Sonya Eddy taken off contract at GH
Posted Thursday, March 03, 2011 1:05:25 AM
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Sonya Eddy taken off contract at GH
General Hospital seems to be having a hard time keeping its nurses busy. Sonya Eddy has confirmed that she is no longer on contract with the ABC soap. Eddy joined GH in 2006 in a recurring capacity, but was offered a contract the following year.

For several weeks it has been rumored that, because of budgetary woes, significant casting changes were coming to General Hospital. Rebecca Herbst's (Elizabeth Webber) dismissal was believed to have been the first of such cuts, but the show's change of heart offered a mixed message. There are also mixed signals regarding the future of one of the show's newer stars.

Sonya Eddy (Epiphany Johnson) has announced via Twitter and Facebook that her future in Port Charles is very much up in the air. The actress has been taken off contract, but Eddy hinted that she doesn't know if that means she's out... or just going to be seen less.

"There's a rumor out there that I'm off GH," Eddy wrote in messages to fans. "It's true to a point. I have been taken off contract at GH. I'm recurring now, so we shall see."

Eddy joined the cast of General Hospital in March 2006 in the recurring role of no-nonsense nurse Epiphany Johnson. A year later, Eddy was offered a long-term contract with the show. The show did craft a brief romance for Epiphany, and an exploration of her family and medical history, major storyline never materialized for the character.

ABC does not comment on contracts.

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