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Mac learned that Cody was his son. Ava arranged for Sonny's bipolar medication to be replaced with placebos. Drew and Willow shared a passionate kiss. Michael and Nina reached a new understanding. Heather told Laura to stop helping her. Elizabeth shared some news about Jake with Jason.
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Mac learned Cody was his son. Ava arranged for Sonny's medication to be replaced by a placebo. Heather asked Laura to stop helping her. Drew and Willow shared a passionate kiss.
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Willow and Drew grow closer

Willow and Drew grow closer

Monday, July 8, 2024

At the press conference, Congressman McConkey talked about how honored he'd been to serve the district, but he announced his retirement. He talked up his replacement in the election and announced Drew Quartermaine. As Drew walked up to the podium, red, white, and blue confetti exploded around him.

Olivia watched the press conference as she and Sasha sorted things out in the kitchen. Sasha was sad to see McConkey go, as it seemed like the end of an era. Olivia agreed that he was a tough act to follow. A short while later, Sasha approached Tracy, who was shocked that Drew had taken Quartermaine as his last name.

Felicia and Georgie walked in on Portia and Mac watching the press conference. Portia commented that she had hoped to catch a glimpse of Curtis in the crowd. Georgie was bored and wondered when they were leaving.

All the partygoers gathered in the Quartermaine living room. The room was abuzz about Drew's campaign, and the group weighed the pros and cons of Drew's campaign against Chelsea Grimes. Just then, Drew arrived with Congressman McConkey, and everyone clapped. Drew thanked everyone in the room and insisted that he couldn't have gotten to where he was without any of them. Just then, Nina arrived, and Tracy demanded to know who'd invited her. McConkey added that it was Nina's "timely introduction" to thank for Drew running for Congress. Tracy spat that Nina couldn't completely ruin Drew's life with the SEC, so politics might do the job, and she clapped for Nina.

"Who's hungry?" Olivia called out, and Drew's election announcement celebrants broke apart as Ned instructed Tracy to "read the room." Sam approached Drew and informed him that Scout was excited about the name change. Sam was glad that Drew got to claim his family name, but it would take some getting used to. Dante approached and shook Drew's hand.

Nina was sitting in the solarium when Willow arrived to check on her. Nina remarked that she sometimes forgot how the town held her with such "universal contempt." Willow assured her that it wasn't universal. They talked about Drew, and Willow commented that Drew made her feel hopeful about good and important change happening. Nina agreed, and she added that she was seeing him in a new light since he'd been helping to build a bridge between the mother and daughter.

In the stables, James wondered if Cody's dad or brother had taught him about horses, but Cody replied that he hadn't had either of those things growing up. James lamented that there were "so many girls" in his house, and he related that he thought of Cody like a big brother. Cody replied that he didn't know what it was like to be a brother. Just then, Sam and Dante arrived with food for the two, and Dante clarified that Cody had been like his brother since they'd been twelve. "Wanna be my brother?" James asked Cody, and Cody accepted. In order to make it official, they each spit into their own hand and shook on it.

Laura was glad that Mac was back, and Jordan commented that at least he hadn't had to deal with the Heather debacle. Mac was adamant about hearing the details, and Laura filled him in as Portia listened in. As Mac argued against Laura's points, Ned and Olivia excused themselves to the kitchen. Portia walked away from the conversation, and Curtis followed. He urged her to not to worry about Heather.

A short while later, Laura apologized to Felicia for being a downer, talking about Heather. Ned and Olivia returned and announced that the fireworks would be starting soon, so the room emptied out except for Laura and Portia. Portia wanted assurance that Heather would be staying in Pentonville. Laura reminded Portia that Portia was the one who'd diagnosed Heather. However, Portia clarified she'd only treated Heather with "courtesy and professionalism" because of her oath.

Sasha found Nina in the kitchen, and the subject turned to Drew. Nina commented that she and Drew had more in common than they'd thought, and they were seeing another side of one another. Sasha suddenly squealed that she'd picked up on a "vibe," and she was glad that Nina was enjoying herself. Sasha wanted to make sure that Nina knew what she was doing, as things like that usually ended in disaster.

A few minutes later, Sasha was gone, and Curtis entered. He invited Nina outside for the fireworks, but she'd decided to head home instead. Just then, a scowling Michael entered, and she repeated that she was going to leave. Curtis didn't want to interfere in their personal lives, but he reminded them that the three of them would be working closely together while Drew was campaigning. He wanted to make sure they could do that without one of them always having to leave the room.

In the stables, Cody and James were eating alone when Mac and Georgie arrived to tell them that the fireworks would be starting soon. Cody had to stay and keep the horses company, but he asked James to record the show for him. When Georgie and James were gone, Mac remarked on how good Cody was with James and that James wanted to be like Cody when he grew up. Mac thought that Cody's life seemed pretty good, and it reminded him of his life in Australia, which he missed.

