GH is giving fans "a bag of treats" this fall
Posted Friday, September 15, 2017 12:17:59 PM
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GH is giving fans "a bag of treats" this fall
Oh, goodie! General Hospital's fall storylines are sweeter than a sack full of Halloween candy.

If you go knocking on General Hospital's door this fall, you're bound to get a treat instead of a trick -- if you count delicious storylines as the sort of excitement that gets your autumn happiness revving.

Head writer Shelly Altman spilled to Soap Opera Digest that the upcoming season "is going to be a bag of treats" filled with "drama, romance, exciting returns, danger and thrills." In fact, she urges viewers not to miss a single day in the weeks ahead. After all, as she previews, Port Charles will be quite a happening place -- starting with the return of Steve Burton on Tuesday, September 19.

"His return will affect almost everybody on the canvas in one way or another. Where he has been and what he was done and what he has been through and who he actually is will be the questions that need answering and the answers will surprise many people," she teases. "It will affect people whose relationships with Jason have changed as Jason has recovered his memories over these past few years. There will be surprising connections between this man with Jason's face and character who would not have known him with that face."

Outside of the Burton situation, viewers can look forward to Franco's journey of self-discovery that just might take him in a terrifying direction.

"He loves [Liz] like he has never loved before, but will this exploration into his past bring up demons that will affect their relationship?" asks Altman.

Meanwhile, Anna partners up with Finn in an attempt to scale back Port Charles crime, Nina and Valentin's relationship is threatened, Ava and Griffin continue to grow closer, and a romance between Laura and Kevin will be heavily played.

For more details on the drama headed to GH this fall, check out SOD's article here.

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What do you think about GH's fall preview? Which stories are you most excited to see unfold in the weeks ahead? Which stories, if any, do you think the show could have done without? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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