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Mac returned from his secret mission helping Frisco. Finn quit when Portia and Terry confronted him about his drinking. Violet arrived home and found her father passed out drunk. Alexis received good news from the Court of Appeals. Anna realized that Valentin had framed her. Drew announced that he was running for Congress.
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Mac returned from his secret mission. Finn quit when confronted about his drinking. Sam told Carly why Jason had cooperated with the FBI.
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Alexis tries to get Finn to go to rehab

Alexis tries to get Finn to go to rehab

Monday, June 17, 2024

At Finn's apartment, Finn was drinking as he tidied the apartment. When he heard a knock at the door, he quickly stashed the liquor bottle in a cabinet. Afterwards, he opened the door and found Alexis standing on his doorstep. "Surprise," she said by way of greeting as she entered. Alexis broached things carefully by mentioning that she hadn't seen him at any of the meetings, but Finn claimed he'd been too busy. Rather than argue, Alexis asked if Violet was home.

Finn shared that his daughter was asleep in her room, but Alexis asked to check. Suddenly defensive, he asked if Alexis were accusing him of lying, but she explained that she just wanted to be certain that Violet wouldn't overhear their conversation. After Alexis left the room, Finn retrieved the bottle of booze. When Alexis returned, she found Finn drinking. "Oh, good. Defiant drinking," Alexis said. She appreciated him saving her time trying to get him to admit that he was drinking.

Alexis assumed Finn had been drinking since Gregory's death. He assured her that the first drink at the wedding had been accidental. However, he explained that he'd just reconnected with his father after a lifetime of being estranged; he'd finally felt his father's love, but then Gregory was gone. "Who wouldn't have a drink?" Finn asked. Alexis explained that an alcoholic who was sober would try not to, but Finn argued that drinking had never been his problem.

"I am a drug addict. I am a recovering drug addict," Finn insisted. He assured Alexis that he hadn't taken any pills, stuck a needle in his arm, or inhaled any controlled substances. She was pleased, so Finn reminded her that he hadn't taken Zekenestrol to chase a high; the drug had kept him alive. Alexis pointed out that he'd developed a dependence to Zekenestrol, so Finn pushed back that he was an addict, not an alcoholic. "That's your thing," he said.

Alexis called Finn out on hiding his drinking, but he blamed others because he resented the "snarky judgment" from people who were trying to tell him how to live his life. He suspected it was the reason for her visit. Alexis admitted that she was worried because she had once justified drinking, too. She warned Finn that he wasn't just numbing his pain; he was numbing the thing inside him that let the people who loved him reach him. Finn snidely suggested that everyone take it as a sign to leave him alone.

Alexis reminded Finn that Chase was grieving the same father. "Same father. I'm not sure it's the same loss," Finn said. Alexis urged Finn to share his loss with Chase, but Finn refused. "I can't. My loss is my mistake. Mine to deal with my way," Finn insisted. "Got it," Alexis said. Finn was surprised when she reached for her purse, but she admitted there was no point in continuing to argue. However, she acknowledged that when she'd been freefalling, she hadn't been the sole parent of a nine-year old girl.

Finn asked if Alexis was accusing him of being a bad father. She quickly assured him that he was a wonderful father to Violet. "When you're sober," Alexis amended. Finn warned Alexis to be careful because he loved his daughter more than anything. He assured her that Violet was his whole world, and he had -- and always would -- put Violet first. "Prove it. Go to rehab," Alexis said.

Finn accused Alexis of overreacting because he'd only had "a couple of bad days." Alexis advised Finn to ask Violet, who'd been standing behind him and had heard everything. In a panic, Finn turned around, but Violet was not there. "Made you look," Alexis said without a hint of remorse. She asked him to imagine what would have happened if Violet had heard him talking. "How proud do you think she'd be of her dad then?" Alexis asked.

Finn glared at Alexis as he told her it was time for her to leave. She warned him that he needed more than meetings; he needed 90 days in rehab. Frustrated, Finn made it clear that he would not abandon his daughter, but Alexis argued that he did that every time he drank alcohol. Alexis insisted that Violet had had a wonderful father, but she was stuck with a drunk. "You done?" Finn asked. "Get the hell out," he ordered.

Finn informed Alexis that she knew nothing about him or Violet, and he accused Alexis of projecting her own sad story onto him. "So, for the last time, get out," Finn barked. Alexis acknowledged that "sober Finn" would have said that with more concern, but "drunk Finn" was mean. She was sad that sober Finn would have to live with the consequences of the choices that Finn was making. "Call me when you hit rock bottom," Alexis said. She warned him that it would be sooner than he thought.

After Alexis left, Finn firmly closed the door, returned the living room, and picked up his tumbler of alcohol.

At the hospital, Elizabeth stood waiting for an elevator at the end of her shift. She was deep in thought when Portia walked up and asked about Elizabeth's plans for the evening. When Portia mentioned attending a party for Willow, Elizabeth admitted that she wasn't in the mood to celebrate. Portia hoped to cheer Elizabeth up by sharing that Finn had cut his bereavement leave short and would be returning to work the following day, but Elizabeth was stunned by the news and asked to speak to Portia privately.

A short time later, Portia and Elizabeth entered Portia's office. After Portia closed the door, Elizabeth cut to the chase. "It's Finn. He's still drinking," Elizabeth said. Portia asked if Elizabeth was confiding to her as a friend or as the co-chief of staff. Reluctantly, Elizabeth admitted that the situation had escalated, so she felt compelled to speak up and talk to Portia in a professional capacity. Elizabeth explained that she had ended things with Finn because of his drinking, and she worried that Finn was spiraling and might pose a danger to his patients.

Elizabeth told Portia that Finn had been the one to find Gregory, and he'd been using it as an excuse to drink. She opened up about Finn's claim that his addiction had been to Zekenestrol and that he could handle alcohol. "And can he?" Portia asked. Elizabeth shared that she had walked in on Finn with another woman and a bottle of tequila, and she told of how ugly things had gotten when Elizabeth had confronted him. Elizabeth said she was worried that the same sort of behavior and attitude might affect Finn's patients.

"As you should be," Portia assured Elizabeth. Elizabeth shared the details of her latest encounter with Finn when she had found him hungover and late taking Violet to the pool. Elizabeth was adamant that Finn was an incredible doctor, but she didn't want his problems to jeopardize that. Portia was certain that Elizabeth had told her for another reason. Elizabeth explained that she hoped Portia would be able to convince Finn to go to rehab because the Family Medical Leave Act allowed for twelve weeks of treatment.

Portia promised to take that into consideration, but she wondered if there was anything else she should know. Elizabeth became choked up with emotion. "No, that covers it," Elizabeth said. Portia felt bad for her friend, but she assured Elizabeth that Elizabeth had done the right thing. "I just hope, in the end, that this is the right thing for Finn," Elizabeth said. Portia hugged Elizabeth.

At Metro Court's pool, Willow was blindfolded as Michael led her to the bar, where guests were gathered to celebrate Willow's birthday. "Surprise," everyone yelled as Michael removed the blindfold. Willow smiled brightly as she greeted everyone.

As people began to mingle, Gio found Josslyn at the bar. He was surprised to see her, but she explained that Willow was her sister-in-law. Gio revealed that he had been pushed to attend the party because his Aunt Lois had insisted that he meet new people, even though he barely knew anyone there. He asked if Josslyn had made a decision about the apartment. She admitted that she had to talk to her brother first.

