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A quick jaunt to Ecuador, a deadly face-off, and a desperate ploy couldn't stop justice from being served, but what will be the cost, and who will truly find satisfaction when all is said and done? Justice might be sweet, but not for everyone.

Before I begin, I want to give a great big shout-out to the person who decided to take the show outside. Thank you. I really love the outdoor scenes in the park and it's such a vast improvement over the sad fake park we've been subjected to for years. It's nice to see the show joining the 21st century and making an effort to give us some realism. I even enjoyed the scenes in Ecuador, which I know were likely filmed on a back lot. Still, they stepped outside the box -- and the studio -- and it's appreciated.

Now, if someone could just spruce up that jet of Sonny's. It looked like it was modeled after the Barbie plane I played with when I was a little girl in the 1970s.

What I wasn't too keen about was the way Sonny handled things once he caught up to Carlos. I hate that Sonny feels compelled to prove that he's the most powerful man in the room, even -- or especially -- when his life is on the line. His whisper threats, his vows of death and mayhem, and his constant talk of vengeance make him look like a toddler throwing a tantrum rather than a menacing mob boss. Perhaps that was why I was so thrilled that Anna arrived on the scene and quickly set Sonny straight about what was going to happen.

Despite Sonny's talk of having had an epiphany while he held Carlos' fate in his hands, I do believe that Sonny would have shot Carlos if Anna hadn't intervened.

Like Anna, I was offended by Sonny's talk about avenging Duke's murder as if somehow Duke had been more important to Sonny than to Anna. I loved it when she called Sonny out on his nonsense and reminded him that Duke had been the man she had loved, and it was her call to make whether Carlos died or went to jail. Sonny's arrogance knows no bounds, especially since I recall a time when Sonny had been threatening Duke's life way back when Duke first returned to town.

Sadly, Julian is back in the mob -- albeit temporarily, although I'm not sure how that works. Is that sort of like being a little dead?

Clearly, Carlos will turn on Julian because there really is no other option at this point. Unless Julian has an ace up his sleeve, Paul's offer is the only one that gives Carlos a chance at freedom. However, Paul needs to cover his ass and appease Anna by making sure that Julian spends the rest of his life behind bars and Carlos does time for Duke's murder. Anything less will have Anna chomping at the bit to tell everyone about Paul's role in Kyle's murder, which I think Anna should do, anyway, since she has already confessed to shooting Carlos.

The thing is, I can't understand why Anna is even concerned about going to jail, since Robert and the World Security Bureau always have her back, and the only witness to the shooting -- Kyle -- is dead. Yes, Paul has a recording of Kyle squealing on Anna, but Carlos is not only alive and well, but Paul murdered Kyle. Any good attorney could argue that Anna was under extreme mental duress and that Kyle's recording was self-serving because it left out the very important fact that it was all a setup and that Carlos was in on it.

Then again, Anna spending a little time in jail or a sanitarium might have its perks because Andre will be one of the first in line to help Anna, and I really love the chemistry between Anna and Andre. I like Jordan -- a lot these days -- but Anna needs some romance in her life to get past the grief of losing Duke and to help her move forward. Plus, I still think there's more sizzle between Jordan and Curtis. Jordan and Andre are nice, but I just don't see that it factor that a good couple needs to pull me in.

The history between Jordan and Curtis intrigues me. I see passion between them, and that underlying anger just makes it all the more interesting and delicious.

Speaking of passion, Morgan's hasn't waned one single bit for Kiki, which might spell trouble for him because it looks like Dillon might have caught her eye, based on the scene at the hospital when Kiki and Dillon formally introduced themselves. I don't blame Kiki for being attracted to Dillon because he's cute and sweet. However, Kiki and Morgan have always been drawn to each other because they each have a penchant for drama. It's unhealthy and dysfunctional, to be sure, but I can't see Kiki and Dillon lasting any longer than her relationship with Michael did.

Kiki likes the bad boys with an edge, and that is what she will gravitate toward if given the choice. Dillon is sweet and kind but not exactly the bad boy type.

Meanwhile, in a rather interesting twist, Friday's show closed with the revelation that Griffin recognized Nathan. By the sound of it, along with a few comments that Griffin has made to Maxie, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Griffin had an affair with Nathan's ex-wife.

