GH recasts Danny Morgan
Posted Wednesday, August 06, 2014 11:44:05 AM
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GH recasts Danny Morgan
There is change coming to Port Charles' younger set. General Hospital has opted to recast the role of Danny Morgan.

Two of General Hospital's younger actors are leaving the show -- but only one GH role will be affected.

Twins Jacon and Jaxon Kring, who've played Danny Morgan since 2012, are exiting the show, according to a Twitter post from their mom.

"We just want to say thanks to all the fans and GH cast/crew for an amazing 2yrs," the post stated. "[U]nfortunately the boys have been Recasted. :( we are very thankful for the time we had and wish the new Danny much success and luck :) xoxo"

Presumably, the role recast will "age" the child slightly.

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