Meanwhile, Nina approached Drew and asked to speak to him privately. Drew followed her. "Okay. Do your thing and make it convincing," Nina instructed Drew. Drew assured her that he didn't require any coaching because it had been his idea. Drew walked over to Michael and Willow and explained that Nina hadn't known about the party, but -- since she happened to be there -- he wondered if it was okay for Nina to stay.

Michael assured Willow that it was completely up to her. Smiling, Willow walked over to Nina and invited her to stay. Nina was overjoyed. "Thank you. Happy birthday," Nina said. Willow admitted that she was glad Nina was there.

Nearby, Cody took an opportunity to offer his condolences to Chase. "I'm grateful for all the time we had together and every meal, every conversation, just the chance to be with him. I wouldn't trade it for the world," Chase said of his father. The heartfelt words appeared to strike a chord with Cody.

Sasha noticed the exchange between Nina and Willow. After Willow walked away, Sasha ran over to let her friend know that she was happy for Nina. Sasha was impressed that Nina had done the "if you love someone, set them free" thing. Nina was glad that it had worked, so Sasha cautioned Nina not to push Willow. "Believe me, I am trying," Nina said.

At the same time, Carly asked Michael about Nina being there uninvited. Michael explained that Willow had extended an invitation, but Carly was curious how Michael felt about Nina attending a party that he had arranged. Michael confessed that he hoped Willow wasn't disappointed and that Nina didn't fail Willow again. However, he insisted he had learned from his mistakes, so he had no intention of trying to control his wife in the name of protecting Willow.

After Michael walked away, Carly tracked down Drew and asked him about Nina's arrival. She was curious why Drew had asked Willow if Nina could stay. Drew reminded Carly that she'd been the one to warn him that his obsession with Nina would hurt him in the end. Carly agreed, but she admitted that she hadn't expected him to become Nina's advocate. Drew assured Carly that he hadn't forgiven Nina, but he conceded that he needed Nina because Nina kept Crimson profitable, and she had introduced him to Congressman McConkey.

Carly was curious what Drew was doing for Nina, so he acknowledged that Nina had been given an opportunity to guide Willow through her first PSA as the spokesperson for the New Tomorrow Institute. Carly asked Drew not to push Willow and Nina together. He promised that he would never do that because he adored Willow and would never manipulate her.

Nearby, Nina and Curtis chatted about getting to work together on the public relations campaign and rollout for Aurora Media's Wellness Division. Curtis worried about Nina having to work with Drew, but she assured him that -- despite their bad blood -- she and Drew were adults and in a position to help each other. Curtis hoped that was true because he recalled how Nina had been quick to tell Drew about Carly and Agent Cates. Nina acknowledged that she regretted the unprofessional behavior.

According to Nina, she and Drew had reached a "détente," which she credited to Willow's new position as a spokesperson for a charity. "So, this is about Willow," Curtis realized. Nina explained that she could put up with Drew as long as Willow could put up with her. She worried that Curtis was disappointed, but he assured her that he wasn't because he knew firsthand how difficult it was to forge a relationship with an adult child. Nina promised that she didn't have an agenda; she just wanted to be a part of Willow's life.

Curtis advised Nina to hang in because it would be worth it. He admitted that things had been rough between him and Trina at first, but having Trina as his daughter was his greatest joy. Nina was happy for Curtis. Curtis wished his friend the same happiness.

At another table, Willow took a moment to talk to Chase about the passing of his father. She apologized for not attending the memorial service, but she had heard that it was beautiful. She asked how Chase was doing. "I'm recovering," he said. He added that the grief hit randomly. Willow reminded him that Gregory had spent his last day celebrating family and Chase's future. "Not a bad way to go," Chase realized.

After Chase and Willow shared a hug, Willow told him that she was happy for him and Brook Lynn. Chase felt the same about Willow and Michael. Both Chase and Willow agreed that they had ended up exactly where they should be. However, Willow admitted that Chase was the first man she had loved and the first choice her heart had ever made on its own. "Like we said, it all worked out," Chase said with a smile.

A few tables over, Drew shared with Curtis and Michael that he had decided to run for Congressman McConkey's seat. Curtis was happy for his friend. Michael revealed that he had heard about Drew's petition to change his last name to Quartermaine. Drew explained that he wanted to be his true self and be up front with the voters about his wealth, so he could focus on the needs of the people.

Meanwhile, Willow asked how things were going for Sasha at the Quartermaine mansion. "Couldn't be better," Sasha said with sincerity. Willow advised Sasha not to let the Quartermaines railroad her, but Sasha was confident that she could handle everyone because she had tangled with Lucy Coe. "Even Tracy?" Willow asked. Sasha shared that Tracy loved it when Sasha stood up for herself.

Just then, Cody walked up and asked if he could fetch a drink for the ladies. Willow declined, but Sasha ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. After Cody walked away, Willow was eager to hear how things were going between Sasha and Cody. Sasha grinned as she confided that she enjoyed her job, but knowing that she got to see Cody every day was a huge plus.

When Portia arrived, Curtis happily greeted his wife. He sensed something was troubling her, but she assured him that it was just a "thing at work," and everything was fine. Curtis told Portia about Drew's plans to run for Congress. Portia was happy for Drew, but she was concerned because it would mean more work for Curtis. Curtis agreed, but he admitted that he was used to being his own boss and welcomed the opportunity to make the project his own.

At the bar, Brook Lynn sang Gio's praises to Carly and Josslyn. Gio was embarrassed, but Brook Lynn was unapologetic because Gio was a "very pretty young man" and had tremendous talent. She revealed that Gio had been picked as first chair when he started Port Charles University in the fall. When the conversation turned to Gio performing at the summer festival, Gio excused himself. After Gio walked away, Carly asked about Gio's parents. Brook Lynn explained that Gio's father had died before Gio had been born, and Gio's mother had been a violinist with the New York Philharmonic until she had died when Gio had been ten.

Carly and Josslyn felt bad for Gio. Brook Lynn assured them that both that the Cerullo and Falconeri families had raised Gio. Carly admitted that Gio was lucky to have had such a supportive family.

Elsewhere, Michael told Willow about Drew's plans to run for Congress and change his name to Quartermaine. Willow was happy for Drew, and she hoped the name change would give Drew a leg up in the race.

At the bar, Cody told Sasha about his conversation with Chase and how it had made him think of Mac. He admitted that Mac was a great guy like Chase's dad had been, but unlike Gregory, Mac was still there. "Am I wasting time I'm gonna want back?" Cody asked. Sasha was certain that he already knew the answer.

Later, everyone gathered to sing "Happy Birthday" to Willow. After she made a wish and blew out the candle on her cake, she gave a short speech thanking everyone. To Drew's surprise, Willow shifted gears and revealed that Drew had an announcement to make. Drew took the invitation and shared his news that he was running for Congress. After everyone applauded, Willow said the best present would be for everyone to vote for Drew.

Sam asks Carly for help

Sam asks Carly for help

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Late at night, sometime after Willow's birthday party, Cody stood outside the Quartermaine boathouse, staring out at the lake. Sasha approached him. Neither had been able to sleep. Sasha wondered if she was restless after having just attended the party. She looked at Cody and said, "Or maybe... it's you."