Griffin is adorable, and I like him, but I am Team Nathan all the way because Nathan has been there for Maxie from the moment he met her, and he helped her turn her life around by challenging her to be a better person. I don't want Maxie to break his heart -- I want her to happily and enthusiastically accept his proposal.

Sure, it was stupid of Nathan not to tell Maxie about Claudette, but Nathan stood unwaveringly by Maxie's side throughout that whole mess with Levi, and he has loved her unconditionally.

So, is Finn a drug addict or not? Everything points to it -- the old-fashioned syringe, the track marks, the shakes and sweats, and his gaunt appearance. However, he also seems to monitor when he takes those injections, which leaves a little room for doubt since he's a doctor who specializes in rare diseases like the one Tracy had. I hope the writers aren't going to go the House route by having a drug-addicted eccentric doctor stumble around in a drugged haze, treating patients with strange and odd afflictions while stroking his pet service lizard because we already have a bag of mixed nuts running around with Franco, Nina, and Liesl. We really don't need another one added to the pile.

The most satisfying moment this week was when Nikolas capitulated to Jason's demands and handed over the ELQ shares in exchange for a small fortune, which Jason put in Spencer's name.

That should teach Hayden not to run around town, counting her chickens before they hatch.

More importantly, it was the right thing for Nikolas to do, even though he reluctantly did it. In the end, at least Jason was willing to pay to secure Spencer's future, while Hayden didn't give a flip what became of Nikolas and Spencer.

My hope is that when Becky Herbst returns, Liz will help Nikolas pick up the pieces and help him return to the wonderful white prince he once was.

I delighted that the Quartermaines are back in control of ELQ and that Jason put Michael in charge of the company. I didn't want Michael to get pulled back into Sonny's world, and I liked Michael being a savvy businessman.

I was also pleasantly surprised when the mysterious "Dr. K" turned out to be Kevin Collins. I love the idea of Kevin and Laura working together to unravel Helena's mystery, especially since I definitely saw sparks between them.

Random observations and things that tickled my fancy
Did Sabrina have a baby girl? I could have sworn I heard Paul refer to Carlos' child as "she" when Paul promised to protect the baby from harm if Julian should retaliate.

I loved Ava's dark hat, sunglasses, and trench coat disguise, but it made her stick out like a sore thumb in the park on a sunny spring day. Plus, if you fear for your life, you don't wait for someone in a remote area of the park. You have your brother meet you at your apartment.

Kudos to Lulu and Dante for taking things slowly and working through their issues. I'm not so sure that I would be as forgiving. It's allowing me to get past my annoyance with Dante and to see the side of him that I liked so much when he and Lulu first got together.

I also enjoyed the exchange that Dante and Lulu had in the park with Valerie because it was the first time that Valerie didn't appear to be lugging around that huge chip on her shoulder. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come because I really did like Valerie in the beginning -- before she began making googly eyes at her cousin's husband.

Laura worries that Kevin might not help because Scott is indirectly involved in the mystery of Helena's key
Kevin: "I would never let Scott Baldwin stop me from helping you. Every adventure needs its clown, after all."

Liesl notices Roxy the bearded dragon in Finn's suite
Liesl: "Ah, I see your famous Australian Pogona. She's waving her arm in the bearded dragon's classic gesture of submission. To me."
Carly: "Who could blame her?"

Reader feedback
I often talk about the great messages and thoughts that readers share. This week, I wanted to include some of them in the column!

• The scenes of the Quartermaines rallying around Tracy were my favorite part of the week. First, my all time favorite GH character Ned (AKA Eddie Maine) is back!! I sure hope he sticks around for awhile longer this time. He is definitely needed to sort out this mess with Nikolas and ELQ. -- Scrimmage

• Since Brad and Lucas set their wedding date, did the show discuss the Brad/Rosalie divorce? -- IK

• Agree, it isn't Liz's penance to watch Jason and Sam supposedly fall in love again it's ours, the viewers. -- Kim

Now, I turn the spotlight on you, dear readers. Please, share your thoughts about the show in the comments section below. I love reading what everyone has to say.

Until next time, take care.
Liz Masters

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