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Kristina asked Alexis what her legal options were if Molly and T.J. split up. Elizabeth ended things with Finn. Drew decided to run for Congress, but he was advised to change his last name to Quartermaine. Curtis paid Heather a visit. Trina and Josslyn found an apartment. Sam and Spinelli used John's badge to access FBI records.
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Elizabeth ended things with Finn. Drew decided to run for Congress. Curtis paid Heather a visit. Sam and Spinelli used John's badge to access FBI records.
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Jason supports Elizabeth when she ends things with Finn

Jason supports Elizabeth when she ends things with Finn

Monday, June 10, 2024

At Metro Court's pool, Josslyn was cleaning up when Dex arrived. He asked about her first day on the job, so she admitted that it had gone well. He worried that he might have overstepped by showing up earlier, but she assured him that he hadn't. She was hopeful the day was an indication that she would have a good summer. "That's definitely something to celebrate. Ready for dinner?" he asked.

At Port Charles Surf Lodge, Michael and Willow enjoyed an evening out. Willow told Michael about her day at the pool with Wiley and Drew. They agreed that children adored Drew, and Drew should use it to his advantage during the campaign. However, the conversation took a more serious turn when Willow shared that she had run into Nina at the pool. Michael didn't trust Nina, but he conceded that it was up to Willow how much contact she wanted with her mother. He promised to support whatever Willow decided.

Michael noticed there had been a shift in Willow regarding Nina. "What changed?" he asked. Willow clarified that she still took everything Nina said with a "hefty grain of salt," but Nina had stopped pushing Willow for more than she was willing to give. Willow admitted that it was a relief not to have to throw up boundaries because Nina finally respected the ones that Willow had put up. Michael was happy for Willow, but he pointed out that nothing had happened to warrant the sudden shift. "Your uncle happened," Willow said.

Willow explained that Nina had changed because of Drew. Before she could elaborate, Dex and Josslyn walked in and approached their table. After everyone exchanged greetings, Michael invited Dex and Josslyn to join them. When Josslyn hesitated, Willow tactfully suggested that Dex and Josslyn had other plans. Josslyn smiled with gratitude and thanked Willow. Willow waited until Dex and Josslyn walked away before she confessed that she was glad to see that Dex and Josslyn had found their way back to each other. Michael confided that he had talked to Josslyn over coffee, and Josslyn had made it clear that she intended to take things slow with Dex.

Michael and Willow's conversation returned to the topic of Nina. Willow explained that she'd been inspired because Drew had been able to start fresh with Nina. She noticed Michael's shocked expression, but he assured her that he was just taking everything in. Michael was curious if she forgave Nina. "I'm saying I'm ready to move on," Willow clarified.

Michael admitted that his own experience in jail had made it hard for him to understand Drew's position with Nina. Willow doubted Drew would ever fully make peace with what Nina had done to him, but Drew had chosen to let it go. "He's choosing the future over the past. Isn't that what we should all be doing?" Willow asked. Michael acknowledged that in theory, it was true, but he suspected there was another reason for Drew's change of heart. Willow suggested that Drew saw the good in Nina despite all she had done.

Willow wanted to see the good in Nina, too, and she admitted there were times she felt as if she had. Michael assured his wife that he wanted her to be happy. Willow promised that she was because everything was out in the open, and there were no more secrets or lies between her and Nina. Michael moved to a seat next to his wife and kissed her.

At a nearby table, Dex admitted that he liked the new place. Josslyn revealed that Stella had introduced her and Trina to the restaurant on the night of Brook Lynn's bachelorette party/bridal shower. Dex smiled because he was always ready to try new things. When Josslyn admitted that there might be another dinner in the cards for them, Dex smiled.

Josslyn confessed that things felt familiar yet different between her and Dex. She apologized for having been so hard on him when she'd broke up with him, but Dex admitted that it had been for the best because he hadn't liked the person that he had become. Dex credited Josslyn for forcing him to turn his life around, so he believed that things had worked out as they should have. According to Dex, he'd been able to ask her out because he felt good about himself again, which wouldn't have happened if she hadn't been honest with him.

When Dex asked Josslyn about school, she revealed that she had decided to major in environmental science. She also confided that she could see herself dating a cop. Dex smiled.

In Drew's office, Drew told Curtis about Drew's opportunity to run for Congress. Curtis was surprised as Drew filled him in about meeting Congressman McConkey and the congressman's endorsement if Drew decided to run for McConkey's seat. Drew acknowledged that it would mean taking a step back from the wellness division's launch, but he assured Curtis that Michael would remain available for financial support. Curtis was confident that he could handle things, and Drew readily agreed.

Drew asked what Curtis' thoughts were on the possibility of Drew running for office, so Curtis offered words of support because Drew was an idealist and pragmatic, and he had integrity. Curtis also pointed out that Drew had fought for his country, so Drew believed in liberty and justice for all. Curtis insisted there should be more people like Drew in government. Drew was moved by the praise, but he explained that he had to work out a few more things before he made an announcement. After Curtis left, Drew received a notification on his phone that had him frowning. "Really Nina? Unbelievable," Drew grumbled.

In Nina's office at Crimson, Maxie complained that she'd been pulled away from her family because Natalia had made a list of demands that had required immediate attention. However, Maxie quickly realized that Nina wasn't paying attention. Nina apologized for being distracted because she'd been thinking about her wonderful day. Nina started to tell Maxie about her talk with Willow, but Maxie was impatient to get back home to her family, especially since Violet was spending the night. Nina gushed about Wiley in his cute swim trunks, and she conceded that even Drew had been tolerable. Nina explained that dancing with the devil was a small price to pay in order to spend time with Willow.

"So, Drew is the devil now?" Maxie asked. Nina insisted that she had seen the side of Drew that many hadn't, but she acknowledged there was another side of Drew, too. Nina shared that Wiley lit up around Drew, which made Drew attractive. Nina was certain that Maxie felt the same way when she saw Spinelli playing with the children. Maxie admitted that Nina was right, which was why Maxie was eager to get home.

When Maxie asked where things stood between Drew and Nina, Nina assured Maxie that she had no intention of sleeping with Drew again. Nina claimed that Drew was "loathsome" and a "snake," but Maxie was skeptical, since Nina was not immune to Drew's physical attributes. Maxie tried to steer the conversation back to Natalia's list of demands, but Drew barged into the office, enraged over Nina's ad pricing. Maxie decided that it was her cue to leave, so Nina asked Maxie to email her the list of Natalia's demands.

