Robb Derringer announces his departure as Kyle, fans react
Posted Monday, January 05, 2015 12:19:16 PM
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Newcomer Robb Derringer has won over fans in the short time he's appeared on General Hospital, but the actor revealed that his time on the ABC soap has come to an end.

He's only been on the canvas since November, but Robb Derringer (Kyle Sloane) is already on his way out, and it doesn't take a detective to figure out that fans are none too pleased

The actor took to Twitter late last month to announce the news in a series of tweets, which have since been deleted. "Friends I got sad/disheartening news today that my story/character on GH is ending," he wrote on December 19. "I shot my last episode yesterday. Thank you all so much."

Derringer later followed up with a message of appreciation for his Port Charles fans. "Just want 2 thank every one of yu for all the love support & kind words about Me/Sloane. Was really disheartening but your kindness helps xo."

Some viewers were so incensed by the news of Derringer's nearing departure that they started a Save Sloane campaign on Facebook. GH may or may not have gotten wind of the storm, but Derringer sure has.

"I just want to express to everyone how grateful and humbled I am by the outpouring of support and love you've shown me while playing the character of Special Agent Kyle Sloane," he wrote on the campaign's official page. "I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me. I'm still unsure what exactly I did wrong for them to end my run on GH as I tried my best every day I was there to deliver a complex, multidimensional and dynamic character. I believe I did so. But there's nothing more I can do except hope that maybe the voices of you fans might change the minds of the producers, writers and execs at GH/ABC. Regardless I remain grateful for the time I did have playing Sloane and loved every minute of it, including working opposite Finola Hughes who is a lovely person and terrific actor. I'm also very grateful to Frank Valentini for giving me the opportunity he did with Sloane. Anyway, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your efforts, your time and your enthusiasm."

He then went on with a tease about what viewers can expect from his final moments as the character. "There's a lot coming up in the coming episodes for Sloane. Some pretty interesting, exciting stuff and certainly there [were] so many places for me to go with the character," he wrote. "Maybe your campaign to bring me back might work. I hope it may. Regardless, I'm humbled and indebted to each and every one of you for your kindness and support. Much love...xo"

A GH rep was for unavailable for comment regarding Derringer's status and whether or not a final airdate will be revealed.

General Hospital has opted to recast the role of Agent Sloane. For more information about who has been hired for the role, click here.

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