Finola Hughes spreads her wings as a director
Posted Thursday, April 04, 2013 4:50:00 PM
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Finola Hughes spreads her wings as a director
Lights, cameras, action! General Hospital's Finola Hughes has made her feature motion picture directing debut with The Bet, and it's a sure thing that her loyal fan following will want to seek out this independent feature.

General Hospital star Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) has ventured into a new branch of show business, taking on the task of directing a major motion picture.

The Emmy-winning actress, who's made her mark on All My Children as well (as Alexandra Devane), will have her first feature film, The Bet premiere on April 19 in Santa Barbara, California. The picture was produced by the Community Film Studio Santa Barbara, the first non-profit, all-volunteer, community movie studio, according to TV Guide. Hughes crafted the film with a crew and cast of newbies -- first-time filmmakers.

Directing a motion picture is an expansion of the theater directing Finola has been doing for the past few years. She told TV Guide, "About five years ago I started directing theater in Santa Barbara, which is where I live, and out of the blue I was offered the chance to direct The Bet by Jack Presnal, the founder of CFSSB."

"I loved the idea that everybody on the film would be doing jobs they'd never done before -- no money, just for the love of it -- and what a great thing that would be for the community of Santa Barbara. I instantly said yes. Didn't think twice. There's great bravery in ignorance."

Prior to her meteoric rise in daytime, Finola starred in musical theater in London. In 1980, she originated the role of Victoria, the White Cat, in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats. In 1983, she starred opposite John Travolta in the sequel to Saturday Night Fever, Staying Alive. She played a professional dancer, a role for which she was well suited as she had trained to be a dancer since she was a child.

In 1985, she began on GH as World Security Bureau spy Anna Devane and remained with the show until 1992. In 2000, she joined AMC as Alex, Anna's twin sister. Finola returned to GH in 2006 for a spell, and in 2008, she guest-starred on the spinoff series General Hospital: Night Shift.

Since 2012, Anna has been back as a full-time presence on GH, again appearing as Anna Devane.

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