GH Puts out casting call for new sharacters
Posted Sunday, October 27, 2002 9:08:18 PM
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New characters headed to GH

General Hospital is look to add at least two characters to its canvas. According to insiders, the show is looking to cast the roles of "Enrique," a 25-year-old Latino heartthrob and "Summer," a 20something blonde who could be a love interest for Luke.

Brittney Powell has been cast as Summer and will make her debut later this month. Powell has previously appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful. In addition to B&B, Powell has also been seen on Xena: Warrior Princess and the short-lived primetime soap Titans. Powell debuts on November 18.

As with any casting call, things can definitely change. The character's name can change by a first airdate -- or the character might never make it to the screen in the first place. In fact, Enrique's name is rumored to already have been changed.

Some Scoop readers may recall the GH had been looking to cast the role of "Aidan." The role was to have been a reported love interest for Liz, but the return of Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) prompted the show to scrap its plans to introduce Aidan.

There's no word on whether or not any soap vets have read for either role. Additionally, it is still too early to determine a first airdate for either character.

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