"Have we met?" Tracy teased when she bumped into Drew. Drew introduced himself as Drew Quartermaine, and he showed Tracy his documentation as proof. "Do you mind sharing a last name with me?" he asked, and she replied that a Quartermaine would always get her vote. She added that Alan would be "very, very proud" of Drew.

Dante and Sam were the first to arrive at the boathouse, and they discussed Drew. Sam marveled over her ability to choose Jason and Drew as the fathers of her children, two men who didn't prioritize their kids. Dante countered that the two of them together were good at parenting, and even if it wasn't always easy, it would always be good.

Tracy led Congressman McConkey downstairs, and he was glad to have had a visit with Monica. He wondered how long she'd been "laid up," and Tracy answered that it had been a difficult year for Monica. She inferred that it had been for McConkey, as well. He informed her that he had stage four lung cancer. He felt like he had a lot more to do and give. When the election was over, Tracy wanted to have him and his wife over for dinner. "If I'm not six feet under by then," he cracked. "Then I'll send a spread to your wake," Tracy shot back. She urged him to take care of himself, and he left.

Willow was watching Wiley through a window when Drew entered. She explained that she'd needed a minute to herself, as the family could be overwhelming; he shared that he understood. Willow marveled over how quickly Drew had taken to politics, and she vowed to do everything in her power to help him win. He felt guilty for luring her away from her nursing job to the Tomorrow Institute, especially if he won and was no longer in Port Charles full-time. She insisted that she loved nursing, but she was glad to no longer wear scrubs every day. "You could have won a beauty contest in those scrubs," he replied softly.

Willow went on about how lucky she was to have Drew in her corner. Selfishly, she admitted that she didn't want him to move to Washington, as she would miss him. As the two drew closer, he repeated the sentiment, and they shared a kiss. At that moment, Sasha entered the room just in time to see them.

The fireworks began, and most of the partygoers watched from the deck of the boathouse. As James recorded the show, Felicia asked him where Mac was.

Mac and Cody walked out of the stables to see the fireworks show, and Mac was amazed at how much bigger and better the fireworks had become. Cody watched Mac as he gushed about the show until Cody suddenly blurted out, "I'm your son."

Cody tells Mac the truth

Cody tells Mac the truth

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Outside the Quartermaine stables, as Mac enjoyed the burst of some fireworks that looked like rain, Cody blurted out, "I'm your son!" Mac turned and asked, "I'm sorry, what did you say?" Cody replied, "Mac, you're... you're my father."

Cody confessed about having lied about the DNA test results because of the affidavit he had signed in his attempt to claim the Ice Princess necklace. Mac grew upset as he realized that Cody had lied due to greed and had then kept the secret for more than a year. Mac exclaimed that he had reached out to Cody and opened his family to Cody.

Cody admitted to having lied because he had not known how to tell Mac the truth. Mac was upset that Cody hadn't been honest with him, but he was more upset that Cody had lied to Felicia, Maxie, Georgie, James, and Bailey Lou. Cody tried to apologize, but Mac declared that he couldn't trust Cody. Mac's voice broke as he said, "For all I know, you're being sorry is just another lie!" Mac, very hurt, put down his beer and rushed off.

Inside the Quartermaine living room, Portia continued to grill Laura about the reopening of Heather Webber's case. Laura maintained that new evidence, discovered after a conviction, would warrant a reexamination of the case. Portia countered that a mayor acting indifferently toward a family member's crimes should expect to face some questions.

Laura conceded that Portia and the citizens of Port Charles had the right to ask questions, but reopening the case would be the decision of the courts. Portia raised the possibility of Heather coming after Trina again, should Heather be released. "You're gonna admit you were wrong after the fact? No! This is my kid we're talking about here, and I will not stand for this!" Portia declared.

Portia remarked that there were no worries of Heather coming after Laura's family, so Laura was free to defend Heather. At that moment, Elizabeth entered the room, looking for Aiden. Portia referred to Elizabeth as Laura's "backup." Portia claimed that Elizabeth had arrived just in time to take Laura's side. Laura declared that the conversation was over. Portia declared that if Laura continued to campaign for Heather's release, Portia's next conversation with Laura would be in public. Portia walked out.

In the kitchen, Curtis wondered if he, Michael, and Nina could all work together smoothly, for the sake of Aurora, the Wellness division, and Drew's congressional campaign. Nina explained to Michael that, because of Drew and Willow, Nina felt like she had been given a second chance to make things right with the family.

Michael maintained that Nina hadn't given him much reason to trust her. Nina told Michael that he could believe in her motivation to make peace, because it was based on Nina's own self-interest. Nina explained that building a relationship with Willow and the kids was her top priority, and being at odds with Michael would prevent that from happening. Nina also cited her love for her job at Crimson. Michael declared that he would be on board with whatever Willow wanted to do, since Willow's happiness was Michael's top priority.

