Emily could return; Tamblyn unlikely
Posted Monday, September 02, 2002 1:12:56 AM
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Emily could return; Tamblyn unlikely

According to inside sources, General Hospital is looking to bring Emily Quartermaine back to the canvas.

Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps is said to have approached the new head writing team of Charles Pratt, Jr. and Robert Guza, Jr. and expressed an interest in bringing the character back -- with a new actress playing the part.

When last seen on-screen in July 2001, Emily was being portrayed by actress Amber Tamblyn. Tamblyn, who created the role in 1995, had opted to leave the show to pursue other ventures. To facilitate the actress' exit, Emily was sent to an off-screen rehabilitation center. According to Tamblyn, however, she was not asked to reprise the role.

"It really hurts sometimes to think that nobody has even called me or asked me if I want to come back," says Tamblyn.

Tamblyn cedes that it might not have been possible for her to return anyway due to her outside projects.

"[T]ruthfully," admits Tamblyn. "[I]t's selfish of me [to want] my cake and eat it too. I probably shouldn't complain if I'm not even available for the amount of time they would need me for."

A setside source tells Soap Central that Tamblyn was not asked to come back because show execs feared that the actress would bail out if non-daytime work came along. Tamblyn left General Hospital to pursue a primetime television project. That project has since fallen through -- as has a second proposed series. While Tamblyn has made guest appearances in other programs, she has not landed a regular acting gig since leaving General Hospital.

An ABC spokesperson declined to comment on the reports that the show was mulling the possibility of bringing back Emily.

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