Parry Shen stars, produces, co-writes new film Unidentified
Posted Tuesday, February 11, 2014 1:59:45 PM
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Parry Shen stars, produces, co-writes new film Unidentified
Parry Shen, best known as Brad on General Hospital, produced, cowrote, and stars in a new indie comedy with an otherworldly twist.

Parry Shen (Brad Cooper), who is currently torn between Felix and Lucas in the midst of a sexy love triangle on General Hospital, is in a different kind of trouble in the new independent film Unidentified.

The science fiction comedy follows four friends who have to make a run for it after a wild weekend in Las Vegas lands them in trouble with a loan shark. However, as they try to escape town, the friends realize something not of this world is following them in their trek through the Nevada desert.

Not only does Shen star in the film, he produced and cowrote it. "I had my hands all over it, so it was very gratifying," Shen told Soaps In Depth of his experience on the film.

Unidentified is now available on DVD and as a digital download. Details on where to buy can be found on the film's website.

You can watch the trailer below.

UPDATE: Shen appeared on the April 18 episode of Soap Central Live to talk about Unidentified, General Hospital, and more. You can listen on-demand at any time for free. Click here for more information.

Will you be watching the film? What do you think of Brad's current love-triangle predicament on General Hospital? Tell us what you think in the Comments area below, or you can also click here to submit feedback.

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