Sasha caught sight of Drew and Willow as they kissed. Sasha, shocked, walked away unseen. Drew and Willow broke the kiss. Willow had a look of regret on her face. Willow started to panic. Drew tried to calm her. He blamed the kiss on the two of them having given in to a random impulse. Willow wondered if, indeed, the impulse had been random on her part. Drew confessed that, "in a different world, with vastly different circumstances," there might have been something between them, but he added that "might have been" was a trap, because in "might have been," everyone always said and did the right things.

Drew said, "It happened. It's over. It'll never happen again." "Ever," Willow agreed. "You see? We're already on the same page," Drew assured her. "What a coincidence. Us, too," said Michael, as he entered with Curtis and Nina. Drew and Willow gave each other a look.

Curtis asked if he, Michael, and Nina had interrupted anything. Drew and Willow simultaneously denied that they had. Drew said that he and Willow had been watching the fireworks and talking politics. Michael explained that he and Nina would put aside the past and their differences so that Aurora could run smoothly and cooperatively. The group was feeling optimistic about the future, and Portia rushed in. She announced, "Curtis, I need to go home."

As Curtis prepared to take Portia home, he congratulated Drew again. Portia, on her way out, told Drew that if he wanted her vote, Drew would have to make sure Heather stayed in prison, "no matter what our mayor has to say." Curtis and Portia left.

Willow was also ready to leave. Michael told his wife that the kids would be staying at the main house, so they could leave whenever Willow was ready. Willow expressed her happiness at how Michael and Nina had buried the hatchet, Nina agreed. As Michael and Willow left, Willow gave Drew one last glance.

Josslyn and Trina cracked open some beers at the boathouse. Josslyn explained to Trina about the Quartermaine house and its hierarchy: Monica owned the house and had put Michael in charge of overseeing the estate, while Olivia was in charge of housekeeping and the staff. That was the reason Michael had been able to grant permission for Josslyn and Trina to rent the garage apartment.

Gio arrived. He told Josslyn and Trina that the summer concert had gone well. Gio informed his friends that Lois had announced that there was food in the house, but the girls were full and declined. Instead, Gio joined Josslyn and Trina for a beer. Josslyn told Gio about Drew's campaign announcement and name change. Gio asked why Sonny hadn't been invited to the party. Josslyn suggested that maybe Sonny had been invited but had been unable to attend.

Josslyn asked Gio about his usual Fourth of July plans. Gio talked about huge Cerullo/Falconeri block parties. Gio also talked about how his mother had come over from Italy and become an American citizen. Gio said that his mom had never wanted Gio to take his citizenship for granted. Trina was impressed that the Fourth of July meant more to Gio and his family than just picnics and fireworks.

Gio felt that the day was an opportunity for people to get together, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but away from the cold weather. Josslyn and Trina extolled the joys of the local soft-serve ice-cream truck. Gio asked about other Port Charles traditions. They told Gio about the country club fireworks, which were due to start about 90 minutes after the city fireworks had ended.

A bit later, as Gio, Josslyn, and Trina watched the country club fireworks, Trina asked how they compared to the fireworks in Bensonhurst. "Let's just say they're more tame," was Gio's diplomatic reply. "That tracks," said Josslyn.

Trina asked if Gio missed his home. Gio admitted that he missed the neighborhood, where he knew everyone and everyone knew him, but added that he had felt like he needed a change. Gio felt Port Charles was "a good fit."

Laura said that she understood Portia's feelings as Trina's mother, but not as a doctor who had been a part of Heather's diagnosis and who understood the ramifications of cobalt poisoning. Elizabeth compared Laura's situation to the one Elizabeth had faced herself when Franco's brain tumor had been responsible for his crimes. In both cases, the victims' families had no sympathy for the person who had taken away their loved one.

Elizabeth expressed her opinion that it was legally proper to be asking the questions. Laura gave a sigh of relief and thanked Elizabeth for having been able to hear what Laura had been trying to say. Laura cried a bit, and Elizabeth hugged her and said that Elizabeth and the grandkids were proud of Laura.

Cody sat in the stable, dejected. Maxie barreled in, rambling on about looking for James's new riding gloves and how James had been telling people about his riding lessons. Cody cut Maxie off and told her that he didn't think he should continue to give James lessons. Cody explained that Mac was furious with Cody. Cody confessed to Maxie that he had been lying and that he was, indeed, Mac's son.

Cody told Maxie that he had thought he had wanted money more than a family, and by the time Cody had changed his mind, the lie had grown too big to take back. Cody apologized to Maxie for having messed things up. "I mean, you're a really terrific family," Cody said. Maxie replied, "Uh, yeah, we are! Especially me! I am a fantastic sister!"

Maxie told Cody that James would be "over the moon" to learn that Cody was his uncle. Cody suggested that Maxie speak with Mac before telling James anything. Maxie informed Cody that she could see what Cody was trying to do. She advised Cody, "If you think you're gonna get rid of us that easily... think again."

