Tristan Rogers Returns to General Hospital
Posted Monday, January 9, 2006 5:34:32 PM
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Tristan Rogers Returns to General Hospital

How do you feel about the return of Robert Scorpio to GH?
 This is great news. I'm a huge Robert fan -- I can't wait!   78% 
 Ugh. Is GH now going to bring back every star from the 80s as a gimmick?   8% 
 I know who Robert is, but I've never seen him. So this is intriguing to me.   5% 
 I didn't care much for Robert, so I'm not that thrilled that he's returning   3% 
 Other   2% 
 I'm a fan of Robert, but he was killed. He should stay that way.   2% 
 I have no opinion about the return of Robert Scorpio.   1% 
 I am a newer GH viewer and have no idea who Robert Scorpio is.   1% 

Get set for another blast from the past, GH fans! Award-winning actor Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) will return to General Hospital later this month after a nearly 14-year absence from the show. His return comes just as the February Sweeps period gets underway.

"Over the past year, we have had great success in some of our most beloved characters in the show's history - including Noah Drake and Robin Scorpio - returning to the canvas because that's what our fans want. Robert's return to the canvas will solidify the show as a must-watch viewing experience," said ABC Daytime president Brian Frons in making the announcement.

"I am too excited about my return," adds Mr. Rogers.

Rogers created the role of Robert Scorpio in 1980 and, along with actress Finola Hughes (Anna Devane), became part of General Hospital's hottest couples during a time many fans refer to as the show's "Golden Years." The actor left the show in 1992 when Robert and Anna were presumed dead in a boat explosion. Hughes' character was later revealed to be alive in 2001 as part of a crossover storyline with fellow ABC soap, All My Children. Robert Scorpio's body was never found and he remains "presumed dead."

Of course, the General Hospital writing staff will first need to explain where Robert has been hiding for the past 13 years and why he never came forward to tell anyone - especially his daughter, Robin - that he was still alive. After the "back from the dead" saga is out of the way, Robert will be immersed in what ABC describes as a "major health crisis" where the fate of many Port Charles residents hangs in the balance.

In addition to his work on General Hospital, Rogers has appeared on the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful. Outside of daytime television, he has guest-starred in numerous primetime series and been featured in several feature films, including Night Eyes Three and Soulmates. Rogers has even lent his vocal talent to a video game.

Of course with Rogers' return - which is currently slated to be short-term -- come rumors that actress Finola Hughes is also on her way back to General Hospital. Hughes last appeared on daytime television in September 2003, when she exited her role as Anna Devane on All My Children. She currently hosts several cable programs revolving around fashion.

Rogers first appears on General Hospital on January 27, 2006. As for the rumors surrounding Hughes, ABC had no comment.

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