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After Gregory passed away in his sleep, Finn tried to numb his pain with alcohol. Dex decided not to pursue charges against Sonny for assault. Kristina was horrified by Sonny's behavior. Alexis faced an angry Fergus Byrne at the review hearing. Gio Palmieri moved into the Quartermaine mansion. Elizabeth confided in Portia as a friend.
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Gregory died in his sleep. Finn turned to alcohol. Alexis faced an angry Fergus Byrne at her hearing. Gio Palmieri moved into the Quartermaine mansion. Dex didn't file charges against Sonny.
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Kristina is horrified by Sonny's violent side

Kristina is horrified by Sonny's violent side

Monday, May 20, 2024

Finn, Gregory, and Violet arrived home from Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding. Violet talked about the wedding and how much she had enjoyed it. When she asked Gregory what his favorite part had been, he assured her that it had been her song. Finn agreed and praised his daughter's performance. Violet admitted that her favorite part had been catching the bouquet. "And the kissing," she added with a smile. She was certain that the newlyweds would live happily ever after.

After Finn sent Violet to get ready for bed, he joined Gregory on the sofa. Gregory admitted that he wouldn't have gotten through the day without Finn. "Not just today, but all these past months. I truly appreciate you, Finn," Gregory said. Moved, Finn confessed that he was grateful because it felt good to be there for his father, especially after all the years they had missed out on. Gregory insisted that it was ancient history, and he preferred to live in the moment. Finn admired Gregory's bravery and the way he continued to embrace life.

Gregory explained that he didn't have a choice. "Now is all I have," he said. Moments later, Violet returned to grab her bouquet and put the flowers in water before bed. Gregory suggested that she preserve them by hanging them upside down for a few weeks to dry them out. Violet loved the idea and asked her grandfather to help her hang them next to her bed the following day because she wanted to enjoy the bouquet's fragrance. After Gregory agreed, Violet bid them goodnight and started to walk away, but Finn was surprised because she hadn't asked to be tucked in.

Violet announced that she could go to bed on her own. She blew a kiss to her father and grandfather. "Love you, Grandpa," Violet said. "Love you, too," he replied. After Violet left, Gregory asked if Finn was okay. Finn admitted that he'd had a vision of saying goodbye to Violet on her wedding day. Gregory assured Finn that Violet would always need her dad. "Yeah, that never goes away," Finn said.

Gregory decided to clear the air. He apologized for his harsh words to Finn the previous day. "No apology needed," Finn said. Gregory explained that he'd lashed out at Finn because he'd been angry and bitter about his disease. Gregory admitted that his words had been "petty" and "vicious." "And I'm so sorry," Gregory said. Gregory promised that he had not been holding on to an old, past injury, and he'd regretted the cheap shot.

Gregory insisted that he loved both Finn and Chase fiercely, and he was proud of both sons and the men they had become. Gregory assured Finn that Finn was a good man and a loving father to Violet. Finn's eyes welled up with tears as he credited Gregory. Finn explained that -- when dealing with Violet -- he always asked himself, "What would my dad do?" Finn told Gregory that he was the best father that Finn knew, but Gregory refused to take credit for the father that Finn was because Finn had done the work.

"You're a good son. My son," Gregory said with love. Finn hoped that he was half the man that his father thought he was. A few minutes later, Finn followed Gregory to Gregory's bedroom and helped his father get ready for bed by taking off Gregory's shoes and assisting him with the cufflinks and buttons. When Gregory was dressed for bed, Finn promised to drop his father's suit off at the dry cleaners in the morning. Gregory pulled back the duvet and jokingly warned Finn not to think about tucking him in.

"Even I have my limits," Finn said with a grin. He stopped in the doorway and turned to his father. Finn reminded Gregory that his father had always reminded Finn to brush his teeth before bed when Finn had been a child. Gregory smiled and promised to not to forget to brush his teeth.

Finn returned to the living room and called Alexis. After they exchanged pleasantries, Finn confessed that he'd inadvertently consumed alcohol at the wedding, and he felt terrible because he'd been sober for seven years. Alexis was supportive and reminded Finn that it hadn't been intentional, so he shouldn't beat himself up. She pointed out that he'd been to enough meetings to know that people who'd been in recovery a long time occasionally slipped up. "And they come back," she said.

Alexis explained that Finn needed to find his footing again, and she asked for his assurance that he understood that the drink hadn't been the end of his sobriety. Finn thanked Alexis for talking him down from the ledge, but she assured him that it was understandable that he had freaked out. Finn wished her luck at the hearing the following day.

In the honeymoon suite at Metro Court, Brook Lynn wore a white spa robe as she reached to the table and picked up a basket that Olivia had sent up. She admitted that she was happy to be out of her wedding dress. As she dropped the basket on the bed, she spotted a snack that she wanted. Concerned, Chase asked if she was hungry. When she explained that she'd only managed to eat a couple of bites of food because she'd been busy with their guests, Chase plucked the snack out of the basket and handed it to his wife.

Later, Brook Lynn and Chase relaxed in bed as she broached the subject of his mother not attending the wedding because Jackie Templeton had been on assignment halfway around the world. Chase acknowledged that he'd initially been disappointed, but he'd had a lifetime of experience with his mother's job. He also suspected that Jackie might have decided to bow out to avoid making Gregory and Finn uncomfortable because of her tryst with Finn before marrying Gregory. "It's a loving thing to do," Brook Lynn said. She reminded him that he had plenty of photos of their perfect day to share with his mother.

"It was the best," Chase agreed. Brook Lynn admitted that she'd felt guilty about asking his father to officiate, but she was glad that Gregory had married them. Later, the newlyweds sipped Champagne and reminisced about their wedding day. "Everyone had the best time. It was like our wedding was a gift to them," Brook Lynn said. She was grateful for everyone who had supported them. After she turned off the light, she looked at her husband, but Chase was fast asleep. Brook Lynn smiled, snuggled up next to him, and rested her head on his chest.

