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Assassins were sent to kill Jason. Alexis confronted Ava about helping Fergus Byrne. After learning that Dex didn't intend to file charges, Sonny dropped his vendetta against Dex. Molly was troubled when she learned that Kristina had kept a secret from her. Drew decided to run for a congressional seat. Maxie invited Spinelli to move back in.
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Assassins were sent to kill Jason. Alexis confronted Ava. Sonny dropped his vendetta against Dex. Drew decided to run for a congressional seat.
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ENCORE: A desperate Montague takes drastic measures to escape

ENCORE: A desperate Montague takes drastic measures to escape

Monday, May 27, 2024

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, General Hospital opted to rebroadcast the episode that originally aired October 5, 2023.

In the episode, Sonny confronted Gladys and ordered her to leave Port Charles, Spencer and Trina made love on their final day in New York City, and Cody and Sasha left Ferncliff together. To read a recap of the entire episode, continue reading here.

There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, and picked up where the Friday, May 24, 2024, episode concluded.

Brennan has a stark and dire warning for Carly

Brennan has a stark and dire warning for Carly

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

As soon as Carly walked into a sleeping Brennan's hospital room, he quickly woke and commented on another visit. "I had to come," Carly said, explaining, "I heard you stabbed yourself for me." The pair flirted a bit as Carly told Brennan that she couldn't wait to see his scar.

When Carly asked about the attack, Brennan explained that someone had jumped him in the showers. Carly told him she didn't believe the story. After all, he was a spy and would never let himself be that vulnerable. After some more back-and-forth banter, Brennan talked about spy games and how all spies played "fast and loose with the truth...nothing is as it appears to be."

Brennan admitted he was accused of being the head of Pikeman, but he hadn't been tried due to fears about what might come out in court. That statement intrigued Carly, but she still told Brennan he was not exactly innocent. He admitted that was true, but hardly anyone was -- and that included Anna Devane.

Brennan explained to Carly that he and Anna went way back, and that could be why Anna suspected him of so many nefarious things. He then called Carly an amateur. After all, he told her, if she were a professional spy, she never would have paid him a visit in Pentonville. "You have no idea what you gave me that time," he said. Carly asked what she could have told him that he hadn't already known. Brennan countered with, "A good spy never tells."

Carly didn't care about anything more Brennan had to say as long as Jason stayed safe. "He deserves peace now that he's home," she said. Brennan refused to reassure her and bluntly said, "I'd probably kill him if I had to." Before she left, Carly suggested that she might visit him again, but he warned Carly to stay as far away from him as possible because he was "a bad, bad man who should be avoided at all costs."

Anna and Jason met in his room above Bobbie's, where Anna wanted to talk about Sonny's attack on Dex the night before. She explained that Dex had told her what had happened, how Jason had intervened, and that Kristina had witnessed the whole thing. Jason was pleased to hear that Dex wasn't pressing charges. Anna was also pleased. She wanted to bring Sonny to justice with something that carried a harsher sentence than a couple of years behind bars.

Jason told Anna that he hadn't seen the fight start, but he'd had a bad feeling when he'd seen Sonny follow Dex. He'd only walked in on the tail end of the fight but was hesitant to tell Anna more. Jason made sure their conversation was off the record before confessing that Sonny had threatened to "empty a gun into both of our heads." Anna was shocked to hear that and didn't understand why Sonny would risk saying that in such a public place.

Anna then had a very pointed question: "Do you think Sonny would try to have you and Dex killed?" Jason said there was a time Sonny would have never thought of targeting him because it would have been the wrong call, but he was no longer so sure. He described the situation with Dex, Sonny, and Kristina but reasoned that Sonny had calmed down after a while. "He was still not rational, but he was no longer completely out of control," Jason said.

When Anna learned about Carly's role in the night's events, she said, "Carly to the rescue again." Confused, Jason wanted to know what "again" meant, so Anna relayed the tale of Brennan's stabbing and his claim that he had stabbed himself to see Carly again. Jason was alarmed because he suspected that Brennan had a plan in motion and might use Carly as a cover.

Spinelli nervously welcomed Sam into his computer lair and told her he'd been thinking about the plan they'd discussed at the wedding. He wasn't sure if they should go through with it. Messing with the FBI was illegal, and he didn't want to take a chance with his freedom or with Sam's.

Spinelli also said he felt it was wrong to go behind Jason's back. Sam insisted the reason Jason likely hadn't asked Spinelli for help was because Jason didn't want to drag Spinelli into it, not that Jason wouldn't appreciate his assistance. Spinelli was still trying to wrap her head around Jason working with the FBI. They both knew the Feds had to have something big on Jason to make him go along with it.