After Maxie left, Drew and Nina traded heated words until passion flared between them. After Nina closed her office door, she and Drew shared a heated kiss and began to tear each other's clothes off.

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Tracy was surprised to see Brook Lynn and Chase. Brook Lynn explained that they needed Tracy's help. "More accurately, Finn does," Chase said. Chase revealed that Finn had been drinking alcohol since Gregory's death, and he filled Tracy in about the recent incidents when Finn had tried to downplay and hide his drinking. "So, it wasn't an accident or moment of grief-stricken weakness," Tracy said. Chase revealed that his brother was in denial because Finn had argued that his addiction had been to Zekenestrol rather than to alcohol.

Tracy offered to put Chase and Brook Lynn in touch with a counselor, but Brook Lynn explained that their priority was getting Violet away from the situation with Finn. She reminded her grandmother that Violet had already lost a parent, so it was imperative to keep Violet in an emotionally stable environment. Tracy pointed out that it was all well and good, but Violet lived with Finn and he had sole custody of his daughter. Tracy doubted that Finn would be pleased to learn that Chase and Brook Lynn were trying to get Violet away from him. "That's where you come in," Brook Lynn said.

Brook Lynn explained that she wanted to invite Violet to stay with her and Chase in the mansion, since it was summer, and Violet always had fun during her visits. "As do all the neglected kids of Port Charles," Tracy quipped. Brook Lynn added that there were a lot of activities for Violet to do, and Violet would get to spend time with the kids who lived there as well as Jake, Aiden, Scout, Danny, James, and Georgie. Tracy realized that Violet staying at the mansion would give Chase and Brook Lynn an opportunity to stage an intervention, but she warned them that Finn might not react as they hoped.

Chase was certain that Finn would agree to go to rehab once Finn understood how his behavior might jeopardize Violet. Tracy assured Brook Lynn and Chase that Violet could stay, but she advised them to prepare for the possibility that Finn might disappoint them.

Tracy explained that -- if Finn was in the throes of addiction -- the only voice he would listen to was his own. She warned them that Finn might say or do anything to not change his behavior, regardless of how destructive it was. Chase insisted that he had to try. Tracy promised that he had her full support. Relieved, Chase and Brook Lynn agreed to talk to Finn in the morning.

At Finn's apartment, a stone-faced Elizabeth stood in the doorway as a drunk Finn smiled at her from his position on the couch with Barb, the woman he had picked up in the bar. "Hey, what are you doing here?" Finn asked. Annoyed, Barb asked if Elizabeth was Finn's wife. "No -- just the ex-girlfriend," Elizabeth said. Elizabeth suggested that Barb call it a night, but Barb bristled. "Are you going to let her order me around like that?" Barb asked Finn.

Finn mumbled incoherently, so Barb told Elizabeth to take the hint. "Your man has moved on," Barb snidely said. Elizabeth didn't rise to the bait, but she advised Barb to go home and sleep it off. Barb turned to Finn for backup, but he remained silent. Frustrated, Barb stomped to the door, but she stopped to look at Elizabeth. "You got some nerve," Barb said. "Bye," Elizabeth replied.

After Barb left, Finn reminded Elizabeth that she didn't live there, and he accused her of not really loving him. "You don't get to judge me anymore," he said. Elizabeth reminded Finn that he was drunk and had been making out with a stranger, so she had every right to judge him. "Where were you?" Finn angrily demanded. He claimed that he had turned to a stranger because Elizabeth had abandoned him. He accused her of not wanting to be around him because he was grieving.

Elizabeth denied leaving Finn "high and dry" in his time of need, but she called him out on being drunk. Finn conceded that he'd had a "couple" of drinks, but Elizabeth only wanted to know if Violet was home. Finn was hurt that she would accuse him of drinking while his daughter was home. His anger quickly turned to regret as he tearfully began to apologize to Elizabeth. He insisted that he'd made a mistake, and he admitted that he hated the way he'd been talking to her.

Finn took Elizabeth's hands and implored her to give him a chance to explain. Elizabeth assured him that she genuinely wanted him to get the help he needed. "But we are done," she said. Finn eyes filled with fresh tears as he begged her not to say that. "I'm leaving," she told him. She started to walk away, but Finn reached out and grabbed her arm as he tried to stop her.

Just then, Jason appeared in the doorway. "Let her go," Jason ordered Finn. Finn dropped his grip, and his mood shifted. Finn told Jason that Jason was in the wrong apartment. "You're out of line," Jason warned. Finn was curious if Elizabeth had called Jason. "Do you really think that I would ever hurt you?" Finn asked. Jason ignored Finn as he asked what Elizabeth wanted to do. "Let's go," Elizabeth answered.

Elizabeth told Finn that they would talk when he was sober, but Finn was furious. He reminded her that he'd been there for her when she'd been tearing up canvases and shredding her wedding dress. "And now you want to walk out on me?" he asked. Finn told her to leave her keys and go. Elizabeth dropped the keys in his drink and walked out.

"Don't go near her," Jason warned Finn. After Jason left, Finn closed the door, pulled the keys out of his drink, and threw them across the room. Afterwards, he sat down and drank as he reflected on the special moments of his relationship with Elizabeth as they'd fallen in love.

Later, Elizabeth and Jason walked out to Metro Court's pool. Elizabeth was surprised that Jason had taken her there, but he reminded her that she had wanted to go somewhere quiet to think. She pointed out that the pool was closed, so he assured her that he knew the owner. They both smiled. Elizabeth thanked Jason because she hadn't been ready to face Jake and Aiden's questions about her breakup with Finn. "You deserve better," Jason said.

After Elizabeth and Jason took off their shoes and Jason rolled up his jeans, they sat on the edge of the pool with their feet dangling in the water. Elizabeth smiled because she had gotten Jason to take off his shoes. "Don't tell anybody," Jason said with a grin. She assured him that his secret was safe with her. Their conversation turned to Finn. Jason accused Finn of pushing her away.

"The question is, do I let him?" Elizabeth wondered. She admitted that she couldn't go down that road again with Finn because she refused to sacrifice Jake and Aiden's physical and emotional safety. Jason assured her that he understood her decision. "Yeah, because you actually hear me," she admitted. She opened up about how distant she and Finn had grown, but she conceded that Finn would not have hurt her. Jason agreed.

Elizabeth admitted that she was glad that Jason had shown up. "Yeah, me, too," he said. However, she was curious how Jason had known where to find her. Jason told her about Jake's phone call. "That's how much your son loves you," Jason said. Jason wondered if there was anything else she needed, but she assured him that he'd done enough. Jason admitted that he wasn't in a position to give advice. "Because I left you and Sam to raise our sons on your own," he said.