In Brennan's hospital room, Anna sat down next to his bed and called out his name. Brennan slowly opened his eyes. He complimented Anna and admitted that he understood why Valentin was obsessed with her. Anna quickly steered the conversation to the attack at Pentonville. She revealed that she knew he would make a full recovery because the shank had missed his vital organs. Brennan seemed annoyed that she'd been privy to his medical information, but she reminded him that she was the police commissioner -- and he was a prisoner.

Anna wanted to know about the attack. "I guess those vicious thugs in Pentonville were too much for me," Brennan said. Anna recalled that Brennan had always been the top in their class during their hand-to-hand combat training at the WSB. "Didn't you almost snap the instructor's neck once?" she asked. Brennan dismissed it as long before, but Anna admitted that the placement of his wound had been suspicious. She asked if prison life had been so dreary that he'd had to stab himself.

Brennan told Anna that it was unfair to interrogate a helpless victim. Anna promised to be gentle. "You're never more dangerous than when you appear harmless," she said. Anna asked him about his visit with Carly, which she deemed strange, since Carly had been his intended victim. Brennan sarcastically admitted that he'd been busted; he'd stabbed himself because he was hot for Carly and had hoped for a visit. Anna conceded that Brennan was good. "But I'm better," she said.

In Metro Court's hallway near the terrace, Sonny viciously attacked Dex until Jason managed to pull Sonny away from Dex and contain Sonny by pinning Sonny's arms to his side with a bear hug. Furious, Sonny demanded that Jason let him go. "You're both dead to me! I'm going to put a gun in your heads!" Sonny shouted as he fought against Jason's tight grip. Just then, Kristina walked up. When she saw and heard her father, she dropped the plate of dessert that she'd been carrying.

Sonny looked up and saw Kristina's horrified expression. "Kristina, it's not what you think," he said. Kristina turned and ran. "Dex, go! Get out of here!" Jason shouted to Dex. After Dex staggered away, Sonny demanded to be let go because he wanted to go after Kristina. Jason dropped his arms, but an angry Sonny accused Jason of arranging for Kristina to find him like that. Stunned, Jason denied it and asked if Sonny heard himself. Jason urged Sonny to calm down, but Sonny stormed off.

Jason pulled out his cell phone and called Carly. "Sonny's in trouble," Jason said.

Meanwhile, a distraught Kristina took refuge in the women's bathroom. She was shaking and breathing heavily as she called Blaze and said that she needed her. "Please, hurry," Kristina said in a trembling voice. After she ended the call, Sonny burst through the door. "Let me explain," he begged.

Kristina's eyes filled with tears as Sonny angrily accused Jason and Dex of turning against him. She cut her father off because she didn't want to hear more. When Sonny took a step in Kristina's direction, she flinched and put up her hand to stop him from getting closer. Stunned, Sonny assured her that she needn't be afraid of him, but Kristina tearfully begged her father to leave. After Sonny reluctantly complied, she fell to her knees, put a hand on her stomach, and began to rock back and forth.

"We're okay," Kristina said as fresh tears fell. A short time later, Blaze entered and immediately ran over to check on Kristina. Worried that something was wrong with the baby, Blaze offered to take Kristina to the hospital, but Kristina explained that she was upset because of Sonny. Between sobs, Kristina told Blaze about Sonny's altercation with Dex. Blaze fetched a washcloth and handed it to Kristina.

Kristina admitted that she felt like a fool because Josslyn, T.J., and others had warned her about Sonny, but she had ignored them. Kristina explained that she had believed that she'd known her father best because he had a "code of ethics." She had defended him, but she hadn't recognized the man that she had seen earlier. "He was so angry, and he was violent," Kristina said.

Kristina revealed that Sonny had threatened to "empty his gun" in Jason and Dex's heads. "That is who my dad is," she said. Blaze hugged Kristina. Afterwards, Blaze suggested they go to Blaze's room, so Kristina could have a hot bath and change into something comfy. When Kristina tearfully admitted that she didn't want to be alone, Blaze promised that she would not leave Kristina's side.

On the terrace, Josslyn was shocked when she saw Dex stumble to a table. She ran over and immediately inspected the bleeding gash across his eyebrow. "It was Sonny," Dex explained. Josslyn insisted on getting Dex medical attention. Dex balked, but Josslyn was adamant that he go to the hospital.

A short time later, Dex and Josslyn sat on a bench near the nurses' station at General Hospital. Dex had a temporary bandage over the cut as they waited for him to be seen by a doctor. Dex decided to return in the morning, since it was busy, but Josslyn insisted that he stay because he needed stitches. When she asked if he was in pain, he admitted that he felt ringing in his ears. Josslyn realized that he might need a CT scan.

Dex and Josslyn's conversation turned to Sonny as Dex revealed that he'd tried to dodge the punches, but Sonny had been relentless in his attack. "He's out of control, Joss," Dex warned. He suspected that Sonny had been out to kill him. Dex explained that Sonny believed that Dex had betrayed Sonny and that Dex's decision to join the police department was a means to go after Sonny. Dex had kept looking for some kind of recognition in Sonny's eyes that he and Sonny had once cared about each other, but he hadn't seen it. "I'm so sorry," Josslyn said.

"You know, Sonny either hates you or he loves you -- and right now, he hates you," Josslyn explained. She confessed that she was grateful that Jason had kept his promise to protect Dex. Dex was curious why Josslyn had made the request. "Why do you think? I love you," she said. Josslyn admitted that love had never been the problem.

In Metro Court's hallway, a worried Carly asked Jason where Sonny was. He admitted that he didn't know, but he suspected that Sonny had gone after Kristina. Jason warned Carly that Sonny had been out of control, and he explained that Sonny had been watching Dex all night. Shocked, Carly asked if Jason were suggesting that Sonny had planned to attack Dex. Jason confirmed that it appeared that way. "We got to find Sonny," Carly said.

Jason and Carly decided to split up. She went to check the terrace, while Jason went to the parking lot. A short time later, they met back up in the hallway. Carly reported that she had contacted the hotel's security, and they would try to locate Sonny using the hotel's cameras. Jason revealed that Sonny's car was in the parking lot, but Jason was concerned because he hadn't seen any of Sonny's bodyguards. Moments later, Carly's phone rang.

