exactly like Chase. Touched, Brook Lynn hugged her mother and said that she loved her.

A few minutes later, Tracy strolled in as she flipped through photos on her phone, taken earlier that evening. Tracy was dressed for bed, and her hair was down, prompting Brook Lynn to ask why her grandmother was still awake. Tracy explained that she needed something to "hydrate" herself with, so she debated fetching a cup of warm milk to help her sleep or having a nightcap of schnapps. Brook Lynn reminded Tracy that alcohol wasn't hydrating. Just then, Lois' cell phone pinged with a notification. It was a text message from Chase asking Lois to let Brook Lynn know that he was on his way over.

Brook Lynn explained that she had left her phone in the bedroom, but she realized that something was wrong for Chase to pop over at that late hour. A short time later, Chase arrived and quickly filled everyone in on Gregory's medical emergency. Brook Lynn offered to call the florist and caterer in the morning to check their options in case they decided to cancel the wedding. Tracy objected because she was certain that Gregory would do everything in his power to officiate the wedding. As if on cue, Gregory called Tracy.

Gregory assured Tracy that he was better, but he explained that he had called her to make certain that Chase and Brook Lynn didn't cancel their wedding or look for a replacement officiant. Gregory refused to let his illness derail their plans, and he vowed to be fine for the wedding "even if it kills me." Tracy smiled as she relayed Gregory's message. Gregory suggested that, if need be, Tracy could lend him a hand at the wedding. Chase and Brook Lynn agreed to proceed with the wedding.

At the axe-throwing facility, Jordan launched her axe at the board and landed closer to the bull's-eye than Drew's axe. She smiled victoriously as she joined Drew at the table. When he revealed that axe-throwing had been invented in Canada by a group of friends who had been drinking and bet each other who could throw an axe best, Jordan admitted that it sounded completely made up. Drew pulled out his phone to prove it was true. Jordan noticed the photo of Scout on his phone, and she confided that she hoped Molly and T.J. had a girl because she wanted to buy her granddaughter a "ridiculous" number of dresses. Drew insisted that Jordan was too young to be a grandmother.

Flattered, Jordan admitted that she'd had more fun than expected. Drew revealed that he felt the same. They talked about Chase and Brook Lynn, and both agreed that the happy couple were right for each other. "I genuinely appreciate the reminder of the excitement that happens in a relationship before somebody gets their heart broken," Drew said. Jordan chuckled because he'd been close to saying something positive. Jordan was confident that Drew would get there eventually. Drew laughed and offered to walk Jordan out.

At a nearby table, Anna and Dex sipped their beers and discussed the evening's events. Dex appreciated Chase's invite, but he realized that it might have been a mistake to attend because several police officers had given Dex a frosty reception. Anna asked if Dex had second thoughts about joining the police academy. He assured her that if he was accepted, he would work and study hard and do whatever it took to graduate. However, it was clear to him that some police officers didn't want him to join their ranks because they resented him for working for Sonny. "The other cops are wondering what my angle is here," Dex said.

Dex pointed out that he had been in a similar situation with Sonny, and he had no desire to put himself back in a position where he was constantly suspected and undermined by the people around him. "Got it," Anna said. She explained that trust was important on the force because a police officer's life was in the hands of their partner. "So, you agree this is going to be a problem?" Dex asked. He was curious if she had changed her mind about him joining the police department. Anna admitted that she'd been in Dex's shoes, too, and she'd had to prove that she wanted the same as her fellow officers, which was to protect and serve.

Anna was confident that Dex could do the same and that he would succeed in winning people over. Anna conceded that she had initially wanted Dex to work for her because he had insight into Sonny and Sonny's organization, but she'd since been impressed by Dex's commitment. Anna assured Dex that he was a good man, and he would make a great officer. Dex thanked Anna for her support, but she warned him that he would still have to deal with Detective Bennet at the police academy. Dex assured her that he would not back down. Pleased, Anna told Dex that he was embarking on something important because society needed police officers to keep cities safe and livable.

Anna explained that there would always be a bullies, but she advised Dex not to let them get to him. Dex promised to do his best.

In another corner of the facility, Sam approached Dante and apologized for being late. As she sat down, she filled him in about Danny sneaking out to see Jason. Dante empathized with Sam's frustration, but he suggested that she take a deep breath. Sam grumbled that Jason seemed like a stand-up and solid guy, but he had broken her heart twice by falling off the face of the earth. She acknowledged that the first time hadn't been by Jason's choice, but that was not true for the second time. Sam was frustrated by Jason's lack of explanation and how Jason's choices might impact Danny.

