Kathleen Gati to play troubled fortune teller in film
Posted Thursday, May 29, 2014 12:25:57 PM
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Gati to play troubled fortune teller in film
Kathleen Gati will light up the screen as a fortune teller with great troubles in the film Lifeline.

Be prepared to see Kathleen Gati (Liesl Obrecht) as you've never seen her before -- and, no, it doesn't involve cabaret at a charity function.

"[I am] portraying a very troubled old Russian fortune teller in Jeff Wang's film Lifeline," Gati posted on Facebook. "Having a serious blast!!"

The film costars Mark Gantt and, according to Gati, a "fantastic production and crew, in amazing hands of" executive producer Heather Wagner.

For the role, Gati has had to wear -- somewhat ironically -- a latex mask.

"One thing about playing an old lady is at the end of the day when the FX makeup is off, I feel SO YOUNG," Gati mused on Twitter.

No additional information has been released about Lifeline, but Gati also reportedly has several other film roles in the works including Find Rou and When the Storm God Rides.

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