Sasha and Cody each admitted that they had spent time thinking about the other's smile. Sasha explained that she had noticed Cody was always smiling -- until there was a breather. Then, the smile would go out of Cody's eyes. Sasha said that in those moments, Cody always looked lonely.

Cody admitted that a part of him wanted to come clean and reveal that Mac was his father. "Then, what's stopping you?" Sasha asked. Cody explained that part of the reason was that Mac was still out of town. Cody also had no idea how to tell his family that he had lied to them all, not for a noble reason, but in order to protect himself from prosecution for fraud. Cody was glad Mac was away, since that allowed Cody not to have to make a decision.

Cody asked Sasha how he could move forward. Sasha drew closer to Cody. She advised him, "If what you're doing isn't working, try something new." Cody asked why Sasha had been looking for him. Sasha told Cody, "Maybe you're not the only one who's lonely. And maybe... I wanted to try something new, too." Sasha kissed Cody.

Sasha and Cody kissed their way into the boathouse. They lay down and continued to kiss until they heard the distinct sound of violin strings being plucked. Cody peeked out the window, where he saw Gio tuning up his violin. Sasha surmised that Gio wanted to practice away from the main house, so as not to disturb anyone's sleep. "The estate is roughly the size of Rhode Island! He picks this spot?" Cody griped in a whisper.

Sasha and Cody considered their options. They couldn't politely ask Gio to leave, since they were staff and Gio was family. Eventually, Sasha realized that "a private concert" was actually romantic. Cody said, "Maybe even perfect." They cuddled as they listened to the music.

Anna and Valentin shared some Champagne at Anna's. Valentin apologized for having been called out of town during their last attempt at dinner. Anna, playing Valentin, forgave that. Valentin admitted that he was still working on compartmentalizing his life. Valentin told Anna that she was a priority in his life. "Over what?" she asked.

Valentin told Anna that, other than Charlotte, nothing was more important to him than Anna. Anna asked if she was more important than business. "So, you would choose me over corporate raiding and profiteering, and whatever other nefarious schemes you've got going?" Anna asked. "No contest," Valentin replied.

Anna wondered if it was wise for her and Valentin to try to rekindle anything. Valentin said he wouldn't change what was happening. Valentin kissed Anna. She kissed him back as she lay back on the sofa.

Valentin offered to cook dinner for Anna the following night. "What if I say 'no'?" Anna said playfully. "I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure you don't want to. See you tomorrow," Valentin replied, as he stood and walked toward the door. Anna remarked, "Wait. I didn't say 'yes.'" "I like my chances," Valentin said with a smile, as he walked out the door.

John Cates dropped in on Jason at the coffee warehouse. John said that Jason was off the hook with the FBI because John had proof that Anna was running Pikeman. John said that he had obtained email correspondence between Anna and Jack Brennan that dated back five years. "Then, you don't need me anymore," Jason replied.

John explained that the emails were all circumstantial, with no details and no mention of Pikeman. "So, you got nothin'," Jason said. John concluded that Anna had been using the joint investigation to lead John in the wrong direction. "Clearly, somebody is," Jason retorted. John blamed himself for having put too much faith in his history with Anna, as well as Stone's connection to Robin.

John accused Anna of having obstructed him ever since John had caught Anna and Jordan in the arms dealer's hotel room. John wanted Jason to find clear and direct proof of the connection between Anna, Jack Brennan, and Pikeman. Jason agreed, but John was dubious. He warned Jason, "If you warn Anna, and she's able to cover her tracks, Carly goes to prison."

Sam visited Carly at the Metro Court pool. Sam said, "I wanted to ask you, mother to mother, to help my son." Sam explained about how Danny had helped his father while Jason had been wounded and hiding in the Quartermaine boathouse. Sam also explained that Jason had asked Danny not to tell Sam about it. Sam asked how Carly would feel if it had been one of her kids. Carly replied that she might not like it, but she would trust Jason to know what he was doing.

Sam asked Carly to admit Sam's concerns were real and to help her. Sam asked if Carly would get Jason to stay away from Danny. Carly asked, "Why would you do that to Danny?" Sam was concerned that Danny was too much like Jason but that Danny had no idea how dangerous Jason's life really was. "Danny wants to be just like Jason... and that's the worst possible thing that could happen to him," Sam declared.

Sam was convinced that Jason would not listen to her. Sam told Carly, "It has to be you!" Carly got upset. "Do you know what you're doing? You're asking me to ask Jason to break his own heart!" Carly said. Carly explained that that sort of rejection would devastate Danny. Sam argued that at least Danny would still be alive, and she reiterated that Danny would be in more danger if Jason was around. Carly shot back, "Is that so? Then, here's a question, Sam. If you didn't want Jason to be your kid's father, why did you make such a big damn deal about having a baby with him?"

Carly reminded Sam how much Sam had wanted a baby with Jason and said that, since Sam had a son who was just like Jason, it was too late to change her mind about it. Sam tried to defend herself. She remarked that Jason had abandoned their family twice. Carly declared, "So, there it is, right there, huh? You're not doing this to protect Danny. You're doing it to punish Jason."

Carly insisted that Sam had known Jason's life when she'd chosen to be with Jason, and especially by the time Sam had decided to have a child with Jason. Carly told Sam, "You don't get to change your mind now!" Sam replied, "Of course, I do! Because I don't want my son --" "To end up like his father?" Carly assumed. "No! To end up like Morgan! I don't want my son to end up dead!" Sam shouted.

Carly maintained that Sam wanted to punish Jason for not having devoted his whole life to Sam. Sam remarked that Carly didn't want Jason to ever change, because he might no longer always put Carly first. Sam told Carly that if anything happened to Danny, Carly would be just as responsible as Jason. Sam stormed off.

At Bobbie's, Lucy complained about how intrusive Natalia had been while dealing with Blaze's contracts, as Scott was focused on his phone. Lucy and Scott quibbled over the semantics of whether Scott was working "for" or "with" Lucy. As Scott was still looking at his phone, Lucy raided Scott's plate and rambled on about how smart Natalia was. Lucy wished that Natalia was working for Deception, instead of against it. Suddenly, Scott exclaimed, "Hallelujah! I think I just found something that may work!"

Lucy assumed that Scott was about to solve all her problems, but Scott told Lucy that he had been working on Heather's case. Lucy got upset. She declared that reexamining Heather's case was something a good person like Laura would do. "I expect worse of you. I really, frankly, rely on you to be a lesser person," Lucy complained to Scott. Scott maintained that cobalt poisoning was real. Lucy was appalled that Heather might get a new trial and be set free. Scott tried to justify his actions. He told Lucy, "There could be a lot of money in this for Heather." Lucy gasped.

"Two words for you: product liability," Scott declared. Scott explained that the manufacturer of the artificial hip might be responsible for Heather's behavior. "What you're saying is that Heather may be entitled to compensation?" Lucy asked, incredulously. Scott maintained that because of the cobalt poisoning, Heather had not been "in her right mind." Lucy exclaimed, "Heather Webber was never, ever, in her right mind!"

Lucy recounted the history of Heather and Scott's son, Franco, who had also avoided the consequences of committing murder via a medical condition. Lucy reminded Scott that Heather had also committed murder long before Heather's killing spree as "the Hook." Scott tried to defend Heather. He said, "Heather did a lot of horrible things in her day, and she had a lot of... half-baked ideas... kind of like... you, back in your day."