"He would be devasted if Jason disappeared again," Sam said. Dante agreed that it was a difficult situation, but he admitted that Danny shouldn't feel like he was doing something wrong by wanting to have a relationship with his father. "That's not what I'm doing. Am I?" Sam asked. Sam conceded that Danny had been having problems before Jason had returned, but she worried that Danny would see Jason as someone he could complain to about the rules that Sam had imposed. Dante was curious if Sam thought Jason would encourage that kind of behavior.

"All I know is that it's too dangerous for Danny to be around his father right now," Sam said. She explained that she and Jason had ended things because of the danger that had surrounded Jason. Sam was determined to keep her children physically and emotionally safe, and she refused to allow the danger that followed Jason back into their home and their lives. Dante opened up about his own childhood without a father and how he had wanted to know his dad and for his dad to be proud of him. Sam was glad that Dante and Sonny had made up for lost time, but she insisted their situations were different.

Dante agreed, but he reminded Sam that Danny was no longer a child and that Danny would form his own opinion about Jason. Sam confessed that a part of her was hurt that Danny saw Jason as the "cool" parent, while Sam was the one who told Danny to do his homework and to pick up his room. Dante assured Sam that it was a normal parent-child relationship and that Danny loved her and always would, despite the rough patch.

At Molly and T.J.'s apartment, an upset Kristina stopped by to talk to Molly about the night. Kristina insisted that she'd been having fun at Brook Lynn's bridal shower. "And then Josslyn comes over, and she just starts blatantly lying about my dad," Kristina complained. Molly was curious what Josslyn had said, so Kristina explained that Josslyn blamed Josslyn's breakup with Dex on Sonny because Josslyn blamed Sonny for "everything." Molly was surprised when Kristina added that Josslyn had accused Sonny of ordering Dex to kill Cyrus while Cyrus had been in the hospital following the assault.

Molly agreed that it had been inappropriate for Josslyn to behave that way, especially at Brook Lynn's party. "I know," Kristina said. However, Molly tactfully remined Kristina that Sonny didn't have a reputation "for no reason." "I know that my dad is who he is, but to order Dex to kill Cyrus, a broken-down old man, when he's in the hospital?" Kristina asked. She was adamant that Sonny wouldn't do that.

After the sisters sat on the sofa, Molly asked if Kristina felt better. Kristina admitted that she didn't because she kept thinking about what Josslyn had said. Kristina insisted there had been extenuating circumstances that had led to Sonny beating up Cyrus, and she reminded Molly that Cyrus was no angel. Molly agreed that Cyrus was not a great guy but said Sonny shouldn't have attacked him. "No one deserves that, not even Cyrus. I know that," Kristina said.

Kristina explained that it had been a bad night for Sonny because her father had been reeling from learning that Nina had lied to him. Kristina was also certain that Cyrus had provoked Sonny, which was why Cyrus had decided not to file charges. "That's definitely a possibility," Molly carefully said. Kristina acknowledged that Sonny had a temper, but she insisted that Josslyn was wrong because Sonny would never order Dex to kill Cyrus while Cyrus was in the hospital. "He wouldn't do that," Kristina added. "You know that, right?" Kristina asked.

Kristina defended her father by reminding Molly that Sonny had done a lot of good. Molly pointed out that Josslyn wasn't in a position of power, so it was just talk. She urged Kristina not to let it get to her, but Kristina admitted that she couldn't let it go because Sonny protected his territory, defended himself and Port Charles, and never went after innocent people without provocation. "That's not who my dad is," Kristina said.

"My dad's a good person," Kristina insisted. She pointed out that Sonny supported everyone, including Josslyn. Kristina conceded that Sonny had been on edge and a little harsh lately, but she attributed it to his heartbreak over what had happened with Nina, Jason's return, and Ava living under Sonny's roof. Molly was certain that Sonny appreciated Kristina's love and support. Grateful for Molly's understanding, Kristina gave her sister a hug and left.

