Michael Easton comments on possible return of GH's Silas
Posted Tuesday, October 13, 2015 3:34:12 AM
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Michael Easton comments on possible return of GH's Silas
Rumor has it General Hospital's Michael Easton (ex-Silas Clay) will soon be returning to Port Charles. But is it true? The actor shares the news.

Across the board, General Hospital fans were majorly disappointed with the exit of Michael Easton's Silas Clay this summer, prompting immediate rumors that he'd no doubt return. But are the return rumblings just fans' wishful thinking? Or is the popular character indeed headed back to Port Charles?

Much to viewers' dismay, the actor himself says he has not been asked back to the show since his exit -- despite passionate fan petitions that he be rehired.

"MANY HAVE ASKED," Easton posted on Facebook. "Not sure how this rumor got started but I have not been within ten miles of the GH studio since I left in July. There were many questions about a recast or the use of a double but I have no information about any of that and you would have to ask the production."

After the comments, the actor thanked viewers for their support. "Thank you again for the kind words and for keeping me in your thoughts," he wrote. "Love, Michael."

Easton was let go from GH this summer with his exit being a surprise to both fans and the actor himself. As viewers may recall, the fan-favorite actor made his first appearance on GH back in 2012 as his former One Life to Live character, John McBain, following the cancellation of OLTL. He was placed in a successful storyline with Sam (Kelly Monaco), which was reminiscent of the pair's time together on the now-defunct soap Port Charles. He was later reintroduced to the canvas as his former GH alter ego Stephen Clay's brother, Silas, after ABC and Prospect Park entered into a lawsuit and the character of John could no longer be used.

Despite the sudden exit shocker, the California native has remained positive and thankful to the powers that be. Although he did joke that perhaps he needs a few acting lessons. "I'm sorry if I let anybody down. I tried my best," he wrote to fans in August. "I'll consider taking some refresher courses at college."

What do you think about Easton not returning to the GH canvas? Would you be upset if the show chose to recast the role of Silas? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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