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After Chase was given temporary custody of Violet, Finn decided to seek treatment. Finn and Violet shared a heartbreaking goodbye. Ava went on the warpath when Sonny kicked her out and threatened to take Avery away. Carly learned the truth about Jason's agreement with the FBI. Anna found incriminating evidence against Valentin. Kristina asked if Blaze would co-parent the baby with her.
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Finn decided to seek treatment. Sonny kicked Ava out and threatened to take Avery away. Anna found incriminating evidence against Valentin.
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Chase and Brook Lynn take steps to safeguard Violet

Chase and Brook Lynn take steps to safeguard Violet

Monday, June 24, 2024

Molly arrived home and found T.J. waiting for her. When he remarked about her being late, she explained that she'd been held up at work, but T.J. suspected she'd been trying to avoid going home. Molly assured him that she truly had been busy with work. T.J. let it drop and shared that he'd ordered dinner, but Molly decided to shower first because she'd had a late lunch. She started to go the bathroom, but T.J. asked her to wait because he hoped to talk.

T.J. promised that he was not trying to stir things up, but Molly pointed out that there wasn't much to say, since she couldn't change the past. To Molly's surprise, T.J. explained that he wanted to apologize. "I've been a total ass," he said. T.J. admitted that he'd let his anxiety take over, and it had been wrong of him to blame Molly for choosing Kristina as their surrogate because he'd agreed with the decision. T.J. regretted that he'd made Molly feel as if she couldn't confide in him, but he assured her that she had his full support.

Molly became emotional as she confessed that she was scared because she kept having panicked thoughts. With a little gentle prodding from T.J., Molly opened up. "I'm afraid that when the time comes, Kristina's not going to be able to let go of our child," Molly tearfully said. T.J. hugged her "What if we were wrong to trust my sister?" Molly asked.

T.J. admitted that it was his worst nightmare, but he suspected a lot of people in their position shared the same fear about their surrogates. He reminded Molly that they had accepted Kristina's generous gift because they wanted a child, and he pointed out that Kristina loved Molly. Molly conceded that being a mother was the furthest thing from Kristina's mind, and her sister was exploring a new relationship. Molly doubted that Kristina wanted to be up all night with a screaming baby.

T.J. teasingly insisted that their baby would not scream, so Molly smiled and agreed that their child would be perfect. Once she began to relax, T.J. apologized again, and he suggested that they both have a little faith in Kristina. "I'll try if you will," Molly said. T.J. smiled. "Deal," he replied. Molly admitted that she shouldn't have kept things from T.J., but he acknowledged that she'd had good reason to worry about his reaction.

As Molly and T.J. snuggled on the sofa and talked about how their lives would change once the baby arrived, Molly suggested that they make the most of the time they had alone. T.J. was curious what she had in mind, so she kissed him passionately. Moments later, they stripped off each other's clothes and made love.

At Pozzulo's, Kristina stopped by Sonny's office with a gift. He was pleasantly surprised by the visit -- and delighted when she handed him a small bag filled with locally grown organic garlic cloves. Inspired, Sonny offered to make dinner, but Kristina explained that Blaze was picking her up because they had plans. As if on cue, Blaze and Natalia entered the office. After everyone exchanged greetings, Natalia shared that she and Blaze had been shopping, so she had decided to tag along and say hello to Sonny.

When Sonny offered to cook dinner for everyone, Natalia, Blaze, and Kristina agreed to stay. Natalia offered to help Sonny in the kitchen, but he playfully asked Blaze how Natalia was in the kitchen. Blaze admitted that her mother was a pretty good cook. After Natalia and Sonny went to the kitchen to start dinner, Blaze acknowledged that things were a lot different since Natalia had caught her and Kristina in bed together, but Blaze wouldn't have changed a thing. Kristina felt the same way.

Later, Sonny, Natalia, Kristina, and Blaze were seated in a booth as they enjoyed dinner and listened to Natalia's embarrassing stories about Blaze's childhood. Everyone was having a good time until Ava entered. "Isn't this cozy," Ava said as she approached the booth. Ava explained that she had stopped by to see if Sonny wanted to grab dinner, but the dinner that Sonny had made looked delightful. Natalia sang Sonny's praises as a master chef, prompting Sonny to return the compliment to Natalia.

Ava's smile was brittle as she suggested that she grab a chair, but Kristina objected. "There's no way in hell I am sharing a meal with the woman who stabbed my mother in the back," Kristina said. Kristina angrily confronted Ava about her efforts to get Alexis disbarred because Alexis had been "mean" to Julian, but Ava argued that it had gone deeper than that. Kristina accused Ava of not having the courage to attach Ava's name to the complaint, but Ava was unapologetic. Ava reminded Kristina that Alexis had lied under oath, but Kristina shot back that Ava was a hypocrite.

Sonny asked someone to fill him in, so Ava decided to let Kristina do the honors. Ava assured Sonny that she would tell him the "unbiased version" when he arrived home. After Ava left, Kristina told her father about Ava's plot to get Alexis disbarred. Kristina couldn't understand why Sonny lived under the same roof with the woman who had caused their family so much pain. Natalia praised Kristina for standing up for her mother. Sonny agreed that Alexis would be proud, but he steered the conversation to a lighter topic by asking who wanted tiramisu.

In Carly's office at Metro Court, John and Carly sipped Champagne. He thanked Carly for indulging him because he had wanted to celebrate, but he had few friends in Port Charles. Carly advised John to get some new friends if she was his only option. She held up her flute of Champagne and offered a toast. "Cheers to taking down the bad guys. Or the bad persons rather," she said. "I'll definitely drink to that," he replied, seemingly unaware of the undercurrent of hostility in Carly's words.

Carly asked how long John would remain in town, so he shared that he expected to be gone within the week. He confessed that he'd been in town longer than expected, but he was grateful for her help when she had found him injured on the docks. "What can I say but you're welcome," Carly said. John invited Carly to enjoy the rest of the Champagne as he stood up and retrieved his jacket. Carly followed John to the door.

John told Carly that he had really enjoyed her company. "Back at ya," she replied. She told him to give her a call if he ever found himself severely beaten again. "Will do," John said with a smile. "And good luck with whatever happens next," Carly added. John admitted that it had been awhile, but he felt as if luck was finally on his side. Carly watched him leave. "Not for long, you bastard," she softly said.

A short time later, Spinelli arrived. Carly was agitated because she was livid that John had used her as leverage to "basically hold Jason hostage" for nearly three years. Carly told Spinelli about John's recent visit. Concerned, Spinelli asked if John had tried anything, but she assured Spinelli that John hadn't touched her. However, Carly wished that John had because it would have given her an excuse to stab him. She picked up a letter opener to drive home her point.

Carly was upset that Jason had been away from his sons for years because he'd been trying to protect her, so she was determined to make things right. "I have to fix this," Carly insisted. To Spinelli's horror, Carly decided that she would go to John and invite John to arrest her because she'd rather go to jail than allow Jason to be blackmailed for one more minute. Spinelli asked Carly to consider what would happen to her children -- especially Donna -- if she ended up in prison. Carly argued that she didn't know how Donna could be more important than Jake and Danny.

