Soap alum Antonio Sabato, Jr. running for Congress
Posted Tuesday, May 09, 2017 4:23:40 PM
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Soap alum Antonio Sabato Jr. running for Congress
Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. (ex-Jagger Cates, General Hospital; ex-Dante Damiano, The Bold and the Beautiful) has decided to run for Congress.

Antonio Sabato, Jr. (ex-Jagger Cates, General Hospital; ex-Dante Damiano, The Bold and the Beautiful) is throwing his hat into the political arena. According to documents filed with the Federal Election Committee Commission, the Italian actor is running for Congress.

Sabato has yet to officially announce the news himself (unless you count a series of political tweets he sent out in the last 24 hours), but GOP strategist and former Donald Trump delegate Charles Moran, who will serve as the actor's fundraiser, confirmed Sabato will be running opposite Rep. Julia Brownley in the 26th District of California.

Because Sabato's career history consists of soap opera work, a run on Melrose Place, and modeling Calvin Klein underwear, some eyebrows are raised about his decision to try his hand in politics. However, the actor is no stranger to Washington. As previously reported, Sabato was very supportive of Donald Trump's run for presidency and was one of the few celebrities to attend his inauguration. In fact, Moran says Trump's successful bid for the powerful position was an inspiration for Sabato.

As for the soap alum's chances of winning his own bid, Moran says the odds are quite high. Not only does Brownley now represent the minority party in Congress, but Sabato's ties to the presidency could gain him favor in the race.

Sabato's platform, according to Moran, will be based on issues that he is personally passionate about, including the opioid crisis, tough immigration reform, and veterans affairs. Strategist Jeff Corless will serve as a top advisor.

Since news of Sabato's plans broke, he has taken to Twitter with a series of messages, one which reads: "The difference between me &the typical politicians is I work 4 you and with energy & integrity won't let you down, starting with California."

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