Maxie advised Cody not to pack his stuff and start saying goodbyes. She told Cody that she had experiences with having told huge lies and having made "life-wrecking mistakes." Maxie told Cody that running away would just make things worse. "Remind me to tell you sometime about how I pretended to be pregnant so I could get a guy to be in a relationship with me," Maxie said. Maxie made Cody promise not to leave. Cody promised. Maxie said, "Thank you. You won't regret it." Maxie started to leave. Cody spotted James's riding gloves and called Maxie back. Maxie took the gloves from Cody, then she left.

As Mac stared out a window, Felicia found him. She could tell something was wrong. Mac told her about Cody's confession. Felicia told Mac about the second paternity test, but Mac informed her that Cody had to have doctored those results. Mac assumed that Cody had chosen that moment to come forward because Cody had some agenda. Felicia sat Mac down on the sofa then sat beside him. Mac admitted that he would have learned to love Cody, but it was too late for that.

After Portia and Curtis returned home, Portia told Curtis about her conversation with Laura. Portia declared that Laura was "the enemy," and so was anyone who supported her. "And that includes Drew and the Quartermaines!" Portia insisted. Curtis told Portia that he wanted Heather "to stay locked up 'til the end of time," and he would advocate for that. Portia was upset that Curtis didn't seem to be as angry as she was, because that would make Portia feel like Curtis was on her side.

Curtis said that if the court reopened Heather's case, it would be the court's decision, not theirs. Portia remarked that Curtis' statement sounded like the spin of a press release. She accused Curtis of not caring about his daughter. Curtis called out that remark, and Portia apologized immediately. Portia told Curtis that he was not the one she was mad at. Portia hugged Curtis tightly.

Nina was giddy with happiness. "Willow said 'happy' and 'me' in the same sentence!" she beamed. Nina thought maybe she could spend more time with Wiley and Amelia and be part of their family. Drew was happy for Nina and told her it was "beginning to look that way." Nina told Drew that she would forever be grateful to him for having built a bridge between Nina and her daughter. Nina and Drew kissed.

As Nina kissed Drew, Sasha, who had gone to the kitchen, poured herself a large glass of wine. Sasha looked out the window and saw Willow in Michael's arms, watching the second round of fireworks together. Willow and Michael kissed. As Sasha watched them, she recalled the kiss between Willow and Drew.

Ava puts her plan into motion

Ava puts her plan into motion

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Sasha was in the Quartermaine kitchen when Drew entered. Sasha got him some coffee, and she thought back to the kiss she'd witnessed the night before. She shook it off and told Drew how inspiring his speech had been. He replied that he was surprised at how well it had gone, and she commented that the night before had been "full of surprises." Willow entered and stopped short when she saw Drew. Sasha got Willow some coffee and excused herself to go see Cody at the stables.

When Sasha was gone, Willow wanted to be clear with Drew. She informed him that she loved Michael, and it had been wrong to kiss. He agreed that it had been impulsive and stupid and that nothing needed to change for anyone. He believed that they shouldn't dwell on it, and soon, it wouldn't feel like a big deal.

Michael entered and started talking shop with Drew, so Willow excused herself. A few minutes later, Michael wondered if Willow had seemed off to Drew. Michael remarked how she'd tossed and turned all night, and he was afraid that she was sick again. Drew answered that she'd probably just had trouble winding down after the party, and she'd seemed fine to him. Michael felt better and decided to stop worrying.

Sasha entered the stables and called out for Cody, who emerged shirtless from the back. She wanted to tell him about what she'd witnessed the night before, but he blurted out that he'd told Mac that he was Mac's son. He told Sasha the story, including how furious Mac had been. She was proud of him and asked what he was going to do. He replied that he wanted to leave town, but Maxie had made him promise not to. Sasha pleaded with him to stop bolting every time he was close to making a connection that he so badly wanted. She kissed him and told him that he couldn't go while the two of them were building something together, and he agreed to at least talk to her beforehand if he decided to leave.

Later, Sasha was gone when Willow entered the stables. She and Cody talked about the fireworks show from the night before, and neither had been thrilled with it. They moved on to the subject of Drew's campaign, and he thought it would be helpful if all the Quartermaines supported Drew. He related that that was the dream -- to be surrounded by a family that loved, cared for, and wanted the best for a person. Willow related that that was what the Quartermaines, especially Michael, had done for her.

At Maxie's, Maxie and Felicia talked about the Mac and Cody situation. Felicia wondered why they should believe Cody, and she wondered if he was working some kind of angle. There was a knock on the door, and Maxie answered it to Sasha. Sasha informed the two that Cody had told her months before that he was Mac's son, but it hadn't been her secret to tell. Felicia talked about the DNA test she'd run that had returned with a negative result. Sasha informed Felicia that she'd switched out Cody's hair for her own to buy Cody time to figure out how to talk to Mac.