After a brief exchange with her security team, Carly told Jason that Sonny was on the terrace. Jason agreed to stay out of sight but close.

On the terrace, Sonny threw some glass in frustration. Moments later, Carly walked out and softly called Sonny's name. Jason remained hidden around the corner. Sonny sullenly asked if Jason had called her. Carly kept her voice calm and gentle as she confirmed that Jason had told her about the incident earlier. Sonny demanded to know why Carly had stopped him from killing Dex when he'd had the chance. Rather than answer, Carly asked what Kristina had heard Sonny say.

Sonny's mood shifted as he admitted that he didn't know, but he had followed Kristina to the restroom. "My little girl's afraid of me," Sonny said in a tormented tone. Sonny insisted that parents needed to keep certain things about themselves from their children for their own good, and a father had to protect his daughter. "Even from himself," he added. Carly conceded that Kristina had seen a side of her father that even scared Sonny, but she assured him that it couldn't surpass the good part of Sonny -- the loving father.

Skeptical, Sonny shared that Kristina had looked frightened, but Carly suggested that Kristina had been raw and confused. Carly was certain that things would get better once Kristina had time to calm down and process everything. Carly was confident that Kristina would remember the father she had always loved. "I am not sure anyone loves me anymore," Sonny said. In the hallway, Jason's expression filled with concern.

Carly assured Sonny that his children loved him, including Kristina, but Sonny argued that Carly hadn't seen Kristina's face or the way his daughter had looked at him. Carly acknowledged that Sonny couldn't change what had happened, but she reminded him that it had only been five minutes weighted against a lifetime of love and support. Sonny conceded that Carly might be right -- the memory would fade -- but he was certain there would always be a part of Kristina that would fear another incident.

"Then don't do it," Carly said. Sonny was unable to make that promise. He picked up his jacket and left. Moments later, Jason joined Carly. She worried that she hadn't gotten through to Sonny. "I think you did," Jason said. When Carly admitted that she was scared, Jason hugged her.

In Gregory's bedroom, Gregory climbed into bed as snapshots of his life and special moments with his sons through the years flashed across his mind. His thoughts drifted to recent poignant conversations with both Finn and Chase and to his love for Violet. Gregory recalled making a wish at Christmas that he live long enough to see Chase marry Brook Lynn. As he closed his eyes, he remembered officiating the wedding earlier that day. "Goodnight, Grandpa," Violet's voice sounded in his mind.

This episode included the song "Through the Years" by Fisher.

A tearful Finn discovers that Gregory died in his sleep

A tearful Finn discovers that Gregory died in his sleep

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Finn got Violet ready for her half day of school, but he wanted to make sure they didn't wake a sleeping Grandpa in the other room. After Finn returned from dropping off Violet, he called for Gregory and became alarmed when there was no response. He walked back to Gregory's room and knocked, but Gregory still didn't answer.

Finn entered the room and found Gregory in bed, and he immediately knew his father had passed away. He tearfully said that he loved Gregory, kissed Gregory on the forehead, put his arms around his father, and sobbed.

After he composed himself, Finn called 9-1-1 about removing the body, but he could not keep his eyes off the bottle of liquor Carmine and Gloria had gifted the groom's family. He picked up the bottle and smelled the cork before pouring a glass and drinking it.

When the ambulance arrived, Finn sadly explained that he had thought his father had been sleeping in. He allowed the authorities to photograph the scene and take the body while he stood against a wall and watched it all. The paramedic told him that Gregory seemed to have suffered a heart attack in his sleep and hadn't suffered.

Brook Lynn and Chase sat in the airport, waiting for their flight to Italy. They were both tired, but Chase assured her that neither one of them would be getting sleep that night. While Brook Lynn recited the Internet definition of honeymoon, a worried Chase searched through their bags and noticed that he didn't have his passport. Brook Lynn was relieved when he found it before discovering a gift in their bags from Gregory.

They read a note thanking them for including him in the wedding, then they opened the box and found an engraved silver compass. "With love, Dad," it said. Just as they were about to board the plane, Finn called with the news about Gregory. Chase was devastated, and Finn made sure his brother knew that Gregory hadn't felt any pain. Brook Lynn held her new husband as he cried on her shoulder.

Back in Finn's apartment, Finn was sitting alone, looking devastated, when Violet entered after school. He prepared to give his little girl the news about her grandfather.

Alexis was readying for her day in court when Diane arrived to go over the case. Alexis was running late, and Diane worked to calm Alexis' nerves. When Alexis was dressed, Diane was happy to see Alexis' usual pre-trial lawyer jitters because it was familiar to her. Alexis said Diane was stronger than Alexis was, and Diane never let anything get to her. Diane said she had a confession to make. She admitted that she screamed into a pillow every day before court to settle her anxiety.

Alexis wondered why she had agreed to take the fight to court, but she said she "had it on authority from a very smart person that I won't regret giving this my all as much as I would regret not trying at all." Despite that, she contemplated getting out of presenting her case. Diane attempted to talk her down from the ledge so they could get to court on time.

Kristina awoke in Blaze's hotel room, still reeling from what she had seen her father doing the night before. She had barely slept, and she told Blaze that her brain refused to turn off. She wanted to talk to her family but didn't want to bother her mom or her sister. She noted that she clearly couldn't speak to Sonny. She expressed relief that Sonny had stopped texting her.

Blaze said Kristina was justified in ghosting her dad for a while, but Kristina said she still felt guilty. She admitted that not talking to Sonny was just "postponing the inevitable." Blaze assured her that Sonny wasn't her problem to fix, but Kristina felt it was "if nobody else is going to step in and stop him from imploding."

Kristina realized who she needed to talk to and called Michael over for a chat. She told him all about what had happened with Sonny, Dex, and Jason the night before. Kristina said she wasn't just worried about what Sonny had said; it was also how he had said it. She believed he would do it but couldn't reconcile that man with the one who had always been so "gentle and loving with me."

