Burton will return, leave again
Posted Sunday, January 07, 2001 9:11:07 PM
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Burton will return, leave again

The details of Steve Burton's (Jason Morgan) return to General Hospital continue to develop. The actor has already returned to work, though his first on-air appearance will not air until the end of the month.

From reports coming out of the ABC camp, Burton's return is only a temporary return -- albeit a very long temporary. Burton will remain an active part of the General Hospital scene until sometime in March when he'll take a month-long break to film a primetime pilot for DreamWorks Television. After that time, Burton will resume his role back in daytime while he awaits word on whether or not the pilot is picked up for the fall season. If it is, says Burton, "I leave GH again."

But if it doesn't?

Burton says that he could still leave General Hospital even if the pilot is not picked up. However, the actor says that he could very well ink a contract that would have him stay in Port Charles for a few years.

Burton left his full-time gig on General Hospital on January 19, 2000. It had been Burton's hope to springboard from daytime television to a primetime series, but a series of setbacks put that plan on hold. Semper Fi, a DreamWorks SKG drama about the marines, was to have hit the airwaves in early 2001. According to reports, that project has been shelved indefinitely. The theme of Burton's latest pilot is currently unknown.

Burton makes his return to General Hospital on January 29th, just in time for February Sweeps.

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