Spinelli reminded Carly that both Jake and Danny still had their mothers, but Donna wouldn't if Carly went through with her plans. Spinelli explained that Jason had made the choice to cooperate with the FBI for that very reason, but Carly resented that Jason hadn't discussed it with her first. Spinelli admitted that he would have done the same for Maxie because he loved Maxie the same way that Jason loved Carly. Spinelli urged Carly to let it go if she truly loved Jason. Carly didn't know how, but Spinelli told her that it had already been done.

Spinelli explained that Jason's sacrifice would have been for nothing if she turned herself in. Carly reluctantly agreed to drop her plans, but she made it clear that she would not let the FBI use her as leverage. "How do you plan to stop them?" Spinelli asked. "I'll find a way -- and when I do, Agent Cates won't see me coming," Carly said.

At Finn's apartment, Tracy spoke to Brook Lynn on the phone. She assured her granddaughter that she'd spoken to Lois. After Tracy ended the call, Finn entered the living room and demanded to know where Violet was. Rather than answer him, Tracy asked if he had any idea what Violet had walked in on when Violet had found Finn passed out cold on the floor and bleeding. Finn's attitude shifted as he assured Tracy that he was sorry for what his daughter had witnessed, but Tracy wasn't satisfied because Finn had created the situation.

Finn turned defensive, but Tracy informed him that Violet had had the presence of mind to call her when she'd seen the missed calls from Tracy on his call log. "She told me that her father needed help. She thought he'd died," Tracy shared. Tracy explained that she had called 9-1-1, and she'd arrived at the apartment and found Violet scared out of her mind and hovering over Finn. Chastised, Finn apologized for how he'd spoken to Tracy earlier and for Tracy having to rush to his aid.

"I'm sorry that it came at Violet's expense," Finn added. He promised to make some coffee and clean up before he fetched Violet, but Tracy wasn't satisfied. She explained that he couldn't care for Violet until he could prove that he could care for himself. Finn's temper flared. He downplayed the events of the night and demanded to know where Violet was, but Tracy refused to be intimidated. She informed him that she'd reserved a room for him at Skymeadow Lodge with a minimum stay of 90 days.

Finn warned Tracy that she had overstepped. He insisted that he didn't need residential treatment, but he offered to attend meetings and do whatever was necessary to get his daughter back. Tracy insisted that Finn needed more than meetings, but he argued that it was his life, and Violet was his daughter. Suddenly, he realized that Violet was at the Quartermaine mansion. He threatened to go there to retrieve his daughter. "And if anybody tries to stop me, I'm calling the police," Finn vowed.

Tracy doubted Finn would get much help from the police once she showed them the photos she'd taken of Finn while he'd been passed out. Furious, Finn argued that Tracy couldn't take Violet from him, but Tracy stood firm. She reminded Finn that he wasn't the only one grieving for Gregory. Desperate, Finn promised to get himself back on track, but Tracy clarified that it was not a negotiation.

Tracy informed Finn that he would need to completely commit to his sobriety, or Tracy would use all her resources to make certain that Chase and Brook Lynn got custody of Violet. "Temporary or otherwise," she said. "Why are you doing this to me?" Finn asked. Tracy explained that it was about Violet -- not Finn. "Until you understand that, there's nothing left to say," Tracy told him. After Tracy left, Finn sat down, pulled out his phone, and looked at a photograph of him, Violet, and Gregory smiling for the camera.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lois entered the foyer as Yuri greeted Chase, Brook Lynn, and Violet at the door. Lois smiled brightly as she promised Violet a fun night of staying up late, eating sweets, and doing "all the fun stuff." Meanwhile, Chase pulled Yuri aside to instruct Yuri to lock the front gates and notify the staff that Finn was not permitted on the premises. After Yuri left, Chase turned his attention back to his niece. Violet was concerned about her father, so Chase assured her that Tracy would take care of Finn. Lois was eager to spoil Violet, but Violet complained that her stomach hurt.

After Brook Lynn took Violet to the bathroom, Chase explained that Tracy had advised them to stay at the mansion because Finn might have spent the rest of the night pounding on the apartment door. Lois agreed that it would have been traumatizing for everyone, especially Violet. Chase shared that Finn had arrived home and found Gregory dead, and Violet was going through the same thing because Violet had feared that Finn had been dead when she had found him. He admitted that he was grateful that Violet had called Tracy because he didn't want to think about Violet spending all night in the apartment with Finn unconscious. Chase was certain that the memory would stick with Violet for the rest of her life.

Later, Chase made a phone call. After a brief exchange, he assured the person that they would be met at the gate. When Brook Lynn and Violet returned, Violet's mood was unchanged. Chase and Brook Lynn assured Violet that she was safe and that her father would be okay. Chase explained that Finn felt sick because he was sad. Violet worried that Finn would die like Gregory had, but Chase promised that the situations were different. Brook Lynn suggested they could help Finn by letting him take some time away to get better.

"What if he thinks I don't love him anymore?" Violet asked. Chase assured his niece that Finn would never think that, and the bond that Violet shared with her father would never change. They assured Violet that she had been brave, and they praised her for doing the right thing. When Lois returned, she offered to take Violet on a tour of the bedroom that Violet would be staying in. Brook Lynn promised to join Violet shortly and read to her.

Once they were alone, Brook Lynn offered her husband assurance that he'd done the right thing. Chase regretted that they weren't in Italy on their honeymoon, but Brook Lynn insisted that they were where they should be. "We've got this," she told him. Moments later, Yuri ushered Diane in. Chase and Brook Lynn filled Diane in about Finn's drinking and what Violet had walked in on. "Tell me what you need," Diane said.

Diane warned Chase that it would be an uphill battle, but Chase and Brook Lynn were determined to do everything in their power to keep Violet safe. Diane explained that the law was on Finn's side, but Chase could preempt Finn with an emergency custody order. Just then, Tracy arrived home. Tracy admitted that they might need a restraining order because she wasn't certain if she had gotten through to Finn. Tracy assured Chase and Brook Lynn that she had told Finn about the arrangements at Skymeadow Lodge, but Chase realized they couldn't force Finn into treatment.

Diane assured Chase that she could get everything filed first thing in the morning, but she would need a statement from Chase. Chase worried that Finn might show up at the mansion, but Tracy hoped Finn realized they were trying to save his relationship with Violet, not destroy it.

Anna finds incriminating evidence against Valentin

Anna finds incriminating evidence against Valentin

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Jason sat outside Valentin's house, in his car. With a frustrated sigh, Jason called Maxie, who was seated at a table in the park, watching her kids play with Spinelli. Jason asked Maxie to call Anna and make sure Anna answered the phone. Maxie was then to call Jason back and let him know what had happened.