Lucy got indignant. "How dare you compare me to Heather?" she snapped, with her teeth clenched. Lucy reminded Scott that he had been a participant in some of Lucy's schemes. "I never committed murder," Lucy insisted. Scott started to balk. Lucy stopped him. Lucy declared that Victor Jerome had swallowed her locket of his own accord. Lucy added that she had also never participated in a baby switch. Lucy and Scott traded "what if" scenarios. Scott admitted that Lucy had a point when she asked how Scott would feel if the man who had killed Franco had been freed due to a medical condition. Lucy implored Scott to steer clear of the whole thing.

Jason went to Anna's. He told her about his visit from John and that John thought Anna was running Pikeman. Jason informed Anna that John had told him that Anna and Jack had been e-mailing and meeting in secret for the past five years. Jason informed Anna that John had accessed Anna's personal email account. Anna scrolled through her phone, looking for planted emails. Anna described a WSB tactic in which the agency would doctor or forge, then plant, emails, in order to divert or incriminate. Anna realized with a start, "Valentin did this." Jason added, "He's framing you."

Jason told Anna that he hadn't seen any of the emails. Jason said that John had claimed the emails didn't have enough evidence upon which to build a case. Anna deduced that Valentin was not framing her, but rather, he was using Anna as a decoy. Anna explained that due to his love for her, Valentin would not risk doing anything that would send Anna to prison. Anna explained that Valentin was not above using Anna as a pawn to lead the investigators astray while Valentin carried out his illegal activities. Anna admitted that maybe she enjoyed outmaneuvering Valentin.

Anna wanted to let things play out. Anna predicted that the emails would distract the FBI, and Pikeman would do "business as usual" while Anna sought proof of Valentin's guilt. Since the emails were vague, Anna did not fear prosecution. Jason informed Anna that John had ordered him to find evidence against Anna. Jason reminded Anna that even though Anna was safe, Carly was in danger of prosecution. "So, I'm gonna have to tell Cates that Valentin is the head of Pikeman," Jason said.

Anna reminded Jason that he couldn't tell John about Valentin until they had evidence that Valentin was running Pikeman. Otherwise, John would arrest Valentin prematurely, Valentin would skate, and John would never let Jason loose. Anna told Jason about her plan to have dinner with Valentin the following night. Jason made it clear to Anna that he would take Valentin down himself before he would let John hurt Carly.

Mac returns home and reunites with his loved ones

Mac returns home and reunites with his loved ones

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

At the Invader, Alexis apologized for not attending Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding. She admitted that she would have gone if she'd known that it was Gregory's last night. Alexis insisted that she was a better person for having known Gregory. "We all are," Chase said. Alexis showed Chase the good luck charm that Gregory had given her, prompting both Chase and Brook Lynn to smile.

After Alexis put the charm away, she turned the conversation to the reason for Chase and Brook Lynn's visit. Chase was eager to know how things had gone when Alexis had talked to Finn. "Not well," Alexis said. She explained that Finn was worse than she'd ever seen him, and there were no magic words that would get through to Finn until Finn was ready to listen. Alexis advised Chase not to give up, but Brook Lynn was concerned about Violet.

Alexis was curious if Violet had noticed a change in Finn, so Chase admitted that Violet seemed unaware of Finn's drinking. Brook Lynn warned Alexis that things would likely change if Violet remained with Finn. Chase asked Alexis -- as a former attorney -- what their options were. Alexis warned that getting the courts and child protective services involved might not go as Chase and Brook Lynn hoped because Violet might end up in a group home or in a foster home with strangers.

Brook Lynn was horrified at the possibility, and Chase made it clear that they did not want that for Violet, so Alexis suggested that Chase talk to a licensed social worker for guidance. Alexis assured Chase that Finn was a good man. "He's just lost," Alexis said. Chase agreed, and he assured her that he just wanted to help his brother find his way back. After Chase and Brook Lynn left, Brook Lynn stopped in the hallway to check her messages.

When Brook Lynn complained about Natalia trying to reach her, Chase told Brook Lynn to take care of it. Brook Lynn was reluctant to leave him, but he explained that he was headed to the hospital because he knew exactly who to talk to about Finn and Violet.

Later, Diane stopped by Alexis' office. "I come bearing gifts," Diane said as she held up a registered letter from the Court of Appeals that had been sent to Diane's office. "Your future awaits," Diane added as she handed the letter to Alexis. Alexis went back and forth about opening the letter until Diane snatched it up and threatened to open it. Eventually, Alexis agreed that Diane should read it.

Alexis waited anxiously. "Just tell me, what does it say?" Alexis asked. Diane admitted that she had good and bad news. Diane shared that Alexis' disbarment had been vacated for being "improperly applied." Stunned, Alexis asked if Diane was sure. Diane smiled as she assured her friend that she would never joke about something like that.

However, Diane added that Alexis' legal license had been suspended for two years. Alexis was disappointed that she would have to wait two years to practice law again. Diane assured Alexis that it wouldn't be necessary because the two-year suspension had started four years earlier. Alexis was elated when she realized what that meant. Diane explained that Alexis would need to take 48 hours of continuing education before she could reapply to the bar, but she would be practicing law soon. Both Alexis and Diane jumped for joy and hugged each other as they celebrated Alexis' victory.

In the Quartermaine stables, James was excited that Comet had jumped while James had been riding him. James admitted that it had felt as if he and Comet had been flying. "It was pretty cool," Cody agreed. Just then, Tracy walked in and asked what Cody and James had been talking about. When James told her about jumping with Comet, Tracy became concerned. Cody assured her that the "tree" James had jumped over had been a small sapling, and Comet had merely taken a "longer than average step."

Pleased, Tracy admitted that she hadn't mustered up the courage to jump yet. However, James had inspired her, so she asked Cody to saddle up Hades for a ride. Cody assured Tracy that her horse was ready, but he explained that he had to leave and drop James off at home. James was not excited about going home because there were "so many girls" there. Cody chuckled and reminded James that James's family was the best.

At Metro Court's pool, Gio was busy getting things ready for the day when Josslyn arrived for work. She was impressed to learn that Gio had been there for an hour, but she was competitive and decided to step up her game and be a more conscientious employee. She teasingly asked Gio not to jump into the pool and save someone unless someone else was on lifeguard duty. Moments later, Avery ran over and greeted Josslyn with a hug. Josslyn quickly introduced Avery to Gio before she took Avery for her swim lesson.

Sonny stayed behind with Gio to catch up with the young man. Sonny worried that Gio had made the decision to go to Port Charles University because he'd been concerned about Sonny paying for the pricy tuition at Fordham University. Gio explained that several factors had gone into his decision to switch schools, but he was grateful for all that Sonny had done. He also pointed out that he'd been offered a scholarship to PCU. Sonny appreciated Gio's desire to be independent, but Gio acknowledged that he wasn't completely on his own, since he lived at the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny joked that Gio was entitled to hazard pay for living there.

A short time later, Natalia walked out to the pool area as she left a voicemail message for Brook Lynn, asking Brook Lynn to join her at the pool. After she ended the call, Sonny approached Natalia and invited her to join him. Natalia followed Sonny to a table, where they chatted. Natalia confessed that she had underestimated Kristina. She told Sonny about Blaze's recent recording session and how Blaze had been struggling until Kristina's arrival.