Elizabeth asked if Jason had spent the years away being on vacation. He shook his head no. "I didn't think so," she said. "I'm here now," he promised. He vowed to do whatever he could to make up for the time apart from Jake. Elizabeth was certain that showing up when Jake had called for help had counted a lot to their son. "Counts for a lot with me," she added.

Chase confronts Finn

Chase confronts Finn

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Jack Brennan called Anna to his hospital room to tell her he was being sent back to Pentonville that day. Jack was about to give Anna a heads-up about something, but John Cates walked into the room. John wanted to know why Anna was visiting Jack. John informed Jack and Anna that Jack had already been arrested and that Jack's fate was in the hands of the courts. John informed them that Jack's guard had instructions to contact John every time Jack had a visitor.

John asked Anna again, "Why are you here?" Anna turned to Jack, as she also had no idea. Jack claimed that he had wanted to say goodbye to Anna. John, fed up with Jack and knowing he would get no answer, left. Anna closed the door. She asked Jack what was really going on. Jack told Anna that John thought that Anna was the secret head of Pikeman.

Later, Jack thought back about his earlier conversation with John, in which John had grilled him about being the head of Pikeman and the WSB at the same time. Meanwhile, Anna arranged to have Jack's transport to Pentonville delayed until noon, so she could continue their conversation. Anna told Jack that she wasn't worried about John because she had not been hiding anything. Jack cautioned Anna that John was a "true believer" in God and law -- and thus dangerous, since people like that could justify any actions because they were "making the world a better place." Anna agreed that people like that were dangerous -- but so were people with too much cynicism. Anna asked Jack if he had ever believed in anything at all.

Anna told Jack that she was genuinely interested. She wondered if she had ever really known the "real Jack Brennan." Anna asked Jack, "Did you sell out? Did you abandon your principles? Did you even have any?" Jack replied, "I believe in democracy, good manners, food for the hungry. But at the end of the day, a man's gotta pay his bills." Jack compared that to his view of John: someone who would, in a misguided attempt at justice, burn through his budget, wreck his health, anger his superiors, and spend sleepless nights trying to prove that Anna was "an evil genius."

Anna replied to Jack, "The irony isn't lost on me that Cates is trying to take me down for something you actually did." Anna had one more question for Jack. "I'm the only witness who can tie you to the op that started all this. Would you have killed me, Jack, if I hadn't arrested you first?" "I've never been any good at hypotheticals," was Jack's only reply. Anna left.

In Spinelli's room at Metro Court, several empty cans of energy drink were evidence that Spinelli had been working all night at his laptop. There was a knock at his door. It was Sam. Spinelli explained that he had returned to the hotel after the kids at Maxie's sleepover had fallen asleep. Spinelli admitted to Sam that he hadn't had any sleep. He informed Sam that he had penetrated the FBI's firewall but had made no progress in learning what the agency was holding over Jason's head. Spinelli explained that accessing FBI files would require getting their hands on John's credentials. Sam looked at Spinelli's reports about John's routine movements. Sam declared a window of opportunity was about to open.

Sam brought Spinelli some breakfast. Spinelli was following John's movements with the hotel's security cameras. Upon seeing that John was headed for the Metro Court pool -- and would likely have his credentials in his bag -- Sam donned swimwear and a big pair of sunglasses. Sam went to the pool. As she walked past John, Sam "slipped" and fell into John's arms.

Sam feigned a twisted ankle. John picked Sam up and carried her to the chaise near his bag. Sam distracted John by having him ice her ankle, Spinelli, disguised as the pool attendant who had delivered the ice, slipped the credentials out of John's bag. Sam thanked and complimented John. She called him "a gentleman" and "gracious." They made small talk. John advised her to rest her ankle for 20 minutes. Sam looked at John coquettishly and said, "Okay. I can certainly do that... but I'm gonna get awfully bored."

Spinelli scanned John's FBI credentials, as John introduced himself as "John." "Samantha. My friends call me 'Sam,'" Sam replied. Sam told John she was divorced, with two kids. John told Sam that he was also divorced. Sam explained that her ex-husband had pretended to be dead and had let their son believe that lie. John explained that his ex-wife had died, yet he still wondered what their life together might have been. John wondered about the time. He moved to look for his phone.

Sam stopped John and admitted that she shouldn't have been flippant with John because she also thought about her ex-husband and about how things had been before they'd gone wrong. This gave Spinelli a chance to return John's ID to the bag. Sam told John that her ankle was feeling better, but she then asked John to help her with her shoe. John slipped Sam's shoe onto her foot. "I feel like Cinderella," Sam told John.

Later, back in Spinelli's room, Sam asked Spinelli if he'd made any progress. Spinelli informed Sam that the vast quantity of documents in the FBI's docu-vault could mean a month of searching.

Chase and Brook Lynn arrived at Finn's door. Brook Lynn tried to be optimistic, but they were both worried about how Finn's drinking would affect Violet. Chase's phone rang. It was Elizabeth. Chase didn't answer. He said he'd call Elizabeth back later.

Chase knocked on Finn's door. Chase noticed that the door was unlocked. He and Brook Lynn entered Finn's apartment. They saw clothing strewn about and the empty bottle on the coffee table. Chase called out to Finn, who entered the room. Finn hid the signs of his hangover. He asked why Chase and Brook Lynn had stopped by.

Finn confirmed that Violet was still at Maxie's house. Finn told Chase and Brook Lynn that Finn and Elizabeth had ended things. When Chase asked why, Finn changed the subject. He wanted to straighten up the apartment before Violet came home. Brook Lynn used that statement to segue into the proposal to let Violet stay with them at the Quartermaine house for a while. Finn saw through the offer and declared that he wouldn't let Chase and Brook Lynn take Violet away from him. "Violet's not going anywhere," Finn declared.

Brook Lynn tried to explain that they just wanted Violet to have a fun summer, especially after the death of her grandfather. Finn told her, "For once in your life, take 'no' for an answer." Chase told his wife that he wanted to speak to Finn alone. Brook Lynn left without saying another word. Finn suggested that Chase catch up with Brook Lynn. "No. I'm not going anywhere," Chase insisted.

Finn told Chase that he didn't want any help from Chase. Chase looked around at the mess. Finn tried to dodge. He told Chase that he'd been going through their father's things. Chase picked up the empty bottle and presented it to Finn. "Congratulations, detective. You solved the mystery," Finn said sarcastically. Chase told his brother that Finn had a bigger problem than Chase had previously thought.