Michael could relate, telling her that "you could twist yourself into knots trying to justify and explain Dad." He conceded to Kristina that they didn't have the power to change him. Kristina apologized to Michael for judging him over his anger toward Sonny. Michael understood because she loved her father, and there was nothing wrong with that.

Kristina wanted to help Sonny, but Michael told her it wasn't her responsibility to clean up his messes. Kristina argued that Sonny had done the same for her countless times. She knew that Sonny was wrong for what he'd done to Dex and that he had to pay, but she didn't want him to pay because she still loved him. Michael understood and assured Kristina that he would try to help.

Once Kristina and Blaze were alone again, Kristina explained her relationship with her brother to Blaze. She expressed remorse for pulling away from Michael, because he had been there for her when she had needed him. She also thanked Blaze for being her rock at that moment.

When Sonny stopped by Sam and Dante's, his son immediately noticed that Sonny's fists were bruised and asked who he had been punching. Dante asked how the other guy was, so Sonny said, "Dex? He'll be fine." Dante warned Sonny that Anna wouldn't be happy that Sonny had beaten up a trainee. Dante was waiting for Sonny to tell him that Dex had started it, even though that didn't sound like Dex.

Sonny made excuses, telling Dante that everywhere he had looked, Dex had been there. As he had watched Dex enjoying himself with Sonny's Brooklyn friends, Sonny had become enraged. When Dex had grabbed Sonny's arm, Sonny had punched him. "I was defending myself," Sonny claimed. Sonny also admitted that Kristina had seen part of what had happened, and he wanted Dante to try to talk to her and smooth things over. Sonny was still shaken up by the fact that Kristina had flinched when he'd tried to hug her.

Dante refused to help and was angry at Sonny for putting him in an awkward situation as a cop. Dante loved his dad, but he couldn't make things right for Kristina. He expected Dex to report what had happened and told Sonny he'd have to tell the authorities about their conversation. "Why would you put me in that position?" Dante angrily asked.

Dante also said it would be wrong to get Kristina to stick her neck out for Sonny and protect him by lying to the police. Sonny told Dante he didn't need Kristina to help him because Diane would do her job right. Sonny was more concerned about Kristina's emotional state and wanted Dante to make her see the truth. Dante countered with, "See what? What a good guy you are? That you're the victim here? That you protect your family?"

A choked-up Sonny said, "I just want you to tell her that I love her, and I need her, and that it was an accident." He said he wanted Kristina to know he was defending himself. Finally, Dante agreed to talk to his sister.

Josslyn and Dex sat on a park bench as she worried about his injuries from Sonny's beating. She worried that Sonny could have blinded Dex, but he tried to downplay it and cracked some jokes. Josslyn got them both some coffee, and Dex thanked her for everything she had done for him, including staying with him in the ER as his eye had been stitched up.

Dex and Josslyn flirted for a bit as Dex told Josslyn that it was easy to forget about Sonny if one just tried. He insisted he wanted her to stop dwelling on her former stepdad and put her attention on other things. Just then, Dex got a call from Michael. Michael soon met up with them in the park and informed Josslyn that she wouldn't be fighting with Kristina anymore. "Her eyes are wide open," he said.

Elizabeth catches Finn numbing his pain with alcohol

Elizabeth catches Finn numbing his pain with alcohol

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

In Alexis' hotel room, Diane was pleased when Alexis decided to go to the hearing. Alexis retrieved the lucky charm that Gregory had given her, and together, Alexis and Diane left. A short time later, Alexis and Diane were seated at a table in a small courtroom. Alexis absently tapped the charm against her palm, making an annoying clanking sound, until Diane stopped her and asked Alexis to put the charm away, since Alexis had a brilliant attorney. "Perhaps you know her name -- Alexis Davis," Diane said.

Alexis and Diane looked up when a bearded man entered the courtroom and sat at the table next to theirs. Neither Alexis nor Diane recognized him, but Alexis felt there was something familiar about him. "All rise," a clerk said as Justices Evans, Caldwell, and Dutton entered the room. After the justices were seated, Diane thanked them for agreeing to the hearing. The bearded man stood up and accused Alexis of being a "proven liar" who had been responsible for Neil Byrne's death.

Fergus Byrne was adamant that his brother Neil would be alive if not for Alexis. Diane started to speak, but Alexis assured the justices and Fergus that she welcomed him there because it was her first opportunity to plead her case.

At the airport, Chase was devastated about his father's death. Brook Lynn tried to comfort him, but he felt blindsided. The final call to board the flight to Rome was announced, but Chase seemed unaware as he admitted that there had been things left unsaid. Brook Lynn hugged her husband and assured him that Gregory knew. Moments later, an announcement was made that the gate for the flight to Rome had been closed.

Later, Chase and Brook Lynn entered the Quartermaine mansion. Chase admitted that he wished they could have driven straight to Finn's place. Brook Lynn felt the same, but she reminded him that Finn had wanted time alone with Violet to break the sad news. After Brook Lynn and Chase hugged, they braced themselves for the task ahead.

In the living room, Lois smiled victoriously. "Good news. I spoke to Monica, and she's all for it," Lois told Ned. He wasn't surprised, since there was plenty of room, but he asked if Lois had warned Gio about Tracy. Lois confessed that she hadn't, so Ned suggested that Gio might win Tracy over with his music because she loved music -- as long as it wasn't Eddie Maine who was playing it. Lois was certain that Tracy would have accepted Ned's career if Brook Lynn hadn't followed in her parents' footsteps.

Ned doubted that Tracy would have respected Brook Lynn if Brook Lynn had lived the life that Tracy had wanted for her. Lois was certain that Brook Lynn would have been miserable. Ned agreed, and he suggested that Tracy loved how Brook Lynn stood up to her. "Oh, I love it, too," Lois said with a grin. Just then, Chase and Brook Lynn entered the room.