Maxie didn't understand why Cody had been wrestling with telling Mac, and Sasha explained that Cody thought that he wasn't good enough. Sasha believed that she owed them an explanation and an apology. Felicia and Maxie accepted the apology and appreciated the honesty. Felicia figured that it would take time for Mac to trust Cody again. She figured that neither would approach the other for a while. "Like father, like son," Maxie commented, and Felicia joked that they had the same "stubborn gene." "So, what are we gonna do about it?" Maxie asked her mother.

At Carly's, Sonny expressed his appreciation to Carly for having Avery over to play with Donna. Since Ava had moved out, he wondered if Carly would let Donna sleep over again. However, they were interrupted by a knock on the door, and Jason entered. With a glare at Jason, Sonny told Carly about the looming custody battle with Ava, and he needed to know what Carly would tell the judge should she be called to testify. Carly replied that if she trashed anyone in court, it would be Ava. On his way out of the house, Sonny asked if Jason and John had found anything on him. Jason insisted that he wasn't working against Sonny. "I hope it stays that way," Sonny replied, and he left.

Carly implored Jason to tell Sonny that Jason was only working with John to protect Carly. Jason refused, as they couldn't be sure what a recently extra-volatile Sonny would do to John. They agreed that something was off with Sonny, so they wouldn't risk him doing something to land him in jail. Carly related that she could also be in prison soon, but Jason vowed not to let that happen. "It may not be up to you," she replied.

Ava answered the door of her room at the Metro Court to Scott. He was there with Diane's countersuit for custody of Avery, and he revealed that Sonny wanted sole custody. Scott admitted that he didn't like the facts of the case, especially because judges liked stability for children, and Avery had a routine at Sonny's. Ava remembered Scott saying that a public meltdown would hurt Sonny's case, but Scott thought that Sonny was too smart to let that happen during a custody battle.

A short while later, Ava arrived at the hospital pharmacy and entered Clement the pharmacist's office. He warned that she wasn't supposed to be back there, and he had a meeting soon. She suggested that his staff would find his tampering with Sonny's medication fascinating. He shot back that he knew that she wasn't Sonny's wife like she'd told him, but she responded that it didn't matter, since she knew that he wasn't filling the prescription right. He promised to change it back to the right dosage, but Ava clarified that she wanted it changed to "zero."

Ava continued that she didn't care who was threatening Clement or paying him off, as he would do what she wanted him to unless he wanted Sonny to know about the tampering. She ordered "full placebo until I tell you to stop." He shakily agreed. She hoped he wouldn't do anything that would make her have to return to see him, and she left the office.

Later, Ava was back in her room when there was a knock on the door, and she answered it to Sonny, who began to threateningly back her into the room. He took out his phone and hit record, cracking that he was taking a page out of her book. He knew that she was alleging that he was unstable. He warned her not to do it, as "I will bury you." They took shots at each other's lawyers until Ava wondered what judge would award custody of an innocent child to a notorious mobster who had once run a strip club.

Ava had thought she'd seen the worst of Sonny, but he replied, "Not even close," so she was glad he was recording. She urged him to go home and listen to himself and ask what judge would find him as a suitable parent. "I'm not going anywhere," Sonny growled. Just then, a man asked from Ava's doorway if there was a problem, and they looked up and saw John.

Heather asks Laura to stand down

Heather asks Laura to stand down

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Felicia arrived at the stables to see Cody, and he told her to "let me have it," as he deserved it. She advised him not to give up on Mac and not to leave town. She asked for his side of things, as Mac believed that Cody had an agenda. Cody believed that no one would want a son like him, and he'd been alone so long that he didn't know how to feel when suddenly becoming part of a family. He continued that Mac would never trust him again, but Felicia advised him that if he gave Mac some time, they would both get what they wanted.

Mac arrived at Maxie's, and she informed him that she wanted to talk about Cody. She didn't understand why he was taking such a hard line with Cody, as Mac had always forgiven her when she'd messed up. Mac replied that Cody clearly didn't want love and acceptance from Mac. Maxie replied that Cody had made a mistake, and he'd changed. Mac thought that Cody had an ulterior motive.

Just then, Felicia arrived, looking for her phone. Maxie called it as they all looked around, and Cody answered, as Felicia had left it at the stables. Maxie made sure that Cody had heard their voices, and she hung up. A short while later, there was a knock on the door. Maxie answered it to Cody, who had Felicia's phone, and he and Mac spotted each other.

There was a knock on Jordan's office door, and Portia entered. She revealed to Jordan that she was thinking about gathering signatures to put a measure on the fall ballot, recalling Laura from office. Jordan knew that it was about Heather, and she assured Portia that Laura was only asking questions with no specific goal in mind. Portia countered that Laura wasn't thinking about the consequences. Jordan explained that Laura's main concern had always been fairness, but Jordan didn't think it was fair for Heather's victims and their families. Jordan advised Portia to give it time and see what happened. Portia wondered how Jordan would feel if her son had been targeted by Heather, and she stormed out.