Anna was in bed with a sleeping Valentin. Her phone buzzed. Anna answered her phone. Maxie explained that she was calling Anna at Jason's behest. Before Anna could reply, Valentin grabbed Anna's phone and said, "Anna's gonna have to call you back." Valentin hung up and tossed the phone away from the bed. He rolled over, on top of Anna and began to kiss her.

Valentin asked Anna if he was dreaming. Anna assured him that the previous night had actually happened. She told Valentin she was happy to be there with him. Anna told Valentin that she couldn't spend the morning with him. She moved to get out of the bed, but Valentin offered to make them breakfast. Then, Valentin decided that they weren't finished making love, and he kissed Anna again.

Jason called Maxie again. Maxie told Jason that she had informed Anna that Jason had asked Maxie to make the call. Maxie asked Jason what was going on. When Maxie started asking question after question, Jason cut her off and said that he had to go. He hung up on Maxie. Jason received a text from Anna: "I'm fine. V is up. Go before he spots you."

Anna searched more of Valentin's house while he was in the kitchen, making breakfast. Anna found a satellite phone behind some books on a shelf. Anna was able to put everything back where she had found it before Valentin entered with their breakfast plates.

Anna was impressed by the meal Valentin had prepared on short notice. Valentin told Anna that he wanted to spend the rest of his life trying to impress Anna. Anna put her plate down and said, "It's not because I don't want to. I do. It's not because I don't love you. I mean, I think last night answered that question. You have to admit that our lives, they just don't fit together" "They did once," Valentin said. "That's debatable," Anna replied.

Anna confessed that she was unable to imagine a life together with Valentin after what Anna had done to Charlotte. Anna was taken aback when Valentin took her hand and suggested, "Impossible in Port Charles, but maybe not elsewhere."

Valentin confessed that he couldn't give up on the idea that he and Anna would one day find their way back to each other. He asked Anna not to answer but to think about it. Anna agreed to think about it. Valentin walked Anna out. Outside the closed door, Anna took a moment then walked away. Valentin watched her through the window, his face unreadable.

Carly sat at a visitors' table at Pentonville, where she was joined by Jack. Jack was quite happy to see her. Jack told Carly that her visit was the highlight of his day. Carly wanted to make use of Jack's intelligence-agency expertise. "I just don't know if I can trust you," she told Jack. Jack replied, "You can't."

Carly began to leave. Jack clarified his remark. "The only person you can fully rely on is yourself," Jack said. Jack advised Carly to think carefully about whom she confided in and to whom she let herself be vulnerable -- and to calculate risk and reward before she let herself be vulnerable to anyone. Jack told Carly that the only thing he had to gain from Carly confiding in him would be the chance of a return visit.

Carly told Jack that the FBI had evidence against her -- a recording of Carly violating RICO statutes and engaging in criminal conspiracy. Carly explained that she had been protecting her family while Sonny had been presumed dead. Carly told Jack that the FBI was blackmailing Jason in order to keep him working as an informant. Jack asked whether Jason had told Carly all that. Carly explained that a hacker had accessed the FBI database but had been unable to delete the evidence.

Jack asked Carly what she wanted to know from him. "Will the FBI honor their agreement with Jason?" Carly asked Jack. "Not a chance," Jack replied. Jack told Carly that Jason was too valuable to the FBI and that after "this job," they would keep holding things over Jason's head until Jason was "tapped out... or dead." Carly was shocked to realize that the deal the FBI had made with Jason was a lie. Jack admonished Carly, "The government may drop the ball in a myriad of ways... but they never leave charges on the table."

Jack told Carly that time was on her side. He explained that Carly could prepare herself while Jason continued to give the FBI what it wanted. Jack advised Carly to find a good lawyer and prepare a strategy for her inevitable appearance before a jury. Carly thanked Jack for his advice. He invited her to come back, as he had plenty more. Carly nodded and left.

Finn, at his apartment, tried calling Chase. The call went to voicemail. Finn left a message. He pleaded with his brother not to keep him apart from Violet. He asked Chase to call him back. As Finn ended the call, there was a knock at the door. It was Diane.

Diane handed Finn an envelope full of papers. She advised Finn to review them with his lawyer. Finn was confused. Diane explained that one document was an emergency order that granted temporary custody of Violet to Chase. The other document was a restraining order that barred Finn from being within 500 feet of Violet. Finn looked Diane square in the eye and said, "You're helping Chase steal my daughter from me."

Diane assured Finn that the court would not have decreed the orders without good reason. Diane mentioned "photographic evidence," a reference to the photos Tracy had taken while Finn had been passed out and bleeding.

Finn asked Diane why she was trying to tear a family apart. Finn accused Diane of being in it for all the "billable hours with the Quartermaines." Diane took a beat, then relayed a message: "Violet is doing great. She loves you. She misses you. She can't wait 'til you are healthy and she can be with you again. And -- I'd better get this right -- she is waiting to break her own record for holding her breath underwater until you can watch her do it."

Finn began to cry. He told Diane that he was not going to let them all take away his daughter. Diane warned Finn, "Come within 500 feet of Violet, Hamilton, and you will be arrested. Think about what watching that will do to your daughter." Diane turned and left. Finn sat on the sofa, wiped his eyes, took out his phone, and made a call.

A short while later, Scott was at Finn's apartment. Finn showed him the papers Diane had left. Finn told Scott that Chase was trying to steal Violet. Finn spun his version of recent events. He reiterated that he had never had a chance to say goodbye. Finn accused Chase and Brook Lynn of having had their eyes on Violet for a while.

Scott suggested that Finn get help talking to the judge from someone from N.A. or another doctor from the hospital. Finn informed Scott that he had quit his job. Finn accused the hospital of trying to slander him. He told Scott that they could sue the hospital. Finn told Scott to represent him in both cases, and Scott could keep all the money. "All I want is my daughter back, all right? What do you say?" Finn pleaded.

Scott told Finn that he would not take Finn's case. "Well, I don't think you would come across as very sympathetic to a jury," Scott remarked. Scott asked if Finn loved Chase. Finn replied, "Yes." Scott followed that with, "Does your brother love you?" "I'd like to think so," Finn replied. Finn accused Chase of having been manipulated by Tracy into thinking Finn was out of control. Scott got tough with Finn. Scott said, "I can't fix this legally. You have to fix yourself." Scott advised that if Finn would open his eyes, Finn would realize that he was not as alone as he thought he was.

At Sonny's apartment, Sonny called out to Ava. Ava entered and remarked that she hadn't seen too much of him the previous evening or that morning. Sonny informed Ava that she would be seeing even less of him. When Ava asked why, Sonny replied, "You're moving out."

Ava asked where that was coming from, as she had been under the impression she could live there as long as she wanted. Sonny told Ava that things had changed, and he said, "The arrangement no longer works for me. We're over, and that's it. That's all you need to know." Ava tried to stall until she could find a place, but Sonny insisted that Ava would be leaving immediately and that Avery would stay with Sonny until Ava could find a place. Sonny calmly told Ava, "I don't want you in my presence. Hear me now: we are done."