Surprised, Lois asked why Chase and Brook Lynn weren't on their way to Rome. After Chase and Brook Lynn shared the news about Gregory's passing, Lois offered her condolences and hugged both Chase and Brook Lynn. Lois sang Gregory's praises as a father and admitted that every moment in Gregory's company had been pure joy. After Ned offered his condolences, Brook Lynn asked about Tracy. Ned and Chase decided to head to the stables to find Tracy, who had gone out for a morning ride.

Lois admitted that she couldn't believe that Gregory had died, even though it had been inevitable because of his illness. She suggested that God had a plan, and she reminded her daughter that Gregory had died happy because he'd been able to share Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding day. Lois advised Brook Lynn to hold Chase close and remind him that he was not alone. Brook Lynn sat beside her mother and leaned in close as Lois wrapped a comforting arm around her.

In Finn's apartment, Finn picked up Gregory's cane as his thoughts drifted to his argument with Gregory two nights earlier. He sat down on the fireplace's hearth and set his drink down. Seconds later, Violet arrived home from school. After she greeted her father, a woman appeared in the hallway by the front door to make certain that Violet had gotten home safe. After a brief exchange with Finn, Mary left because her daughter was waiting in the car.

Violet picked up the bouquet she had caught and asked if they could go for a walk because flowers loved fresh air. "And we can tell Grandpa to come, too -- if we don't go too far," Violet suggested. Finn gently broke the news to Violet that Gregory had passed away in his sleep. He assured her that her grandfather hadn't been in pain; he'd fallen asleep and hadn't woken up. "That can happen?" Violet asked in a frightened voice.

Finn quickly assured his daughter that it wouldn't happen to either of them, but he reminded Violet that Gregory had been sick. When Violet asked if ALS has killed Gregory, Finn confirmed that it had, but he urged Violet to focus on how amazing her grandfather had been and how lucky they'd been to spend time with Gregory. "No, I want Grandpa to still be here," Violet cried. She jumped up and ran down the hallway, calling out to her grandfather.

Finn followed Violet and caught up to her in Gregory's bedroom. She stood at the foot of Gregory's bed and asked in a forlorn voice where her grandfather was. Finn explained that the paramedics had taken Gregory away. Violet was upset because she hadn't had an opportunity to say goodbye. Finn's eyes filled with tears as he assured Violet that Gregory would have hugged her tight if he'd known it would be the last time. Finn wrapped Violet in his arms and held her as she wept.

Violet recalled spending time with her grandfather in Bobbie's Diner. Finn assured Violet that life was beautiful, but it could also be cruel and unfair. "Life is so beautiful, it hurts sometimes," he added. Violet hugged her father. Afterwards, he carried her to the living room, but he hesitated when he saw the bottle of liquor on the table.

After Finn set Violet down, she wanted to know what would happen next. Finn shared that there would a funeral in a few days for friends and family to say goodbye. "But how do we say goodbye if he's not here?" Violet asked. Finn explained that they could think about Gregory, say prayers, or even speak aloud -- whatever was best for Violet. Worried, she asked if Gregory would go to heaven, so Finn assured her that her grandfather was with the angels.

The conversation was cut short when Elizabeth arrived. She swept Violet up in a big hug and told Finn that Chase had called her with the news. When Violet shared that Finn needed a hug, too, Elizabeth walked over and hugged him. However, her gaze landed on the glass of alcohol on the hearth. Concerned, she pulled back and looked at Finn closely. Her expression turned stormy when she noticed the bottle of alcohol.

Elizabeth sent Violet to the bedroom to make Aiden a friendship bracelet. Once they were alone, Elizabeth confronted Finn about drinking. She informed him that she would be taking Violet home with her, so he could get himself to a meeting. "No," Finn said. He made it clear that Violet would be staying with him. "And I don't need to get myself to a meeting," he angrily added.

Elizabeth switched tactics and asked Finn to let her help him, but he refused. He reminded her that his father was dead, and he argued that nothing could help him. He resented being told that he couldn't drink when it was the only thing that had gotten him through the day. Elizabeth conceded that she couldn't stop him if he chose to treat his pain with alcohol, but she refused to let him get drunk with Violet in the apartment.

In Dante and Sam's penthouse, Sonny was stunned by Dante's reaction. "What the hell is going on with you, Dante?" he asked. Sonny reminded his son that Michael and Dex had conspired to take Sonny down, and he'd let it go rather than taking the "proper steps" to contain the problem. "You want a medal, Dad, for not killing someone?" Dante asked. Sonny clarified that he had been trying to explain that he had left Dex alone only for Dex to continue betraying him. Sonny insisted that Dex was hiding behind a badge and sharing secrets with Anna.

Sonny accused Dante of refusing to see it, but Dante admitted that the only thing he saw clearly was Sonny. "What does that mean?" Sonny asked. Dante pointed out that the attack on Dex hadn't been an isolated incident; Sonny had a pattern of violence that went back a long time. "What are you accusing me of?" Sonny asked. Dante acknowledged that he had looked the other way too many times, but it was time to stop.

"Too many people are getting hurt, and if you don't do something to fix that, it's just going to get worse," Dante said. Dante advised Sonny to stay away from Dex because Sonny would be the prime suspect if anything happened to Dex. Sonny resented the advice. Dante warned Sonny that Dex might decide to pursue criminal charges, and Sonny would not be able to make amends to his family from behind bars.

"My own son is forsaking me," Sonny said. "I'm trying to save you," Dante said with frustration. When Sonny didn't believe him, Dante's temper snapped. "I am done protecting you!" Dante shouted. He reminded Sonny that Sonny had committed a crime, and it was time for Sonny to face the consequences. Rather than reply, Sonny left.

Moments later, Sonny entered his penthouse. Ava was relieved to see him because he'd barely said two words to her the previous evening, and he'd been gone by the time Avery had left for school. "She missed her dad this morning," Ava said. Sonny was agitated but said nothing, so she asked him not to shut her out. Resigned, he confessed that Kristina had witnessed something and gotten the wrong idea. Sonny's voice filled with sadness as he explained that Kristina had been one of the last people who had believed in him, but he'd lost her.

