Rick Springfield releases concert DVD
Posted Tuesday, January 14, 2014 12:25:37 PM
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Rick Springfield releases concert DVD
The documentary An Affair of the Heart explores Rick Springfield's relationship with several of his most devoted fans and highlights how he and his music have changed their lives.

Rick Springfield is best known to General Hospital fans as playboy doctor Noah Drake. In the early 80s, Noah romanced Bobbie Spencer and Tiffany Hill before Springfield left the show to pursue his music career. Springfield returned to the show in 2005, and Noah battled alcoholism with the help of his son, Patrick Drake.

Springfield began pulling double-duty on General Hospital in 2007 when roguish rocker Eli Love, who happened to look just like Noah, came to Port Charles in need of surgery. Playing the dual roles, Springfield had his first chance to show off his musical talents on General Hospital. With Eli Love recovering from surgery, Anna Devane coached Noah through impersonating the rocker at a charity concert.

Springfield's latest visit to Port Charles was in April 2013 when he played both Noah Drake and himself at the Nurse's Ball. As himself, he performed his hit "Jessie's Girl" at the ball.

When Eli Love came to town, Robin Scorpio was embarrassed at the attention her mother, Anna, lavished on the rock star. But Anna's devotion to Eli Love has nothing on the devotion Springfield's fans have shown him in real life.

The award-winning rock documentary An Affair of the Heart is a homage to Rick Springfield's classic song of the same name. It's an intimate portrait of the singer's unique relationship with seven fans who put their lives on hold to follow him on tour.

Many soap lovers know how powerful being a fan of something or someone can be. Of the fans featured in the documentary, some have overcome deep trauma by connecting with Springfield's music, and some have developed lifelong friendships with other fans. Each of the fans has a unique bond with Springfield and his music.

"As a person, I am kind of peripheral," Springfield said about his fans' experience. "It is about their connection, what they view and how they interpreted who I was, and the right times that music that they liked came along to help them to get through difficult stuff."

An Affair of the Heart is available on both DVD and a two-disc Blu-Ray set. The release includes over an hour of extras on DVD and over two hours of bonus content on the Blu-Ray. For addition ordering information, click here.

The film has won many awards including Outstanding Direction from the Florida Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival's Gibson Impact of Music Award for a Surprising Look at the Fan Experience, Best Editing from Sidewalk Moving Pictures Festival, and Boston Film Festival's Best Music Award.

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