Natalia admitted she had realized that Kristina and "Alison" truly loved each other. Sonny agreed. Natalia opened up about her concerns for their daughters. She assured Sonny that she didn't think the relationship was wrong, but she'd grown up where most were not as accepting. Natalia claimed that she was evolving, but she had a hard time seeing "that kind of love" ending in "real happiness." Sonny suggested that Kristina and Alison would have to figure things out for themselves. Natalia smiled as she assured him that she was trying to learn to relinquish control.

Moments later, Natalia received a text message about a meeting. She explained that she had to dash off, but she handed Sonny a thumb drive and asked him to give it to Brook Lynn if Brook Lynn showed up. Natalia shared that the thumb drive had the recording session that she had mentioned earlier. Sonny flashed his dimples as he agreed to pass along the thumb drive, provided Natalia invited him to the release party.

Later, Sonny was talking to Gio when he spotted Brook Lynn, so he waved her over. After Gio returned to work, Brook Lynn looked around the pool area. When she didn't see Natalia, she asked if Sonny had seen his "wedding date." Sonny reminded Brook Lynn of Natalia's name, but Brook Lynn insisted on referring to Blaze's mother as his wedding date. Sonny smiled and handed Brook Lynn the thumb drive.

However, Sonny sensed that something was troubling Brook Lynn, so she confided to him that Finn was drinking. Sonny was adamant that Brook Lynn get Violet out of that environment because he knew firsthand how damaging it was to be trapped in a situation with an adult battling addiction. Sonny insisted that Finn would be a stranger to Violet as long as Finn was drinking.

Meanwhile, Gio checked in with Josslyn to see if she had talked to Michael about moving into the apartment above the Quartermaine garage. Josslyn assured him that she would clear things with Michael after work. She was confident that Michael would be okay with Josslyn moving into the apartment, but she didn't want to give the impression that she felt entitled or took it for granted. Gio empathized because he felt the same way about Sonny paying for his education.

Gio knew his Uncle Sonny was generous and that he'd pay for Gio to travel to Europe to tour all the great concert halls if Gio asked, but Gio didn't want to take advantage of Sonny's generosity. Gio explained that important and powerful men like Sonny always had people asking for things, but Gio refused to be among them. Josslyn admitted that it was nice to hear how appreciative Gio was. She assured him that it would mean a lot to Sonny.

At General Hospital, Stella, Felicia, and T.J. stood at the nurses' station as they talked about a patient diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Stella explained that the man was unable to work but too young to qualify for Medicare. T.J. suggested the man apply for Social Security Disability, but Stella revealed that it would take months for the benefits to kick in if the application was approved. Felicia offered to help the patient fill out the necessary paperwork. As they talked, Felicia's phone chimed with a call from Maxie, but Felicia decided to call Maxie back.

Later, Felicia reported back to T.J. that the patient's paperwork had been completed, and the patient's consent was on file. T.J. was impressed. Felicia became distracted when she received another call from Maxie, but Felicia opted to call Maxie back after work.

At the local coffee shop, Chase caught up with Stella. Chase explained that T.J. had told him where to find her. Stella smiled and invited Chase to sit. Chase revealed that he had a personal matter to discuss with her, but Stella took the opportunity to offer her condolences on the passing of his father. Chase revealed that his father's death had been a catalyst for the problem that Chase needed advice on.

Chase explained that a child he knew lived with a parent who was in the throes of SUD. "Substance Use Disorder," Stella said with understanding. "Long term or recent?" she asked. Chase admitted that it was both, and he worried that the environment was not safe for a child. Stella asked if the child had been threatened or abused. Chase explained that he didn't want to wait until that happened, so Stella advised him to start documenting everything and getting statements from the people around the addict.

"Are you telling me to build a case against my brother?" Chase asked. "I am advising you to build a case for your young niece," Stella clarified.

At Maxie's house, Maxie wrapped up a business call as Georgie entered the living room to ask her mother's help choosing a bathing suit, but Maxie liked both options. Moments later, Spinelli descended the stairs with a towel draped around his neck. Maxie reminded him that they weren't ready to head to the pool yet, but he explained that he'd just given Bailey Lou an "unscheduled bath" because of an accident that Maxie didn't want to know about.

When Georgie heard a knock at the door, she ran to answer it. Maxie and Spinelli looked up when they heard their daughter squeal with delight. Mac stood on the doorstep. Maxie ran over as Mac swept both Georgie and Maxie into a warm hug. After the family reunion, Maxie tried to call Felicia, but the call went to voicemail.

Maxie complained about Felicia ignoring her calls, but Mac became distracted when Spinelli returned to the living room with Bailey Lou. Mac happily reunited with his youngest granddaughter, but he noticed that Spinelli seemed comfortable in Maxie's home. Mac was curious if Spinelli was a temporary or permanent fixture, so Georgie shared that her father lived with them.

"A lot has changed since you've been gone," Maxie told Mac. Spinelli took Georgie from Mac's arms to give Mac and Maxie an opportunity to talk. Meanwhile, Georgie answered another knock at the door. Maxie assumed it was Felicia, but it was Cody and James. James's eyes lit up when he saw his grandfather. As James ran into Mac's open arms, Cody watched Mac embrace his grandson.

James started to tell Mac about his exciting ride jumping over a fallen tree with Comet, but Cody quickly assured a concerned Maxie that it had been barely more than a big stick. Cody changed the subject by asking about Mac's trip, but Mac would only reveal that he'd been helping "a friend." Maxie was frustrated, but Mac insisted that it was all he could say, even though he hated keeping secrets.

"Yeah. Me, too," Cody said. "Something else we have in common," Mac replied. Cody decided to give the family some privacy. Mac suggested tagging along with James for the next riding lesson. "I'd like that," Cody assured Mac. Cody briefly stopped at the door to watch Mac, Maxie, and the kids then turned and left.

Later, Maxie told Mac how much the kids enjoyed spending time with Cody. She admitted that Cody had been a big help to her, and the kids saw him as a real-life superhero. "Kinda like someone else I know," she said as she looked at Mac.

Maxie continued to try to reach Felicia, to no avail. Mac assured Maxie that it was fine because Felicia was at work. He admitted that he was proud of Felicia's decision to become a patient advocate. Maxie grumbled that Felicia's new calling had spilled into other areas of life. She told Mac about Felicia's efforts to get Spinelli to move in with Maxie and the kids, and she asked if Mac had known about Felicia's plans.

Mac assured Maxie that he'd been unaware of Felicia's scheme, but he pointed out that it had worked out. Maxie reluctantly acknowledged that her mother's heart had been in the right place, but she didn't want her mother to know. Mac assured Maxie that her secret was safe with him. When he asked if things were good between Maxie and Spinelli, Maxie smiled. She shared that she and Spinelli were taking things slow, which was music to Mac's ears.

At the Quartermaine stables, Tracy returned from riding and checked her phone. She quickly called Finn and left a voicemail message asking him to stop avoiding her. She explained that she was worried and wanted to hear from him. After she ended the call, she entered the main room of the stables, where she found Cody sitting at the table. Her arrival startled him because he'd been deep in thought.