Sam apologized for asking Spinelli to work with her, but she knew he was the only one who could help her hack the FBI. Sam implored Spinelli to help her for Danny's sake because the teen just wanted his father back. "I don't know what Danny would do if he lost Jason again," Sam said.

Moments later, Maxie barged in and interrupted Sam and Spinelli's conversation, so Sam left Spinelli and Maxie alone to chat. Spinelli explained the situation with Jason and what Sam wanted. He wasn't sure if he should help her, so Maxie offered her take on things. She understood what Sam wanted but knew that hacking the FBI was a federal crime. Still, she told him to do it, anyway -- just "don't get caught."

Alexis sat in a diner, reading a book after her time in court, but her ears perked up when Fergus approached and asked if she was dining alone. "Obviously, I'm dining alone, by choice," she told him, adding, "So, feel free to move along. My salad is getting cold."

Fergus didn't care and sat down, anyway, insisting it was fortuitous that they chose the same diner. Alexis threatened to report him to the bar disciplinary hearing for harassment. Fergus had some questions, however. He wanted to know why she had chosen that moment to pursue getting her law license back, when she had been disbarred several years prior. Alexis claimed it had just taken her a long time to see what a "huge miscarriage of justice my disbarment was."

Fergus said he didn't buy that explanation for a second and accused Alexis of playing the long game by biding her time until people forgot why she'd lost her license to begin with. Alexis sarcastically balked at his accusations but was pleased when Fergus complimented her and admitted she had an "excellent command of the law."

Alexis had her own questions. "What's the real reason you made it your mission to keep me from practicing law?" She noted that he'd gone out of his way to get Ava to sign an affidavit against her. Fergus claimed that Ava had contacted the bar panel and not the other way around. Alexis wondered why he hadn't checked into Ava's past before making her a witness.

Alexis also found it odd that Neil had never mentioned Fergus to her. Fergus admitted that after their father had died, he and his brothers had become estranged. He regretted that they hadn't resolved their differences before Neil and Brendan had passed away. "How was I to know that in the span of two years, they'd both be gone? And all because of you," Fergus said. He vowed to make sure she'd never get her law license back.

At Chase and Brook Lynn's apartment, Brook Lynn comforted Chase, who was still in disbelief that his father was gone. Soon, Tracy arrived to offer Chase her condolences. She even brought a bottle of Italian wine so Chase and Brook Lynn could feel a bit like they were on their honeymoon.

When Brook Lynn left the room, Chase thanked Tracy for being such a good friend to Gregory. She admitted that if it had been up to her, she wouldn't have been friends with Gregory. She admitted she had never had many friends because she found people to be annoying, but not Gregory. The feelings she'd had for Chase's dad had just sneaked up on her. "He was warm and engaging and never self-pitying," she said.

Chase finally broke down and told Tracy that he blamed himself for Gregory's death. "My dad pushed himself so hard because I asked him to officiate my wedding," Chase said. "I wanted him up there so badly at the altar, I didn't even think about what it would do to his body." Tracy insisted that Chase not do that to himself, but the guilt weighed heavily on him. She pointed out that officiating the wedding had been the thing that had kept Gregory going.

Chase admitted he had never thought about it that way. Tracy explained to him that he'd made sure Gregory had kept his dignity until the end. Her words gave Chase comfort when she told him how proud Gregory had been and how he'd never stopped talking about his cop son. Brook Lynn soon returned to the room with three glasses of wine, but Tracy showed herself out so the newlyweds could have some time alone.

As Chase and Brook Lynn sipped wine, Chase lamented how fast things could change. One minute, they'd been about to board a plane for their honeymoon, and the next moment, he'd gotten the worst news of his life. He also wondered how he could blame Finn for drinking when he was doing it, too. Brook Lynn pointed out that the situations were different because Finn was an addict, and Chase was not. Chase was still worried about Finn, since his brother was the one who had experienced the pain of finding their father dead.

Chase confessed that there was a tiny part of him that had thought his father could survive ALS, despite logically knowing it was a fatal disease. He hadn't been emotionally prepared for how much losing Gregory would hurt. Brook Lynn wanted to make things easier, but Chase assured her that being there made all the difference.

Soon, Gregory's phone, which Chase had taken from Finn's apartment, started ringing. It was Alexis. She still didn't know Gregory had passed, so Chase hesitantly picked up and was forced to tell her that her friend was gone. Alexis was in shock but kept her cool while choking back tears in her diner booth.