Sonny told Ava about the wedding, and he accused Dex of taunting him by mingling with Sonny's friends and smirking at him. Ava was surprised, but Sonny insisted that Dex was a "punk kid" who had no respect for anyone or anything. Ava asked what Sonny had done. "I punched him a few times. More than a few times," Sonny said. He told her about Jason appearing, and how Kristina had walked up during the altercation.

Ava was certain that Dex had gotten the message, but Sonny argued that guys like Dex never received the message. When Sonny lamented about Kristina, Ava offered him words of comfort. Sonny remained heartbroken because his "little girl" was afraid of him.

In the park, Dex revealed that he hadn't made a decision about Sonny, so Michael admitted that he and Kristina didn't want Dex to press charges. Dex turned to Josslyn to get her input, but she refused to tell him what to do. She explained that she was tired of telling people what they should or shouldn't do and giving people ultimatums because it hadn't worked out well for her in the past. Michael acknowledged that he didn't have a right to ask, but Dex pointed out that it hadn't stopped Michael from making the request.

Dex explained that he was a police cadet with direct knowledge of a crime. He worried that if he didn't stop Sonny while he had the chance, Sonny might hurt someone else. Michael clarified that he didn't expect Dex to protect Sonny, because Sonny deserved to pay for what he'd done to Dex. However, Michael was concerned how it would affect Kristina -- and her pregnancy -- if she had to testify against Sonny. "I'm just worried it's too much for her," Michael said. "When is it too much for me?" Dex asked.

Dex reminded Michael that he'd hired Dex to take Sonny down. Dex believed the attack was proof that Sonny was not just a danger to his enemies but to his loved ones, too. Dex didn't think they would get a better chance to stop Sonny. "Maybe," Michael said. "Michael, there's no 'maybe.' He's right. Sonny absolutely deserves to be punished for what he's done," Josslyn said. To Dex's surprise, Josslyn admitted that -- for Kristina and the pregnancy -- Dex shouldn't file charges against Sonny.

Later, Michael and Josslyn sat in the local coffee shop and talked about the situation with Sonny. Michael revealed that he had watched Sonny throughout the wedding, and Sonny had seemed happy and charming -- like the father that Michael remembered. Josslyn conceded that she had once felt lucky to have Sonny as a stepfather. Michael assured her that Sonny's love and charm had been real, but he acknowledged that so were Sonny's brutality and rage.

Michael explained that Sonny had been better at hiding and controlling it in the past, and it was why Michael and Carly had wanted Dex to protect Sonny. Josslyn pointed out that Dex was the one who needed protection from Sonny. Michael took the opportunity to ask if Josslyn and Dex had reconciled because he had noticed them spending time together at the wedding. Josslyn explained that she hated couples who would break up and get back together because they seemed indecisive and addicted to the drama.

Josslyn said she had seen Carly and Sonny go down that road too many times, and it was not the kind of relationship that Josslyn wanted. However, she conceded that Dex had drastically changed his life since their breakup. Michael suggested that Dex had joined the police academy to impress Josslyn, but she defended Dex's choice. She was confident that Dex would be a good cop, like Dante. Michael advised Josslyn to tell Dex that she wanted to reconcile, but she admitted that she wasn't sure she wanted that, and she was done changing her mind.

"Dex deserves better," Josslyn said. Michael was certain that Dex would say there was no one better than Josslyn.

In Blaze's suite, Kristina opened up to Blaze about Sonny. Blaze admitted that the incident with Sonny had scared her, but she was more concerned about Kristina. Blaze hated seeing Kristina in pain, and she acknowledged that she wasn't in a position to cast stones about parents because Natalia had given Kristina every reason to run away. Blaze was grateful that Kristina hadn't left, and she made it clear that she wasn't going anywhere, either. Blaze knelt before Kristina and reached for her hands. "You're not your father, Kristina -- no more than I'm my mother," Blaze said.

Kristina explained that seeing her father attack Dex had made her realize that she had no idea who Sonny really was because he'd been a completely different person. Kristina changed her clothes then she expressed regret over asking Michael to talk to Dex because it had been unfair to her brother. Blaze urged Kristina not to be hard on herself because Michael loved Kristina. The conversation turned to Dex possibly pressing charges. Kristina realized that she would have to testify against her father, which she suspected had prompted Michael's decision to talk to Dex. Blaze thought Michael was an amazing brother, but Kristina admitted that Sonny shouldn't be allowed to get away with attacking and threatening to kill people.

Kristina picked up her cell phone and made a call. A short time later, Dex arrived. Blaze and Kristina were taken aback by his injuries, so Blaze offered to fetch him some ice. After Dex politely declined, Kristina admitted that Josslyn had been right about Sonny. "There's no victory lap when it comes to being right about Sonny," Dex assured Kristina. Kristina apologized because she hadn't meant to sound flippant about the situation.

Kristina admitted that she'd had blinders on with Sonny because she'd wanted to think of him as the man she knew him to be rather than who Sonny was in his entirety. Dex confessed that he'd wanted to see the good in Sonny, too, when he had worked for him. Kristina explained that she had called Dex because she wanted him to know that she would testify on his behalf if he decided to press charges against her father.

Alexis learns the name of her accuser

Alexis learns the name of her accuser

Thursday, May 23, 2024

In Blaze's hotel room, Dex informed Kristina that he wasn't sure what he was going to do about Sonny yet. He advised Kristina to take care of herself, and he left. Blaze assured Kristina that she'd done nothing wrong, and she should make herself and the baby her biggest priority. Kristina was concerned about the baby living in a better world than her, but she didn't think she was doing her part by letting Sonny go free again. Blaze offered to take Kristina home and make her breakfast, and they left.

Carly arrived at Anna's office after being summoned, and Anna informed Carly about Brennan's stabbing. She continued that, while Brennan wouldn't confirm or deny it, he'd said that stabbing himself would have given him a chance to see Carly again. A shocked Carly insisted that she had nothing to do with Brennan, and she left. A short while later, Anna was looking at Brennan's file when there was a knock on her door, and Dex entered. She saw his cut and bruised face and demanded to know what had happened.

