FOR LUKE FANS ONLY: Find out what you DON'T know about GH's Luke Spencer (Questions 11-20)
by Kambra Clifford
Posted Monday, July 20, 2015 12:40:15 PM
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General Hospital's legendary actor Anthony Geary will exit the show after an astonishing 37 years. But how well do you know the actor and his character? Take our special quiz and find out if you're a Luke expert... or just a Fluke.

Do you really know all there is to know about General Hospital's Luke? We dare you to take part two of our Luke Spencer quiz to find out.

11. Luke and Sam went into business together when they opened a casino in what location?

12. When Lucky confronted his father about killing his son in a drunk-driving accident, how did Luke react?

a. He let out a maniacal laugh and told his son to go to hell
b. He tearfully downed shots as a way to prove to Lucky that he could hold his liquor and therefore couldn't possibly be responsible for the child's death
c. He threw a bottle of alcohol in a rage but then called the cops and turned himself in
d. He fell at Lucky's feet and tearfully begged his son for forgiveness

13: True or false: Geary hated the Luke rapes Laura storyline so much, he almost quit his first year on the show.

14. While Mikkos Cassadine held Luke at gunpoint and threatened to freeze the world with his ice machine, he showed Luke what?

a. Photos of Laura tied up and bound to a chair
b. The super secret mechanisms of his sophisticated ice machine
c. An icy dungeon where he planned to stash Luke's body once he killed him
d. International news clips of the blizzard blasting Port Charles

15. What was the name of the rare disease Luke picked up while posing as a doctor in Africa?

16. True or false: In a special web series called "What If," Erica Kane and Luke Spencer were trapped in an elevator together and they imagined what it would be like to be each other's lover.

17. Desperate for Laura's help with their children, Luke used a risky experimental drug to awaken her from her coma -- no matter the consequences -- after what happened?

a. Lucky was sent to jail and Lulu contracted HIV
b. Lucky suffered from hallucinations and Lulu became a prostitute
c. Lucky became addicted to drugs and Lulu had an abortion
d. Lucky started a fire and Lulu killed Logan

18. Geary was first nominated for an Emmy in 1981, but another actor won the award. Who won that year?

a. Another World's Douglass Watson
b. All My Children's James Mitchell
c. As the World Turns' Larry Bryggman
d. As the World Turns' Henderson Forsythe

19. True or false: Luke secretly longed to be a straight-edge family man living an adventure-free life.

20. After a brief reunion with Luke, Laura moved to France after Luke told her something devastating. What did he tell her?


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