Alexis confronts Ava

Alexis confronts Ava

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Drew arrived at Willow's with something to run by her that she couldn't repeat to any of the Quartermaines. He told her about Congressman McConkey urging him to run for McConkey's empty seat, and Willow was enthusiastic about Drew making the perfect congressman. He feared that it could get nasty, but Willow listed off positive after positive about Drew. He jokingly asked her to be his campaign manager, but he sincerely thanked her for talking through it with him. She replied that he could really thank her by agreeing to run.

Finn arrived at Alexis', and they shared a tearful hug. She said she was very sad to have missed the wedding, and Finn told her all about. He then told her about finding Gregory the next morning, and about drinking. She reasoned that he had a "sympathetic reason" for breaking his sobriety, and there was only explanation and forgiveness. She related that she wanted to drink, as well, and she suggested that they start going to two meetings per day.

Later, Finn was gone, and Diane arrived at Alexis'. She hadn't heard anything from the Court of Appeals, but she thought that Alexis had a good chance of getting her license back. She added that she wanted to file a harassment complaint against Fergus, and Alexis told her about the run-in at the diner the night before. Diane invited Alexis to the reading of Gregory's will, as Alexis was mentioned, but Alexis wanted to pay Ava a visit instead. "Give her hell," Diane replied. Alexis figured that she already knew what Gregory wanted her to do, anyway. She wished she'd gone to the wedding to see Gregory's "proudest, finest moment," as she'd never thought it would be his last.

At home, Chase talked about how he had to help make things better for Finn. However, Brook Lynn believed that Chase needed to let Finn grieve how he wanted to. He apologized for how they were spending their honeymoon, but she figured they would take a trip later. She wanted to do whatever she could for her family. She related that she felt different since getting married, like everything was better, and she kissed him.

Finn joined Elizabeth in a break room at the hospital and sincerely apologized to her. He promised to never drink again, and he informed her that he'd already been to a meeting. She was glad that he was taking care of himself, and she hoped he understood that she'd only been thinking of Violet. She continued that she'd never seen that side of him, and she hadn't thought he was capable of it. He promised that she would never see it again, and he thanked her for looking out for his daughter. Just then, his phone went off, and he learned that Chase had arrived for the reading of Gregory's will.

A few minutes later, Finn met Chase at Finn's office, and Finn informed his brother that he'd been to a meeting that morning. Chase insisted that he trusted Finn. Diane arrived, and she began to read the will. Gregory had named Chase as the executor, which made Chase nervous, but Diane assured him that Gregory's wishes were "brief and clear," and she was there to help. She continued that Alexis would be Gregory's literary executor. She went on that his estate would be divided evenly between Chase and Finn, except for the library, which would go to Violet.

Gregory's will continued that he wanted to be cremated and have an "open air memorial with his family and closest friends. He wanted everyone to gather for the scattering of his ashes by his favorite tree in the park, and Violet knew where it was. He wanted everyone to focus on life and the world around them, "not a hole in the ground." Finn and Chase promised to do what Gregory wanted.

A short while later, Finn was alone in his office when Elizabeth arrived to drop off some x-rays. She asked about the will, and Finn told her about it. She wondered when his next meeting was, and he replied that it was in an hour. She offered to pick Violet up from school, and Finn thought that Violet would love that. Elizabeth had to go back to work, so she left.

Chase returned home and informed Brook Lynn that Gregory had made him the executor. She was glad to hear that he was feeling better. Chase was happy to get to do one more thing for his father, but he feared letting someone down. She promised that everything would be fine and that she would be there to help him with anything he needed.

At Crimson, Maxie and Nina were talking about the "gorgeous" Deception ads when Ava burst into the office. Ava demanded to know why Nina had broken their deal, but Nina didn't know what Ava was talking about. Ava reminded Nina that she was supposed to have featured a new artist at the gallery in a two-page spread. Nina replied that there had been no space, as she'd featured Willow's latest charity initiative instead.

Ava scoffed that Willow didn't even talk to Nina. Nina reminded Ava that they were no longer friends, so Ava would know nothing about Willow, or the man Nina was seeing. She sarcastically told Ava to go report back to Sonny. Ava thought it was sad that Crimson was all Nina had left, and she walked out.

"That was nuts," Maxie observed, and while she believed Ava had been out of line, she wondered why Nina was antagonizing Ava. Nina insisted that Ava had started it, and she listed off all of Ava's misdeeds toward her. Maxie also asked who Nina's man was. "You know," Nina said, and Maxie feared that whatever Nina had going on with Drew would end badly. Nina reasoned that Drew had gotten her back on speaking terms with Willow, and she'd gotten him an in with Congressman McConkey.

