INJURY REPORT: Why is General Hospital's Scott using a scooter?
Posted Thursday, June 27, 2019 2:48:45 PM
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Fans are sending General Hospital actor Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) lots of well wishes after the actor revealed that he's recovering from surgery and has to ride a scooter to continue working at the ABC soap opera.

Viewers were surprised to see Scott Baldwin zooming around on a scooter during the June 25 episode of General Hospital, and it turns out it wasn't just an amusing writing decision to put the character on such a device: portrayer Kin Shriner is recovering from foot surgery and needed the scooter to continue working.

After the episode aired, Shriner joked on Twitter: "Color TV... debuted 68 years ago today. I was lucky to be on General Hospital today. Scotty on scooter and all to celebrate anniversary!"

When asked about what prompted the writers to put Scotty on a scooter, the actor revealed that he injured his foot in a boating accident. "Had four-hour foot surgery two weeks prior. But the show must go on at General Hospital!"

Shriner's longtime GH costar Jacklyn Zeman also revealed some behind-the-scenes details about the actor's incident, sharing with TV Insider that the original idea to aid Shriner with his real-life injury was an on-screen wheelchair.

"Kin's been on a scooter because of a sports injury. He called [GH executive producer Frank Valentini] and said, 'Frank, by the way, I can't walk. I'm going to have to use a wheelchair,'" she revealed: "The writers have written us some great scenes [coming up]. Kin is so great at comedy."

Almost as if to prove Zeman's point, the always-hilarious Shriner posted a photo of him on his leg scooter next to James Bond actor Daniel Craig, joking: "Q not giving James Bond high tech injured foot gadget. Scott Baldwin @GeneralHospital has smoke screen, high speed, rear jets!" [Editor's Note: Q is the technology guru who supplies James Bond with his fancy, high-tech gadgets.]

Here's hoping Shriner is back to normal health as soon as possible -- and Scotty keeps riding his new scooter just for giggles!

Would you like to leave Shriner a get-well-soon message? What do you think of GH having Scotty ride a scooter on-screen so Shriner can continue to work with his real-life injury? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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