Heather sat down with Laura at Pentonville, and Laura handed a grateful Heather a photo of Ace. Heather informed Laura that she knew that Laura was looking into her case. She appreciated Laura caring about her, but she urged Laura to stop. While she hated it there, Heather said that she needed to stay locked up, and she didn't want to be "put to the test" out in the real world, just in case her murderous feelings returned. Laura wanted to help Heather, but Heather replied that if Laura wanted to help, all she needed to do was care for Ace and visit occasionally with photos of their grandson. "Let me pay for my crimes in peace," she concluded. Laura agreed if that was what Heather really wanted, and Heather nodded.

Kristina arrived at the Quartermaines' and talked with Brook Lynn about Natalia. Kristina clarified that Ava was the one who'd released the recording, so she should be the one to pay. Blaze arrived, and Brook Lynn explained that she wanted to set up an interview for them to respond to everything that had happened in order to show who they really were. Blaze thought it was a great idea, and Kristina chimed in, "We're in."

A short while later, Brook Lynn had just hung up the phone when Chase found her. They talked about how happy Violet seemed with the other kids and all the activities. Brook Lynn updated Chase on the interview she was setting up for Blaze and Kristina, and he thought it was a good idea. He mentioned that his bereavement leave was over the next day, but he believed that they needed to be physically present for Violet. He wanted to talk to Anna and Mac to see if he could work three days a week, and Brook Lynn added that she could do most of her work from home. She counted herself lucky to be able to see what kind of father Chase was going to be in the future. She expressed that she was certain she'd picked the right guy, and they shared a kiss.

In Ava's room, Sonny refused to leave. "Is there a problem here?" John asked from the doorway of the room. Sonny ordered him to mind his own business, but Ava chimed in that she was having a difficult time getting Sonny to leave. She added that he'd threatened her, and it was all recorded on Sonny's phone. Sonny didn't know why he would do that, and he deleted the recording.

John sarcastically said that he was surprised to hear Sonny fighting. Sonny shot back that he fought to protect his kids, and he wondered where John's son was. "To be continued," Sonny said, and he left. Ava thanked John for stepping in, and she invited him to stay for a drink.

A few minutes later, Ava explained her custody battle with Sonny, and she remarked how volatile he'd been. She didn't think he had any business having sole custody of their little girl, and John agreed. She wondered if he would be willing to make a statement to Scott about it. He explained that he was in town in a professional capacity, but Ava clarified that she was asking him as a father, not as an FBI agent. He promised to think about it, and she commented that she would need all the help she could get. John replied that she wouldn't have to worry about Sonny for much longer, as Sonny would soon be behind bars where he belonged if John had anything to say about it.

Sonny arrived at Alexis' and told her about Ava's custody suit. He asked for Alexis' support, but she was uncomfortable keeping a mother away from her child completely. Rethinking it, he asked if she would take the stand and say that he'd been a good father to Kristina. She replied that she could do that, but if she was asked for her approval on what he did for a living, she would have to tell the truth. A few minutes later, Kristina arrived, and she told her parents about the interview. Sonny and Alexis agreed that it was a good idea and that Kristina was very brave. Kristina thanked them for teaching her to stand up for what she believed in, and Sonny talked about how proud he was of her.

Sasha confides in Cody

Sasha confides in Cody

Friday, July 12, 2024

Cody stood in the doorway to Maxie's house. He was holding Felicia's phone. Felicia ran to Cody and thanked him profusely for having found the phone. Maxie immediately invited Cody to stay for dinner. Felicia eagerly seconded the idea. Cody stopped the setup in its tracks. Cody told Maxie and Felicia that Mac knew where to find him. Maxie admitted that she and Felicia had wanted to get Cody and Mac in the same room.

Maxie wanted Cody and Mac to talk alone and follow that conversation with a family discussion. Cody said, "That's just it, Maxie. We're not a family. You guys are. I'm just the guy who gives your son riding lessons. Maybe it's better we keep it that way." Cody left.

Maxie closed the door. She and Felicia, with guilty looks on their faces, turned to face Mac. Mac sighed then calmly asked, "Care to explain the point of that humiliating exercise?" Felicia refused to apologize for "scheming to bring [Mac] and Cody face to face."

Felicia pointed out that Cody had revealed his secret of his own volition. She wondered why Mac was being so stubborn. Felicia had hoped that knowing the truth would bring Mac and Cody together, not drive them apart. "Maybe I liked the liar better," Mac snidely said. Felicia accused both men of being too proud.

Felicia suspected that Mac wanted Cody to beg for acceptance as punishment for having lied. Mac raised his voice. "Cody jerked all of us around with his lies. I'm not letting anyone--anyone--do that to my family! Not a would-be relative! Not anyone!" Maxie replied, "Funny. Now, you're the one that's lying."

Maxie reminded Mac that she had lied to her family many times, but Mac had forgiven her. Maxie also talked about how her having forgiven Felicia had taken time because of Maxie's pride. Maxie wondered why Mac could have forgiven her but couldn't forgive Cody. Mac explained that the difference was that Mac had raised Maxie, but Cody was a stranger. Felicia told Mac that they were not going to let Mac give up on his only child.

