Jen Lilley addresses "hateful" messages she's received
Posted Wednesday, February 15, 2012 9:17:22 AM
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Jen Lilley addresses her longer-than-expected GH stay
Jen Lilley's stay in Port Charles has been a lot longer than anyone expected -- including her. Some General Hospital fans, however, have taken to writing nasty messages to the actress because she's filling in for an actress who is on medical leave.

It's been approximately six months since Jen Lilley was hired by General Hospital to fill in for an ailing Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) in the role of Maxie. During that time, the actress has faced surprisingly harsh words from some fans who've badmouthed the actress for taking over the role.

Now, Lilley has taken to Twitter to issue a statement that clarifies her intentions and also asks fans to stop their hateful messages and focus on keeping General Hospital on the air.

"First, I, Jen Lilley, LOVE Kirsten Storms. I think she's talented, funny, beautiful, and kind. While I have loved my time on GH, I think it's under the saddest of conditions that I'm there," Lilley stated.

"Because of unforeseen circumstances, I am staying as Maxie," she continued. "Please know that as a [Kirsten Storms] fan, I am really sorry. Kirsten is irreplaceable. To keep GH alive, someone had to step into the role. I cannot change what's happened. Yes, I love being on the show, but if KS could have stayed all along, I would have wished a thousand wishes that I could have come on as a different character, for her sake and your sake as a GH fan. Change is never easy.

"I hope you will find it in your hearts to stop being so hateful toward me personally, because honestly, after six months of it, I feel broken, and it's not helping the show," Lilley admitted. "We have to stand united for the sake of General Hospital's livelihood and for soap fans everywhere. I think all of Kirsten's wonderful fans know that she'd want her fans to support GH and fight like hell for its renewal. With utmost sincerity: Jen Lilley."

Storms was to have returned to work in January, but the actress ultimately was unable to do so.

"Kirsten Storms will not be able to return to General Hospital as soon as originally hoped and announced," a General Hospital spokesperson said in a statement. "Jen Lilley will continue to play Maxie Jones for the foreseeable future."

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