Adrienne Barbeau to guest on CSI: NY
Posted Monday, February 07, 2011 5:25:47 PM
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Adrienne Barbeau to guest on CSI: NY
Another daytime star is moonlighting in primetime. Adrienne Barbeau will help catch a killer on an upcoming episode of CSI: NY.

Adrienne Barbeau (Suzanne Stanwyck) will travel downstate from Port Charles to New York City to confront a killer. No, it's not part of a General Hospital storyline -- but it is a story from an upcoming episode of the CBS primetime series, CSI: NY.

The episode, titled "Smooth Criminal," will co-star R&B singing sensation Ne-Yo, and revolve around the CSI investigators unraveling a conspiracy plot that will have far-reaching implications for the show. Barbeau will portray Dr. Theola Kumi, a clinic manager who becomes pivotal in the CSI hunt for a clever hit man, played by Ne-Yo.

Barbeau first appeared on General Hospital in August 2010 as Suzanne Stanwyck, the head of a worldwide charity organization. The actress is well known for playing Carol Trayner on the popular seventies sitcom Maude. In addition to stints on various primetime shows, Adrienne Barbeau was also the voice of Catwoman in the animated series, Gotham Girls.

Smooth Criminal will air February 11, 2011 at 9PM ET/PT on CBS.

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