Finn insisted that he was not an alcoholic. Chase countered that drinking and drug abuse led to the same thing: that Finn needed help. Chase got angry. "Look around, Finn! Look at what you've already made of your life! It's a mess!" Chase yelled. Then, Chase pleaded, "I just lost my dad. I can't take losing my brother, too."

At her home, Elizabeth left Chase a message. She told Chase that they needed to talk about Finn. Jake looked with concern at his mother. Aiden wondered what was going on. Elizabeth told Aiden that she and Finn had broken up. Elizabeth did not go into detail, but she declared that Finn was not handling Gregory's death at all and that her relationship with Finn was not going to work out. Both boys wondered how that would affect their relationship with their cousin Violet.

Elizabeth tried to assure her sons that their relationships with Violet would not change, but the boys weren't so sure. Aiden realized that he wasn't getting the whole story. Elizabeth told Aiden that Jake had seen Finn coming out of a bar. Jake mentioned the drunk woman that had been with Finn. Elizabeth remembered that Jake had not explained how he'd seen Finn come out of a bar that was nowhere near the cineplex.

Jake began to sputter out some explanation, but his mother stopped him. Elizabeth told Jake that they would deal with his whereabouts later. She told Jake that she appreciated that Jake had risked being in trouble in order to do the right thing and tell his mother what he'd seen. Elizabeth told Jake that she was also glad Jake had called his father for help. Elizabeth assured Jake that he had done the right thing and that she had been grateful for Jason's support. "Does this mean I'm forgiven for lying about the movies with Gordo?" Jake asked his mother. "Not a chance," Elizabeth replied with a smile.

Brook Lynn went to the Quartermaine mansion, where Lois remarked that Brook Lynn had arrived just in time for breakfast and Sudoku. Lois could see that her daughter was upset. Brook Lynn was bothered because Gregory's death was not bringing Chase and Finn together, but rather tearing them apart. Lois tried to console Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn told Lois that Finn was in "a full-blown alcoholic spiral." Brook Lynn gave her mother the details of the visit she'd just had.

Brook Lynn and Lois talked about their experiences with alcoholism in their family. Lois recounted the story of an aunt and uncle who had never sought help and had thus not been invited to the wedding. Lois hoped that Finn would commit to his own sobriety. Brook Lynn declared that she and Chase would do everything they could to keep Violet safe -- even from her own father.

Brook Lynn was convinced that Finn's situation would become a big ordeal for all of them. Lois was worried that Brook Lynn was not enjoying what was supposed to be the most blissful part of her life, but Lois was happy that Brook Lynn had found that kind of love.

Finn sarcastically told Chase that he would "fall into line," so Chase could stop "reaching down from [his] pedestal" because Finn would be "down here in the mud with the rest of humanity." Chase admitted that Finn was a grown man but added that Violet "shouldn't have to watch her father self-destruct, and that is where we have a problem." Finn grew angry. "Violet is the only good thing in my life, and I will not let you and Brook Lynn steal my daughter from me. So, for the last time, get the hell out. GO!" Finn shouted. Chase left. Finn trembled and began to cry.

This episode ended with a tribute: "In loving memory of Johnny Wactor"

Things get heated when Molly confesses to T.J.

Things get heated when Molly confesses to T.J.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

In Laura's office, Laura thanked Alexis for stopping by and cut to the chase by asking about the article in the Invader that exposed Laura's efforts to help Heather. Laura had a hard time believing that Alexis had had anything to do with it. "But it's your paper," Laura said. Alexis revealed that the culprit had been Adrian DeWitt and his "insatiable appetite for clickbait headlines." Laura pointed out that the information about Laura's request for Heather's court records had been leaked. Alexis conceded it seemed likely, but she was a firm believer in the first amendment and freedom of the press.

Laura recalled that Alexis hadn't been able to give Laura an answer about a possible pathway to reopen Heather's case without reviewing the court files. She retrieved a folder from her desk and handed Heather's court file to Alexis. Surprised, Alexis opened the file and looked things over. Alexis conceded that there were potential grounds for an appeal. Delighted, Laura clarified that she had no desire to excuse Heather's crimes because Heather should be punished. "But if she was not in control of her actions at the time..." Laura said.

Alexis pointed out that Heather had pleaded guilty, and a judge had sentenced Heather; however, the metalosis diagnosis might change things. "Yes, exactly. So, nobody knew that her crimes were being influenced by -- or perhaps even created by -- the cobalt poisoning," Laura explained. Laura believed that Alexis could argue it had been completely out of Heather's control, but Alexis explained that Laura would have to find another attorney because Alexis couldn't practice law. "I think a good lawyer would agree there are legitimate grounds to reopen Heather's case," Alexis offered.

Laura asked what the next step should be. Alexis was confident that Laura would easily find a lawyer because it was an interesting case. Laura asked for a recommendation, but Alexis wanted time to take a closer look at the file. However, Alexis warned that -- once she set Heather's case into motion -- Laura would not be able to determine the outcome. "It could be unpredictable," Alexis cautioned. Laura seemed skeptical that Heather would be set free, but Alexis explained that it would depend on the judge, the legal argument, and the precedent.

Alexis warned that Heather might get a lesser sentence, be moved to another facility -- or she might be freed outright. Laura appeared shocked. She insisted that the last thing she wanted was for Heather to go free, and she acknowledged that the families of Heather's victims would have every right to be outraged if that happened. Alexis advised Laura to drop it and walk away, but Laura asked how she could be expected to leave Heather in a super max prison for the rest of Heather's life just to make Laura's life easier. "I can't do that," Laura said.

Alexis was glad that she was not a practicing lawyer, but Laura asked what the old Alexis Davis would have said about the case. Alexis admitted that she would have said -- if the justice system decided that Heather should have a lesser sentence or go free -- "let the law take its course." Moments later, Trina knocked on the door and asked to speak with Laura. After Alexis left, Laura admitted that she had an idea why Trina was there. "I don't think you do," Trina said in a solemn tone.

In Molly's office, T.J. stood in the doorway as Molly left a voicemail message for her mother, asking if Alexis had heard from Kristina. "I'm not worried, I just want to know how she's doing," Molly explained. After she ended the call, T.J. greeted Molly and asked her about the message. He was curious why Molly hadn't called Kristina directly. Molly confessed that she had been keeping something from T.J. T.J. remained silent as Molly filled him in about Sonny's altercation with Dex and about Kristina's reaction to witnessing it.