At the gallery, Trina explained to Josslyn that she was supposed to have been off, but Ava had asked her to open up because of an "emergency meeting at Crimson." They talked about the apartments they were going to visit that day until Trina mentioned Dex. As Josslyn told Trina what had happened at the wedding, Ava arrived and scolded Josslyn for spreading gossip. They argued until Trina stepped in, and Josslyn figured it wasn't a good idea to argue with Trina's boss.

When Josslyn and Trina were gone, Alexis arrived. She informed Ava that she'd met an old friend of Ava's, Fergus Byrne, while in Albany. Ava played dumb until Alexis revealed that she knew about Ava's affidavit. She questioned why Ava had wanted to ruin Alexis' life. Ava coldly responded that Alexis had ruined her life all on her own, but Ava had been happy to help. She talked about how Alexis had used Julian over and over, knowing how much he'd loved her. She also reminded Alexis that Alexis had actually committed perjury, so Alexis only had herself to blame.

Ava continued that there was nothing in the affidavit that wasn't true, but Alexis objected to Ava's cruelty. Alexis said that Ava had two ways of dealing with adversity: "deflect blame or inflict harm." Ava believed that Julian would still be alive if not for Alexis, and she growled that she had nothing to apologize for. Alexis dreamed about all the things she could get Ava caught for if she was still practicing law. "License or not, I'll make you regret making that complaint," Alexis muttered, and she left.

Sonny has a talk with Dex

Sonny has a talk with Dex

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Maxie arrived home and found Felicia, Georgie, and James huddled around Spinelli as he successfully fixed James's laptop. Maxie was forced to clear her throat to get everyone's attention. Apologetic, Felicia explained that they'd been engrossed with Spinelli's computer "wizardry." Spinelli smiled at Maxie, but the conversation quickly took an unexpected turn when both Georgie and James admitted that they wanted Spinelli to move back in. Felicia tactfully offered to take the kids to get ice cream, which Georgie acknowledged was an excuse to give Maxie and Spinelli privacy to talk.

After Felicia and the kids left, Maxie told Spinelli that she was glad they had a chance to talk because she had missed him and wanted him to move back in. She admitted that she had overreacted when she had kicked him out, but Spinelli surprised her by declining. He explained that he loved her, but he wanted to be more than roommates. Maxie assured Spinelli that she felt the same, but she wasn't ready to share a bedroom with him. She wanted to take things slow because they had the children to consider. Spinelli admitted that he had waited years to be with Maxie, so he could wait for as long as was needed.

Maxie smiled with joy when Spinelli agreed to move into the guest room. As they shared a kiss, Felicia and the children returned with ice cream, including Spinelli's favorite flavor. Spinelli and Maxie shared the news that he would be moving in. Georgie and James whooped with excitement and hugged Spinelli and Maxie. Smiling, Felicia gave Maxie a thumbs-up.

At the gatehouse, Willow was excited that Drew had an opportunity to take Congressman McConkey's seat -- with the congressman's support. "Aren't you excited?" Willow enthusiastically asked. Drew smiled. He admitted that it felt a bit like a rush and "kind of crazy." He conceded that it was an honor, but he wondered why Willow believed that he could do the job.

Willow explained that Drew had "single-handedly" changed the course of her life and the lives of her family. She insisted that he had risked his life for her, and she believed that he genuinely cared about people. Willow asked him to think about the possibilities if he had more resources on a wider scale and a bigger stage. Just then, Michael arrived home. After Willow and Drew shared the news about Drew's possible political career, Drew asked for Michael's honest opinion.

Michael admitted that he didn't think it would be a good time for Drew to split his focus between politics and business because the new wellness division was about to launch. Michael praised Curtis as the right choice to head the division, but Curtis lacked experience and needed Drew's guidance. Drew was confident that Curtis would catch on quickly, especially with Michael's help. Michael reminded Drew that -- if elected -- Drew would have to put his company stock into a trust, and the SEC would watch closely. After listing a few other reasons not to run for office, Michael concluded that Drew would have more to lose than to win.

"I couldn't disagree more," Willow said. She insisted that people were tired of politics, but McConkey was one of the few people who listened. She believed that Drew would be perfect for the position because he had similar qualities and was a decorated war hero with a strong character. Willow was certain that Drew could withstand bad press from the opposition, and she believed his wealth was proof that he wouldn't have any special interest groups pulling strings behind the scenes. Drew and Michael smiled at her impassioned speech. Willow assured Michael that he was perfectly capable of running Aurora Media because Drew had more important things to do by contributing to the functionality of the government.