At Jason's apartment, Jason answered a knock at his door. It was Josslyn. She apologized for the late hour, but she explained that she needed to talk to him. "I did something that I really regret, and I think you're the only person that will really understand," Josslyn said. Jason and Josslyn went outside and sat on the back stairs as she sipped a big glass of water, which Jason encouraged her to keep drinking. Josslyn filled Jason in about her confrontation with Kristina and how she had told Kristina about Sonny ordering Dex to kill Cyrus. "That shut her up quick," Josslyn admitted.

Jason recalled Carly mentioning Dex, so Josslyn asked if her mother had told Jason how Sonny had turned on Dex and accused him of being a traitor, even though Dex had risked his life to protect Sonny. Josslyn assured Jason that Dex was not the type of person who would kill a person for money, but Sonny had had Dex so "screwed up" that he'd been able to convince Dex to kill a man that Sonny had already beaten half to death. "That's Dex's decision. Nobody can make that for him," Jason said. "It's not Dex's decision; it's Sonny's orders," Josslyn argued.

Josslyn explained that her issue with Kristina was that Kristina always defended Sonny or claimed that he couldn't do anything wrong. Josslyn was sick of hearing it, and she couldn't understand why Kristina couldn't see Sonny for who he really was. "How can she be that blind?" Josslyn asked. Jason reminded her that most people wanted to see their parents in a good light. "And maybe you're not seeing Sonny very clearly right now," he suggested. "Do you think I'm a terrible person for saying what I said to her?" Josslyn asked.

Jason assured Josslyn that she was not a terrible person. "I'm not so sure," she admitted. Josslyn shared that she'd recently vented to Carly about Sonny because she couldn't understand how Carly could support Sonny after everything he'd done, and Carly had warned her that all the hate and anger for Sonny was poisoning Josslyn. After her argument with Kristina, Josslyn realized that Carly might be right. "I should have never said that to Kristina," Josslyn said. She acknowledged that she could be cruel sometimes.

Josslyn confessed that she'd been holding back for months, and she admitted that she wasn't angry at Kristina but rather at Sonny. As Josslyn talked, she mentioned Dex's plans to become a police officer. Jason was surprised, but Josslyn explained that she was worried about Sonny's reaction. Jason agreed that Sonny would not be happy. Josslyn admitted that she still loved Dex, and she would grieve for the rest of her life if Sonny killed him. Jason explained that he couldn't predict what Sonny would do because they were no longer close. Josslyn appreciated that Jason didn't try to lecture her about being too hard on Sonny.

Josslyn asked if it had hurt that Sonny had been quick to believe that Jason had shot Dante, and if Jason hated Sonny for it. "No, I don't. I don't hate Sonny," Jason said. Josslyn was confused because Sonny had treated Jason badly when he should have known that Jason wouldn't hurt Dante. Jason explained that Sonny had never been a perfect person, but Sonny had changed. "How he's acting right now is not how he would have acted before," Jason said.

Jason and Josslyn returned inside, and Jason insisted on taking Josslyn back to her dorm. Josslyn admitted that she probably wouldn't sleep because she kept having nightmares of finding Dex dead and a smiling Sonny standing over his body with a gun in his hand. Jason promised Josslyn that he would keep a close eye on Sonny and safeguard Dex. Grateful, Josslyn thanked Jason and hugged him.

Jason asks Sonny to spare Dex

Jason asks Sonny to spare Dex

Thursday, April 25, 2024

As Ace played, Laura was on the phone when there was a knock on the door. Laura let Trina inside and ended her call. Trina apologized for interrupting, but Laura insisted that Trina had perfect timing. She talked about how busy she was, especially since the nanny was off that day. Trina thought she could help and offered to take Ace to the park, and Laura gratefully accepted the offer. Trina suggested that she could rearrange her schedule to make helping out with Ace a regular thing, and she and Ace left.

Molly woke up on the couch as T.J. emerged from the bedroom. She told him about Kristina's visit the night before, and he was horrified that Kristina was out late and also getting stressed out by Josslyn. Molly assured him that Kristina was doing fine otherwise, but T.J. had been dreading the day that Sonny became a part of their lives. Molly insisted that he would continue to not be a big presence, and she excused herself to get ready for work.

Later, Trina was playing with Ace at the park when T.J. approached. She introduced the two, and T.J. observed how much Ace was making her smile. He talked about how excited and nervous he was for his own child's arrival. Trina advised him not to stress and encouraged him to focus on "the here and now."

