Kiko Ellsworth returns to Port Charles
Posted Sunday, January 14, 2007 9:58:08 PM
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Kiko Ellsworth returns to Port Charles
Former Port Charles star Kiko Ellsworth returns to Port Charles -- but as a totally different character. The casting decision is not unique; there are several other stars of the now-cancelled ABC soap that have popped up on General Hospital.

What are your thoughts on GH's decision to recast Stan Johnson?
 I'm excited. I enjoy Kiko's work and can't wait for him to join the GH cast   41% 
 I'm puzzled. I'm not sure why the role of Stan needed to be recast.   33% 
 I'm disappointed. I really enjoyed Karim Prince's work as Stan.   11% 
 I don't have an opinion about the decision to recast Stan.   7% 
 Honestly, the show could do without Stan. Scrap the role -- now.   7% 
 Other   1% 

When Kiko Ellsworth assumes the role of General Hospital's Stan Johnson in a few weeks, it will mark a homecoming, of sorts, for the actor. From 2000 to 2003 Ellsworth appeared in Port Charles on GH's sister-soap, Port Charles.

Ellsworth takes over the recurring role of Stan Johnson from Karim Prince. A show source hints that Stan will soon see more on-screen time as the role becomes more prominent and the decision to recast the role was done to take the character in a different direction. The role is, however, expected to remain recurring.

A show spokesperson declined to comment on the reason for the recast.

Stan Johnson is the son of the pulls-no-punches General Hospital nurse, Epiphany Johnson. Epiphany will continue to object as her son gets further entrenched in the dark world as one of Sonny's goons.

EEllsworth will join three other Port Charles alum, Kelly Monaco (ex-Livvie Locke and Tess, Port Charles; Samantha McCall, GH), Kent King (ex-Stan, Port Charles; Lainey Winters) and Eddie Matos (ex-Ricky Garza, Port Charles; Peter Marquez, GH), on the General Hospital set. It will be interesting to see if the GH writing team scripts any inside "winks" for Ellsworth and Monaco. Both performers appeared previously on General Hospital in their then-Port Charles roles. Now, of course, both will be seen in new roles on General Hospital - though no one seems to have any sense that they've seen either character in town before.

A General Hospital spokesperson states that Ellsworth will first air near the end of the February Sweeps period. An exact airdate has not yet been determined.

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