FOR LUKE FANS ONLY: Find out what you DON'T know about GH's Luke Spencer
by Kambra Clifford
Posted Monday, July 20, 2015 12:40:15 PM
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General Hospital's legendary actor Anthony Geary will exit the show after an astonishing 37 years. But how well do you know the actor and his character? Take our special quiz and find out if you're a Luke expert... or just a Fluke.

Do you really know all there is to know about General Hospital's Luke? We dare you to take our Luke Spencer quiz to find out.

Anthony Geary's final moments as General Hospital's Luke Spencer will be happening at the end of the month, prompting Soap Central to test fans' knowledge of the iconic character. Do you really know all there is to know about Luke, or have you recently been engaging in some very empty boasting? Take Soap Central's quiz to find out, but be warned -- this test certainly isn't for the faint of GH heart!

1. Shortly after Luke arrived in Port Charles, the mob ordered him to kill a politician who was campaigning with the promise to cut down on organized crime. What was the name of the politician Luke was ordered to kill?

a. Mitch Williams
b. Mitch Lawrence
c. Douglas Williams
d. Mitchel Douglas

2. After they became a couple, what did Luke and Laura first fight over?

a. Luke revealed to the press that he'd slept with Laura
b. Laura confessed to reporters that she'd been unfaithful to her husband, Scotty Baldwin
c. Despite having fallen for Laura, Luke fell into bed with his fiancée, Jennifer Smith
d. Laura refused to divorce her husband, Scotty Baldwin, until Luke proposed

3. True or false: Luke and Laura's 1981 marriage was officially blessed.

4. What year did Anthony Geary win his first Emmy for the role of Luke?

5. Believing David Gray had killed Laura, a devastated Luke did what?

a. Entered into therapy
b. Ran off to Vegas to drown his sorrows
c. Went camping
d. Went to visit family

6. What was Luke's nickname for Tracy Quartermaine?

a. Honey Buns
b. Spanky Buns
c. Bunny Spanks
d. Spanky Bee

7. True or false: Luke once broke his back in a skiing accident.

8. When Laura returned to the canvas in 1983, she and Luke shared a private moment and talked about a movie starring which classic movie star?

a. Greta Garbo
b. Cary Grant
c. Bette Davis
d. Marlene Dietrich

9. What was happening during the time Luke and Laura decided to divorce?

a. The pair was trying to buy the Triple L Diner but couldn't get financing
b. The pair was trying to recover from Laura's programmed memory loss
c. The pair was recouping from Luke's affair with Felicia
d. The pair was trying to deprogram Lucky from Helena's influence

10. True or false: Luke and Lucky have dated the same woman.