Senait Ashenafi arrested in airport incident
Posted Friday, November 30, 2012 1:27:03 PM
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Senait Ashenafi arrested in airport incident
Senait Ashenafi, who played General Hospital's Keesha Ward in the mid-to-late-1990s, was arrested in a Texas airport last weekend. The actress was charged with public intoxication.

Former General Hospital star Senait Ashenafi (Keesha Ward) found herself in some trouble on the Tarmac. The actress was arrested last weekend at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on charges of public intoxication.

Celebrity tattle site TMZ reports that police arrested the 46-year-old Ashenafi and determined that she was "a danger to herself and others." According to a police report, Ashenafi pushed a flight attendant during an outburst that had her seated in coach instead of first class. Additionally, TMZ's sources say that Ashenafi wasn't pleased that her carry-on luggage had to be stowed far from her seat.

"The airplane's crew kicked Ashenafi off the aircraft and cops met her on the jetway," TMZ reported. "[Police] immediately noticed the smell of alcohol on Ashenafi's breath."

The Ethiopian-born Ashenafi originated the role of Keesha Ward in 1994. The actress was let go in 1998. In addition to her work on GH, Ashenafi was featured in Michael Jackson's music video for "Remember the Time," and she also appeared as a model in more than 20 episodes of The Price Is Right.

There has been no comment from Ashenafi's camp regarding the arrest.

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