T.J. wondered how long Molly had known about the incident, so she explained that Blaze had told her about it a few days after the wedding. When T.J. started to leave, Molly wondered where he was going. "Where do you think?" he asked. He insisted that someone needed to remind Kristina that the baby she was "so careless with" was T.J. and Molly's. Molly objected to T.J. confronting Kristina. T.J. didn't care because Kristina continued to act without thinking, and Sonny was a danger to those around him.

"I'm done. Until this baby is born, Kristina has to stay away from her father," T.J. declared. Molly reminded him that he risked putting her sister on the defensive, which would push Kristina to shut them out completely. T.J. argued that he and Molly were the baby's parents, but Molly reminded him that Kristina was the egg donor, which meant that Kristina was the baby's legal parent until Kristina signed the adoption papers. Furious, T.J. insisted that they wouldn't be in that position if they had hired a surrogate rather than using Kristina.

Things got heated when T.J. blamed Molly for pushing him to agree to Kristina being their surrogate. Molly reminded him that she had talked to him about it, but he argued that Molly hadn't given him a choice in the matter. "All you could see was how bad you wanted a baby," he said. T.J. reminded Molly that using Kristina's egg had tied them to Molly's erratic sister and Kristina's violent and erratic father. "This is not my fault," Molly tearfully said.

Molly conceded that she had wanted a biological connection to the baby because she was devastated that she would never experience a pregnancy or childbirth. She pointed out that T.J. couldn't relate because there had never been any question that their baby would have half of his DNA. "That is not my fault, and it feels like you're blaming me for it," T.J. said. Molly felt that he blamed her for wanting a biological connection to their baby, but she admitted it had been a mistake to ask Kristina for help.

Molly didn't want to provoke Kristina. "Or else," she started to say, but caught herself. "Say it," T.J. insisted. "Fine. What if Kristina decides to back out of our agreement and keep the baby for herself? She could. There's nothing stopping her," Molly said as tears streamed down her face.

T.J. knew that Molly was right. "It's a nightmare," he admitted. Molly cried because all they had wanted was a baby. "Be careful what you wish for, I guess. Right?" T.J. asked. T.J. told Molly that he had to get to the hospital. After he left, Molly sobbed.

At Kristina's apartment, Blaze answered a knock at the door. It was Sonny. After he greeted Blaze, he asked if Kristina was home. Just then, Kristina entered the living room, but she stopped short when she saw her father. Sonny softly asked if they could talk, so Kristina agreed. Sonny entered and set a gift bag on the chair as he and Kristina exchanged small talk. Blaze excused herself, but Sonny asked her to stay.

"I owe you an apology," Sonny told Kristina. He admitted that what she had witnessed between him and Dex had been unacceptable. "It was ugly, it was vicious, and I never wanted you to see that part of me," Sonny said. "But I did see it," Kristina replied. Sonny admitted that the image of Kristina's expression when she'd seen the fight and her fear when Sonny had caught up with her in the bathroom had stayed with him. According to Sonny, he'd had a lot of rage in him that night, and he didn't know what had gotten into him.

Sonny admitted it was not how a father should act. He turned to Blaze and thanked her for being there for Kristina. Blaze assured him that she was glad that she had been. After Blaze went to the other room to make some calls, Sonny reminded Kristina how honest they'd always been with each other. He promised to respect her wishes if she told him to leave. Sonny became choked up with emotion, so Kristina explained that the man she'd seen attacking Dex hadn't been the father she'd always known and loved.

Kristina admitted that it had been like watching a stranger. Sonny promised that it was not who he was. He accused Dex of betraying him and "parading around" the wedding like a "peacock" despite Sonny's warning to stay away from him. Sonny became agitated as he shared that he had snapped when Dex had grabbed Sonny's arm.

Sonny realized that he had lost control with Dex, but he vowed that it wouldn't happen again. Kristina empathized because she had a short fuse like Sonny. Sonny tearfully assured Kristina that she was the best part of him, and he needed her in his life. Kristina became emotional, but she needed an honest answer from Sonny. She asked if he had meant it when he had threatened to kill Jason and Dex. Rather than answer, Sonny revealed that he had talked things out with Dex, and Dex was free to live his life without interference from Sonny.

Sonny explained that going after Dex was not worth the cost of losing Kristina. She assured her father that she didn't want to lose him, either. Sonny promised that he would always be her father and love her. Sonny reached for the bag and explained that he had picked something up for the baby. Kristina pulled a small stuffed Mickey Mouse toy out of the bag, which she immediately recognized as one identical to a cherished childhood toy that Sonny had given her. She thanked her father for the special gift.

After Sonny left, Blaze returned to the living room to check on Kristina. Kristina looked at the toy as she told Blaze that the man who had walked out the door was the dad that Kristina had always believed him to be. Kristina showed Blaze the stuffed toy and explained why it was special. Blaze thought it was a nice gift. After Kristina began to relax, Blaze put her hand on Kristina's baby bump and confessed that she sometimes wished the baby was theirs. Kristina smiled.

At Metro Court's pool, Cody and Sasha enjoyed a day in the sun. Sasha admitted that she was grateful to have access to the Quartermaine pool, but she was happy to be at the hotel pool. Cody agreed it was nice to have people wait on them. He appreciated Olivia's generosity. He called out to Gio and ordered two mock mojitos. Gio was happy to get the drinks because he loved Sasha's cooking.

Sasha offered to put some sunscreen on Cody, but she frowned when she noticed a large bruise on his leg. Cody explained that he'd been bumped by Comet when James had decided to try a jump with the horse and had nearly fallen out of the saddle. Cody had managed to get to James in time to prevent an injury. Sasha was impressed with Cody's heroic deed, but he downplayed his actions. Sasha admitted that it was clear to her how much Cody and James loved each other, and she was certain that James would be delighted to learn that Cody was his uncle.

Cody explained that he had kept the truth from Mac for too long. Sasha admitted that for months, she had lied to Nina by allowing Nina to believe that she was Nina's daughter, so Nina's anger had been justified when the truth had been revealed. However, Sasha and Nina were able to get past it. "Give Mac a chance to forgive you," Sasha urged. She was confident that Cody would be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Cody admitted that a big part of him wanted to tell Mac, but he wasn't brave enough. Sasha remined Cody that he had rescued her from Ferncliff and Dr. Montague, but Cody insisted that it was different because Sasha had needed help. Cody explained that he didn't know if Felicia had told Mac about the secret paternity test, but Sasha accused Cody of making excuses because he was afraid. She warned him that it was hard to maintain a lie, but the truth was freeing.