Felicia reminded Mac how disappointed Mac had been when the first DNA test had reported that Cody and Mac were not related. Mac accused Felicia and Maxie of ganging up on him. Felicia protested. She said, "No. We're loving you, Mac. We know how difficult it is for you to welcome Cody with open arms, because you're angry. And for good reason: he lied to you. He cost you a year of your lives. But ask yourself, Mac. How much time are you willing to let your anger cost you now?" Mac told Felicia and Maxie that just because Cody had had a change of heart, that didn't mean that Mac had to "fall in line." Mac told Maxie that neither did she.

At the Quartermaine stables, Michael ran into Sasha, who had been just about to deliver a picnic basket to the gatehouse after having brought one to the stables for Cody. Michael thanked Sasha for the rescue. He explained that he would be home alone with the kids that night. Sasha asked where Willow was. Michael told Sasha that Willow was working late with Drew. Sasha looked concerned.

Michael told Sasha that the meeting had arisen suddenly, but since it concerned the New Tomorrow Institute, Willow hadn't been able to refuse. Sasha asked Michael how he was feeling about Willow's new job. Michael explained that Drew having brought Willow on as a spokesperson would allow her more time with her kids. Michael commented that Willow seemed happier. Sasha agreed. Michael collected his picnic basket and left.

A short time later, Cody arrived at the stables and found Sasha laying out his dinner from the second picnic basket. Cody told Sasha that he didn't have much of an appetite. Sasha, smiling, told Cody that she found that hard to believe. Sasha noticed that something was wrong, but Cody did not want to talk about it.

Cody thanked Sasha for the distraction of her visit, but he wondered if something besides delivering dinner had led Sasha to leave the main house. Sasha wanted to talk with Cody but warned Cody that if she told him what was bothering her, Cody would have to be sworn to secrecy.

Sasha explained that she had "stumbled into something that might blow up Michael's life, not to mention his business with Aurora and ELQ." Sasha swore Cody to secrecy again then told him about Drew and Willow having kissed in the solarium. Sasha pointed out that Michael clearly had no idea, and Drew and Willow were at that moment working late together. "I don't know what to do!" Sasha exclaimed.

Cody suggested that the kiss might have been a one-time thing, brought about by some drinking and the fireworks. Cody advised Sasha to forget that she had ever seen anything -- unless she wanted to blackmail them. Cody jokingly suggested choosing Drew, since he had deeper pockets.

Sasha did not appreciate Cody's joke. She turned to leave, but Cody grabbed her arm and apologized. He explained that he had just been trying to lighten the mood. Cody called himself "clueless." Sasha smiled and agreed, "You really are clueless, aren't you?" "Yeah, about most things," Cody admitted. Cody told Sasha that one thing was clear: if one worked in someone's home, one was bound, occasionally, to hear things that one shouldn't, and because the Quartermaines were rich, the problems would be magnified.

Sasha agreed that it would be best to ignore what she had seen. "Just don't try to blackmail them!" Sasha warned Cody with a smile. With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, Cody replied, "What's it worth to ya?"

Laura sat on her sofa, reading an article that Kevin had sent her. Kevin joined her after he checked in on a sleeping Ace. The article concerned a man who had suffered cognitive and neurological disorders because of cobalt poisoning. Laura wondered if the article would help people understand Heather's situation.

Kevin noted that dialysis had helped the man in the article to recover. Kevin told Laura that something similar seemed to have happened with Heather. Laura found it ironic that the best proof of Heather's recovery was the fact that Heather did not want to be released from prison.

Curtis arrived home and found Trina setting the table for a surprise dinner she had arranged for Curtis and Portia. Curtis noted that it was the one-year anniversary of his shooting at the Metro Court pool. Trina wanted her parents to celebrate that Curtis was alive and well -- and standing and walking.

Later, after Laura tended to Ace following a bad dream, she informed Kevin that she had decided to honor Heather's wishes and let the matter go. There was a knock at the door. Kevin told Laura that the doorman had called. Trina was there to see Laura. Laura answered the door.

Laura told Trina that she would always be welcome in Laura's home. Trina gave Laura one of Ace's stuffed animals. Trina explained that she had found the toy in her car, and it had to have been there since the last time she had watched Ace. Kevin excused himself so Laura and Trina could talk.

Laura commented on not having seen Trina at the Quartermaine Fourth of July picnic. Trina explained that the political climate was too overwhelming for her, but she would catch up on the important issues before she voted in November. Laura mentioned Portia. Trina said that her mother was very invested because of Heather Webber. "Has she said anything to you?" Trina asked.

Laura told Trina that Portia had a right to her feelings. Laura informed Trina that Heather had asked Laura to drop the whole thing. Laura said that she would respect Heather's wishes. Laura asked Trina, "I'm curious, though. What do you think should have been done with Heather?"