Ava claimed that, after living all together for such a long while, Avery would be hurt and confused if they were to live apart. She asked Sonny to reconsider. Ava asked what had happened to their alliance. "I thought I was the only person you could trust," Ava remarked. "I was wrong," was Sonny's reply.

Sonny asked Ava why she was fighting so hard to stay there. "You have some kind of angle?" Sonny wondered. Sonny asked if Ava was seeking revenge, as she had with Alexis. Ava told Sonny that Alexis had committed perjury and that Ava had followed legal procedure. Ava told Sonny that the affidavit she had signed had been filed properly. Sonny raised his voice. "Who are you to judge? You killed Connie. Maybe I should sign an affidavit against you!"

Sonny brought up the fact that Ava had tampered with Morgan's medication and how Ava's sister had caused Morgan's death. Ava declared that she was truly sorry for what had happened to Morgan. She told Sonny, "I will not stand here and be lectured on morality by you." Ava insisted that Sonny take responsibility for his actions. Ava remarked, "Dante. Kristina. Michael. Morgan. There's only one thing all their troubles have in common: you."

Jason approached Elizabeth at the hospital. He noticed that she looked worried. Elizabeth explained that Finn had gotten worse and that he was spiraling out of control. Jason was glad Violet had a good support system, but he wondered who was looking out for Elizabeth and the boys. Elizabeth said she was okay and that Al-Anon meetings had been helping her to understand what Finn was going through.

Jason asked specifically how Jake was doing. Elizabeth informed Jason that his son didn't seem to be as angry with Jason as he had been. Elizabeth cited the call Jake had made to Jason after Jake had seen Finn with Barb. Jason asked Elizabeth if it was okay for him to try to build a relationship with Jake. Elizabeth explained that Jake was his own person with his own strong opinions. She appreciated that Jason had asked her, but she told Jason, "You don't need my permission to try and build a relationship with him. You need his."

Jason suggested he might get tickets for Jake's favorite baseball team and then invite Jake to the game. Elizabeth informed Jason that, in order to protect her own relationship with their son, she would not tell Jake what to do. She did, however, tell Jason that she hoped Jason would be successful in his efforts -- for Jake's sake and for Jason's.

Later, Jason met Anna at an outdoor café. Anna was a bit upset that Jason had spent the night in his car, watching out for her. Jason maintained that he had wanted to be as close as possible, in case something had gone wrong. Anna asked if, the next time, they could coordinate any surveillance. Anna reminded Jason that Valentin was an expert at surveillance. She was surprised that Valentin hadn't noticed Jason. Jason looked directly at Anna and remarked, "It sounds like he was preoccupied."

Anna told Jason about the satellite phone she had found. Anna assumed Valentin used that phone to conduct business with Pikeman. Jason declared that he and Anna needed to get that phone and give it to John Cates, who could use it to shut down Pikeman and put Valentin away for good.

Jason asked Anna if she would get invited back to Valentin's house. Anna was lost in thought. Jason had to call her name to get her attention. Anna explained that a part of her felt like she was betraying Valentin. She acknowledged, "The job is the job." Anna admitted that it wasn't the first time she'd been forced to hurt someone she loved. Anna declared, "We can't allow Valentin to get away with his crimes. It has to be done. So, I will do it."

Scott met with Elizabeth at the hospital. Scott told Elizabeth that Finn had called Scott over to seek his help. Scott explained that he had tried to convince Finn to get a different kind of help, but he believed he had been unsuccessful. Scott explained that between his experiences with his father, Lee, and Scott's own hard drinking, he knew Finn would have to hit rock bottom before he could turn himself around. "Well, since you were just there with him, do you think he's there yet?" Elizabeth asked. Scott explained that every addict's "rock bottom" was different and that it would be painful for Elizabeth to watch. Scott promised Elizabeth that he would always be there for her and the boys.

Finn sat on his sofa, tightly clutching Violet's white teddy bear. He put the bear down beside him and picked up his phone. Finn called a liquor store and asked them to deliver two handles of vodka. The bottles were delivered, and Finn opened one. He raised the bottle but then paused. Finn caught sight of the legal papers. Defeated, he raised the bottle again, his hand trembling -- but stopped himself. He turned and shouted, "NO!!" as he hurled the bottle at the back wall. Finn grabbed the second bottle and smashed that one, too. Finn scooped up his jacket and left his apartment.

Valentin, speaking on the satellite phone, told someone to proceed with the next shipment through Port Charles, because Sonny would not be a problem. Valentin said, "He's isolated and coming apart at the seams. All it's gonna take to push him over the edge is one last shove."

Ava had packed a bag. She told Sonny that she would send for the rest of her things. Sonny said, "Good. Get out." Ava crossed the threshold and turned." Ava began, "I'll be back for my daugh-" but before she could finish the word, Sonny had already flung the door closed.

Finn agreed to seek treatment, but he asks to see Violet

Finn agreed to seek treatment, but he asks to see Violet

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

At Sonny's penthouse, Sonny greeted Trina. She explained that Ava had sent her to fetch Ava's day planner. Sonny invited Trina to check Ava's room because he hadn't entered it since he'd kicked Ava out. After Trina retrieved the day planner, she found Sonny waiting in the living room. She offered to share Ava's suite number at Metro Court, but Sonny wasn't interested. He asked Trina to let Ava know that Ava would be hearing from his lawyer because a hotel was not a suitable place to raise a child, even on a part-time basis.

A short time later, Trina dropped off the day planner. Ava invited Trina into her suite and asked how Sonny had seemed. Trina confessed that she'd been eager to leave because he'd been cold. Ava was curious if Natalia had been with Sonny, so Trina revealed that he'd been alone. However, Ava's temper quickly flared when Trina passed along Sonny's message. "Oh, that son of a bitch. He's planning to take away my daughter," Ava snarled.

Ava insisted that the only reason she was in a hotel was because Sonny had tossed her out before she could find a place to live. Ava was certain that it was payback for her role in his "friend" losing her law license. She was frustrated that she'd ever believed that Sonny had been sincere. "Sonny is violent and impulsive, vindictive and selfish," Ava accused. She claimed that she'd done everything in her power to coexist with him, but he wanted to punish her by taking her daughter.

Concerned, Trina asked what Ava intended to do. "I'm going to fight back. Sonny isn't the only one who knows a thing or two about threats," Ava said. Trina warned Ava that it wouldn't be a good idea to go up against Sonny, but Ava argued that she didn't have a choice. Ava gave Trina the rest of the day off. After Trina left, Ava made a phone call.

A short time later, Scott arrived to talk to Ava. She filled him in about Sonny's threat to fight for sole custody of Avery. Scott was curious if Sonny would accuse Ava of being unfit -- and if the allegation would be true. Ava argued that it didn't matter because Sonny would either pay someone off or lie on the stand to get his way. Scott conceded that both Sonny and Ava had a spotty past with the Port Charles Police Department, so a family court judge would look at their custody case as bad versus even worse.