Michael admitted that Willow had changed his mind. Drew confessed that she had convinced him to run for office, but he would need both Michael and Willow's help. "We're all in, Congressman Cain," Willow said with a bright smile.

At Bobbie's, Molly chatted with Dante at the counter while she waited for her coffee to go. Dante was guarded when Molly mentioned hearing that the wedding had been eventful, but she hadn't had a chance to talk to Kristina. Molly explained that she'd been busy with work and getting ready for the baby. Meanwhile, Dex entered. Molly collected her coffee and passed Dex. She was surprised when she noticed his bruised face, but she didn't say anything as she walked out.

In the courtyard, Molly ran into Blaze. After they exchanged greetings, Molly asked if Blaze had seen Kristina. Blaze revealed that she'd dropped Kristina off at Alexis' house. Molly was happy to hear it because she was headed to her mother's after a quick stop at the courthouse. When Blaze invited Molly and T.J. to hang out with her and Kristina, Molly readily agreed. "Maybe we can all talk about what went down at the eventful wedding," Molly said in a lighthearted tone.

Blaze misread things and assured Molly not to worry because Kristina was still fragile, but in a better place. Blaze realized her mistake when Molly became alarmed and asked Blaze to elaborate. Blaze urged Molly to talk to Kristina, but Molly feared that her well-meaning questions might be perceived as an interrogation and upset Kristina. Reluctantly, Blaze told Molly about Sonny's attack on Dex and about Kristina's reaction to witnessing the violent confrontation. Blaze reiterated that Kristina was doing fine, so Molly thanked Blaze for letting her know, and Molly left.

At Alexis' house, Sam was on the phone with her mother while Kristina set things out on the dining room table. After Sam ended the call, Kristina asked how Alexis had sounded. "Okay-ish," Sam said. Sam and Kristina talked about Alexis' close relationship with Gregory, and their concerns about Alexis getting bad news from the bar on top of losing her close friend. Sam admitted that she had the same fears about Alexis' sobriety as Kristina, but they needed to remember that their mother was stronger than they gave Alexis credit for. "And so are you," Sam said.

Kristina's defenses went up as she asked what had prompted Sam to say that. Sam carefully explained that she knew about the attack on Dex, and she was confident that "if push comes to shove," Kristina would do the right thing. "Even if it comes at a cost to Sonny," Sam said. Kristina wanted to know how Sam had heard about the assault, so Sam told her sister about Sonny's visit to the penthouse. Kristina realized that Sonny's confession had prompted Dante to blow up her phone.

Sam assured her sister that she and Dante had both been worried about Kristina. Kristina reminded Sam that Sam had just praised her for being strong, but Sam pointed out that even strong people could get hurt. Kristina assured Sam not to worry because Dex had decided against pressing charges. Kristina admitted that -- at the end of the day -- Sonny had to face himself knowing what he'd done and knowing that Kristina knew the truth. "It's wrong," Sam said.

Before Kristina could reply, Alexis arrived home. Sam and Kristina greeted their mother and hugged her as they offered their condolences. When Kristina asked about Alexis' hearing, Alexis told her daughters that she wanted to wait until Molly arrived. Alexis noticed that Kristina looked pale, but Sam quickly covered for her sister. Kristina smiled with affection at Sam.

A short time later, Molly arrived. The conversation quickly turned to Alexis' hearing as she told her daughters about Fergus Byrne's efforts to keep Alexis from getting her law license reinstated. Molly was shocked by Fergus' unethical conduct. Alexis accused Fergus of fighting dirty and putting a tainted take on everything that Alexis had said. Alexis feared that the odds were not in her favor. Kristina was disappointed to learn that Alexis might have to wait 30 days for an answer.

Sam, Kristina, and Molly were stunned when Alexis shared that Ava Jerome had reported her to the bar. Kristina was furious that Ava would make such a move after murdering Connie Falconeri and sabotaging Morgan. Molly accused Ava of being vicious and ruthless, but she conceded that Ava was smart because she had managed to hit Alexis where it hurt most. Moments later, Kristina received a text message from Dante.

