Meet Jophielle Love, the actress playing Finn and Hayden's daughter, Violet, on General Hospital
Posted Wednesday, October 23, 2019 7:59:49 AM
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General Hospital's Hayden (Rebecca Budig) finally revealed to Finn (Michael Easton) that she has a daughter. Here's all you need to know about the story and Jophielle Love, the French actress playing Violet.

Baby questions have abounded since Rebecca Budig returned to General Hospital in the role of Hayden, who was pregnant with Finn's (Michael Easton) child when she left town back in 2017 but returned to Port Charles sans tiny tot in 2019. After months of playing coy, Hayden finally revealed to Finn that she had a daughter named Violet, who is being played by young actress Jophielle Love.

Though GH is Love's first experience in daytime, she has been acting since the age of three, having starred in a Citibank commercial as well as having appeared on Grey's Anatomy. Born in France to mother Karine Mauffrey, a stunt woman, and father Jade Kindar-Martin, a Guinness world record-holding high-wire walker, Love splits her time between her house in southern France, an artist retreat named Mas Pinet, and Los Angeles, where she and her family live in a bus that they used to cross the country.

Casting a French actress in the role of Violet was "très approprié," because Hayden gave birth to her baby girl in Europe. As GH fans may recall, Hayden left Finn on their wedding day, fleeing across the pond after having admitted that she feared she'd be a terrible mom. After leading Finn to believe she had miscarried their baby, Hayden wasn't heard from again until 2018, when she reached out to Finn via a letter that was postmarked from a town near the French-Italian border. Hayden's letter asked Finn to meet her, but he had moved on with Anna (Finola Hughes) and decided not to go. That may be a decision he ends up regretting, because he's now been whammed by the news that Hayden actually gave birth to his daughter, after all!

To find out how Finn will deal with Hayden's baby shocker, be sure to keep tuning in to ABC's General Hospital.

What do you think about the way GH has handled the Hayden and Finn baby storyline? What are your thoughts on the ABC soap opera casting Jophielle Love as Violet Finn? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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