Fallen Angel: Reports say Boris is out
Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2001 4:28:15 PM
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Fallen Angel: Reports say Boris is out

The Internet is abuzz with talk that Angel Boris (Angel Ellis) has been let go from General Hospital. The news has some viewers rejoicing, as GH Online polls have repeatedly revealed that Angel was not one of the show's most liked characters.

Boris, a former Playboy model, joined the cast of General Hospital in June as a mysterious woman with an unusual penchant for white clothing. Perhaps more than anything else, it was this lack of wardrobe variety that led to fans' displeasure with the character. Some fans began to speculate that the writers wanted to give the impression that Angel's name and garb implied something more heavenly - and that Angel was actually an angel. General Hospital's head writer Megan McTavish insisted that the clothing didn't imply anything heavenly, but still fans appeared irked.

Another factor that played against Angel was her infusion into a storyline involving the show's super-couple Sonny and Carly. Fans were outraged by rumors that Sonny and Angel might become an item. In a remarkable and immediate turn, fans unhappy that the role of Carly Corinthos had been recast out aside their longing to see Emmy winner Sarah Brown back in the role - at least temporarily.

When contacted for comment on the reported ouster of Boris from the show, a GH spokesperson stated that the show does not comment on Internet rumors.

According to the reports, however, Boris will have a final airdate sometime near the November Sweeps period.

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