Nearby, Carly warmly greeted Josslyn. Josslyn introduced her mother to Gio and praised his work. "Even if it is a waste of your talent," Josslyn said as she looked at Gio. Josslyn explained that Gio was an amazing musician and shouldn't be folding towels. Carly became distracted when she saw Jason standing at the bar.

After Carly walked over to Jason, Gio recalled seeing Jason at the wedding. However, Gio felt like he'd seen Jason elsewhere. Josslyn explained that Jason "used to be a Quartermaine," so Gio had likely seen Jason's photograph at the mansion. When Carly and Jason's conversation turned animated, Josslyn explained that her mother was probably trying to talk Jason into doing something that Jason didn't want to do. She explained that Carly and Jason were best friends, so Jason was considered a VIP.

Later, Josslyn was impressed with Gio's work. Gio was curious how Josslyn knew Sasha, so Josslyn explained that Sasha and Michael had dated.

At the bar, Carly greeted Jason with a hug. Afterwards, she asked if he had gotten her text messages. Jason reminded her that he had replied and assured her that he was fine, but Carly argued that she had needed to see for herself because Jason never told her when he was hurt. Carly was upset that it had been two days since she'd heard from Jason, but he explained that he'd been busy with coffee business. He also shared that Jake had reached out to him because Elizabeth had needed help.

Concerned, Carly asked if Elizabeth was okay. "She will be," Jason said. Carly smiled because she knew it had been a big step for Jake to call his father. However, Carly remained concerned about the shooting at the warehouse. She told Jason about Sonny's visit after the shooting, but Jason assured her that the gunmen had nothing to do with Sonny. Carly asked if it had been an isolated incident or if there would be more attempts on Jason's life.

Carly worried the shooting had been connected to Jason being an informant for the FBI, but Jason made it clear that he wanted Carly to stay out of it. Carly insisted that she only wanted to help him, but Jason explained that he didn't want to have to worry about Carly getting caught in the crossfire. Reluctantly, Carly agreed to let it go, but she assured Jason that Sonny had been genuinely concerned about Jason.

As if on cue, Sonny entered the pool area and approached Carly and Jason. Sonny revealed that he'd heard about the shooting from Brick. Sonny assumed that Anna suspected him of ordering the hit. "Did you think that, too?" Sonny asked. When Jason conceded that he had initially suspected Sonny, Sonny realized that Jason had passed on an opportunity to lock Sonny up behind bars. Jason assured Sonny that he would never do that.

Sonny was glad to know that Jason hadn't turned against him when he'd had the chance. He admitted that a part of him wanted to trust Jason again. "But I can't," Sonny said. Moments later, Sonny left.

Curtis visits Heather

Curtis visits Heather

Thursday, June 13, 2024

At the park, Tracy sat down with Stella on Gregory's bench. Stella sighed about how great of a spot it was. Just then, Tracy slapped a mosquito on her neck and joked that she always attracted "bloodsuckers and parasites." She marveled over the fact that she and Gregory had become friends, but she felt cheated and wished she'd met him sooner. Stella could relate to the feeling and told Tracy about Marcus and why she'd had to leave all those years before. She concluded that she'd found out that Marcus had died a few days earlier. She thanked Tracy for listening. Tracy insisted that she had the time, and she took Stella's hand. Suddenly, Stella hit a mosquito on Tracy's hand, and the two laughed.

At Kristina's, Blaze got Kristina some snacks, and they talked about their hypothetical future child. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Kristina answered it to a crying Molly. Molly vented about her fight with T.J. and about his seemingly pent-up resentment. Kristina guessed that he was having "buyer's remorse" about Kristina being their surrogate, and the sisters agreed that they'd thought they'd already hashed the issue out. Molly had to get back to work, so she hugged Kristina and left. Blaze wondered if Kristina had considered what would happen if Molly and T.J. split up. A dumbfounded Kristina realized that she needed to figure it out.

Adrian entered Alexis' office with Champagne and two glasses to celebrate their good circulation numbers. However, Alexis only scolded him for running leaked information as clickbait headlines. She warned that he wouldn't want to square off with Laura. Diane arrived looking for details on the story about Laura looking into Heather's case. Adrian stormed out with his Champagne, and Diane was shocked to learn that Alexis was helping Laura. Alexis reminded Diane that Diane herself had set a precedent for setting someone with a medical condition free when she'd gotten Franco off the hook due to his brain tumor. Alexis suggested that a horrified Diane keep quiet and hope no one stumbled upon the case.

In Laura's office, Trina wanted to know what Laura was doing regarding Heather. Laura explained that she'd only wanted to see if Heather's condition had been represented in her court records, and there was no way to know how things would go with Heather. There was a knock on the door, and Trina figured that she should leave, anyway. Laura opened the door to Kevin, who figured he had good timing and could run interference between the two. The three sat down, and he read the latest Invader headline from his phone about Trina "sounding off" about Laura's involvement in Heather's case.

Trina insisted that she'd never talked to anyone, and Laura believed her, as Alexis would have told her about it. Trina asked Laura to let her know of any developments. She promised not to do any interviews, and she left. Laura sighed that she was supposed to do the right thing for all of her constituents as mayor, even the ones she didn't like. She thought it was important that Heather get a fair hearing. Kevin admired the stand she was taking, and she advised him to remember that when people started calling for her head. She figured that he would be her only support left, and she hugged him.

At Pentonville, a guard escorted Heather to the visitors' area, but Heather didn't recognize the man at the table. He introduced himself as Curtis, Trina's father, and Heather put her head in her hands. He talked about how broken Trina had been since Spencer had died as a result of Heather and her daughter's actions. A crying Heather knew that sorry was inadequate to say, but she insisted that she was sorrier than he could ever know.

Curtis wondered what Heather's plans for Trina would have been had Heather not been captured, and Heather replied that she genuinely didn't know. She explained that she remembered everything she'd done, but not why. He commented that she seemed to be practicing for when her case was reopened, but she didn't know what he was talking about. He told her about Laura looking into her case, and Heather decided to tell Laura to stop. She believed that she was where she belonged as a bad person who'd done bad things. The guard returned for Heather, and Curtis stated that she'd given him a lot to think about. He thanked her for her time and told her that he wouldn't be back, and Heather walked away with the guard.