After Sam and Kristina said their goodbyes and left, Alexis asked Molly what was troubling her. Molly asked how Kristina had seemed. "Pale. Subdued. Why?" Alexis asked. Molly told Alexis about Sonny's attack on Dex. Molly didn't know if Kristina had kept quiet about the attack because Molly was an assistant district attorney or because Kristina feared T.J.'s reaction. Molly insisted that she had a right to know, and she had no idea how to broach it with her sister without setting Kristina off.

Alexis agreed that Kristina should have told Molly, but Molly confessed that she was conflicted about whether or not to tell T.J. Alexis reminded Molly that the goal was a healthy baby. Molly asked if she was expected to tread lightly. "Treat Kristina like a minefield keeping me from my baby?" Molly asked. Alexis offered to act as a buffer between Sonny and Kristina, but Molly didn't want her mother to get involved. Alexis advised Molly to get some rest because she would need it when the baby arrived.

Molly admitted that she could handle anything if it meant keeping the baby healthy. She pointed out that in a couple of months, she wouldn't have to rely on Kristina anymore, and she intended to keep Kristina -- and her drama -- far away from the baby.

At Bobbie's, Dante and Dex sat down to talk about Sonny. Dex revealed that he had decided not to file charges for two reasons, starting with sparing Kristina the ordeal of testifying. Dex admitted that Kristina had asked him not to back off, but Dex explained that Kristina had always been a friend to him. "What kind of friend would I be if I made her testify against her father?" Dex asked. Dante asked what the other reason was, so Dex admitted that it would only result in a short sentence and unlikely stop Sonny from running the organization from behind bars or from killing Dex.

Dante opened up about Sonny's visit after the assault, but Dante was clear that he would not intercede on Sonny's behalf. Dante explained that he had warned his father that Sonny would be the prime suspect if anything happened to Dex, but Dante had no idea if he'd gotten through to Sonny because his father acted as if he were untouchable. Dante admitted that he had misjudged Dex, and he commended Dex for turning his life around. Dex regretted getting tangled up with Sonny, but he was determined to put it behind him and do better.

Dex said he wanted to be worthy of the badge. Dante was pleased to hear it because Dex had saved Dante's life, and he was grateful for what Dex had done for Kristina. After Dex left, Kristina entered the diner and joined Dante. Dante explained that he had reached out to her because he'd been concerned about his sister. Kristina told her brother about witnessing the attack and Sonny's attempt to justify things. "It was awful," she said.

Kristina explained that she'd known their father had flaws and that he'd hurt people, but it had never been like that. She admitted that the man she'd seen had been ugly and full of rage. As they talked, Kristina questioned Dante about the time that Sonny had shot him. "It was an accident, right?" she asked. Dante confessed that he had lied about the shooting because he'd grown to care about his siblings, and he'd been reluctant to take their father away from them.

Dante shared what it had been like to grow up without a father and the way that kids had tormented him. He explained that when he'd learned that Sonny was his father, he'd seen it as a gift, and he had refused to give it back, so he'd lied to keep Sonny out of prison. Kristina admitted that a part of her was relieved that Dex hadn't filed charges, but she worried that she was making things worse because there might be a next time.

In the park, Sonny was out for a run when he saw Josslyn approaching during her morning run. He stopped, but she glared at him as she jogged past him. When Sonny called out to her and invited her to speak her mind, Josslyn suggested it would be a waste of time because he wouldn't listen. "Maybe not, but you can get it off your chest," Sonny said. She recalled when she and Sonny had been honest with each other, how he'd been there for her when Oscar had died, and how he'd been there for the family when Mike had passed away. "But you're not that person anymore," Josslyn said.

Josslyn accused Sonny of doing whatever he wanted without any consequences, but Sonny suggested that Josslyn was young and didn't know what he'd been through. She insisted that he belonged in jail for his past crimes and what he'd done to Dex. "I bet you're not even grateful to Dex," she said. Sonny was shocked when she revealed that Dex had decided not to pursue criminal charges against him. "He did it for your kids," Josslyn explained.

Josslyn told Sonny about Michael's appeal to Dex and how Kristina had reached out to Michael for help. "So what? I'm supposed to be grateful to Michael?" Sonny asked in a surly tone. Josslyn clarified that she didn't expect Sonny to see the good in others because he was focused on himself. However, she wanted Sonny to know that -- if he lifted a hand to Dex -- it was because the man that Sonny wanted dead had the grace to let Sonny go.

Later, Josslyn bumped into Blaze as Blaze was doing stretches on a park bench. Blaze took the opportunity to admit that Josslyn had been right about Sonny. Josslyn felt bad that Kristina had seen Sonny's violent side.