Tracy asked what was troubling Cody, but he tried to brush it off. Tracy didn't give up, and -- with a little prodding -- she got Cody to open up about his efforts to find his biological father and the DNA test. He didn't share details, but he admitted that he'd lied to his biological father about the results. "He doesn't know you're his son?" Tracy asked. "He doesn't know he has a son," Cody clarified.

Cody explained that his father was a great guy. Cody had had several opportunities to be honest, but he had chosen to lie. Cody wasn't sure he could walk back it back. "Cody, this is your story. You get to walk it in any direction you want," Tracy said. Cody worried that the news wouldn't land well, but Tracy urged him to take a chance because his father might be thrilled.

At Maxie's residence, the family was gathered in the living room with Mac. When Maxie suggested that Bailey Lou needed a nap, Mac offered to tuck Bailey Lou in. Maxie warned him to be careful because all the toys he'd sent during his absence were scattered on the floors. Georgie admitted that she was happy Mac was back.

After Mac disappeared upstairs with Bailey Lou, Felicia arrived unannounced. "Okay, I'm here. Now, what's this 'exciting development'?" Felicia asked. Felicia was shocked when Mac walked up behind her and greeted her. Felicia threw herself into her husband's arms. After the joyful reunion, James suggested they get ice cream to celebrate. "Welcome home, my love," Felicia said to Mac. "It's good to be here," Mac replied.

Finn quits the hospital

Finn quits the hospital

Thursday, June 20, 2024

At home, Finn handed Violet her bag with all her pool stuff. Violet wished she could go to work with Finn, and he promised to arrange it another day. Violet didn't want to leave Finn alone, but he urged her not to worry. There was a knock on the door, and Finn opened it to Georgie. He hugged Violet and told her to have fun, and Violet left with Georgie. Finn took out the bottle of tequila and a glass, but he looked at his hospital badge and put them both away. He grabbed his badge and left.

At the hospital, Terry invited Elizabeth to spend break with her, but Elizabeth replied that she had no time for a break. Terry advised her to call it a meeting, as they had a lot of catching up to do. A few minutes later, Terry was reassuring Elizabeth that she and the boys would get through Elizabeth's breakup with Finn. Elizabeth worried for Violet, as well. A short while later, Elizabeth was at the nurses' station when Finn arrived. He didn't want things to be awkward, and Elizabeth reminded him that they were still family. Portia approached and asked for Finn to meet with her and Terry before he started his rounds. He glared at Elizabeth and followed Portia.

In Terry's office, Portia informed Finn that they knew about his drinking. A combative Finn argued with Portia and Terry, citing the need for supervision and drug testing, as well as A.A. meetings. If he refused to comply, they would have to take the problem to the executive committee, who would involve the medical board, which would make it public. Portia told him that he could agree to the supervision or potentially lose his license. He yelled at them for smearing his reputation after he'd saved the hospital from closing. He continued that they were trying to take away everything he loved. "I'll save you the trouble. I quit," he spat, and he stormed out.

Finn stepped off the elevator a few minutes later and screamed at Elizabeth for trying to get revenge on him. She quietly admitted that she'd turned him in for his own good, as his drinking was jeopardizing everything good in his life. She thought it was the only way to get back the Finn she knew and loved, but he accused her of not knowing him at all. He ordered her to stay away from him and Violet, and he stormed out. Portia approached Elizabeth and assured her that she'd done the right thing about Finn. Elizabeth wondered what it would cost Violet.

A livid Finn arrived home a few minutes later. He took out the tequila and a glass, and he poured a drink. He downed the drink, poured more, and downed the second one.

Josslyn was surprised to see Trina arrive at the pool, and she promised to hang out with her friend while on break. Later, during Josslyn's break, she wondered how Giovanni had already gotten in trouble with Trina. He answered that they'd had a misunderstanding, but they were fine. Josslyn explained that Trina was fragile, as she'd had a rough year. She divulged that Trina's boyfriend had died unexpectedly, so Giovanni needed to tread carefully.

Just then, Dex approached in uniform as Trina walked over. She told Giovanni that there were no more clean towels, and she followed him away to get one. Josslyn complimented Dex's uniform. He wondered if she was busy that weekend, as he was playing in the department beach volleyball tournament and could use some pointers. She revealed that she and Trina were moving that weekend, but she would help him if he helped them move. He agreed and added that he would have helped them regardless.

Giovanni noticed that it was the second time Trina had run interference for Josslyn and Dex, and Trina replied that she wanted to give them time to themselves to figure things out. Giovanni was glad she cared about her friends as much as they cared about her, and he walked away.

Georgie, James, and Violet ran along the pool, and Giovanni stopped them. He proposed dessert later if they followed all the pool rules, and they agreed. Maxie approached and beckoned James over so she could apply his sunscreen better than he had. Georgie and Violet ran off, and Nina approached as Maxie was fixing James's sunscreen. "Like father, like son," an amused Nina said. Maxie finished with James, and he followed after his sister. Nina told Maxie all about Willow's party, and Maxie warned Nina about lying to Willow again. Nina wasn't worried, as she and Drew had things figured out. "Everyone wins," she said happily.

Carly arrived at the coffee warehouse and asked if Jason had talked to Drew. "We don't talk," Jason reminded her, and she informed him that Drew was running for Congress. He wasn't sure why that was supposed to affect him, but she informed him that it would mean public scrutiny for the entire family. "I've been through worse," he replied, and he wanted to let Drew be happy.

Carly looked at Jason's life and said that he deserved to be happy, too, and Jason insisted that he was going to take his life back after his business with the FBI concluded. She hoped Drew's campaign wouldn't get in the way of that, and she promised to do everything in her power to defend him, as she knew he would do the same for her. She hugged him and left, and he sent a text to someone as soon as she was gone.

Mac and Felicia passionately kissed on the couch at Maxie's, but Felicia thought they needed to stop, as it wasn't their house. Mac reminded her that Bailey was asleep, and everyone else was gone. She was glad that he was back and ordered him not to go on any more crazy adventures without her. Mac related that Frisco had talked about all the mistakes he'd made, especially regarding leaving Felicia and the girls. He continued that Frisco was grateful to Mac for how he'd stepped up. Mac and Felicia both felt lucky to have each other and shared a kiss.

There was a knock on the door, and Felicia opened it to Anna and Robert, who were happy to see Mac. A few minutes later, they all sat down, and Mac congratulated Anna on becoming police commissioner. She mentioned Jagger, and Mac talked about how fond he'd been of Jagger. Anna warned that Jagger was causing her trouble, and Mac offered to talk to him so he'd back off Anna. Just then, Anna got a text. She checked it as she told Mac that she didn't want to involve Mac in her trouble. She had something to deal with, so she excused herself. She promised to see Mac at work the next day, and she left.

A short while later, Maxie arrived home with the kids, and James begged to have Violet stay over so they could camp out in the backyard. Maxie suggested that they pick another night, as they had to get Violet home soon, because Finn was expecting her.

Anna arrived at the coffee warehouse, and Jason questioned if she'd made any progress with Valentin. She replied that she was "treading very carefully" with him. Jason explained that Jagger was getting impatient, and with Drew running for Congress, the family would soon be in the public eye. He refused to let Carly get arrested after everything he'd gone through to prevent it. She promised that she would bust Valentin soon.

