What will Lulu's life be like without Dante? General Hospital's Emme Rylan weighs in
Posted Friday, April 05, 2019 2:51:00 PM
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General Hospital star Emme Rylan opens up about how Dominic Zamprogna's latest exit as Dante will affect Lulu's future storyline.

Fans of popular General Hospital pairing Dante and Lulu were devastated when Dominic Zampgrogna's recent ten-episode stint came to an end, leaving Lulu once again mourning the absence of her love. And while portrayer Emme Rylan is also sad to lose her on-screen partner, she reveals that she is looking forward to how the writers will handle her alter ego's second round of feeling jilted by Dante's sudden, open-ended exit from the canvas.

"I have faith that everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to work out," she explains to Soap Opera Digest. "[I can't] put words in Dominic's mouth, but like, we just wanted [a] story, you know? It's hard to be a happy couple on a soap, not that we don't want to play Dante and Lulu's love. We agree with all the Dante/Lulu fans, like, we want the couple together, but sometimes it can really hinder storyline opportunities when you're just happy, ' cause there's not much drama in that."

In fact, Rylan opines that Dante's absence may strengthen Lulu in ways the character and the audience would never see if he was still in Port Charles.

"Not having a husband around, I kind of become a character that's open to having all different experiences, not just being a wife," the actress shares. "I've loved all the stuff they've finally been throwing at me. I loved getting stabbed! I was so excited."

However, the powers that be seem to be aware that most fans would rather see Dante come back. And fortunately, Zamprogna recently revealed that viewers may get their wish, because the door has been left open for the character's return.

"I think they'd like to keep me in the mix, thankfully. That seems to be the idea at the moment, and that's really nice," he shares. "So we'll see what happens from here."

How would you like to see Lulu handle Dante's recent exit from the canvas? Should she wait forever for his return, as she promised? Or would you rather see Lulu forget about Dante and move on? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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