Elsewhere in the park, Dex sat on a bench while studying until Sonny suddenly appeared. Dex jumped up, but Sonny told Dex to relax because he wanted to talk. Dex wanted to know how Sonny had found him, but Sonny reminded Dex that he could find anyone. "Are you going to invite me to sit down?" Sonny asked. Dex was reluctant, so Sonny promised that he was alone and unarmed.

After Dex and Sonny sat down, Sonny revealed that he knew about Dex's decision to not take legal action -- for Kristina's sake. "I appreciate that," Sonny said. Sonny explained that it was over for him. "This thing between us -- this bad blood -- it's over," Sonny said. Dex was skeptical, but Sonny admitted that Dex had been a distraction. Sonny insisted that he had more important things to do, but Dex remained wary.

"You're nothing to me now. For your sake, keep it that way," Sonny said.

Shots are fired at Jason in the warehouse

Shots are fired at Jason in the warehouse

Friday, May 31, 2024

At the Corinthos Coffee warehouse, Jason was surprised to look up and find Sonny standing in his office, asking if he was free. Sonny said he wanted to clear the air. He reported that he had reached an agreement with Dex. Sonny said, "I am done with him, and he's free to do whatever he wants to do. He wants to be a cop? Don't matter to me."

Jason thought that was the right call but was surprised when Sonny said he wanted to make the same deal with Jason. "Go work for the FBI or whatever it is that you're doing, but I don't want to have anything more to do with you," Sonny said. He once again offered to buy Jason's half of Corinthos Coffee, but Jason refused to sell. Jason said, "This was our business. We founded this company together as equal partners."

Sonny countered that their partnership was based on a trust that had been broken. Jason said he wasn't staying for himself, but instead, he was staying for Sonny. After all, it was his only legitimate business left to shield him from RICO charges. Sonny accused Jason of spying on him, but Jason insisted he was Sonny's friend and would never do that. Jason also warned Sonny that he was in real trouble. Jason was worried about how Sonny had been acting and begged him to rein things in because he was making sloppy decisions.

Jason's words did no good. Sonny said that since Jason was turning down his buyout offer, Sonny wouldn't be friendly anymore. "If you don't get out of my way, you're done. You're gone," Sonny said.

Molly popped by Metro Court to ask Carly about what had happened with Sonny, Dex, Jason, and Kristina the night of Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding. Carly said she had been home with her feet up, so there was nothing she could tell Molly. Molly appealed to Carly as her aunt. "You've known me my whole life, and I'm asking you for help," Molly said. Molly worried about Kristina's physical state. After all, Kristina was carrying Molly's child.

Carly agreed to talk, as long as it was off the record and Molly didn't use anything she said in a legal capacity. Molly agreed, so Carly explained that Jason had called to tell her about the fight, which Kristina had witnessed, and that Sonny had followed Kristina to the ladies' room to try to explain things. "I think Kristina was afraid of Sonny because she saw him in a way that she had never seen before...I'm sure that was devastating for Kristina," Carly said.

Carly admitted that Kristina had had to see the dangerous side of Sonny at some point, but she was sorry for the way it had happened. Molly decided to keep the information to herself and not even tell T.J.

Later, Sonny walked into Metro Court and told Carly that he'd been dealing with Jason. Back at the warehouse, Jason heard something that put him on high alert. A man with a gun hid behind sacks of coffee beans while another shooter took a position nearby. Seconds later, gunfire erupted. Jason managed to take cover and pull out his gun, but he was pinned in.

John paid a visit to Brennan's hospital room, ready to haul him back to Pentonville. Brennan wondered when the FBI had become prison escorts, so John told him that being a crooked intelligence agent made Brennan special. "You are dangerous by definition," he said.

Portia soon arrived to tell John that Brennan wasn't going anywhere. His surgeon hadn't cleared him for release. John told Portia that Brennan was a security risk trained in disinformation, meaning he could "make things look like what they're not." Portia was adamant that Brennan would not be released until his surgeon said so, no matter what.

After Portia left, John insisted on questioning Brennan. He was curious why Brennan had spent so many months behind bars without a trial, and why lawyers kept asking for unjustified postponements, as if they'd been directed to stall. John accused Brennan of not wanting to leave Pentonville until the time was right.

Brennan insisted he didn't even understand the charges. It was all a misunderstanding from when Carly had seen him with zip ties and thought he had been planning to kidnap her. John wanted to talk about Brennan and Anna's connection. John knew that Brennan and Anna had history dating back to their early days at the WSB, so he thought it was too coincidental that Anna had been the one to take Brennan down and arrest him. John speculated that the bust had been a ruse to hand Brennan's leadership position at Pikeman to Anna.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Chase stopped by the nurses' station to see Elizabeth. She embraced him immediately, offering condolences about his dad. However, Chase was there for a specific reason. As executor of Gregory's estate, he needed to find someone to give him a copy of his father's death certificate.

