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Let's read about why our writer thinks she might be a little vain and self-centered and why she still thinks Jonathan Jackson is the Lucky to beat all Luckys. Join her as she celebrates the bounty of riches the cast provides week after week, but especially as we head toward February Sweeps.

Readers, I have a confession. One of my favorite things in the world is when people initially think I am wrong about something, but then come back later and admit I was right. Sure, that makes me vain and self-centered, but I'm okay with that.

When the big "Lucky Switcharoo" happened, I was delighted that Jonathan Jackson was back in the role of Lucky and said so. Some of you were not at all delighted about the change and let me know that you wholeheartedly disagreed with me.

But after the last couple of weeks of stellar work by Jonathan Jackson, my mailbox started filling up with letters like this:

"I will admit that I didn't like Jonathan Jackson when came to reprise his role as Lucky. Simply for the fact that I did not watch back when he played the role. I only started watching in 08 so I was used to Greg Vaughn. However, when I saw Lucky's reaction to seeing his fiancée and brother getting it on, completely changed my opinion of him. I still miss GV but JJ is a phenomenal actor. I could see and feel the pain Lucky was feeling as he tore apart his home...I am now a Jonathan Jackson fan!!! - Quinton"

See! I told you! Jackson was the original Lucky, so old-timers like me welcomed his return. However, newer viewers weren't sure what to expect. But I sincerely believed once new viewers got to know Jonathan Jackson and see his mad acting skills, they'd fall in love with him, too. And I was right!

After finding Nikolas and Liz having wild monkey sex, Lucky headed home, bashed up the house with a Louisville Slugger, loaded a gun, and headed to the Haunted Star to channel his inner Luke by cracking open a bottle of Scotch. It's official, Lucky is off the wagon. They tried to make him go to rehab, but he said No. No. No.

I can't decide if Lucky is going to shoot off Nikolas's junk, hold Nikolas and Liz hostage, go on a five-day bender, or just have a complete meltdown and end up in Shadybrook in Laura's old room.

I am so sad for Lucky. Will he ever be able to be happy again? Oh, I am so worried for my poor sweet Lucky! I have been yelling at Elizabeth for two weeks solid, but she didn't listen!

Last week, Nikolas was boarding a plane to leave town. (We even actually saw Nikolas talking to Spencer!) When Liz heard he was leaving, instead of saying, "Phew! Problem solved" -- the horny little psycho got her kids up in the middle of the night and dropped them off at Gram's for a supposed emergency so she could rush to the tarmac and beg Nikolas to stay.

Just for the record, Rachel Ames, who plays Elizabeth's Grandma Audrey, is now 81 years old and has been on GH for 45 years. Does a dear woman that age really need a couple of toddlers dropped off to her at midnight? Okay, she's fictional, but still, she is 81. Liz, seriously, get a freaking grip.

This week, I yelled at Liz when she stopped the GH elevator mid-floor. Gee, that's not suspicious at all, a hospital elevator stopped between floors with two people who are supposedly not having an affair purposely stranding themselves in an elevator together.

I yelled at Liz when she went to Wyndemere. I yelled at Alfred for being a crappy butler. I yelled at Liz and Nik when they said, "Let's just screw one last time for the road!" Okay, they didn't really say that, but that was indeed the implication.

It was one time too many. Lucky walked in, caught them mid-thrust, and now a lot of lives are going to collapse. I predict Jonathan Jackson will be nominated for an Emmy for his work. I think he has conveyed every emotion a human can feel in the past few weeks.

When he discovered his brother and fiancée's infidelity, he got a crazed look in his eyes that pierced through my TV and went straight to my heart. It's the look a person gets on their face when they realize that everything they hold dear is crumbling around them, when they are hit in the gut with the fact that everything they thought was true is false. It's a look that signifies a realization that they have unknowingly been living a lie.

Jackson nailed all those swirling emotions with a remarkably soulful performance. Not to mention the added bonus of Luke being home, so we get to watch Tony Geary and Jonathan Jackson ride this one out together, which in my book is "Must See TV."