Scott explained that a judge would rule in favor of the side with the slightest edge. Ava pointed out that Sonny was a mob boss. "Allegedly," Scott said. Ava was certain that they could find plenty of people to testify that Sonny was violent and impulsive and that he bounced from one mental health crisis to the next. Scott advised Ava to protect herself because nasty child custody cases tended to be mutual disasters. Ava was ready to take her chances because she refused to leave Avery with Sonny permanently.

Ava asked if Scott would represent her. "I'm in," he told her. However, Scott made it clear that he would need some "stunt pay" to go up against "Killer Miller."

In the apartment above the Quartermaine garage, Josslyn was hard at work, cleaning before moving in. When Gio stopped by, Josslyn mentioned that Trina was out running errands for Ava. Gio noticed Josslyn's tone when she mentioned Ava's name, so he asked about it. Josslyn explained that she respected Trina's relationship with Ava, but Josslyn intensely disliked Ava. Josslyn admitted that Ava's only redeeming quality had been helping to create Avery.

Josslyn realized that it might not be a good idea to talk bad about the woman who had hired Gio to perform at the gallery, but her opinion of Ava didn't improve when she learned that Ava intended to pay Gio $100 for performing at the gallery. Gio reminded Josslyn that his expenses were low because he lived in the Quartermaine mansion, but she accused Ava of being cheap. When Gio reached for a ladder, Josslyn objected. She insisted that he protect his precious hands at all costs because they were his meal ticket. Gio smiled.

Later, Trina arrived, but Josslyn immediately noticed that something was troubling her friend. Trina revealed that she'd just had an exchange with Ava that had concerned her because Ava was furious with Sonny. Josslyn was surprised, since Ava and Sonny had been getting along. Trina shared that Sonny had kicked Ava out and threatened to take her to court over Avery, which had enraged Ava. Josslyn reminded Trina that it wouldn't be Ava and Sonny's first showdown. Alarmed, Gio asked if Ava was a threat to Sonny.

Josslyn assured Gio that Ava wouldn't physically harm Sonny, but Trina confessed that she wasn't so certain because Ava had seemed capable of anything. Gio was curious why Josslyn didn't like Sonny, so she explained that she had loved Sonny a long time before. However, Josslyn's feelings had changed because of "family stuff." Josslyn shared that her mother had been married to Sonny more than once. "They had -- and have -- a pretty volatile relationship," Josslyn said.

Josslyn admitted that Sonny and Carly's last breakup had been bad. Josslyn had eventually realized that her mother was capable of taking care of herself, and Carly had the right to live her own life, as did Sonny. Josslyn acknowledged that she and Sonny didn't agree, but she didn't want anything to happen to him. Gio asked Trina if Ava posed a real threat to Sonny. "Honestly, I don't know, but I wouldn't rule it out," Trina said.

At Alexis' house, Alexis was focused on her laptop when Kristina suddenly tapped on her mother's shoulder. Startled, Alexis jumped. Kristina explained that she had knocked, but she was curious what Alexis had been engrossed in. "Nothing," Alexis said as she quickly closed the laptop. Kristina called Alexis out on acting suspicious, but Alexis ignored the comment.

After Kristina joined Alexis on the sofa, she explained that she had read over the links that Alexis had sent her about her legal options, and she'd drawn up a petition to file with the court. However, Kristina wanted Alexis to review it first. Alexis tensed and asked what the petition was for. "If Molly and T.J. do split up, then the baby stays with us," Kristina said. "Us meaning?" Alexis asked.

Kristina explained that she intended to make certain that the baby stayed with the Davis family, and she was certain that it was what Molly wanted. Alexis advised Kristina to discuss it with Molly, but Kristina implored Alexis to look over the petition. Alexis reminded Kristina that she refused to get caught in the middle of things, but Kristina asked if Alexis would be okay with T.J. getting custody of the baby. Alexis was curious why Kristina acted like it was a foregone conclusion that Molly and T.J. would split up. Kristina insisted that T.J. and Molly never argued and that the stress of a pregnancy could tear a couple apart.

Kristina claimed that she wanted to be prepared, but Alexis asked if it was possible that Kristina subconsciously wanted T.J. and Molly to break up. Kristina denied it and asked why she would want that. Before Alexis could reply, there was a knock at the door. It was Sonny. Alexis opened the door. "Thank God," she said.

After Sonny greeted his daughter, he revealed that he had wanted Alexis to know that he had learned from Kristina about Ava's efforts to get Alexis disbarred, so he had thrown Ava out of the penthouse. Sonny regretted not heeding Kristina's warnings, but both Kristina and Alexis were supportive because Sonny hadn't known the truth about Ava. Sonny assured Alexis that they were on the same side regarding Ava.

Alexis confessed that she had wanted to wait until she had her daughters together to share some news. She pulled out the letter from the Court of Appeals and announced that she was no longer disbarred. Sonny and Kristina were delighted by the news. "Justice prevails," Sonny said. Alexis shared that Diane had asked her to join the law firm. "The dynamic duo," Sonny said with a smile.

Alexis clarified that Diane would be Sonny's lawyer, not Alexis. Sonny admitted that he would need Diane's services because he would soon have a legal battle on his hands.

In the Quartermaine stables, Sasha and Cody talked about Violet. Sasha was concerned about Violet because she had looked tired and had barely eaten. Sasha feared that something serious was going on and that it centered around Violet's father because she had overheard Tracy talking to Olivia about Brook Lynn, Chase, and Violet moving into the mansion permanently. Both Cody and Sasha agreed that it was hard to grow up without a father.

Seconds later, Mac knocked on the door. "Is this a bad time?" Mac asked. Sasha assured Mac that it was fine, so Mac explained that he had wanted to thank Cody for all that Cody had done for Mac's family. Mac revealed that Maxie had told him how supportive Cody had been, and it was clear that James loved Cody. Cody admitted that the feeling was mutual. Mac apologized because he regretted having been suspicious and pegging Cody as a con man who couldn't be trusted.

"And obviously, that couldn't be further from the truth," Mac said. Mac confided that Cody was "Superman" to Maxie and the kids. "Will you accept my apology?" Mac asked as he held out his hand. After Cody shook Mac's hand, Cody explained that he loved Mac's family. Mac conceded that Cody fit right in with everyone.

Mac smiled because he noticed that Sasha and Cody were spending time together. Cody claimed that he and Sasha were just co-workers, but Mac wasn't convinced. "Sure," Mac said with a smile. Mac turned to leave, but he told Cody to expect an observer for James's next riding lesson. After Mac left, Sasha urged Cody to be honest with Mac about Mac being Cody's father, but Cody wanted to wait for the right time because he didn't want to risk messing things up.

In the park, Finn stopped short when he saw his brother seated on the bench dedicated to Gregory. When Chase caught sight of Finn, he offered to leave, but Finn told Chase to stay because they needed to talk. Finn questioned why Chase had ignored his calls, knowing that Finn was desperate to get Violet back. Chase didn't reply, so Finn tempered his tone as he asked how Violet was doing. "She's confused and very worried about you," Chase said. Finn realized that Violet had been deeply affected by finding him passed out on the floor.