Laura considered the possibility of finding a psychiatrist to treat Heather at Pentonville, because Laura believed that Heather was truly remorseful. Trina declared that she didn't believe a mentally ill person should be treated the same as someone who knew what they were doing. Laura nodded in agreement. Trina stated that she thought Heather should get justice according to the law, because that was what Trina would want anyone to get. "Me, too," Laura said as she smiled.

Portia arrived home and noticed the set table. As she admired the bottle of wine, Curtis entered behind her and turned on some soft jazz music. Portia asked if Curtis had set up the dinner. Curtis explained that Trina had wanted Curtis and Portia to have some alone time together after the year the two of them had had.

Portia told Curtis that she found it hard to celebrate while she was so worried about the safety of her family. Portia explained that she had lived in fear while married to Taggert, who worked in law enforcement. She expressed gratitude that Curtis had left that line of work, thus allowing Portia to breathe easier. Portia continued, "And then, this madwoman who was fixated on our daughter, she was finally captured and put into prison where she belongs, and I thought I could actually have some peace."

Portia was afraid Heather might soon be walking the streets of Port Charles again. Portia wondered if she might not be paranoid enough about Heather, because Trina had almost died in France, Spencer had died, and Laura was trying to reopen Heather's case. Portia was convinced that "the worst is yet to come."

Portia wanted to file a petition to have Laura recalled as mayor. Curtis reminded Portia that that had already been tried once but had failed. Portia was determined to make it an issue. Curtis confessed that he had gone to Pentonville to visit Heather. Curtis admitted that, after the visit, he could see what Laura had seen. Curtis wondered if Heather really should be behind bars for the rest of her life. Portia groaned with disappointment.

Curtis explained that Heather had told him that she didn't want her case reopened because she was already right where she felt she belonged. "Oh, Heather said that, so..." Portia scoffed. Curtis reiterated that he was confident that Heather would remain at Pentonville "for the rest of her days." Curtis said that he had faith in Laura's integrity to do the right thing.

Portia didn't want talk of Heather to ruin the celebration Trina had set up. Portia and Curtis dropped the subject. Curtis turned on some soft R&B music and asked Portia to dance. "It would be my absolute pleasure," Portia said with a smile. They began to dance.

Anna made a quick stop at Jason's room. She explained that she was about to make an unannounced visit to Valentin's house, where she planned to take the satellite phone, which she had found hidden behind some books during her previous visit. Anna wanted to know where she would be able to find Jason after she had "secured the evidence." Jason told Anna that he'd be parked near Valentin's house like the last time. Anna told Jason, "No." Anna said that she wanted to handle it alone.

Jason reminded Anna that she had left her last visit to Valentin's house empty-handed. Anna insisted that Valentin's security cameras posed too much of a risk, and she would meet Jason back at his room after she had obtained the satellite phone. Jason gave Anna a key to his room before she left.

Jason loaded his gun and put it in the waistband of his jeans. There was a knock at his door. Elizabeth was there to tell Jason that Jake had been accepted into the Drawing and Painting program at the Escuela de Arte in Barcelona, Spain.

Elizabeth told Jason that she hadn't expected that Jake would get accepted into such a prestigious school -- not because she hadn't recognized her son's talent but because she hadn't been sure others would see Jake as she did. Jason asked Elizabeth if he could reach out to Jake about it. Elizabeth told Jason to spend as much time with Jake as he could, because Jake would be leaving quite soon. Jason asked if he could be allowed to cover Jake's tuition and expenses.

Elizabeth tried to decline the offer, but Jason asked if he could do it for Jake because Elizabeth had been carrying the burden alone for so long. Elizabeth finally agreed to let Jason provide for his son. Jason and Elizabeth were both hopeful that Jake would let Jason help him. Elizabeth thanked Jason for the effort Jason had been making in being a better father.

Elizabeth remarked that her house would feel much emptier with Cameron and Jake both gone. Jason complimented Elizabeth on the job she had done raising the boys. Elizabeth appreciated the fact that Jason was making good on his promise to be a better father to Jake.

Valentin was pleasantly surprised when Anna showed up at his house. He invited her in. Anna had brought a bottle of wine. Valentin invited Anna to stay for dinner. Valentin told Anna that he had already prepared a meal of caprese salad and filet of sole. He asked Anna to uncork the wine while he tended to the meal.

After watching Valentin go into the kitchen, Anna headed straight for the bookcase. She was startled when she suddenly heard Valentin behind her. He asked, "Can I help you find something?" "Oh, you found it!" Anna said, after quickly noticing the corkscrew and glasses in Valentin's hands. Anna opened the wine, as Valentin retrieved their salads.

After dinner, Valentin asked Anna if she had considered his proposition for the two of them to leave Port Charles together. Anna told Valentin that she had thought about how hard it would hit her if Valentin disappeared without her. Valentin leaned in close and whispered, "Then, don't let me." They kissed.

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