GH confirms that Juan is gone
Posted Friday, January 19, 2001 1:32:57 PM
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GH confirms that Juan is gone

It's been rumored for the better part of three months, but now comes official word from a General Hospital spokesperson: Michael Saucedo (Juan Santiago) will be leaving the show.

As of January 19th, Saucedo was still actively filming scenes for the show. His final airdate will be February 15th.

In a recent GH Online WT? On the Spot poll, fans stated that they had lost interest in Saucedo's character. In fact, a full three-quarters of all voters said that they would not miss Juan if he were to leave Port Charles.

Juan has pretty much been left out in the cold - or at least without someone to warm his heart - ever since Emily developed an infatuation with Zander. Fans have been more receptive of Emily's pairing with Zander than they have been of Emily and Juan.

Juan's budding music career will continue to flourish. He will leave Port Charles to begin a music tour, thereby leaving the door open for a possible return somewhere down the line.

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