Chase explained that he and Brook Lynn had reassured Violet, but Violet feared that Finn would think she had abandoned her father and that she didn't love him. Shaken, Finn promised that he would never think that. Chase admitted that Violet saw Finn as a hero, as did Chase. Chase and Finn talked about the restraining order and emergency petition for custody. Chase admitted that it hadn't been easy for him to take such drastic action.

Finn confessed that he'd been angry at Chase and Elizabeth, but the person he had hated was himself. Finn couldn't believe that -- after years of sobriety -- he was back where he had started, unable to control the urge to anesthetize himself. Chase pointed out that it was the first step of the program. Finn acknowledged how his actions had hurt Violet, but Chase reminded his brother that Finn hadn't meant to hurt Violet. Finn argued that it didn't matter because his choices had caused Violet pain. "And the thought of that makes me want to die," Finn admitted.

Finn realized that he was broken, so Chase assured Finn that he would help and support Finn. Finn pulled out his cell phone and called Skymeadow Lodge to report that he would be checking in later that evening. After the call, Chase promised to drop Finn off and pick Finn up when Finn had completed the 90-day program. Finn asked for one more favor; he wanted to say goodbye to Violet before going to Skymeadow Lodge.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy asked Brook Lynn how Violet was doing. Violet was spending time with Leo, but Brook Lynn remained concerned about Violet. Brook Lynn was grateful for the temporary hospitality, but she was scared because she didn't know what would happen next. "I think you and Chase are gonna have to consider the possibility it might be a more permanent situation," Tracy said.

Brook Lynn argued that she and Chase couldn't stay at the mansion indefinitely with Violet, but Tracy pointed out that -- if Finn went to rehab -- Finn's place wasn't an option because there were too many traumatic memories there for Violet. Tracy also reminded her granddaughter that the one-bedroom apartment was too small for three people. Brook Lynn was surprised when Tracy revealed that she'd had a long talk with both Monica and Olivia, and they had all agreed that Brook Lynn, Chase, and Violet should move in permanently.

Tracy explained that Violet needed consistency and stability, and there was lots of maternal energy and father figures around to provide that for Violet. Tracy also reminded Brook Lynn that there were plenty of children running around. Brook Lynn picked up a photograph of Edward and Lila and looked at it for a long moment. She admitted that she was overwhelmed with gratitude, but she would need to talk to Chase first. Tracy admired Brook Lynn's fortitude because Brook Lynn should have been in Florence on her honeymoon.

Brook Lynn shared that she had told Chase that they were exactly where they should be. Tracy smiled because Brook Lynn was a "better man" than Tracy. Brook Lynn disagreed because, under Tracy's bravado, her grandmother had a really big heart. "Don't tell anyone," Tracy said. As Tracy hugged Brook Lynn, she assured her, "This too shall pass." "I know," Brook Lynn replied.

A short time later, Chase arrived and quickly filled Brook Lynn and Tracy in on his conversation with Finn in the park and Finn's decision to seek treatment. Brook Lynn and Tracy were surprised when Chase revealed that Finn was waiting in the car to say goodbye to Violet. After Brook Lynn went to check on Violet, Chase fetched Finn. Tracy tentatively greeted Finn in the foyer.

Finn and Tracy shared an emotional hug. "Thank you for letting me do this," Finn told her. Tracy admitted that it had been Chase's idea because Chase had felt that it would be good for Violet, which was all that mattered. Brook Lynn appeared on the staircase and announced that Violet was ready. "Are you?" Tracy asked Finn.

Finn goes to rehab

Finn goes to rehab

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Diane arrived at Carly's, and Carly asked Diane to keep her out of prison. She told Diane about her meeting with the Five Families in Sonny's absence and that someone had to have been wearing a wire. She explained that the recording of that meeting was why Jason had been away for so long and had become an FBI informant. She'd learned that the FBI didn't usually honor their deals, so she wanted to call their bluff -- but she wanted to know her chances of acquittal first.

Diane thought that, "in this age of deepfakes and digital trickery," the FBI would have to present the original audio file, but Carly figured that wouldn't be hard. In that case, Diane thought that the FBI could mount a strong case against Carly. She figured that Carly might have a 30% chance at an acquittal. She advised Carly to let Jason keep doing what he was doing, as it had kept Carly out of prison so far. Carly asked Diane to work on a defense just in case. Diane agreed and left.

Josslyn was putting away cleaning supplies at her apartment when there was a knock on the door, and she opened the door to Dex. He had food for them and offered help with anything she might need. A short while later, they ate as he told her about his de-escalation class at the police academy. He added that he loved that she never backed down from a fight, but both agreed that they were learning that taking a step back was sometimes the better option.

Dex admitted that he'd sometimes thought about helping Josslyn move out of her dorm and into his place, and she confessed that she had, too. Dex asked what it would take to get them back to where they had been before. She wasn't sure how to put the incident behind them, but she acknowledged how important it was that he hadn't crossed the line of taking a life. She was happy for him that he seemed to be exactly where he wanted to be. He had an early morning the next day, so he had to go. She figured she might run into him and the other cadets running in the park, and he left.

Jason and Danny arrived at the garage, where Jason worked on his motorcycle, and Danny marveled that it was better than going to the gym. Jason said that it was important to know how to maintain any vehicle. They got to talking while working on the bike, and Jason told Danny about his accident and memory loss. When the work was done, Danny wondered when Jason would teach him how to ride, but Jason knew that Sam would have to approve first. "I don't see that happening," Danny replied. Jason figured there were plenty of other things they could do together, as Danny could do anything he set his mind to.

Dante was home when Sam arrived, and they realized that all three kids were out of the house. Sam told Dante about the FBI recording and how it was the reason why Jason had stayed away. Dante informed her that she was telling him about committing a federal crime, which made him an accessory. She insisted that Spinelli had covered their tracks flawlessly, but he urged her to act like it had never happened from then on. She knew he was right, but she had just been trying to help. She'd realized that Carly would always be Jason's priority, which would break Danny's heart. Dante responded that they needed to make sure Danny never found out.

A short while later, Sam left a message for Spinelli that he was to do nothing about the recording until he heard from her. Just as she hung up, Jason arrived with Danny. Danny told Sam and Dante all about helping with the motorcycle. Jason left, and Danny gushed that his dad was the best, "no offense." "None taken," Dante assured him, and Danny went upstairs. Sam embraced Dante.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Violet ran into Finn's arms as Chase and Brook Lynn tearfully looked on. Violet wondered if they would be going home soon. Finn sadly informed her that she would be staying with her uncle for a while longer, as he had to go to a "special hospital" for help to stop drinking. Violet insisted that she could help, and then he could stay. He promised that he would get better and then return to be the father that she deserved. He urged her to have fun at the Quartermaines' and promised to be back before she knew it. He hugged and kissed her one last time and made his way out with Chase. He looked back and blew Violet a kiss, and he and Chase left as Brook Lynn hugged Violet.