Sam knocked on Spinelli's door, and he revealed that he'd "found our prize." He explained that he'd found an audio file that he couldn't delete or corrupt, but it was an explanation on why Jason was working with the FBI. A few minutes later, after listening to the recording, Sam was livid that Jason had forsaken his family in order to protect Carly. Spinelli thought that it was noble, but Sam shot back that there was no nobility in abandoning his kids so a grown woman could escape the consequences for something she'd freely chosen to do. She demanded a copy of the recording, and Spinelli complied. He implored her not to act hastily with it, but she was determined to protect her kids at all costs. She stormed out.

A short while later, Sam found Carly outside her office at Metro Court and revealed that there was something Carly needed to hear.

Violet finds Finn on the floor

Violet finds Finn on the floor

Friday, June 21, 2024

At Carly's office, Sam told Carly that Sam knew why Jason had let everyone think he was dead. Sam prefaced things by telling Carly that what she was about to hear was not all about Carly. Sam explained that the recording she was about to play had come from the FBI's evidentiary database. Carly played the file. It was Carly's voice, taken from her meeting with the Five Families during the time of Sonny's presumed death. In the recording, Carly announced that she would be filling Sonny's seat.

Carly was flabbergasted. She told Sam that Carly had had no idea the FBI had evidence against her. Carly couldn't believe that the FBI had been able to record that meeting from three years before. Carly had believed that the FBI had evidence against Jason. She asked why Sam had even looked for the recording. Sam said that she had wanted to know what the FBI was using to keep Jason in line.

Sam explained that she and Spinelli had obtained John's credentials, but they weren't enough to be able to alter or delete the file, only record a copy. Carly felt bad for Jason. Sam exclaimed, "He is not the victim here! Jason abandoned his children and let everyone who loved him think he was dead!"

Carly closed her office door. She told Sam that it wasn't Jason's fault. "If you want to blame someone --" Carly began. Sam cut her off. "What? Blame you, Carly? Don't worry! I do! I think you're just as responsible for this as Jason!" Sam declared. Carly tried to get Sam to direct Sam's anger at John Cates, but Sam was fed up. She complained that Carly would always stick up for Jason, as Jason would always stick up for Carly. "What about everyone else? What about the people who believed in Jason? What about the people he left behind... for you?" Sam left.

Anna met with Jason at the coffee warehouse. She told Jason that she planned to search Valentin's house for evidence of a connection to Pikeman that night while she would be having dinner there. Jason maintained that doing things his way would be simpler. Anna did not want Jason to break into the house nor beat the information out of Valentin. Jason insisted that he would not let his sacrifice of two and a half years go to waste.

After Anna had gone, John arrived, looking for Anna. John accused Anna, yet again, of being the head of Pikeman. Jason insisted that there was no evidence to find. He told John, "You're not going to find anything on Anna, because there's nothing there. Or does proving it not even matter anymore?"

John insisted that one did not have to dig very far into Anna's past with the WSB to find evidence that she was running Pikeman. Jason replied that evidence could be interpreted in different ways and that John wanted Anna to be guilty. Jason said that John was derailing his own investigation by targeting the wrong person. John insisted that he'd been following the evidence. John declared that he would not go back to Quantico empty-handed. John threatened to take Carly with him. John left.

At Maxie's house, Maxie asked Violet to gather her things so Maxie could take Violet home. Georgie and James wanted Violet to stay for a sleepover. Violet explained that she had to get home because her dad became sad and lonely when Violet was not there.

Finn woke up on his sofa after having passed out. He took a swig from the half-empty bottle of tequila on the coffee table. Finn, kneeling by the table, noticed some blood and broken glass on the surface of the table. He realized he had cut his hand. Finn pulled a shard of glass from his hand, then, after another swig, he poured tequila on the open wound. Finn winced as he tried to stand, then passed out again, this time, onto the floor.

Violet arrived home and found Finn on the floor. She tried to wake him up, then she saw the blood on her father's hand. Violet picked up Finn's phone and called the last person who had left a message for him. It was Tracy. Tracy began to chastise Finn for not having responded to the three messages Tracy had left. She was surprised to hear Violet's voice. Violet said, "My dad needs help!" Tracy asked, "Violet? What's wrong?" Violet replied, "I think he's dead!" Tracy said that she would be right there. Tracy called 9-1-1 before she left.

Soon thereafter, Tracy arrived at Finn's apartment. She told Violet to wait by the door for the ambulance. Violet left, and Tracy went to Finn. The paramedics arrived. As they tended to Finn, Tracy attempted to assuage Violet's fears. Violet asked if Finn had fallen and why there was blood. Tracy told Violet that maybe Finn had cut his hand when he had fallen.

Tracy stepped over to the paramedics and asked about Finn's status. One paramedic told Tracy bluntly, "I'm sorry to put it this way, ma'am, but drunk is not an emergency." Tracy, indicating Violet, replied, "Yeah, right. I know that. You know that. She doesn't know that. I gotta get her outta here, so I'll be back."

Tracy went to Violet and offered to take her to her Uncle Chase. Violet was reluctant. She claimed she had been gone too long already that day. Tracy assured Violet that her father had not hurt himself because Violet had not been home. Violet still did not want to leave. "What if he doesn't wake up, like Grandpa?" Violet asked. "This isn't the same thing," Tracy said. Tracy reminded Violet of all the doctor visits and equipment Gregory had needed. Tracy told Violet that Finn only needed time to rest. Finally, Violet agreed to leave. She and Tracy left.

Anna arrived at Valentin's house. Anna told him that she had thought about canceling but had wanted to see him. Anna smelled something delicious. Valentin told her that he had made coq au vin. Anna complimented the house's décor. Valentin reminded Anna that he had bought the house for them to share.

As Valentin left the room to pour two glasses of Bordeaux, Anna began to look around. Anna searched through Valentin's desk and bookshelf, but she was unable to find anything before Valentin returned with the wine. Anna was about to sip the wine when Valentin asked, "Did you find what you were looking for?" "Oh, you caught me!" Anna replied. Anna claimed to have been looking at the titles of the books on his shelves. She reminded Valentin that she had planned to do more reading before bedtime. Valentin smiled as he remembered the stack of unread books on Anna's night table.

Anna tried and liked the Bordeaux. Valentin assured her that there was plenty more for them to share in the future. Anna coyly accused Valentin of being presumptuous. "Hope springs eternal," he replied. Anna told Valentin that she had learned something about Jack Brennan. "Jack Brennan? He's ancient history to me," Valentin lied.

Anna told Valentin that Jack had been injured in a knife fight and taken to GH. Valentin suggested that Jack had made enemies among the people Jack had sent to prison. Anna said that when she had visited Jack, Jack had implied that he had stabbed himself in order to get a visit from Carly. Valentin told Anna that he had no desire to discuss Jack. He led Anna out to the patio, where they could have dinner.

After their meal, Anna and Valentin went back into the house for a digestif. Anna wanted to talk about Valentin's recent success at ELQ. Valentin explained that most of his trips to Europe had been excuses to go visit Charlotte. Valentin claimed that Anna would find his corporate activities boring. He tried to turn the question around and wheedle information out of Anna. "What cases are you working on?" he asked.

Anna told Valentin that everything she was working on was classified and that she should leave because she had a busy day in the morning. Valentin took Anna's hand. "No. Please, don't go. There's something I have to tell you," Valentin whispered. Valentin talked about how the trust between them had been broken. "Now, I only really believe about 30 percent of what you tell me," he said. Anna chuckled, "Oh, that's interesting. My percentage for you is a lot lower."