At the Metro Court restaurant, Kristina watched as Carly addressed the staff as co-owner. When the meeting broke up, Kristina congratulated Carly and assumed that Sonny had gotten the hotel back for her. Carly refused to discuss it with Kristina, and she mentioned how much worse Sonny's temper had gotten. She believed that Ava was a bad influence. Kristina talked about her fight with Josslyn the night before, and Carly advised Kristina not to ask questions she didn't want the answers to. When Carly was gone, Blaze arrived and invited Kristina to join in on her meeting with Brook Lynn. Kristina promised to catch up with Blaze later and left.

Later, Brook Lynn told Blaze about all the plans she had for the release of Blaze's new single, but Blaze worried that Brook Lynn would miss out on wedding-related things by pushing the single so close to the wedding. Brook Lynn wondered if Blaze's sudden worry had something to do with her mother not wanting Blaze's personal life out there. Blaze explained that her mother didn't want Blaze to lose fans if she came out as gay, but Brook Lynn reminded her that she had just as big a chance of attracting new fans. Blaze decided that, "for now," she and Kristina were happy with the way things were.

Nina was working in her office when Drew arrived. He informed her that he'd seen Willow the night before, and he'd put in a good word for Nina. He assumed that Sonny had "rewarded" her after selling the hotel to Jason, but she divulged that she'd signed the divorce papers. She invited him to gloat and added that, if misery loved company, they were made for each other. She asked him to leave and advised him that their "moment of weakness" would never be repeated.

Later, Kristina arrived and asked Nina about selling the hotel. Nina answered that she'd been led to believe that Sonny would approve of the sale, which would enable Carly to get the hotel back, but she had "miscalculated." She named Ava as her "blind spot." She'd realized that Ava wanted Sonny for herself, and Ava was "playing the long game beautifully." Kristina informed Nina that Sonny was drinking again, but Nina sighed that Sonny was no longer her problem. She added that the divorce was done, so Ava could have what she wanted. "Not if I have anything to do with it," Kristina growled. Nina advised her to be careful, as Ava was dangerous.

Drew arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and was glad to see Carly "back at the helm." He wished that he'd been the one to make it happen for her, but she responded that she couldn't have accepted it with all the things he'd already done for her. She commented that everything was back the way it was supposed to be, and Drew left.

There was a knock on Sonny's office door, and he looked up to see Ava. She revealed that she'd been on her way to the gallery when she'd found someone waiting outside Sonny's office, and Jason walked in. Ava wondered if there was anything she could do for Sonny. He declined, and she left. Sonny growled that he no longer trusted Jason, but Jason revealed that Sonny had a problem bigger than him. He talked about Josslyn's belief that Sonny was going to kill Dex, and he urged Sonny not to. Sonny ordered Jason to stay out of it.

Jason continued that so many people knew that Dex had worked for Sonny that if anything happened to Dex, Sonny would be blamed and lose everything, including his family. Sonny yelled that he protected and loved his family, while Jason had abandoned his kids for years, so Jason had no right to lecture him. Jason begged Sonny to leave Dex alone "for everyone's sake." "Or what?" Sonny questioned. Jason replied that he would stop Sonny. "You'll die trying," Sonny shot back. Jason left, and Sonny slammed the door behind him.

Laura approached Ava at the gallery, and they talked about Trina. Laura thought that Trina wanting to help with Ace was Trina clinging to the past, but Ava suggested that it was Trina's way of grieving. Ava believed that all they could do was support Trina while she found her way through the grief. She commented that Trina found solace at work, and the extra hours she'd been putting in had been great, since Ava was needed at home. Laura was surprised that Ava was calling Sonny's place home. Ava clarified that Sonny didn't want her and Avery to feel like guests, and they felt safe and secure there. Laura wondered what Ava wanted.

Laura tells Sonny that she can't forgive him

Laura tells Sonny that she can't forgive him

Friday, April 26, 2024

At the Quartermaine mansion, Leo told Tracy that he was tired of eating peanut butter sandwiches made by Yuri. Olivia appeared, and she admitted that she had recently been too exhausted to cook. Tracy told Olivia that it was time to hire a cook. Olivia pushed back on the idea, and she insisted that she could feed her family.

Tracy noted that the Quartermaines had always had a cook. "You trying to kick me out of my own kitchen?" Olivia asked. "It's Monica's kitchen. Alan gave it to her!" Tracy quipped with a chuckle. After some convincing from Tracy, Olivia said that she would agree to hire a cook but only if Olivia chose the cook.

