Real-life tragedy rocks GH actress
Posted Monday, June 22, 2015 2:36:31 PM
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Real-life tragedy rocks GH actress
A terrorizing blaze has dramatically changed the life of General Hospital's Patricia Healy (ex-Tammy Hansen).

Former General Hospital actress Patricia Healy (ex-Tammy Hansen) was forced to jump out of her second-story window this week after her townhouse apartment caught fire.

The terrorizing blaze, which started at a nearby building under construction, broke out on June 19, forcing the actress out her window. She and her husband, Sergio Terrazas, lost everything they owned in the fire, including their dog, Winston, who was trapped in the townhome and died.

A friend of the couple has started a donation site to help the now homeless pair get back on their feet. For more information and to help Healy and her husband, visit their Go Fund Me page here.

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