A young beauty headed to GH
Posted Wednesday, December 17, 2014 7:26:47 PM
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General Hospital has put out a casting call for a beautiful young woman -- and while the details are scarce, it hasn't stopped fans from speculating.

It looks like Port Charles will be one resident fuller next year, as General Hospital has released another casting announcement.

The latest listing calls for a "Caucasian, early 20s, beautiful, dynamic, charismatic" female to start shooting in February 2015.

While the details of the role are incredible thin, it hasn't stopped General Hospital fans from speculating about the character's identity. Among the popular fan-selected choices is Serena Baldwin, the biological daughter of Scott Baldwin and Dominique Stanton, who Lucy Coe carried as a surrogate. This isn't the first time fans have suspected that Serena was returning to town. In January 2013, a casting call for a mid-to-late 20something "Caucasian. Blonde. Beautiful, passionate, complex" female drew Serena whispers.

Last week, General Hospital released a casting call for an unnamed bad boy. You can read more on that casting call here.

The role is contract, but there's no word yet on the character's name or with whom she may be interacting.

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