At Metro Court, Carly and Sasha greeted one another with a hug. Sasha shared that she was searching for a new place to live and work. Carly noted that Sasha had recently left Deception. "Yeah, with all the changes that were happening, it was just time to go," Sasha admitted. Carly asked if Sasha would be interested in working at Metro Court. Sasha agreed to keep Carly's offer in mind.

After Carly stepped away, Olivia appeared. Olivia told Sasha that the Quartermaines needed a new cook. Sasha said that she had always enjoyed cooking with her grandmother years earlier. Olivia asked if Sasha would be the Quartermaines' new cook. Sasha worried that she didn't have the experience to be a full-time cook. Olivia insisted that Sasha was qualified, and she added that Sasha would have her own room and board at the Quartermaine mansion. After hearing Olivia's offer, Sasha enthusiastically accepted. Olivia and Sasha were excited.

Nearby, Nina asked for a moment with Carly. Nina shared that there was an electrical problem in her office and that it had been happening more frequently. Carly scoffed, and she implied that Nina had caused the electrical issues weeks earlier when Nina had arranged for noisy repairs at the Crimson office when Carly had briefly been in charge of the magazine. Carly said she would have the electrical problem solved. As Nina turned to leave, she had a warning for Carly. "Jason may have bought the Metro Court back for you, but the person you should really be thanking... is Ava," Nina said.

Nina said that she'd only sold her half of Metro Court to Jason because Ava had insisted that doing so would cause Sonny to warm to Nina. Carly said that Ava only cared about getting what Ava wanted. "Well, in Ava's defense, not everyone has a Jason to get her what she wants. Like losing a hotel fair and square. So much for you earning the Metro Court back on your own," Nina quipped to Carly.

Carly asked if there was anything else Nina wanted. Nina shared that she had signed her divorce papers, but she warned that Ava was closer to Sonny than ever. "And from one ex-wife to another, I don't think Ava is good for Sonny. In fact... I think that she could be toxic for him," Nina said. "I don't agree with you on much, but I do agree with you there," Carly said.

At Finn's apartment, Finn escorted Gregory inside. Finn soon grew serious, and he referenced Gregory's bout of temporary paralysis the previous night. Finn shared that he believed Gregory should no longer be left alone for long periods of time. Finn added that he believed it was time to consider an in-home caregiver for Gregory. When Gregory pushed back on the idea, Finn asked what would have happened if Violet hadn't been home when Gregory had suffered his ALS attack.

Gregory argued with Finn, who remained firm that Gregory needed a caregiver. Finn asked Gregory to think of how his incident had affected Violet. Finn added that he and Gregory had a responsibility to make sure Violet felt safe in her home. Gregory accused Finn of emotional blackmail. "I know. It's also the reality that we have to accept. The bottom line, Dad, is you need help. And when I'm not here, you need a caregiver. Period," Finn insisted. "Or what?!" Gregory asked sharply.

Finn grew upset, and he left after grabbing his keys. A short while later, Tracy appeared. Tracy observed that Gregory was in a sour mood, and she asked what was wrong. Gregory told Tracy about his argument with Finn. Tracy listened to Gregory, who said that he wanted to hold on to his autonomy. Tracy agreed with Gregory, but she said she also understood Finn's concerns regarding Violet. "What is more important to you? Your pride or your granddaughter's well-being?" Tracy asked.

Gregory said that he understood Tracy and Finn's perspective on Violet. Tracy noted that Gregory would have to abide by Finn's wishes for as long as Gregory agreed to stay in Finn's home. Tracy suggested that an assisted living facility such as Turning Woods was a possibility for Gregory if independence was his top priority. After listening to Tracy's words, Gregory said that he would always choose living with his family over a room at Turning Woods.

Tracy said that she wouldn't be handling things as well as Gregory if she were in his position. "I wouldn't sit for it. I wouldn't stay. I'd run away to the far corners of the earth where my family can't find me, to help me, to care for me. And no matter how miserable and lonely I got, I'd still have my 'dignity' and my 'freedom' -- and no one to share it with. But luckily, you, my friend, are so much smarter than I am," Tracy said. "You, Tracy Quartermaine, are the smartest woman I know," Gregory said with sincerity.