Elizabeth called the hospital records department and tracked it down for Chase before they sat down for a chat. He told her that the reality of Gregory's death kept hitting him. Chase said, "It's like I'm moving underwater. Everything is slower because I'm slower." Liz assured him that what he was going through was normal, stressing that he shouldn't be afraid to ask for help.

Chase also wanted to talk about Finn. He was concerned about his brother's drinking and blamed himself for Finn's argument with Elizabeth because Chase was the one who had called her to check on Finn. Elizabeth pointed out that Finn had already been drinking when she'd gotten there. She said, "His reaction was his own. It had nothing to do with the timing, and it certainly wasn't your fault for calling me."

Chase insisted that Finn regretted drinking as well as the way he had treated Elizabeth. Chase was sure Finn would stop turning to alcohol, and Elizabeth tried to be just as hopeful. Chase continued explaining why Finn had drunk, but Elizabeth said she understood Finn had just been through something traumatic. She said, "What I didn't understand was his reaction to me. He was argumentative and angry with me for suggesting he go to a meeting -- which he refused."

Elizabeth had been worried about Violet, but Chase continued making excuses. "Finn made bad choices, and he knows it," Chase said. Eventually, Chase invited Elizabeth to a memorial for Gregory, where they would spread his ashes. She admitted that Finn had already let her know and that she would attend.

In the mayor's office, Laura was outraged that the Invader had printed a story about her efforts to get Heather's case reopened. Laura defended herself to Jordan and insisted that -- as a citizen -- she was entitled to request copies of Heather's records, but Jordan saw it as a problem because Heather was a serial killer. Laura was still angry and insisted she was within her rights, since Heather had given her power of attorney.

At the hospital, Portia was furious when Curtis showed her the article about Laura. "There's gotta be more to this story because the Laura I know would never do this," Curtis said. He thought about it for a bit and had an idea, walking away from Portia and telling her they'd talk that night.

Back in her office, Laura tasked Jordan with getting to the bottom of a press leak but also thanked Jordan for not saying "I told you so" after she'd warned Laura what might happen. Jordan advised Laura to get ahead of the story by issuing a statement saying that Laura had no plans to reopen Heather's case. Laura was not ready to make a promise she might not be able to keep. Since Laura admitted she had no intention of freeing Heather, she agreed to draft a statement saying just that.

Later, Curtis stopped by to talk to Laura about Heather, so Jordan left. Curtis tried to be diplomatic when he told Laura he hadn't thought too much of her initial curiosity about Heather's case because he hadn't thought she'd really move to have it reopened. However, he had become worried.

Laura said she was not looking to set Heather free. She was just exploring whether there were legal ramifications due to Heather's cobalt poisoning diagnosis. "I can tell you it's my personal feeling that in light of Heather's diagnosis, she deserves to have her case reopened," Laura explained. However, she only hoped that Heather would get a lesser sentence and not be freed. She also told Curtis the discussion was premature because no action had been taken yet.

Curtis asked Laura to see things from Trina's point of view, as well as his family's. Trina had watched her friends be stalked and attacked, and she had later learned she'd been the intended victim. Curtis urged Laura to understand how Trina felt. Laura still wouldn't budge. "I am having a hard time locking this woman away for the rest of her life when she may not have possessed the mental capacity to tell the difference between right and wrong," Laura explained.

Finally, Curtis raised a major point: Heather's daughter, Esme, had also never been held accountable for her actions because of amnesia. "Trina didn't press charges against the new Esme because Esme wasn't aware of what the old Esme had done," he said. Curtis asked Laura if she wanted to risk a legal loophole putting Heather back on the street. Laura just said it was up to the court to decide. Curtis promised Laura that he and Portia would fight her.

Back at the hospital, Molly visited T.J. and sidestepped the topic of Kristina. She only mentioned how her mother was mourning Gregory. However, T.J. wanted to talk about Kristina because he was alarmed that she wasn't in constant communication with them during her third trimester.

Portia interrupted Molly and T.J. to ask Molly for a moment of her time. After T.J. walked away, Portia asked if she thought that Laura could succeed in her quest to help Heather. Portia stressed to Molly that she needed to keep Heather behind bars, declaring she would do everything to make sure Heather was never released.

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