Robert Palmer Watkins latest Quartermaine to be let go at GH
Posted Thursday, August 17, 2017 6:25:11 PM
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Robert Palmer Watkins unexpectedly let go by GH
General Hospital's Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon Quartermaine) is on his way out of Port Charles -- and it's not of his own choosing.

General Hospital's Quartermaine family continues to disintegrate with the latest casting news: Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon Quartermaine) is on his way out from the ABC soap opera.

The actor took to social media to confirm what multiplke sources had told Soap Central earlier in the week: the young actor has been let go from the role he assumed in 2015. Watkins was reportedly "blindsided" by his dismissal, according to Daytime Confidential, which first reported the firing. However, one show mole tells Soap Central that the ouster wasn't entirely unexpected.

In fact, earlier this month Watkins thanked General Hospital for allowing him to "step away for a month" to work on the film Last Three Days.

In a Twitter post, Watkins says it was "not my decision to leave the show," but adds that he hopes he will be able to return to the show at some point in the future.

The North Carolina native has several television series behind him, including Last Life, Laura, and Sketch Juice.

This article was updated to include Watkins' comments on his exit.

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