PSYCHED: New gig for GH's Jon Lindstrom
Posted Wednesday, February 10, 2016 10:14:44 AM
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PSYCHED: New gig for GH's Jon Lindstrom
General Hospital's Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins) is trading in psychiatrist for therapist in the new hit drama Recovery Road.

Time to get psyched, General Hospital fans, because popular star Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins) has landed a new gig on the hit series Recovery Road.

The actor won't have to stretch his wings too far though, because he'll be playing a therapist named William Walker on the new show, which is based on a young adult novel of the same name and follows a group of teenage addicts living in a rehabilitation facility.

"I think I would best describe William Walker as a cross between Dr. Drew and Better Call Saul" Lindstrom says of his new alter ego. "If Dr. Drew and Saul got together and had a kid, he would be Dr. William Walker. He's a very capable doctor. He's highly intelligent, he's very well educated, but I think he tends to shave his morals one moral at a time in order to keep the money coming in."

As for what fans can expect from the episode, titled Parties Without Borders, the actor says it has to do with a problem at the Malibu rehab facility. "All of the rich, pampered recovery people have to be moved over to Springtime Meadows, and the people at Springtime Meadows aren't very happy about it, and neither are the Malibu people," he says, adding that Dr. Walker adds "humor" relief. "But I'm fine with it: as long as the money keeps coming in!"

Some soap fans may already be familiar with Recovery Road, as it stars Guiding Light alum Sharon Leal (ex-Dahlia Crede) and will soon star Laura Bell Bundy (ex-Marah Lewis, GL), who will be joining the show later this year.

Watch for Lindstrom's guest star appearance -- which happens to coincide with a guest appearance by Mischa Barton -- on Monday, February 15, at 9PM ET on Freeform (formerly ABC Family).

What do you think about Lindstrom guest-starring on Recovery Road? Will you be tuning in for his appearance? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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