Rachel Ames discharged from GH
Posted Sunday, January 05, 2003 10:50:43 PM
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Rachel Ames returning for GH's 50th anniversary

One of General Hospital's longest-tenured cast members, Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy), has been let go from General Hospital.

The move to write out Audrey has outraged many longtime viewers. Ames picture was removed without fanfare from the show's opening credits. Traditionally, only the show's contract players are featured in the opening montage.

"The soaps are aggressively seeking younger viewers," an insider told Soap Opera Central. "And Ames doesn't fit into that schematic."

Indeed soaps have taken a more active approaching in courting younger viewers, viewers which are believed to be the future of soap viewing. In doing so, some shows have lost their senior viewers.

Ames has portrayed Audrey since 1964 and was the only original cast member remaining on Genera; Hospital. Shortly after viewers were introduced to Audrey, it was revealed that she was pregnant by one man and in love with another. Indeed, it was a true soap opera plot.

A General Hospital spokesperson was unavailable for comment about Ames release. It is unclear if Ames will continue to make guest appearances on General Hospital or Port Charles, where the actress has also made special guest appearances.

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