I certainly don't want to ignore the other powerhouse performer of the week: Julie Marie Berman. Between being dumped by Dominic/Dante and watching her brother fall off the wagon, Julie has turned in some intense and riveting work of her own.

Lulu is taking the blame for things that aren't her fault, and she feels responsible for Lucky's drinking. But I predict once Lulu finds out that Nikolas and Liz are actually doing the deed, she will shift the blame where it belongs, squarely on the two of them.

GH has an embarrassment of riches. In the past week, we've had big emotional scenes from a majority of the cast, and when the writers pitch to them, they knock it out of the park every time. Steve Burton's Jason becoming unsettled and unraveled, second-guessing himself at every turn since Franco got the best of him; Maurice Benard's concern for Michael's future, and frantic machinations to cover up Michael's role in Claudia's death; Lisa LoCicero's angst knowing her son is about to bring down his father unknowingly and the balancing act she has maintained while trying to delicately warn each of them about the impending doom. So much juicy soap drama in one week, can my old heart take much more?

As we gear up to Sweeps and all the storylines are coming to a head, I am getting excited because this is just the beginning. Michael just overheard Dominic talking to Johnny about being a cop, and Michael's eyes lit up with glee. Michael is in an imaginary competition with Dominic in his head, so we know he will make a beeline to rat him out to Sonny. Thus, I am salivating to see the scene where Sonny finds out Dominic is Dante Falconeri, and the scene where Olivia has to tell them they are father and son, and the scene where Michael discovers his arch nemesis is his half-brother and...Soap Heaven awaits us, dear readers.

Do you know why Michael overhead Dante's big confession? BECAUSE HE WAS TALKING ABOUT IT OUT LOUD ON THE DOCKS. They never listen to me. It's like people who pick their noses at stoplights in their car and assume they are invisible. Of course, Jax left an incriminating text on his phone for Morgan to discover, so he is just as stupid.

Michael is filled with rage right now, and I imagine it won't be long before he has a total breakdown. I can see steam escaping from every pore of his body, and the lid to his tortured soul is about to blow sky high. Drew Garrett's acting has been brilliant and powerful, but readers, Michael is on my last nerve. I want Jax and Carly to ship him off to boarding school or have him committed to Shadybrook for a few weeks so he can come back cured. Maybe he and his cousin Lucky can go to group therapy together.

But I realize this angst is part of the payoff. They want us to watch the effects killing Claudia had on Michael. It's clear that Michael will unravel soon. It will come out that he is the one who killed Claudia with an axe handle to the head. Michael won't let Sonny take the fall for him, if only to score points so Sonny will promote him to Mob Boss to Be. Jason has warned Sonny that framing Franco can only lead to bad things, since Franco has proof of Michael's involvement, but Sonny never listens to anyone.

In other news, Patrick helped Lisa move furniture around her apartment, watched a car race on TiVo, and talked. (Zzzzzzz.) Diane admired Maxie's interior design skills. Josslyn is about to be christened. Lulu spilled Kate's latte and then put it back in the tray. In fact, she had a full tray of four lattes for a staff of three... Was one for Elijah? We discovered Diane wants to tap Justin Timberlake and Russell Crowe. We heard about a previously unknown Ward grandchild of Edward's named Maya. And worst of all, the fate of Claudia's murder investigation depends on the endlessly blathering Maxie's ability to keep her mouth shut.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Merle Haggard come and do a gig at the Haunted Star for a rousing rendition of "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink"? Will Spencer have Alfred unpack his bags, or did Nikolas leave him on the plane? Will Lisa get fired and go away now that she botched the surgery that Patrick was too drunk to do? Will Sonny throw a wine bottle at the wall when he finds out about Dominic? Will Jax take some of his billions and install some nanny cams in their mansion so he can see if someone is painting graffiti on Josslyn's crib? Will Laura be standing at the Charles de Gaulle airport, waiting to pick up Nikolas?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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