Dex confirmed that it was "off the record" and explained to Anna what had happened with Sonny the night before. He wondered whether or not he would be tarnishing the badge before he even put it on if he didn't press charges against Sonny. While she acknowledged that he was within his rights to press charges, she assured him that he wasn't obligated to. She reminded him that every crime had a ripple effect. Dex decided that he wasn't going to press charges, and he thanked her for listening. She told him that he was going to be a good cop, and he left.

At Sonny's, Ava assured him that Kristina would "come around" after the heightened emotions associated with pregnancy faded. Sonny added that his sons had turned on him, and he blamed Jason for butting in and making things worse. There was a knock on the door, and Ava promised to make whoever it was go away. Ava opened the door to Carly, who entered, anyway. Sonny appreciated Carly talking him down the night before, and he continued to blame the incident on Jason. She wondered who Sonny would blame for his behavior once he ran out of "traitors." He insisted that he and Kristina would be fine, and Carly left with a glare at Ava. "It's almost like she wants you estranged from your kids," Ava observed.

At Finn's, Elizabeth refused to let Finn throw away his sobriety, but Finn sharply reminded her that he was in charge of his own sobriety. She insisted that she was looking out for Violet. Finn informed her that she could either go make friendship bracelets with Violet, or she could leave. He opened the door, and a shocked Elizabeth left. He closed the door in her face and began to cry.

In the Quartermaine foyer, Chase looked at the compass Gregory had gifted him. His phone rang, and he answered it to Elizabeth. She knew that there was a lot going on, but she told him that Finn and Violet needed him.

Ned approached Brook Lynn in the Quartermaine living room and wondered what he could do for his daughter. She tearfully talked about how Chase was heartbroken over his father's death, so she wanted to take the opportunity to tell her father how much she loved him. He repeated the sentiment, and they embraced.

A short while later, Ned happened upon Lois putting food together for the people who might want to gather after hearing the news about Gregory. Lois wondered what else the universe would throw at the newlyweds. She added that Tracy had been close to Gregory, so she suggested that Ned go talk to his mother. He promised to check on her later, but Lois insisted, as she believed Tracy had real feelings for the man. Ned suddenly realized that Lois was right and called himself a terrible son. Lois disagreed but said everyone needed to be better to each other.

Noting that life was short, Lois expressed her love and appreciation for Ned. She said that she was glad that she'd married him, and she wouldn't change a thing. Ned repeated the sentiment, citing the fact that she'd changed his life -- all for the better, and they embraced.

A short while later, Lois opened the front door and was excited to see Gio standing there with his luggage. A few minutes later, Lois broke the news about Gregory, and Gio thought it was the wrong time to be staying there. However, Lois insisted that he stay, as he was "extended family" to the Quartermaines. She thought that it was the right place for him, and she gave him a hug.

Finn had just taken another drink when Violet emerged from her room with a friendship bracelet for Aiden. He promised that she could give the bracelet to Aiden later, as Elizabeth had needed to leave. There was a knock on the door, and Chase and Brook Lynn entered. Brook Lynn noticed the open bottle of liquor and offered to go for a walk with Violet so Finn and Chase could talk about boring "grown-up stuff." Violet agreed, so she hugged her father, and they left. Chase wanted to know what had happened, so Finn told him everything. Chase noticed the bottle, and Finn admitted to having "maybe more than one drink."

At Bobbie's, Brook Lynn told Violet that Violet could talk about Gregory if she wanted to. Violet admitted that she was thinking about how sad Finn was. "What if something happens to my dad?" she suddenly questioned, adding, "He's my everything." Brook Lynn assured Violet that Finn was strong and healthy, and he would be around for a long time.

At the hearing, Alexis talked about how she'd been disbarred for committing perjury, but she'd been in a medical board hearing and not in a court of law. She continued that the bar association had met without her present, and Fergus had been a member of the panel. He chimed in that he'd recused himself from the case, but Alexis shot back that his replacement had been his law partner. Alexis didn't think she'd been given a fair hearing, and she demanded to know the name of her accuser. After some arguing back and forth, one of the judges ordered Fergus to name the accuser, and he blurted out, "Ava Jerome."

A shocked Diane requested a hearing to determine the credibility and reliability of Ava's testimony, but the judges refused. Instead, she requested a recess to formulate a response to the "ambush." The judges agreed to a ten-minute recess, and then they expected to hear both final statements.

Outside the room a few minutes later, Alexis talked about how Ava had something against her for her history with Julian, and Fergus' conflict of interest stemmed from her history with Neil. She thought that her disbarment had never been about the law. A guard emerged and beckoned the women back into the room. Alexis blamed Ava for losing her law license, which had caused her to lose herself.

Alexis and Fergus battled it out in court

Alexis and Fergus battled it out in court

Friday, May 24, 2024

Diane re-entered the courtroom as Alexis and Fergus glared at one another. Alexis was sure that Fergus hated her but didn't care because she hated him. She pointed out that she hadn't been responsible in any way for Neil Byrne's death, but Fergus was out for revenge, anyway. Diane assured Alexis that nothing Fergus said in court had any real bearing on her case.

When the court was back in session, Diane told Alexis that it was time for Alexis to get mad. "I want you to fight like hell," Diane said. Alexis launched into her final statement. She acknowledged that she had lied under oath, but it had not been in a court of law -- it had been at a medical board hearing. Alexis said the distinction mattered because she hadn't testified as an attorney; she had testified as a private citizen trying to protect a man she cared about. Alexis also once again pointed out that the opposing counsel was Neil's brother.

Fergus tried defending himself, saying he recused himself from the medical review board as soon as he learned the complaint was against Alexis. Alexis countered that he had been replaced by Fergus' law partner, so it was still a conflict of interest. Alexis then let the panel know that her accuser, Ava Jerome, was her former sister-in-law, and Ava was likely trying to have Alexis disbarred as retaliation for divorcing Julian.