A short while later, Brook Lynn took a snack to Violet, but Violet wasn't hungry. Violet asked about the hospital Finn was going to, and Brook Lynn assured her that it was a beautiful place with kind people and lots to do. Brook Lynn reminded Violet of how much there was to do at the house, but she thought the best part was the other people who lived there. She praised Violet for being so brave, but Violet thought it was easy with Chase and Brook Lynn. "I'm glad you're my family," Violet said, and Brook Lynn hugged her.

Chase pulled up to the front of the rehab facility with Finn. Finn thanked Chase for letting him say goodbye to Violet. He regretted everything he'd said to Chase, Brook Lynn, and Elizabeth, and he especially regretted scaring his daughter. Chase thought it could have been worse, and he promised to take great care of Violet. Chase offered to walk Finn in, but Finn teased that he wouldn't make a break for it. Finn finally got out of the car. He hesitated at the front door as a tearful Chase looked on. Finn went in, and Chase punched his steering wheel. He regained his composure and drove away.

Carly confronts Jason about his sacrifice

Carly confronts Jason about his sacrifice

Friday, June 28, 2024

Carly stood near her kitchen island, a troubled look on her face. Jason arrived, and he asked why Carly wanted to see him. "Because I know," Carly softly replied. Carly revealed that she was aware that the FBI had strong-armed Jason into working for them because they had evidence against Carly. "Who told you?" Jason asked. "It doesn't matter," Carly replied. "It does," Jason said. Carly told Jason that it had been Sam.

It wasn't difficult for Jason to figure out that Spinelli had helped Sam. Carly filled in the details about the contents of the recording. Carly asked Jason, "You had a choice: your freedom and your family... or me. Why did you pick me?" Jason told Carly that he had kept her in the dark about his deal with the FBI because he'd known she would dare the FBI to charge her. Jason hadn't realized that he'd be trapped in the deal for so long.

Jason told Carly that he had never thought about bailing on the commitment. Through angry tears, Carly exclaimed, "Of course, you didn't. This is what you do. You always protect me. But this time, I was the target! I deserved to know! And I should have a say in how we handle things." Jason became insistent. "There is no 'we,' Carly. I'm handling it the way I'm handling it," he said. "That's not an option anymore," Carly shot back.

Jason began to shout that he had a job to do, and he was going to do it. Carly was blunt. She asked Jason, "Do you honestly believe that John Cates and the FBI are ever gonna let you go?" Carly told Jason that neither of them had any way to be sure the FBI would ever let them go.

Carly told Jason that she had been exploring other options. She informed Jason that she had talked to Diane about her chances for an acquittal. Carly maintained that the only way to stop the FBI was to call their bluff. Jason got angry. He shouted that if Carly went to prison, everything Jason had done and sacrificed for the past three years would be for nothing. Jason pleaded with Carly, "So, please -- do not throw all of that away!"

Jason bluntly spelled things out for Carly. He told Carly that if she were to be convicted and sent to prison for 20 years, the life Carly had built -- the kids, Bobbie's, the hotel -- would all be gone, and Michael and Josslyn would have to bring Donna for visits until Donna was old enough to visit on her own. "How is Donna gonna feel when you abandon her for me?" Jason asked. "Donna will always know that I love her," Carly exclaimed. "But not enough to stay out of prison for her?" Jason countered. "That's not fair!" Carly insisted. Jason declared, "That's a fact!"

Jason took a breath and said, "Here's another fact: if you go to prison, I will blame myself every day for the rest of my life." Jason pleaded with Carly, "Just stop! Just back off and let me finish what I started." Carly gave in. Jason sighed with relief. Carly said, "You have to follow through with all this. I get it. But what if I can't stand it?"

Carly asked Jason, "What if I can't live with knowing that I'm the reason you haven't had a day of freedom since November 2021?" Jason told her that she didn't have to. He would. Carly said, "Jason, I wouldn't be the person that I am today if it weren't for you. My life wouldn't be what it is if I hadn't met you. So, how do I let the FBI use you, knowing that I had the power to stop it?"

"You just said you were gonna do things my way!" Jason exclaimed. "I know, but I changed my mind," Carly replied. Jason shouted "You can't change your mind, Carly! Not about this. I chose to take the FBI's deal. So, please, I'm asking you -- do not get in the way of it!"

Chase returned to the Quartermaine house after dropping Finn off at rehab. Brook Lynn greeted Chase with a hug. Chase told her that Finn had owned his actions and had apologized for his behavior. Brook Lynn told Chase that Violet had gone to bed. They sat together on the sofa, where Brook Lynn informed Chase of Tracy's opinion that Brook Lynn and Chase should move into the Quartmaine house with Violet.

Chase asked Brook Lynn if Tracy had issued an invitation or a demand. Brook Lynn called it "a strong invitation" but added that "Monica and Olivia signed off on it." Chase and Brook Lynn discussed all their options. Finn's place was out because it was the scene of Gregory's death and Violet's discovery of her passed-out father. Chase and Brook Lynn ruled out their apartment as too small. Chase suggested that they get a bigger place. He wondered where they could find privacy at the Quartermaine house. Brook Lynn described an available two-bedroom suite with a private bath.

Brook Lynn noted that the house had lots of kids running around, so Violet would have companions. Brook Lynn added that with Monica, Olivia, Willow, and Sasha around, Violet would be surrounded by "lots of positive, nurturing maternal energy." "You didn't mention Tracy," Chase observed. Brook Lynn replied, "Neither did she."

Chase stated that the talking points had been Tracy's. He asked his wife if she agreed with them. Brook Lynn conceded that they were good points. Chase told Brook Lynn about the thoughts he'd had while driving home from the rehab facility. Chase had decided that he was capable enough to step up, take care of his family, and provide a proper home for Violet.

Assuming that Chase wanted to take the lead in finding a solution, Brook Lynn began to leave the room in order to find Tracy to tell her that Chase, Brook Lynn, and Violet would be leaving the Quartermaine house. Chase stopped her. Chase told Brook Lynn that once he had returned to the house and had seen Brook Lynn, he'd known he didn't have to face the problems alone.

Brook Lynn listed Chase's best qualities. "You should write this all down for when we renew our vows," Chase joked. Brook Lynn replied, "No, I'll remember it." She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. When the kiss ended, Brook Lynn asked, "So, now that we've said all these things, what do you think of Tracy's idea?"

Brook Lynn assured Chase that he'd become part of her big, loud, meddlesome family and that Chase was stuck with them. Chase was grateful for all the Cerullos, Falconeris, and Quartermaines. They kissed again. Gio walked in. Gio told Chase and Brook Lynn that Violet had heard Gio practicing his violin and had followed the sound, but she had gotten lost trying to find her way back. Gio had helped Violet find her room.

