General Hospital alum takes a mistress
Posted Friday, February 07, 2014 12:37:35 PM
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General Hospital alum takes a mistress
Jason Gerhardt, formerly GH's Coop, will be shaking up the love life of a popular character on ABC's primetime soap Mistresses.

Jason Gerhardt (ex-Cooper Barrett, General Hospital) is heading to primetime. He'll join the cast of Mistresses as the show heads into its second season and will play a potential love interest for Alyssa Milano's character, Savi.

Gerhardt's character, Zack, will show up in the third episode of season two. According to TV Line's description, Zack is a "lost-soul" who has a "unique connection" to Savi.

Gerhardt's General Hospital character, Cooper "Coop" Barrett, could have been described as a lost soul himself. He first came to Port Charles in 2007 as one of the gunmen in the Metro Court hostage crisis. Coop developed a bond with his hostage, Maxie Jones. Maxie helped Coop escape when the hostage crisis came to a close, and the two started an on-again, off-again romance.

Unfortunately, that romance ended tragically when Coop tried to find the Text Message Killer in order to clear himself of suspicion in Georgie Jone's death. Diego Alcazar, the real killer, killed Coop when he suspected Coop was getting close to discovering his identity.

Hopefully Gerhardt's Mistresses character will have better luck. The second season of Mistresses will air this summer on ABC.

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