Chase seeks advice from Alexis

Chase seeks advice from Alexis

Friday, June 14, 2024

At the Jerome Art Gallery, Trina confirmed over the phone that it was not her mother who had told the Invader that Trina would grant the paper an interview. Gio arrived, carrying his violin case. Ava soon joined them. Trina introduced Gio to Ava. Ava needed someone to provide background music for the next opening at the gallery.

Trina explained that Gio had earned a free ride to PCU's music program and had been drafted into their summer concert series. Ava commented that Gio's parents had to be glad about Gio's scholarship. Gio explained that if he hadn't received the scholarship, his "Uncle Sonny" would have paid for Gio's education. The mention of Sonny's name caught Ava's attention.

Gio explained that Sonny had paid for Gio's musical education, lessons, conservatory, and even his instrument. Ava asked Gio to play. Gio wanted to tune up first. As Gio stepped to the other side of the room, Trina told Ava that while she herself had not heard Gio play, Josslyn had praised Gio's performance at Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding.

Gio asked if Ava had a request. She asked Gio to play something that would put people in a mood to buy expensive art. "I got you," Gio replied with a smile. Gio played a beautiful rendition of "Nessun Dorma" from the opera Turandot. Trina watched with admiration in her eyes. Ava interrupted Gio before he had finished the piece. She offered him the job. They stepped into the back room to discuss numbers.

Trina ran her hand gently over the violin as Josslyn entered the gallery. Trina told Josslyn that Gio had just auditioned for Ava. Josslyn called Gio "really good." Trina replied, "No, he's more than good. The way he played, it was... a painting. Gio's an artist."

Trina was captivated. She described Gio's playing as "a secret voice. Like if, somehow, the paintings on the wall started singing." Gio caught the tail end of Trina's praise as he reentered the room. Josslyn explained to Gio that she and Trina were going apartment hunting together. Gio informed Trina and Josslyn about an apartment above the Quartermaines' garage.

Drew sat at his desk in the Aurora office. His phone rang. Drew saw that the call was from Nina. As he debated whether to answer, Congressman McConkey entered the office. Drew sent Nina's call to voicemail. McConkey got right to the point. "Time to fish or cut bait. What's it gonna be, Drew? You gonna run for my seat or not?" Drew explained that he'd needed to discuss the opportunity with the friends and family who would be impacted by his decision. Drew ultimately told McConkey, "I would be honored, sir, to run for your seat."

McConkey reminded Drew that the House had a lot of charlatans and cheats and that people of integrity had to "step forward and do the right thing." Drew thanked McConkey and told him that Drew looked forward to shaking things up in Congress. McConkey asked if Drew had a good speech writer, but he advised Drew to use his own voice. McConkey suggested that Drew change his last name to Quartermaine because name recognition had value.

Drew was about to respond when Nina showed up. Nina was surprised to learn that Drew would be running for Congress. McConkey asked Nina for her opinion on the matter. Nina put on a big smile and told McConkey that she thought Drew would be the perfect candidate to succeed him. Nina added a little dig about Drew's "past legal troubles" that earned her a sharp look from Drew. McConkey waved that issue off.

Nina told McConkey that he would be the perfect mentor for Drew. McConkey, pleased to hear that his instincts were right, advised Drew to put his staff together quickly. McConkey wanted to announce his retirement and his endorsement of Drew at the same time, and soon, mainly because McConkey considered the opponent "opportunistic." He took his leave.

The second the door was closed, Drew spun around and laid into Nina. "What the hell was that?" Drew demanded. He reminded Nina that she had been the one who had pointed the SEC in his direction. Nina insisted she had been supportive with the congressman. "So, what's the catch?" Drew asked. Nina replied, "No catch. As loathsome as I think you are, your brand of loathsome is perfect for Washington." She paused a moment, then added, "And I need a favor." "Of course, you do," Drew said.

Nina told Drew not to be so cynical, as she was only seeking advice. Nina wanted to know if Drew thought it would be a good idea for Nina to buy Willow a birthday gift. Nina was afraid she might be pushing things. Nina did not want to undo all the progress she had recently made regarding her relationship with Willow. Drew offered to help Nina to attend the birthday party Michael was throwing for Willow that evening. Drew added the caveat, "if you play it cool and do exactly as I say."

Kristina talked with Alexis at her mother's office. Kristina asked Alexis what would happen to the baby if Molly and T.J. broke up. Alexis asked, "Where is this coming from?" Kristina told Alexis about the visit Kristina and Allie had had from Molly, in which Molly had vented about all the recent problems Molly had been having with T.J. Alexis told Kristina that a little conflict did not foretell the end of Molly and T.J.'s relationship. Kristina maintained that she should be prepared for any eventuality.

Alexis asked what Kristina wanted Alexis to do. Kristina wanted her mother to walk Kristina through all the possible consequences, should Molly and T.J. break up. Kristina reminded Alexis, "You told me that the only two people who would have legal claim to custody of this baby would be T.J. and me." Kristina remembered that, in New York, the baby belonged to the birth mother until she signed the rights away. Kristina wondered if custody would fall to herself and T.J. if Molly and T.J. broke up.

Alexis said that Kristina was jumping to conclusions. "Does Molly know that you're here? Asking these questions?" Alexis asked. "No," Kristina admitted. Alexis informed her daughter that she was not unprepared for the questions because Kristina's asking them had been Alexis' "worst nightmare since the two of you told me about the surrogacy." Alexis insisted that she could not and would not take a position on the subject "because I cannot choose between my daughters. Don't ask me to."

Kristina told Alexis that she wasn't asking her mother to choose. Kristina insisted that she had been trying to do the right thing for the baby since she had been asked to carry it. Kristina declared that she had to know what her rights were, so she could protect the baby. Alexis emailed Kristina links to the relevant statutes. "You just happened to have that open on your browser?" Kristina asked. Alexis replied, "I've had it bookmarked since you told me you were pregnant." Before Kristina left, Alexis made a request. "I want you to think long and hard about the promises you made to Molly and T.J. -- and the consequences if you break them."

Elizabeth met with Chase. Chase explained that he had been just about to knock on Finn's door when Elizabeth had called. Elizabeth asked Chase, "How bad was he?" Chase gave Elizabeth details about the run-in he'd had with Finn. Elizabeth told Chase about how Jake had seen Finn leave a bar with "some random woman." Elizabeth explained that she'd wanted to give Finn the benefit of the doubt, but after having gone to Finn's apartment, the situation had been exactly as Jake had interpreted it.

Chase was mortified. He tried to apologize, but Elizabeth told Chase that it was all Finn's illness and Finn's responsibility. Elizabeth told Chase that she had just come from her first Al-Anon meeting. She realized that she could not save Finn. Elizabeth told Chase that she could not subject her children to what was happening with Finn. Chase explained that, as Finn's brother, Chase did not have "the option to end things." Chase was at a loss as to how to reach Finn.