Valentin confessed his love for Anna. "I love you. I always have. It's in my DNA, Anna. It's like the color of my eyes." Valentin admitted that he hoped his feelings of loving someone whom he "couldn't have would fade away," but that they hadn't.

Anna confessed that she was still drawn to Valentin, as well, and like Valentin, Anna wished she didn't have those feelings. Anna moved to leave. They both agreed that they'd had a lovely evening. Valentin took Anna's hand and said, "I just wish it didn't have to end." Anna replied, "Maybe it doesn't." Anna smiled. Valentin kissed her. Just as Anna began to kiss him back, Jason appeared at the window. He watched them kiss for a moment then turned his head with a sigh.

Maxie told Spinelli that she was worried about Violet. Having listened to Violet's choice of words, Maxie had the sense that Violet "was raising Finn, and not the other way around." Maxie suspected something might be going on in Violet's home.

Later, as Maxie and Spinelli snuggled on the sofa, there was a knock at the door. It was Sam. Maxie excused herself to give the kids butterfly kisses, so Spinelli and Sam could talk. Sam informed Spinelli that though Carly could "lie like a pro," Carly's reaction to the recording had been genuine. Carly had learned the reason for Jason's absence for the first time.

Spinelli expressed concern for Carly. Sam was convinced that Carly would never be prosecuted because of Jason. Sam declared that Jason would have to live with the consequences of his actions.

At Chase and Brook Lynn's apartment, the newlyweds celebrated their first home-cooked meal. When Brook Lynn asked for a rating, Chase gave it five stars and added, "And the food was pretty good, too!" They kissed.

Tracy and Violet arrived at Chase and Brook Lynn's apartment. Chase caught on quickly, as Tracy explained that she had thought Chase would love a surprise visit from Violet. Brook Lynn offered Violet some dessert, but Violet said she wasn't hungry. Violet said that she had been swimming and that her wet swimsuit was still in her bag. Brook Lynn led Violet by the hand. They left the room to hang up the swimsuit. The second they were out of the room, Chase turned to Tracy and asked, "Why is Violet with you, and what is going on?"

Tracy told Chase that Violet had found Finn "passed-out drunk and bleeding on the floor." Tracy explained that Violet had thought Finn had died and that Violet blamed herself for being on a play date instead of home with her father. Tracy told Chase that Violet had seen the missed calls on Finn's phone and called Tracy for help. Chase was gutted. "Poor Violet," he said. Tracy told Chase that Violet had looked "terrified" when Tracy had arrived at Finn's place. Tracy thought that Chase might be able to distract Violet from what she had seen.

Chase asked where Finn was. When Tracy told Chase that Finn was at home with the paramedics, Chase wanted to go back there with Tracy. Instead, Tracy wanted Chase and Brook Lynn to take Violet over to the Quartermaine home, because there was more room there for Violet and because Finn would likely come pounding on Chase's door, looking for Violet, something Violet shouldn't have to witness after everything she had already seen.

Chase agreed with Tracy. "Thank you for all of this," Chase said to Tracy. Tracy took Violet's keys. She reminded Chase that Finn was her friend and that Gregory would want her to look out for Finn. Chase felt like a failure to his brother for not going with Tracy. Tracy was blunt. She said that Chase had already done as much for Finn as he could, then she added, "And truthfully, I can say things to him that you can't. And what I'm going to say to him, he really needs to hear." Tracy left.

A bit later, as Violet sat on the sofa between Brook Lynn and Chase, Chase promised Violet that Finn would be okay. "How do you know that?" Violet asked dubiously. Chase replied, "Sometimes, grown-ups just know things." Brook Lynn added. "He's not lying to you, sweetie. Your Uncle Chase is a cop. He's telling you the truth."

Violet asked Chase to teach her how to cook. Violet believed that her father wouldn't always be so tired and sad if she could have a meal waiting for him when he got home from work. Chase replied, "I know you want to help your dad, but it's not --" Brook Lynn subtly shook her head "no." Chase changed to a more upbeat tone and finished, "it's -- it's not that hard to make something special!"

Chase told Violet that the three of them would go sleep over at the Quartermaines' house and that in the morning, Sasha could cook for everyone else, but the three of them would enjoy Chase's special French toast with cinnamon. "And whipped cream on the top?" Violet asked. Chase brightly replied, "Of course! It's no good any other way!" Chase hugged his niece, as Brook Lynn looked on, smiling.

Violet tried to make excuses not to go to the Quartermaines' house. First, because she had no pajamas. After having been told that she could borrow some from Scout, Violet suggested that because her dad's hand had been cut, he might need her help. Brook Lynn offered to call Finn then sent Violet to the kitchen to get Brook Lynn's phone.

Once Violet was out of the room, Chase told Brook Lynn that he felt awful about lying to Violet. Brook Lynn insisted that Chase was being an amazing uncle and that there were some things from which a young child should be protected. Brook Lynn advised her husband to remember her advice the next time he felt guilty. Brook Lynn took her phone from her purse nearby. She shouted to Violet that she had found it and had called Finn, who had given permission for Violet to sleep over at the Quartermaines' house.

John showed up at Carly's office with a bottle of Champagne. Carly pretended to be glad to see him. John told her that he had billed the bottle to his suite. Carly asked, "You didn't expense it to the FBI?" "Who do you think pays for my suite?" John replied with a smile. John explained that he hadn't properly thanked Carly for having rescued him in the alley then having nursed him at his hotel suite. John told Carly that his investigation would soon be complete and that John would be returning to Quantico. Carly said she would miss him. John declared that he wouldn't miss much about Port Charles. "But I will miss you," John added.

Carly asked John, "Since you're opening up a bottle of fancy Champagne and celebrating and heading home, does that mean you've rounded up all the bad guys and you put 'em in prison?" John explained that there was "always one more out there." Carly asked if this "one more" was dangerous. John replied, "This person has done some bad things."

Carly noted John's choice of words. "'This person.' Does that mean the bad guy is really a woman?" Carly asked. John popped the Champagne as he said, "Carly Spencer, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to worm confidential information out of me." Carly turned it right around. "Well, you're the one who showed up here with Champagne, trying to lower my defenses."

John told Carly, "As to the gender of the bad guy, a good agent never tells." "Are you a good agent?" Carly asked. John replied, "The best." They tapped their champagne flutes together as Carly toasted, "I'll drink to that."

Tracy arrived at Finn's apartment, where she found Finn passed out, seated in a chair. His hand had been bandaged. Tracy kicked Finn's foot twice in an attempt to wake him. Unsuccessful, she sighed Tracy took out her phone, launched its camera, and took pictures of Finn sprawled out in the chair; the bloody, broken glass; the mostly empty tequila bottle; and the blood on the table. Tracy approached Finn. She put her hand to her mouth and began to cry.

Later, Tracy entered Finn's living room from the back. She had a rolling suitcase in one hand and Finn's medical bag in the other. She parked the suitcase near the door. Tracy went through Finn's medical bag and found some smelling salts. She broke the capsule under Finn's nose, reviving him immediately.

Finn felt his aching head and his aching hand. He groaned and asked, "What happened?" Tracy faced Finn. "You tell me," she challenged him. Finn asked, "Where's Violet? Where's my daughter?" Tracy replied, "She's gone. She's not coming back."

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