Fergus argued that it was all irrelevant because Alexis had perjured herself, but Alexis insisted that it didn't matter because she had never been informed of her disbarment hearing -- nor of Ava and Fergus' involvement in the case. "Had I known any of those things, I would have proceeded differently...This disbarment is not about my wrongdoing. It is about the personal vendetta of the Jerome family and Fergus Byrne," Alexis said.

As Alexis summed up her case, she told the panel that "my personal life, as flawed as it may be, shouldn't have any bearing on my ability to practice law." She continued, "I lost my career as a result of a personal vendetta and never was given the chance to speak my peace, so I'm speaking it now."

Fergus got his chance to speak, saying that Alexis had used personal examples as to why her personal life should not interfere with her career. He also brought up some missteps Alexis had made as a lawyer through the years, including one with Carlos Rivera. Justice Caldwell wanted to hear from Carlos that Alexis had encouraged him not to take a plea deal, but she was told that Julian had killed Carlos. Fergus wondered if that had been Alexis' plan all along, a suggestion that Alexis and Diane vociferously objected to.

Finally, Fergus loudly proclaimed that both his brothers would be alive if it weren't for Ms. Davis. "You destroyed my family, Alexis, and I am going to make sure you never destroy anyone else's." Both Diane and Alexis objected to the accusation, prompting the court to adjourn. Alexis was promised a decision within 30 days.

Molly and T.J. discussed Alexis' hearing while at lunch at Bobbie's. Molly thought it was a distinct possibility that Alexis could return home as a lawyer again. T.J. wondered who would win if Molly and Alexis went up against each other in court. Molly just thought it was a nightmare scenario, but T.J. said he would put his money on Molly.

The subject of Kristina arose when T.J. suggested that Molly spend some time with Kristina on her day off. Molly revealed that her sister was not answering Molly's calls, which concerned T.J. He wondered if there was a rift between the sisters because of his recent advice to Kristina about Sonny, but Molly denied it. They both admitted that they worried about Kristina more than they would another surrogate, and T.J. apologized for being so hard on Kristina.

Portia approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station and said how sorry she was about Gregory. They discussed what a strong and decent man Gregory had been. Elizabeth explained how Gregory had died. Portia said she knew how difficult it could be for people to lose a family member in their sleep.

Elizabeth revealed that it was more difficult than anyone could have imagined for Finn. Elizabeth told Portia that Finn was struggling but didn't want Elizabeth around at that moment. Portia thought that was weird and said that Elizabeth could talk to her as a friend, but Elizabeth pointed out that Portia was also the co-chief of staff.

Later, in the hospital's locker room, Portia found Elizabeth. Portia admitted that she'd been confused and hurt because Elizabeth had been reluctant to talk with her. Elizabeth explained that it wasn't her story to tell. She eventually admitted that Finn had been drinking, but she made Portia promise it would stay between them. She asked Portia not to make Elizabeth regret confiding in her. Portia promised that Elizabeth could trust her, and she suggested that it had only been a moment of weakness. Relieved, Elizabeth admitted that it was what she had needed to hear.

Tracy arrived back at the stables, happy and humming after a magnificent ride. Cody informed her that she was needed at the house, but Tracy wasn't in any hurry to join the others. When Cody revealed that it was Chase who needed her, she realized that something was wrong because Chase and Brook Lynn were supposed to be on a plane to Italy. Reluctantly, Cody broke the news to Tracy that Gregory had died. Tracy was devastated.

Cody listened as Tracy opened up to him, telling Cody that she wished he had seen how alive Gregory had been at the wedding the day before. "He was happy. How is it that that person no longer exists?" Tracy asked. Tracy acknowledged that they'd all known it would happen, but it didn't make it any easier. Cody concurred. Tracy admitted she had wondered what Gregory had been like when he'd been young; she admitted she had pictured Gregory being a lot like Cody.

Cody was flattered but didn't see himself as being anything like Gregory. "You both have a quiet way about you," Tracy explained. She also liked that Cody didn't talk too much or push people around, just like Gregory. Tracy then changed out of her riding clothes so she could go do something on her own. She asked Cody to tell the family that she knew and that she wanted to be left alone for the moment.

Later, Tracy tracked down Stella in the hospital's break room. Stella had heard about Gregory and offered Tracy a seat so they could talk. Tracy was glad for the time she'd had with Gregory, but she wanted to have more. They spoke about how beautiful the wedding had been and how happy Gregory had been. Tracy was just relieved to hear that Gregory had died peacefully in his sleep.

Tracy asked Stella to let her know if there were any medical bills she could help the family with. Stella was impressed with Tracy's generosity. However, Tracy made it clear that she didn't want her name attached to anything because she wasn't looking for recognition. She credited Gregory for making her a better person.

As Violet and Brook Lynn sat at a table at Bobbie's, Violet said that she'd heard of a man who had lived to 100, and she wished her grandfather could have done the same. Violet admitted she was scared because she forgot things all the time and worried she would forget Grandpa. Brook Lynn assured her it wouldn't happen because his love was imprinted on her heart.

At Finn's apartment, Chase tried to be understanding of his brother's feelings. He knew it had to be hard for Finn to have found their father dead. Finn said it wasn't his first dead body, but Chase pointed out "this was Dad" and not a random body. Finn countered that it hadn't looked like Dad. There had been no smile, no light in his eyes. "He didn't smell like Old Spice anymore," Finn said, adding, "He was so cold to the touch, colder than you could imagine."

Chase and Finn tearfully embraced, but they had to discuss Finn's drinking. Finn felt he was selfish for making Gregory's death about "me and that bottle," but Chase told him there was no right way to grieve. Chase advised Finn not to be too hard on himself. Finn felt guilty for hurting their dad so much over the years and for throwing away his sobriety after Gregory had been so proud of him. Chase reminded Finn that he had rebuilt his relationship with their father, so he could also rebuild his sobriety.

Finn asked Chase to get rid of the bourbon, so Chase did. Later, Brook Lynn returned with Violet. Finn offered to make Violet something to eat, so she requested grilled cheese just like Grandpa had made it. After eating her sandwich, Violet left the room to play on her tablet. Finn told Chase and Brook Lynn that he intended to go to a meeting.

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