At the Invader, Molly surprised Alexis with lunch. Molly admitted that she needed Alexis' advice about Kristina. Molly proceeded to tell Alexis about Kristina and Josslyn's argument. Alexis surmised that there was something more on Molly's mind than "Josslyn's crusade." Molly admitted that T.J. had become overemotional as it pertained to Kristina.

As Molly vented, she said she worried that T.J. didn't trust Kristina because he had listened to Molly's arguments and disagreements about Kristina through the years. When Molly asked Alexis to check in with Kristina, Alexis agreed. Molly and Alexis said that they loved one another, and they hugged.

A short while later, Finn had been on his way to an A.A. meeting when he stopped to ask if he could speak to Alexis. Finn told Alexis about his argument with Gregory. Finn said that he was trying to do everything he could to support Gregory, but he insisted that he had to put Violet first.

Alexis said that Finn wasn't wrong in his concerns for Gregory and Violet. Finn said that he would head back home to talk to Gregory. When Alexis noted that Finn had been on his way to an A.A. meeting, Finn said that he would attend another meeting later. Alexis calmly reminded Finn that he needed to take care of himself, and she noted that that included taking care of his sobriety.

Finn said that attending a meeting after his argument with Gregory seemed "selfish." Alexis took Finn by the hand, and she encouraged him to use the time at his A.A. meeting to give Gregory a chance to think things through. Alexis said that she believed Gregory would soon see Finn's wisdom.

Alexis added that Finn couldn't take care of his family until he first took care of himself. Finn smiled when he said that Alexis had given him good advice, and he began to chuckle. Alexis asked if Finn would like her to accompany him to his A.A. meeting. "I'd love it," Finn said warmly.

At the Jerome gallery, Laura asked how Ava felt about living with Sonny. Before Ava could answer, Sonny appeared. Sonny said cheerfully that he wanted to commission an artist to create an art piece that he could donate to the city of Port Charles. Laura surprised Sonny when she asked what had made him believe the city would be interested in his offer. Laura asked if she could have a word alone with Sonny.

Ava stepped away, but she hid and eavesdropped nearby. Laura scoffed at Sonny's "latest burst of philanthropy." Sonny said that he wanted to donate the art piece in honor of his children. Laura then confronted Sonny for having physically assaulted Cyrus months earlier. "Laura, we've been friends for how many years? And you're going to -- you're going to turn on me?" a wounded Sonny asked.

Laura claimed that she hadn't turned against Sonny and that she had only been telling him the truth about the beating he had administered to Cyrus. Sonny said that Cyrus wasn't a victim, and he said he couldn't believe that Laura didn't see how dangerous Cyrus was. Laura scoffed that Sonny was in a position to judge anyone for being dangerous. Sonny leaned in close, and he whispered to Laura. "You and I are family. We're blood. Connected through Spencer and Rocco," Sonny said.

Laura said that she could no longer look past Sonny's "lifetime of crime and violence." As Ava continued to eavesdrop nearby, Laura said that Sonny had hurt and killed people through the years. "And putting a wing on the hospital and donating art to the city, it doesn't just make all of that go away... It doesn't just disappear because you did your daily good deed," Laura seethed at Sonny. Sonny insisted that he had done far less evil things than Cyrus. "He held you at gunpoint... and I'm the bad guy?!" Sonny asked incredulously.

Laura continued to insist that Sonny had to be held accountable, and she asked what would happen when Avery and Donna grew old enough to learn about what Sonny did for a living. When Sonny said that he would do everything in his power to protect Avery and Donna, Laura asked who would protect Avery and Donna from Sonny. Ava continued to eavesdrop when Laura told Sonny to consider "doing the right thing." Laura added that the city of Port Charles wouldn't accept an art donation from Sonny. "Not while I'm the mayor," Laura said before leaving.

Afterwards, Ava rejoined Sonny. Ava flattered Sonny by saying that he had been "unfailingly generous" to the city through the years, and she mentioned the hospital wings and other things Sonny had donated to the city. Sonny said that none of those things mattered to Laura because Laura couldn't get past Sonny having attacked Cyrus.

Ava said that Cyrus had provoked Sonny, and she added that it wasn't Sonny's fault. "She thinks it was. I owned up to it, and now she wants to punish me! I've been good to Laura. I've been good to Laura for -- for so many years. And she's, you know, I thought she was loyal to me, but... guess not," Sonny said as he slowly shook his head.

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