Gio asked if he could practice outside the living room. Brook Lynn asked if it was for Ava's gallery. When Gio confirmed that, Brook Lynn urged Gio, "Play badly." Gio smiled and said, "If only I knew how." Gio left the room. Brook Lynn asked Chase his opinion about the move. Chase asked her to hold that thought while he went upstairs to check on Violet.

By the time Chase returned to the living room, Brook Lynn had dozed off on the sofa. Chase kissed her forehead. Brook Lynn woke and asked about Violet. Chase said that Violet was fine. Chase told Brook Lynn that after having found Violet sleeping peacefully upstairs and having seen Brook Lynn sleeping peacefully on the sofa, Chase was sure that the Quartermaine house was the best place for the three of them to spend the summer. Chase decided that they would start moving their stuff -- and Violet's -- in the morning.

Natalia met Sonny at the Metro Court pool, where, other than an attendant, they were alone. Sonny ordered them each a scotch. He told Natalia that his living situation had changed: Ava had moved out. Without going into detail, Sonny explained to Natalia that Ava was just one of the people whom Sonny had recently discovered to be untrustworthy. Sonny told Natalia that when two people close to him had conspired against him, Sonny had let Ava into his home. Sonny expressed regret at having let Ava in. He described Ava as "a treacherous viper."

Sonny advised Natalia not to cross paths with Ava -- nor underestimate her. "Duly noted," Natalia said. They changed the topic back to betrayal and forgiveness. Natalia admitted that she wasn't sure if she forgave. Natalia added that she could move on, but that she could never forgot. "The Lord wants me to forgive, so I try. What about you?" Natalia asked Sonny. "No," Sonny flatly replied.

Sonny realized that Natalia had thought Sonny had been joking, so he put on a charming smile and told Natalia that he did forgive family, and family did forgive him. Natalia asked Sonny if he thought it was dangerous not to temper anger with mercy. "Sometimes," Sonny said.

Later, as Natalia dipped her feet into the pool, she talked about restless nights when a million thoughts would race through her head. "Does that ever happen to you?" she asked Sonny. "All the time," Sonny replied. Natalia liked Sonny's solution of having reached out to a friend and having a drink in the night air. Sonny proposed a toast: "To finding our friends in the darkness." Natalia chuckled as they tapped their glasses together.

Laura arrived at Ava's room at the Metro Court at Ava's request. Laura had hoped that the meeting concerned Nikolas, but neither woman had heard from Nikolas since he had been transferred away from Pentonville. Laura mentioned that she had been unaware Ava was living at the hotel. Ava explained that she was safer at the hotel than with Sonny.

Laura asked what had happened between Ava and Sonny. Ava played dumb. She claimed to have no idea why Sonny had thrown her out. Ava commented on Sonny's recent erratic behavior. Laura was a bit dubious, but Ava maintained that she was clueless as to why Sonny had turned on her.

Laura remarked that Sonny was not the man she had thought he was. She said that Sonny had recently been giving in to all his worst impulses. Then, Laura's expression changed. Laura said that she had never seen Ava as "the helpless victim." Laura urged Ava to tell her what the fight had really been about.

Ava downplayed events. She told Laura that Kristina had made a "petty accusation" against Ava, and because Kristina was "the apple of Sonny's eye," Ava was out. Ava claimed to have been trying to be "a stabilizing influence" in Sonny's life.

Ava casually mentioned the events at Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding. Laura was unaware, but Ava wasted no time in telling Laura that Sonny had severely beaten a man at the reception, and because Sonny was Sonny, no charges had been filed against him. Laura was stunned. Ava informed Laura that Kristina had witnessed the attack.

Laura thanked Ava for having told her "all this." Ava explained that she thought Laura should know, but the real reason she wanted to talk to Laura was because she thought Sonny had become "unhinged and paranoid." Ava said she was afraid that Sonny would try to overturn their custody agreement and keep Avery to himself. "I cannot allow that!" Ava exclaimed.

Laura asked if Ava wanted her to assist in a custody battle against Sonny. Ava said yes. Ava asked if Laura still considered her to be family. Laura said that she did, because she believed that Ava and Nikolas still loved each other. Laura declared that she still cared for Ava but told Ava not to dare to ever use that care to work Laura. "If there's something that you want from me, you be direct. You ask me," Laura demanded. "Cards on the table," Ava acquiesced.

Ava told Laura about the conversation with Scott wherein Scott had reckoned that if Sonny smeared Ava in court, it could be successful. Ava reiterated that she could not let that happen, because at that moment, Sonny couldn't even take care of himself. Laura agreed with Ava. Ava believed that the best defense would be a good offense. Ava was rounding up character witnesses. Ava asked if she could give Laura's name to Scott as someone who would testify in family court on Ava's behalf.

Laura cited Sonny's recent behavior, and if Avery was to have only one custodial parent, Laura believed it should be Ava. Laura permitted her name to be given to Scott. "Ava, don't make me regret this," Laura warned. Ava, with relief and gratitude, said, "No, I won't. I promise. Your faith and support mean everything." As Laura left, Ava also promised to let Laura know if Ava heard from Nikolas. As Laura turned away, Ava's look of friendliness turned to one of nonchalance, as she casually closed the door.

Ava walked out onto her balcony with a martini. She toasted, "To new beginnings," and took a sip.

Kristina was sitting with Allie on their sofa. Kristina was going over résumés, as she sought someone to run the day-to-day operations at the Corinthos-Davis House, her LGBTQ center project. Allie wondered how Kristina could hand over the reins to someone else. Kristina explained that while she had had the idea for the center, there were more qualified people than she who should run it. Kristina also stated that it would make no sense to go back to work at the center if she'd be leaving again so soon to begin her maternity leave. A puzzled Allie asked, "Maternity leave?"

Allie asked question after question about family leave, its purpose, and timetables. Kristina had an answer for each of them. Finally, Kristina confessed that she didn't want to go back to the center because she didn't know whether Molly and T.J. would stay together or split up. Kristina was concerned that T.J. might one day try to gain full custody of the baby. Kristina explained to Allie that Molly had no biological or legal claim to the baby, but Kristina did. Allie asked, "Are you saying that you would actually try to get custody... for Molly?"

Allie wondered whether Kristina was exploring her options in order to keep the baby in the family or to keep the baby for herself. Kristina admitted that she had sought her mother's guidance and that Kristina had learned about a statute she could use -- "hypothetically" -- if she wanted to pursue custody of the baby. Kristina revealed that she had gone so far as to have drawn up a mock petition that could be filed in court. Kristina asked Allie, "How would you feel about co-parenting?"

Allie felt that while she might want kids someday, with her career on the upswing, it was not a good time for her to be a mom. Kristina admitted that she was not disappointed because it was not the best time for Kristina to raise a child, either. Kristina was steadfast, though. In the eventuality that Molly and T.J. split up, Kristina was determined to ensure that Molly would have access to the baby. Kristina declared, "And the only way to do that is to sue T.J. for custody."

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