Elizabeth told Chase about how Finn had behaved while he had been with Elizabeth's sister, Hayden, before Finn had admitted that he had been using. "He was arrogant and confrontational. He lied to my face... and I saw that same denial last night," she said Elizabeth reminded Chase that he was not responsible for Finn's behavior. She informed Chase that Finn's sponsor had left town a year earlier and that Finn had not sought a new one.

Elizabeth speculated that Finn might open up to Alexis, since they had worked the program together. Elizabeth told Chase that her greatest concern was for Violet. Chase told Elizabeth about the plan he and Brook Lynn had devised for Violet to stay with them at the Quartermaines' for a few weeks but that Finn had refused. Elizabeth offered to try to talk Finn through the idea because Violet would need all the support she could get.

Finn, at home, woke up on his sofa with a start. Violet was standing at the end of the sofa. "Daddy, what's wrong?" she asked.

Soon thereafter, Finn, quite hungover, walked in from the kitchen with a glass of water. "How was your nap?" Violet asked her father. Finn fought to keep his mood light. He suggested that kids who took naps had the right idea. Violet felt that naps were boring. Violet asked Finn if they could go to the pool, as Finn had promised before he'd fallen asleep. "Don't you remember?" Violet asked.

Finn asked Violet for a hug. He told his daughter that he loved her. He apologized for having been "so sad lately." "About Grandpa?" Violet asked Finn. "Yeah, about Grandpa. How about you?" Finn asked. "I'm sad, too," Violet admitted. Finn told Violet that he would get cleaned up and take her to the pool. Finn pinkie-promised Violet that they would stop being sad and have fun.

Gio showed the apartment to Trina and Josslyn. Josslyn remarked that, with all the times she had parked next to the Quartermaine garage, she'd had no idea the apartment was there. Gio explained that it had been offered to him but that Lois and Olivia had insisted that he live in the main house. Because Josslyn was Michael's sister, Gio expected the Quartermaines would not drive a hard bargain with her.

Gio got a phone call and stepped outside to take it. Josslyn tallied the benefits of the apartment: it was close to campus, clean, and safe; had plenty of parking; and was close to the lake. Trina had said very little since they'd arrived. Josslyn wondered if Trina might not be ready to move on with her life. Trina said the apartment seemed perhaps "too perfect, too good to be true."

Josslyn smiled and asked her best friend Trina, "Well, every now and then, that can happen. And aren't you due for something like that?" Gio returned and asked Trina and Josslyn what they thought of the place. Josslyn knew her decision but needed to hear from Trina, as well. Trina said, "Yes." Josslyn got excited. Trina gave Gio one last chance to keep the apartment for himself. Gio declined, preferring his room at the main house. He also told Trina and Josslyn that was looking forward to having them as neighbors.

Chase went to Alexis' office. He told her, in detail, about how bad things were with Finn. Because she was not Finn's sponsor, Alexis was able to discuss it with Chase. She told Chase that Finn had admitted to having had "a slip" at the wedding. Chase was stunned. "Wait. Finn drank at my wedding -- before my dad died?" Chase asked. Alexis told Chase that Finn had inadvertently picked up a glass of Champagne at the wedding. From the look on Chase's face, Alexis could tell that Finn had not mentioned that to him.

Alexis said that Finn had told her that he had stopped drinking. Chase informed Alexis that Finn had drunk shots after Gregory's memorial service and had been going to bars. Chase told Alexis that Finn had claimed to be "an addict" but also that he was able to "drink normally, like anyone else." Alexis shot that idea down. "That's a story he's telling in order to justify his behavior," she told Chase.

Chase berated himself for being "willfully blind." Alexis said that Chase could not control the situation and that he would have to take his cues from Finn's actions, not his words. Chase asked Alexis, "He promised me he was going to A.A. meetings. Have you seen him?" Alexis informed Chase that she could not reveal who had attended meetings.

Chase tried semantics. He asked about people Alexis had not seen at meetings. Alexis admitted that she had not seen Chase or Brook Lynn at a meeting. Then, Chase asked, "And my brother. Have you seen him at a meeting since my father died?" Chase took Alexis' silence as a no.

Chase sat and asked the main question. "It's about my niece, Violet," Chase said. Alexis' shoulders slumped, and she lowered her head without saying a word. Chase pleaded, "Please. I just want to know what to expect." Alexis agreed to speak to Finn. "If he's not going to meetings, he needs to speak to someone who has gone down that road. Since his sponsor is gone, that leaves me," she said.

Elizabeth went to Finn's apartment, where Violet happily greeted her. Finn walked in. Elizabeth wondered why Violet would be going swimming so late in the day. Violet told her that Finn had fallen asleep. Finn sent Violet to the building's lobby to retrieve the mail.

Elizabeth mentioned Jake and Aiden's concern about their relationships with Violet. Elizabeth offered to take Violet swimming and then back to Elizabeth's house for dinner. Finn stopped her. "Elizabeth, I know a wellness check when I see one. Did Chase send you here?" Finn asked.

Finn admitted to having had "a couple of bad days." Elizabeth wanted Finn to stop lying to himself and everyone else. She explained that, after what had happened the previous night, she didn't want to come back to Finn's place, but she had come back because she loved him. Elizabeth told Finn that he was in trouble and that Violet needed a safe home. Finn bristled at that. "Violet has a safe home! Please, leave my daughter out of this!" "She doesn't deserve to be in the middle of your crisis, Finn!" Elizabeth snapped back.

"You've got to get help, before things get really out of control," Elizabeth implored Finn. Finn accused Elizabeth of turning her back on him. Elizabeth said she only wanted to give Violet a break from the way Finn was handling his grief. Finn was adamant. "Violet is my daughter! I am her father! And she stays with me! That's the last time I'm gonna say that!"

Elizabeth reminded Finn that she'd been through it all with him once before. She begged Finn to do the right thing and put Violet first. Violet returned before Finn could reply. The adults put on smiles. Finn told Violet to say goodbye to Elizabeth so that he could take Violet to the pool. Elizabeth hugged Violet tightly and expressed her love for Violet, assuring her that her Aunt Elizabeth would always be there for her.

Elizabeth and Finn traded silent looks. Elizabeth and Finn said goodbye to each other at the door, and Elizabeth left. Outside the closed door, Elizabeth had a look of deep concern on her face.

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